am so tired of people hating on him okay

Honestly I am getting so tired of this “not everyone who voted for Trump is a racist/bigot/homophobe/xenophobe/misogynist/etc” idea that so many Trump voters are trying to cry out. Sure, you’re probably right not everyone who voted for him is one, or any, of those things but that doesn’t mean anything at this point.

You may not be a racist, but your vote empowered a man who claimed Mexico sends the United States “rapists and drug dealers”. Your vote empowered the voices of all the people who are racist and told them “it’s okay to hate non-whites”.

You may not be a homophobe, but your vote placed a man who believes in conversion therapy, and made it legal in Indiana to refuse service to same sex couples. Your vote told the LGBT+ community you don’t care if the rights they’ve fought so long for are under attack. 

You may not be a misogynist, but your vote gave a man who brags about groping and assaulting women the highest position in this country. It put the future of women’s choice to abortion and birth control in the hands of a man who wants to repeal a 44 year old precedent. Your vote told women, and girls, everywhere it doesn’t matter how hard you work, a predatory, inexperienced, hateful man will always be better than them.

You may not be a xenophobe, but your vote empowered a man who wants to force all Muslims residing in the United States to register in a database, and wants to refuse entry of any refugees to our country because they’re terrorists. Your vote told people you don’t care that they’re facing such hatred and violence.

You may not be an anti-semite, but your vote lead to the recent appointment of a white nationalist anti-semite as Chief Strategist. Your vote gave this man power to appointment hate-filled people to run this country.

So stop crying out “we’re not all racist” or “we don’t hate women” because it doesn’t mean anything. Your vote alone told anyone who is a woman, a minority, or marginalized in any way that you may not be those things, but you also don’t care how this man will impact their lives. Stop defending your vote by saying you aren’t those things, because you just empowered everyone in this country who is by helping to elect Donald Trump. You told all those people it’s okay to hate, because you’re okay with your President being hateful. 

It doesn’t matter if you claim you aren’t those things, you empowered those ideas and people will be living with that for the next four years, if not the rest of their lives.


Okay, you guys see this man, right? This remarkable, extraordinary, one of a kind man, right? Well, his name is David Tennant and he’s an actor a brilliant actor. And this is a friendly reminder that this man is not the characters he plays. Who he plays on screen is his profession and nothing more. He isn’t Kilgrave for example; he doesn’t have a mean bone in his body, and he wouldn’t hurt anyone or anything or purpose. One he’s exceptionally kind to his fans which can’t be said about a lot of famous people out there. And he is downright humble and sincere to all those he works with and then some. So, there is a reason why I as a fan love him so much because he isn’t some pompous, rude, thinks he higher than thou celebrity twat; he’s everything opposite of that and then some.