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Paladins with their pokemon team!

Matching feline + a flying + type of pokemon with color + bayard +  element of each paladin :’)

Pidge: Shiny Espeon bc there are not green cat pokemon. Also a psychic type. And Ferroseed. Its evolution has this long vine things like pidge bayard. rowlet is a must with pidge tbh

Hunk: Shieldon bc  Shield + Rock and Steel, Shiny Luxio bc electric precious Lion ,and a FLYING ALOLAN ROCK FROM SPACE (also yellow core )

Keith: Pawniard is know as the sharp blade pokemon and biasharp as the sword blade pokemon. Litten is literally Keith and Fletchinder evo Talonflame has highest base Speed of any fire pokemon

Lance: Alolan meowth is literally Lance, Ducklett is a birb and evolves into another beautiful birb and Clauncher is known as the water gun pokemon plus is BLUE and BADASS

Shiro: Absol mega is Flying and pretty, and a feline, Noivern is a flying dragon powerful fast and Weavile is the sharp claw pokemon and is know for work in groups of 4 or 5.

(let’s just pretend it took Roman a little longer to remember the Alice Kruger thing, m’kay?)

Her phone rang while she and Roman were still going through the menus. She checked the caller ID and a small smile drew on her lips.

“Hi,” she said as she got up and made her way to the small kitchen.

“Hi,” Kurt’s voice came through the other end.

“Is everything ok?” she asked him.

“Yeah, yeah,” he replied, “everything is fine. I was just checking in to make sure you guys are settled in.”

“Yeah, we’re good,” she told him, “just ordering dinner now.”

“Ok, great,” he said, “ummm… I know you don’t have much at your place… so are you ok with blankets or pillows…”

She smiled at his concern, “no, we’re ok.”

“Jane,” he said gently, “if there’s anything else you need, just let me know, ok?”

She looked over towards Roman, who was studying the sushi menu, and smiled, feeling her heart swell in her chest.

“You already gave me everything I need, Kurt,” she whispered.


for the lovely talented sweetheart who’s never far from my thoughts  

 I have no time for Misha haters. Sam and Dean have killed just as many women and POC characters if not more. Get over yourself and your hate. Its a pathetic way to live you life. Really, I pity you.

Ya know what would be a totally AWESOME show? Two badass black or latina sisters who hunt and kill Supernatural things. But with Misha exactly as he is with Cas. because ultimately, Cas made this fucking show. It wouldn’t even still be going without him. If the creator of the fucking show admits that Misha makes it what it is and that Misha SAVED IT, then I think he’s worth more than your stupid opinion. 

The woman/POC issue is not to be blamed on Misha and Cas. It is an issue yes but your argument is ridiculous and you are simply hunting ways to channel your hate. How about instead you do something nice, like take a leaf out of Misha’s book with a random act of kindness, since ya know, he is an actual decent human being… otherwise just get outside, get some sunshine, hold a puppy… 

I have a zero tolerance policy towards Misha hate and these kind of ridiculous anons. Therefore you are blocked. As is anyone else who tries to send me Misha hate or any hateful messages at all. Seriously, all you haters need to get some perspective on life. Its really sad. Make yourself a cup of tea, have a chocolate biscuit and do something that makes you happy…masterbate to some pictures of Jared Padalecki or something…. Here I’ll help have some pics:

There. Don’t you feel better now?

Now fuck off of my blog and leave me the fuck alone. 

so,,,, i have like an offical date and time that i’m gonna tell my parents about being trans???? like my therapist and i are gonna tell them together so we like, figured out a time where we can all talk a couple weeks out and just………. this is ?? weird and scary and i’m trying not to have a total panic attack but. yeah um. cool. cool cool cool 

Alright. Since my friend is questioning my wisdom, I suppose I will need to prove myself. Yes, @mcqdj, I want you to write a fic for the @larriedinvegasficfest. A Nessie fic, where these two decide to get married. In Vegas.

Here is your inspiration picture. 


Please. Dear God, write this for me. I beg of you. I will write anything you want in return.

oh, for the love of my fish.

i am supposed to be working on the vanohm fanfic but this legit awesome plot came into mind and it is not suitable for the ship, and now i made it for ohmtoonz.

i am at 1500 words. and no where close to finishing it.

but i must say, i am falling in love with this new plot because it is the genre I’m the most adapted to. but shit.

“The single silenced bullet met its mark, and Luke was proud.”