am montoya

endless summer characters as people u meet at a party

diego: the one who got too drunk and keeps crying and asking the DJ to play taylor swift songs

michelle: wore the same dress as you and looks better in it

lila: the step-mom who bought all the alcohol for the party because she wants teenagers to think she is cool

quinn: the nice drunk girl in the bathroom who compliments your shoes and offers you some chapstick, like the nice burts bees kind

jake: “anyway here’s wonderwall”

grace: that chick who brought her homework and actually started doing it

iris: what do you want me to say about her she is not a real human being she’s the spotify playlist the DJ is using or something idk

craig: the guy that won’t stop yelling “DO IT FOR THE VINE”

sean: three girls are trying to hit on him but he keeps texting his mom

raj: dude that made pizza rolls inexplicably even though it’s not his house and the host didn’t have any pizza rolls in the freezer so where did he get them?? did he bring them??? we aren’t sure

zahra: came to the party “”“ironically”””

estela: found the cat and just sits in a bedroom silently petting it and when couples come in to try and hook up she just looks at them and keeps petting the cat until they leave

aleister: yeah he didn’t even go

endless summer crew: the hunger games

diego: he dies first sorry but like lbr this bitch got himself captured by the watchers WHILE HE WAS IN A TIME PORTAL, unbelievable, he dead

michelle: a LION, a fucking FOX ok don’t cross this girl she is a mad jungle cat out for blood (plus her stylist got her looking cute af in a bold lip & a feminist agenda)

zahra: ghosts right out of the arena. don’t know where she is, don’t know what happened to her, no cannon for this chick she just GONE

lila: she stabs someone in the back LITERALLY like that’s how she kills someone, it’s metaphorical because she is shady as a public park and NOT to be trusted

quinn: yikes ummmm quinn’s just not there ok, she not lasting two seconds in a bloodbath so we volunteer as tribute for her ginger self

jake: chokes on his own hair and dies; alternatively, trips on those ill fitting Dad Jeans™ and is crushed beneath his own insecurities

grace: sneaky as shit she’s out here stealing ur supplies, stealing ur sponsors, stealing ur man,,, sadly she won’t take off her dAMN sweater so she gets heatstroke and that’s it

iris: this bitch the cameras that film everyone dying

craig: thought it would be cool if his weapon of choice was an unrealistic pair of nunchucks, spoiler alert it wasn’t cool and now he’s dead

sean: he tries to take a bullet for someone (wait do they have bullets in THG……. ok maybe he takes an arrow) like multiple times but he won’t die he just keeps living and is robbed of his self-sacrificial valor

raj: he does ok for a while living in hollowed out trees but come on, he eats the berries guys. u know he eats the berries.

estela: she fuckin wins obviously

aleister: president snow