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Can you tell me your top 5 of Benedict's performances? I know it's hard but I'm curious :)


This is the most challenging question to ever receive as a Bc fan. The faves change from day to day, from moment to moment and from gif to gif (thanks to amazing gifers like @elennemigo, @221bcumberb, @anidoorkitty and @whenisayrunrun ) luckily you have caught me on a day where I’ve been making clips for a future post and have come down with a case of CBF! So being in this state of mind, I think it’s a perfect time to do this list so here it is.

 *warning long post*

1. Richard iii

Bc takes us through the rise and fall of Richards thirst for the crown. From the moment we see young Richard cowering in horror while watching his brother being murdered, to the minute he decides to kill the king, not for his family, not for revenge but for his own dream of sovereignty, and to witnessing Henry Tudor stabbing the last breath out of Richard and proclaiming the “the dirty dog is dead”.

Bc delivers Richards devilish, smooth talking and deliciously devious dialogue with such ease that you can’t help but kind of root for Richard at times because he makes you believe that his Machiavellian dealings are for the greater good. His bone chilling cradling of his newborn nephew, his wooing of the widow of the man he killed. Are that of a man who just wants to be respected, loved and seen for his use rather than be mocked for his disability that he carries on his back.

Bc’s talent of tears and rage and downright madness was just PERFECT. I fell in love with his Richard iii. I felt pity, sadness, attraction to his wicked determination (as terrible as his deeds were) and most of all, affection for his deformity that was the catalyst for his anger and need to prove to the people around him that he could be a normal man that was capable of being a king. Bc’s Richard iii was the best possible example of a master class in acting. Proving yet again that Bc is the best actor of his generation.

2. Sherlock 

The greatest disappointment to come out of BBC Sherlock was the reaction of a group of fans who tried to destroy what MG and SM created because of a certain expectation they were invested in. Most people who hated S4 missed out on what the entire point of this version of Sherlock was about and that was to introduce us to Sherlock Holmes before he became known as Sherlock Holmes. Bc became a star in 90 minutes and the ACD canon would never be the same again.

Sherlock starts off as a man with a fortress of coldness who insists he has no need for friends or relationships, armed with a lifetime of brotherly advice that caring was not an advantage. But once Dr. John Watson comes into play we start to see that fortress slowly melt and the addition of the people who would become his Baker Street family, Molly Hooper, Mrs. Hudson, Mary Watson and Lestrade, we begin to see that Sherlock was so full of emotions and the capacity to care, that he wanted to care, he just didn’t know how to care. Bc’s portrayal of the world’s only consulting detective was brilliant and beautiful. Bc help make brainy the new sexy. He also made Sherlock’s drugged out alter ego, Shezza, look sexy too. Of course it helped that the writing and the location of this modern day Sherlock were also brilliant. But looking at those cheekbones and lips carrying a fluffy head of hair that you wish you could run your fingers through, just once! That perfect silhouette of a man dressed in the finest suits. The purple shirt of sexiness, the black suit, the blue shirt of sexiness!! Ok sorry I got CBF for a second there…

What I really meant to say was that Bc’s acting brought new life into this 100 year old literary character and it certainly made me invest my own feelings into these characters that I wouldn’t have any interest in. Bc’s Sherlock was rude, cocky, manipulative, arrogant and flawed, but you loved each of those characteristics because Bc made him lovable even at Sherlock’s worst, he took you through the whole range of emotions and that wasn’t just with one series, it frequently meant each episode! The fact that we got to watch Sherlock grow into a man capable of being a best friend, a kind and caring human being who tried his best to protect his friends, and a man who learned how to forgive and not judge the past mistakes of those around him. Because after all we just might be human. Even Sherlock Holmes. I am forever grateful to the Mofftiss for creating this show and for giving Bc a chance to show the world, what the London stage and various other people in the industry had already saw in him. For me the only Sherlock Holmes is the BBC version that could only have been pulled off by the talents and efforts of Benedict Cumberbatch.

3. Christopher Tietjens

My first thought is always I heart Christopher Tietjens, because I really do. He was the last of a dying breed. He had 2 women who tried to “burst him out of his glass cabinet” the wife who failed because she didn’t deserve him and the woman whom he really loved and waited for, the woman HE deserved. Christopher survived his name being dragged through the mud, a wife who socially embarrassed not only herself but made him look like a cuckold. 

