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Rolling around at the speed of sound-

I redrew Mae as Jacksepticeye because I wanted to try and get a bit more comfortable with the style 

So this is more of an edit instead of a piece of art :D



cropped this MOB-U out and colored him in to use as icon bc hes like the fav mob Ive ever drawn 

feel free to use if you want to


It’s rat, isn’t it?


mobile phone wallpapers (640x1136) | ensemble stars
Trickstar; Ra*bits; 2wink

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i know Roach did a Chuck/Dutch fusion but tbh i'm so thirsty and i want More? it's too late for more Art Science (lol at that tag) but if it's not too much to ask if you could try to do your version?

I WILL DO MY BEST.  It’s been a while since I saw Roach’s cutie last, so if I just try really hard not to think about her design, hopefully I can avoid ripping it off!  >:O  OKAY.

Dutch and Chuck are both kind of weird personalities because Dutch is The Quiet One until he’s pissed off and Chuck is The Anxious One until he has the means to fight??  So I could see those levelling each other out, OR he’s quiet and intellectual and anxious until he EXPLODES and then LASER-GUIDED RAGE.  >:I ????

Regardless!  Here’s a tall, smart, artsy sweetheart.  Builds cars with one pair of hands and then programs their software with the other.  I tried to figure out a compromise between my cyborg headcanons and Dutch’s art and got cyborg light-painty fingers!

  • He wanted four arms but only got two so he built himself another pair.
  • His fingers and palm are RGB additive, the better for light painting move over Thomas Kinkade, actual Painter Of Light coming through
  • The eye on his hat changes colors.  ((So do his actual eyes probably, not that you can ever see them!))

Also!  After I was done drawing these I went back to Roach’s Dutch+Chuck fusion to see what hers looked like again because he’s super cute, and then I Made An Attempt.

He Cute! >o<

I saw a post about Jack being a comic book enthusiast and there’s always the joke about Genji being into manga so like I suggest:

Comic nerd boyfriends

They have in depth discussions about characters because nobody else GETS WHY it’s important for Superman to be a good guy or how Naruto SHOULD NOT have been Hokage and nobody else cracks up when Jack calls Reinhardt Alphonse (“don’t mean to argue with you, strike commander, sir, but isn’t he more like Major Armstrong?” Genji asks and Morrison goes wide eyed. Of course. Jack u FOOL). It is the most surreal thing to those who don’t know Jack very well to see him gush about the relationship between Captain America and Bucky, and Genji turns to Mccree like “I am so aroused rn”

me: glad i found this blogging platform so i can blog about things i enjoy!
A Man: haha no sweetheart. i find you attractive, so i’m going to be as creepy as i can to you :)

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I am 21 and I usually like guys, tbh I have never liked a girl in my life. But yesterday I met this girl and she fucking fucked me up, she literally made me stop breathing for like a minute. ngl I was checking her out so hard and she was with a guy and I told myself she's probably straight, I was about to leave the coffee shop, she sent a paper with her number on it and wrote " thanks for the eye fucking " haha and I didn't even call nor text. Embarrassed 😳

Bwhahahahahaha I am so proud of my lesbian/ bi family rn. We turn in’ straight girls left and right. 🤙🏻 eeeyyyyy 👌🏻

ok i just wanna say to all u people saying “that tweet isnt good enough he only tweeted it to shut us up”, yes he did tbh but no matter what he tweets or says, will not be good enough for you, ever. you’ve made it such a big deal no matter what he says you wont accept it because you always think you’ll deserve more from him and tbh you dont deserve shit