am pleased at how this turns out

Congrats on 13 million, Sean! 
I’ve only been subscribed to you for a few months, but I’m so happy I found your channel. Even when I am having a shitty day, your video’s never fail to make me smile and laugh. I know you always say we having nothing to thank you for, but I’m going to say it anyways, THANK YOU! 

This drawing wasn’t planned to be this way, but I like how it turned out! Hope you like it :)

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WORST POSSIBLE kwami swap AU where Adrien and Gabriel find out about each other, Gabriel tries to steal the ring outright and Adrien resists, and in the ensuing struggle Adrien accidentally ends up with the brooch. 

next thing anyone knows, there’s a very different and very VICIOUS Chat Noir chasing a horrified Ladybug through the streets of Paris demanding her earrings, and a very panicked Hawk Moth is desperately trying to figure out how to convince ANYONE that this SPECIFIC butterfly is not trying to turn them into a villain no really, seriously please. PLEASE, NINO, NOW WOULD BE A REALLY GREAT TIME TO BE FEELING HEROIC. DON’T MAKE ME TRY CHLOE, I AM NOT ABOVE TRYING CHLOE. 

Voltron fic recs, the threequel


I’m sorry I’ve been so absent recently. Excuses, excuses etc. etc. but basically I’ve had a bazillion work socials, commissions up the wazoo and am severely lacking in sleep. These things combined do not make for good artings. 


Have some more fic recs! Knock yourselves out. See if you can spot the thing I said I wasn’t interested in and would probably never read >__> Ahaha ha look how that turned out…

As with any rec list, please pay attention to the tags and warnings <3

all we have to do - 19.5K; klance; Keith gets hurt during a mission, and Lance is not sure how to handle that.

equations for a falling body - 25k; klance; Keith, Lance, an alien drug and an enclosed space, and what happens after.

To the Universe and Back with You - 10k (WIP); klance; When Keith took off after the Galra empire fell he left Lance with a broken heart and a whole lot of resentment. Fast forward seven years later and Lance is the only paladin living on Earth, with his cat Peaches for company. It’s not perfect, but he’s happy. That is, until Shiro summons them to form Voltron again…

it’s quite bizarre, and will remain this way - 16.5k; klance; Keith is determined to keep his head down while serving out his community service volunteering at the Rex Alfor Memorial Space Muesum, but one rather loud member of staff won’t leave him alone…

shining like the stars - 139k (WIP); shklance; In a bid to help strengthen team Volron and their lion bonds, Allura takes the paladins on a pilgrimage to face the trials in the paladin temples. Keith unexpectely presenting as an omega rather throws a rather large spanner in the works…

Stormchasing - 18k; klance; Lance never intended to spend his vacation chasing after Keith’s premonitions, but here he is. Keith makes bad decision, Lance makes mistakes, and both of them are stuck together on a space pirate adventure neither of them asked for.

Purple Marks and Bleeding Hearts - 46.5k (WIP); klance;  Lance’s newest job is not what the sniper signed up for when he joined team Voltron. This mark shouldn’t be any different from the other Galra, but he is.

Feel the Bonds - 53.5k; klance; Being a paladin of Voltron is honestly the coolest thing that ever could’ve happened to Lance, but the people who should know probably never will. And despite their fighting, Keith is there for him when Lance is feeling particularly homesick. 


to incur her  w r a t h  is to feel your very heart freeze in your chest

“Rebel Captain” - Digital Oil Painting

I just had to capture this sweet moment in a painting. I really wanted to do my best to capture the lighting with the ‘halo’ effect in Felicity’s hair.

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Otabek time. One more and I will finish this series. I am very happy about how this has turned out. It’s late and I’m very sleepy, I’m sorry if what the cover says has nothing to do with Otabek’s personality, we all know he will never going to give an interview, he’s too damn cool and badass for that x3, but I didn’t know what to put there, so, let’s pretend he answered all the professional questions and the others ones like “no comments” :)

Please do not repost without permission

“Precious Moments” - Digital Oil Painting

This is my latest completed commission for @whitesheepcbd, based on a moment from her story “Precious Moments.” She asked for Rumple and Belle snuggled up with baby Gideon and I love how it turned out. It was a challenge to get the messier hair to look right, plus getting the ‘nighttime’ colors right without it getting too dark, so I put in some moonlight coming through blinds to highlight some areas. I hope you like it!

If you enjoy my art, please consider subscribing to my Patreon! I am saving to buy a wheelchair lift.

Eruri True Detective AU based on this fic. Two things I absolutely love\ the fic is wonderful and I highly recommend it :) 

((I think I am gonna do more of these since I am also practicing different styles bc this still lowkey sucks))


🌊 || 03.30.2016 || happy birthday eren!

Ah, so glad to have new SU back! Just an FYI, I have avoided watching the episodes prior to them officially airing this week, so please keep that in mind!

I really enjoyed these two episodes and am excited to see how the story plays out! Can’t say I was expecting the Diamonds to have an emotional connection to each other, given what we know so far about them, but in retrospect it makes sense since Gems clearly have that capacity and Diamonds seem to be the least restricted of Gems (since they’re in charge and all). Really interesting development I look forward to seeing more of.

I think my favorite gag was Pearl asking Amethyst to turn into a chair so she could sit down, haha.

(Apologies for the short comment, very busy at the moment due to irl stuff, but I wanted to at least make a short post)