He survived the war, not because he was lucky, but because he wanted to live to come back to the only woman who loved him and accepted him for going along with the parade. Bc’s Christopher Tietjens was a stoic beautiful man when he needed to be, and man enough to cry when the women he loved tugged or threw daggers at his heart.

I know I overuse the word beautiful when it comes to Bc’s acting but Chrissy was so painfully beautiful that all you wanted to do was give him a hug and take him back to Groby so he could live out the rest of his life as an english country gentleman. Another perfect performance from Benedict!

4. Alan Turing

This should have won Bc’s his first Oscar. If you want to truly see what Bc’s talent is capable of you don’t start with Sherlock, you start with this role. Benedict was able to conjure up the spirit of Alan in this performance that even Turing’s own family was blown away by his portrayal. Bc’s ability to display the eccentricities of Alan, the deep emotional bond and love he had for both Christophers and of course Bc’s master class of acting for easily portraying a genius mathematician at work.

The tragic ending that cut Alan’s life short, made us all want to learn more about Turing and his work. It made us angry at how this man was treated as an enemy, instead of a war hero who helped saved millions of lives. Bc reached into our hearts and brains with his charismatic, tragic, beautiful portrayal of Alan Turing.

5. Doctor Strange

IF ever a role was so perfectly cast it probably was Benedict as Dr. Stephen Strange. Not only does he come super close to looking like the comic book hero that was created over 30 yrs ago, he is able to adopt the persona of an arrogant and brilliant doctor who gets into a car accident that cuts his career short and with all hope lost, seeks treatment at a place that not only gives him the cold hard truth about himself, but it teaches him that in order to grow and learn he would have to open his eye to other realities.  

Stephen learned that all is not lost and there are other ways to help people, most of all, to help himself. Bc is so bloody perfect as Doctor Strange that upon first viewing, I just sat there and cried. I was so proud of him because even though I had very limited knowledge about this comic book character, he convinced me that HE was that superhero that the world needed. Benedict made it all look effortlessly. The American accent, the physicality of being Doctor Strange was just AMAZING. Bc has that ability to make himself into anything that is called for. As someone once said, young, old, strong, weak, whatever you call for that character to be, Benedict can play it and play it so well you don’t even know he’s acting. Not only did it convince us his fan base, but he basically won over the entire comic book community as well as the general public. 

Bc made Doctor Strange into a blockbuster that got overall positive reviews. That is the power of Benedict’s talent. You talk about a good script, you can talk about a good director, but that only goes hand in hand with an actor that can pull it all off and by god did Bc pull it off!

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YOUR BLOG IS SOOOO AWESOME---How would Kacchan, Shouto and Deku (separately) react to their s/o being a type of person who rants and ramble a lot about anything? Headcanons plz??Like it doesn't even have to be anything bad to rant about, it could be the best thing ever. My friends tell me that I could rant about anything (especially kpop lololol)

lol i feel you. i am a rambler and you can see it in my writing lol 


Bakugou Katsuki

-he would find the droning on a bit annoying when he first meets them

-but then it’d gro endearing? like he would begin to need to hear their voice?

-not that he would ever admit it because he is a trash basket tsundere 

-like to hear them go on about him and all the things they like about him

-when he is just hanging out with his s/o, he would ask them to tell him about their day, just to get his mind off of annoying shit

-if his s/o went off on someone and went full on rage rant on that poor s.o.b. he would be pissed because he can handle himself, but also so enthralled with their passion?

-like he doesn’t know if he wants to scream at them or with them?

-this relationship would most likely be a lot like a novela lmao

-because he’s so dramatic and they would be so expressive

-i’d watch that shit

Todoroki Shouto

-i see him being put off by the raw energy at first, too. 

-like he wouldn’t understand how they can go on like that and still have energy for school and hero training

-would like how they could talk in his stead when he really doesn’t feel like it

-would also end up craving the sound of his s/o’s voice when he goes a few days without it (i don’t know their lives, being apart happens shut up)

-would make little jokes with them about how Midoriya’s muttering is almost as severe as their rambling

-this boi would actually laugh with his s/o because their raw energy would rub off on him

-this would kind of shock their classmates though

-like Momo would be so surprised, she would beg them to be around him even more for his character development

-would listen intently to all that his s/o has to say. even after the second (or more) hour of speaking. like he would treat it like there’s a test later

-sweet boi

Midoriya Izuku

-i honestly wonder if he would mutter while his s/o rambled

-like they wouldn’t be able to listen to each other, but wouldn’t want the other to feel like they have to stop

-because aspects of both attributes would infer that they are both, in some ways, thinking out loud and that may, or may not, help them with whatever they are doing. 

