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Percy's Cuddle Therapy
  • Annabeth: *barges into the Poseidon cabin*
  • Percy: Um. Annabeth, It's one in the morning. What are you doing in my cabin?
  • Annabeth: I had a dream.
  • Percy: Let me guess, it was about——
  • Annabeth: About spiders.
  • Percy: I'm not going to get any more sleep tonight, am I?
  • Annabeth: Nope.
  • Percy: Then I shall cuddle you until the sun rises and burns all the spider flesh deep into the earth.
  • Annabeth: I love you.
  • *cuddles*

I am so tired tonight. I did all the things. TOPS– up .6 of a pound, go me😒– then Scrabble–won two of three, go me 🤓– then book club– i contributed, it was a good convo, good book, “419” by Will Ferguson. Read it.

Tomorrow is nothing but taking the car’s summer tires in to get them put on rims and balanced. And then studying for my Geography midterm on Tuesday. Have I mentioned how much i love Geography? Because i do. It’s interesting, it’s relevant, it’s factual. And oh lord French has been neglected lately. Other than my 468 day streak on Duolingo i mean. 😀Go me.

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epitome of Taurus friendships: my group of friends had plans tonight, and literally at the exact same time me and my other Taurus friend sent each other a snapchat - we were both lying on the couch, just awoken from a nap and captioned the snap along the lines of "cannot be fucked moving at all tonight"😅

i am amazed at what the universe can create

@kylokillsreylos and I are organizing a raid on Autism $peaks headquarters on April 2 to find the queen that controls the allistic hivemind and destroy it. If you want to participate show up behind the denny’s at 4 am tonight, you must be autistic, wearing at least one red item, and be ready to participate in the final drawn-out scifi fight scene at the end (noise canceling headphones and sunglasses provided)

I only told the moon
Tonight up on the roof
I told her that I’m scared
That all my thoughts they look like you
I only told the moon
About the way you move
I asked her to please tell me if you tell things to her too
—  Camila Cabello ( Only Told The Moon)

I am intelligent
I am funny
I am strong
I am kind
I am thoughtful
I am a hard worker
I am responsible
I am enough
I am enough
I am enough

Not to be a sentimental fuck but 4x05 had its (major) problems but that end scene when Arkadia burns down is highkey one of my fave scenes from the show, despite the controversy over whether it was a good ~plot move…. the music, the grief and awe on everyone’s face, the lighting… the emotion of these people realizing that their fate might be sealed; Clarke and Bellamy and Octavia holding onto each other so tightly because that’s what you do, in a tragedy, that’s what you do when you think you’re about to die - you hold on to your family. You hold on to them and don’t let go until you have the strength to move on, to get up and fight. You don’t let go until you’re ready to rise from the ashes.