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Two Weeks

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In two weeks, Archelaos Redright was going to die. 

He had two weeks to track down Allie Vitae. Two weeks to bring her to the Tower and let Blank do… Whatever he needed to in order for Archelaos to live life a new. 

Two more weeks of being old and weak and hated. Two more weeks of Tarjei looking at him like if he touched him a little too firmly the Inquisitor would shatter. Two more weeks of being human. Two more weeks of using his name. He was rather attached to his name, particularly the surname… However, he could still be a Redright without advertising the fact. 

In two weeks, his eldest son was to finish what he started. “A good death” is what Percy had called it. 

And in two weeks and one day, Eryx would rise from the ashes of Archelaos and become more than the mortal old man ever could be. 

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yeah, almost everyone’s more reasonable in private conversations! good news: ao3 does apparently want to add a private message system. bad news: it requires them to actually do some coding and the prospects of that seem pretty lol :/

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friend: you okay?

me: chess is an extended metaphor for conventional & scholarly masculinity that is revisited several times in both acts 1 & 2 of Falsettos (2016).  Marvin’s intellect is what secures him in his manhood (”i’m not so rich, but hell i’m smart”) and thus establishes him as the patriarch in his relationships, an inherently misogynistic and homophobic position.  Marvin expects several roles to be fulfilled by Whizzer - complimentary to Marvin, but contrasting to one another - the domestic housewife to maintain convention, and the epitome of masculinity that Marvin is undeniably attracted to as a gay man, and thus left his wife for.  Whizzer does not want to perform either of these – he does not want to be intellectually engaged, nor is he willing or able to complete the chores Marvin expects of him because he loves fashion, sex, money, and wants to have fun in a way that is fundamentally immature and self-serving.  this flippancy, as well as his lavicious sex life outside of their relationship, is a point of tension between them, as well as Marvin’s continued attempts at constraining his boyfriend into being things he is not.  the chess game towards the end of act one acts as a counterpart to “this had better come to a stop” wherein Whizzer’s ‘wifely’ duties were addressed (“check their hairlines, make the dinner and love me!”), and in this reprise of sorts (“clip the coupons, make the dinner and love it!”) Whizzer’s lack of conventional masculine traits is fixated upon - he is expected to play chess, but not beat Marvin lest he loses the submissiveness that Marvin wants him to perform. when Whizzer makes a ‘good first move’ on his own, Marvin hesitates because there is the chance of Whizzer beating him at his own game, one he thought was an easy win.  once Whizzer says ‘let me win’ and Marvin agrees, it is assumed that Marvin would just ‘go easy’ on him, letting Whizzer play (maintaining scholarly masculinity) and still losing to Marvin (maintaining conventional standards of heteronormativity and misogyny). however, Whizzer immediately acts like he is playing checkers and runs over the board while Marvin attempts to maintain some sense of order, highlighting their juxtaposed personalities. Whizzer wants to be thrilled, to be admired, to have fun where Marvin is weary and wants security, stability, a tight-knit family.  in act two, Jason leaves the king on Whizzer’s grave, indicating that despite not being a conventional man (being flirty, lustful, and indulgent in fashion where he “should” be sexually aggressive and uncaring about his appearance) he demonstrates the real values of masculinity, the ability to grow, the capacity to love, and courage in the face of adversity.

friend: I’ll raise you to racquetball being a major influence on the relationship between Marvin and Whizzer in act two because it is something that Whizzer excels at where Marvin does not.  it is an indication of character development that Marvin can handle defeat easily and, presumably, return to play with Whizzer despite knowing that he won’t win (‘winning is everything to me’).  this is what makes ‘more racquetball’ so heart-wrenching – the one thing Whizzer can do, the shoulders on which his masculinity is seated upon, his athleticism, has been ripped from him, leaving him weak and vulnerable like an exposed nerve.  Marvin rushes to his side, and where act one Marvin may have mocked him or told him to get up, act two Marvin acknowledges his pain and stoops down instead of pulling him up, showing a fundamental understanding of human relationships and demonstrating Marvin’s capacity to love and care for another even when they are not the pinnacle of both masculine charm and banausic femininity.  Marvin’s love for Whizzer comes too late - they appreciate the best of one another and overcome their differences just in time for Whizzer to contract HIV+ and die of an AIDS-related illness.

me: i hate William Finn

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100 Days of Youtube - (55/100)

↳ Phil the Lion vs. Dan the Dinosaur! - WATER RACE