-like midoriya struggles to listen to others sometimes because his brain can go like a million miles an hour right? 

-so like if his s/o is explaining something important to him, he’ll essentially get the cliffnotes of what their saying while interpretting it to himself

-i can see this being an annoying couple

-but they would understand each other very well

-but like tsuyu-chan commentary™ would be like “you two talk a lot”

-and then Hadou-chan would make a similar statement

-neither midoriya nor his s/o would hear them though, because they would be on a train of thought that would scare most heroes 


I hope you liked it! 

Seems a lot lately I have been told or asked things like “Chop, you really like Final Fantasy but I know nothing about it, do I have to play the other ones to understand the new ones?”
The answer to that is: Absolutely not!

Final Fantasy is a neat series where unless the title has an extra number or a subtitle (The FFVII series, XIII trilogy, X-2, the Ivalice Alliance to a lesser extent) The games are completely isolated stories with their own lore, worlds, characters and all that good stuff that makes each FF game unique.

The fun part is that there are recurring things in each title that you will slowly be able to spot the more you delve into the series, they aren’t vital to know but can be very fun for new and old fans. Their designs change but the fundamentals remain the same:

Chocobo’s are big rideable birds, they are mostly yellow but in some games you can breed or find them in various colours.

Moogles are cute little magical flying cat things, A lot of the time they are helpful or mischievous and say “kupo” a lot, but sometimes they are only portrayed as stuffed animals.

Malboro is basically Satan’s anus. It is known for its bad breath and mostly inflicts status attacks that can ruin your day. If you’re unsure about them, don’t fight it or run away because shit can quickly go sour with a Malboro if you’re unprepared.

Tonberry’s are cold blooded murder beasts. Except for sometimes when they aren’t. Don’t fight them unless you’re sure you can take them, Save the game first just in case.

Cactuars are fast little cactus monsters, usually not that big of a deal but are quick and have high evasion, sometimes drop pretty alright items, unless it has a flower on it’s head, has a mustache, or is super huge, they aren’t that bad. Their needle attacks can be terrible.

Behemoths are like ripped purple monster dogs with horns. They usually function on a “You think you’ve won? Think again!” Kind of thing, where they cast meteor upon death and can potentially kill your entire party. Behemoths are neat, I like em. (FFXV has already shown off their fantastic rendition of Behemoth and I highly suggest checking out a lets play of Episode Duscae or something to see that beastie baby in action)

There are a lot more, and I didn’t even mention the summons, but this post is already so long :’D

TLDR: Final Fantasy is fun, I love the weird creatures and recurring things in each title, and I am very excited to see what FFXV does with all our favourite monsters.


Here’s SCER No. 592 on the Bluebell Railway setting off with the 10:30 AM “Wealden Rambler” tea train.

I know I said before how pretty the SCER livery is, but here you can really see it shine in full motion, its so pretty.

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★ - I’m intimidated by how much you write (maki here, CAUSE YOU WRITE SO DAMN WEL11!!!!!)

★ - I’m intimidated by how much you write

It ain’t even intentional…I am just a shameless rambler. I AM SORRY MY REPLIES ARE SO LONG. I am getting better at it though (I think). SO I CAN BE MORE SHORT RP FRIENDLY IF THAT MAKES YOU MORE COMFORTABLE

-kisses your cheeks- don’t be afraid or intimidated by the Jayme. She is a simple little sloth that only occasionally nibbles

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Ahhh I love all your Persona content! I just recently started playing and I'm up to Futaba's palace- how is the game for you? (Also I totally ship Ann with Makoto and Sae with Chihaya- and I started watching the Persona 4 anime, which is really cool even though I think Yu's design is really boring idk) sorry for rambling, i just really wanted to share some persona feels!!!

Oh dude, that’s totally cool - don’t worry about rambling at me, like ever; I am the biggest rambler you’ll ever meet. It’s my main way of communication.

For me, Futaba’s Palace was probably one of my favourite sections of the game - and honestly, everything just gets better from there. The whole game was an amazing experience well worth the wait for me, so I hope you enjoy the game just as much as I did!

(Yu’s design really is the most bland of all the protags, I feel, but I still love him and my Persona 4 babies unashamedly… Even if I’m a bit happy to finally bid them farewell. Your time has come and gone, guys. Pass on the torch and go gentle into that good night.)

I like Ann and Makoto, but I have to admit I’ve never thought of Sae and Chihaya. Sounds like it could be cute though! (I kinda ship Sae with Mitsuru lol).

Have fun playing the rest of the game!

If You Ship Reylo Like or Reblog This

That way you’ll give me permission to go into your inbox or your message system and leave you an uplifting message possibly loaded with shipper fangirling!!!

I’ve seen too many great people delete their Reylo sideblogs, so I want to do my best to make fellow Star Wars fans happy all throughout the wait for the next film!!! And for even longer if I am capable!

Sorry this is ridiculously long guys.   My biggest problem with literally everything I do is knowing what to say and what not to say. Much like Special, I am a fucking rambler, I can’t help it, sorry! Okay, I hope you guys like this, and if you disagree with me, that’s fine.  I want to hear everybody’s theories because it might alter my thought process and bring new ideas to the table.  I also wrote this in 4 different settings and had to go back and forth when I thought of something else to write, so it’s probably fairly nonsensical at times.

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Hope you get better soon! As for prompts, how about: kc + "We've been ditched by our respective dates and have no one to kiss at midnight, what the hell, it's New Year's Eve, let's make out"

ok so i found a link list? from i dunno how long ago but if you could 30 + 59 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 thanks💞💞💞 (which is riding and wall!sex from the kink list prompts.

Ready To Roar

If, as the old saying went, the way you rung in the New Year was a glimpse into you would spend the rest of it Caroline was so screwed.

Currently she was alone in the Damon Salvatore’s kitchen. Stefan, her date for the evening, was busy in one of the guest bedrooms consoling Elena who was in the midst of her latest relationship crisis. She and Damon had had their eleventy billionth fight but Caroline was certain they’d be sucking face and grossing her out again before the ball dropped. The small seed of a crush she’d been nurturing on her old friend had definitely been suffocated. She only hoped Stefan was smart enough to stay out of her way until she was no longer pissed about it.

She pours herself another glass of champagne and consoles herself with the fact that at least she looks fucking fantastic. It was small comfort when it looked like Caroline was in for another year of too little sex and too much alcohol but she’d take it. To think she’d almost passed on that Boxing Day deal on a fancy new vibrator. Caroline praises herself for her foresight because it looked like her new toy was going to come in handy.

A voice startles her out of her morose thoughts and liquid sloshes over her fingers, “Mind sharing that, love? If I’d have known Damon was going to be stingy with the proper liquor I’d have brought my own.”

She turns, bringing her fingers up to her mouth. Classy? Not really but there was no need to waste good champagne. Caroline eyes the guy who’d startled her, taking in the full lips and stubbled jaw. Stefan had pointed him out earlier when he’d arrived with several other people. His siblings and various dates, if she recalls correctly, but she’s blanking on his name. A shame, because he’s pretty hot and is watching her suck her index finger with a heavy gleam of interest in his dark blue eyes.

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This is all gonna be a memory when we get to El Rey. 
It’s gonna be blue agave, sunshine, and beaches.
It’s you and me, buddy. It’s just you and me.

mary elizabeth winstead as richie gecko

nina dobrev as seth gecko

Heartwarming Starfish Ornaments.

Hi Taylor ! taylorswift !

This is the…fourth? I think? of long posts typed on tumblr….sorry if it gets really long. There’s so much i want to say and I know now, starting off this letter, that there’s no way I could ever say all of it. This isn’t to say, well looks like i gotta meet you or something with a windy face. Yes, it would be an honor to meet you. And YES, I want to talk to you about god knows what. Anything. But since this is just me, typing this in my dorm room on a lazy saturday dreaming of starbucks, ill just tell you a little about me.

Hi! My name’s Isabelle, i’m 17, and I’m from Rockville, MD, right outside DC basically…! My birthday is on Christmas, aka 12/25, so i’m a capricorn! wait-give me a second-mumbles to self..EVERGREEN AND MINT AND WRAPPING PAPER AND RIBBONS AND ORNAMENTS AND THAT ONE ORNAMENT MY BROTHER HAS THATS ACTUALLY A GINGERBREAD COOKIE BUT HOLD UP DONT EAT IT CAUSE ITS FROM WHEN HE WAS LIKE 4 AND NOW HES 22 SO NAH AND THOSE DELICATE STARFISH ONES THAT MY GODFATHER GAVE US AND-im done. I love christmas, not  just cause you take my birthday and roll it into christmas-LIKE COOKIE DOUGH I HAVE NO CHILL- but no, since i always get this question whenever my birthday plus christmas comes up , i doesn’t suck…i don’t get half the presents? i think I’m gonna start giving people a sassy face when i get asked this next, because I’m not deprived….anyways ill write something just on that later, my apologies. 

I have 2 older brothers: Jerry who’s 25, and Adam who’s 22. Jerry went to Notre Dame, as well as my parents and one of my uncles. Adam went to Boston College-THE RIVALRY IS ALIVE- I love them so much. For the last 3 years, actually, my mom and I have participated in-i think it’s formal name is-the Notre Dame alumni family volunteer camp-maybbbeeeee you could joinnnn SO FUN i mean maybe that would be hectic, as life seems all the time, for youuuu! But it is really, truly, an awesome experience. 

I love swimming, it’s really the only sport that i am remotely good at, I dabble in badminton, i tried volleyball and lacrosse. I can follow sports, i think? Just tried aqua zumba a few weeks ago-pretttty fun! I love art. I love theatre-one of my great loves, if you will. In high school I stopped actually performing onstage and became so in love with backstage work; stage managing, assistant producing….taking notes on what the director said, wearing a headset and shhhh-ing people….sigh. Here at collegeWHOA IM AT COLLEGE i’m still trying to find my footing in the theatre program, i tried out for the improv team here but didn’t make it…partly because i was nervous and there were 30 people auditioning when they only wanted to cast 2 or 3 people. but i still go to their shows, because, good segway!!!!!—improv, or comedy in general, stand up, etc…more great loves of my life. nbcsnl inspires me so much, i always say thats the work there…not necessarily to be a cast member although whaddup that’d be so awesome, but maybe a writer? just interning for late night, tonight show, snl, would be magical. or of course for taylor nation, your tour crew or whatnot. 

I have been playing piano since I was 3. Piano lets me be good at something because while I’ve been told in talent shows and other stuff that I am a good singer, piano is something i know i’ll continue for the rest of my life. 

Last spring, i graduated high school and now here I am-officially a rambler at Loyola University Chicago. I love it here, it’s funny I told myself i wanted a school, well yeah, like notre dame, not just cause i’m a legacy, but also because the campus is beautiful and not really surrounded by skyscrapers. I told myself when i started the dreaded college application process that i DID NOT under ANY CIRCUMSTANCES want a “city school” I guess i STILL don’t want that-but hear me out. What i didn’t/don’t want is to go to school in a skyscraper where most of the buildings look the same. With LUC, i’m right on the lake, and i have a metro stop right across from my dorm and can be in the lovely downtown chicago magnificent mile area in 20 mins. i LOVE cities. ESPECIALLY new york. Really, not just plugging Welcome to New York. My mom and I try to go to NY at least once or twice a year for a weekend when we go..if not longer. I adore broadway and, like i said, everyone in the 30 rock area!!! I would love to live there someday. Last year for my 17th birthday/christmas my mom surprised me with an NYC trip the day after birthday/christmas, (if it comes up again I’m going with birthmas because typing is starting to hurt my fingers) and we explored…we saw Matilda on broadway, if you haven’t seen it-go !!! It’s incredible. I’ve been told by my theatre friends..and everyone basically..that i look like Matilda from the movie. It all started when our tech outfits for moving set pieces across the stage for The Wiz at my high school in junior year was a black button down shirt, for me, with the show shirt underneath, and black yoga pants, WITH….cue matilda, a bandana worn however we want…so I tied it like a headband, rosie the riveter style. Mine as you can infer was indeed red. So, Matisabelle was born. ON A RANT, SORRY!!!

We visited some friends that live in NYC, some live right near Central Park, the other lives in Brooklyn-and i loved visiting the World Trade Center/9/11 memorial. It’s heart wrenchingly beautiful. I don’t really like saying it is a perfect memorial, because I feel like it seemed irreverent, but I realize now that it IS perfect. It is so beautiful. i think i stood for 15 minutes in front of someones name at the North tower fountain with a white rose-for this person’s birthday. SO beautiful. Breathtaking, in more ways than one. 

I have to mention 1989 since it. has. begun!!!!!!! IF I had to choose a favorite song, it would be Wildest Dreams, but if we’re talking about the exclusive target bonus songs version of 1989, then I would definitely go with You Are in Love. “and why I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it into words” means so much to me because I struggle with saying what i need to say, messing up, regretting stuff. Recently i had two presentations i had to give for a couple of my classes here at LUC. One was in french, the other-english..for the english one I spent the whole night prior to the actual presentation attempting to memorize what I should say. I get super nervous presenting. You Are In Love reminds me exactly of my grandparents, who also live with me-a few years back we decided to move into their house with them, where my mom grew up, to fix up their house and it’s so nice to be with them all the time. I miss everyone so much here in Chicago, though.

Thank you for staying genuine and always showing yourself as you truly are, you’re so chic, and classy….so to quote anchorman because DUH, you stay classy. much love, 

Isabelle Parshall

i gotta ask to reblog this, don’t if you don’t wanna, but it would be so nice.. much love lovelies! 

andthatlittleblackdress anytruelove outofthewoods youareinlovesfellawiththehellagoodhair hellagoodfellas captureitrememberit wegotbillstopaynowimhaunted13 whenallthoseshadows breakburnandends bornon19891989updates catchmenows casualllycruel saralucasi altoowhalealltoofuckingwell colldasyou dancinroundtheroom dancetothisbeat13dressuplikehipsters drunkswifts drunkonjealousy voguetaylor allt00swifttaylorsblood finallycleann eyesopen thankyouforsayingthat ithinkformeumswifteverythinhas-changed feariess fetusswift ialmostdo itsathugstory heldyourprideitsbeckyswift juniorjewels tenerifeseas lasttimes misstaylorswftkaleidoscopeofourmemories keepcruising gluegunscar nevereverskingdomlightsshine knowitslonggone outsofthewoodstwopaperairplanesflyingflyin onehandfeel picturetosburn officialtaylornationoutofthe89s outtoolates piecesintoplaces picturetoburns nightmaredressedlike-a-daydream scarletletterswift shakeitoffs timeerasingyou wednesdayinacafesandyoucallmeupagain jadesofwrong just-tswift swiftyeah andthisloveismusicistaylor thatpolaroidofus youpaintmeabluesky slaylorswiftqueen swift-stswiftdaily brickstheythrewatme coldhardgrounds passinnotesinsecrecyyoutaketheverybestofme wildsetdreams andwerun jencita palegingerbabiestellyouiminsane blankspaceandillwriteyourname youareworldsawaywewereinscreamingcolorrr ofloudheartbeat wonderstay wefoundwonderlandddthedirtydirtycheats thedirtydirtycheatsoftheworld areweouttathewoodsyetintheclearyetgood1989 allaroundtaylor you-are-love-swift shouldvesaidxnomakeyourwordscount 19eightaynine bae-tay colldasyou jadesofwrong lifeofswift1989 likeheyitsdibbles thatshowyougotthegirl all-thedamn-time cant-make-them-stay1989 penclick sheslikeohmygod1989 iwishyouwouid catsandconverse swift-ease smileactress casualllycruel youleftherallalone wonderstruck1312 timeerasingyou thenewromantics16 standing-inanicedress standinginastyledress g00d-girl-faith lovesagame-wanna-play cherry-skies-sweet-tea hellagoodmaeve tswifie swift-at-home yeahigotablankspacebaby two–paper–airplanes tenmonthsclean badguysgood clickingpensound mockingjayswiftie never-go-out-of-swift tour1989chile badbloodmadmadlove taylorshakeitoffswift perfect-13 thesehandshadtoletitgofree mess-of-a-dreamr krystal-swift comeinwiththerain13 wildestnewyork jg-1313 cas-uallycruel tswiftwonders13 isaidivebeentheretooafew-times fighting-dragons-since-1989 blood-runs-bad magicmadnessswift youreyeswerewiderthandistance winestainswift hellokittyswiftie wearetheffoxes betheweirdestlittleweird this-hope-is-treacherous taylorswiftandkittens adelaideswift13 taylorswift

so much love.


oh hallelujah, I’ve come undone | {l i s t e n}

Songs for the girl whose whole world fell apart, a little bit at a time, then all at once; for monsters around every corner, and trying to find the light in overwhelming darkness.

Speeding Cars - Imogen Heap // Speaking a Dead Language - Joy Williams // Teen Idle - Marina & The Diamonds // Brick by Boring Brick - Paramore // House of the Rising Sun - Lauren O'Connell // The Spine Song - Cake Bake Betty // Cross Bones Style - Cat Power // Help, I’m Alive - Metric // Special Death - Mirah // Elastic Heart - Sia // Haunted - Poe // Hope in the Air - Laura Marling // Veins - Charlotte Martin // Don’t Look Back - Kissing Cousins // Letter From the Lost Days - Akira Yamaoka (Feat. Mary Elizabeth McGlynn)