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Just gonna reupload her alone to my pony blog for discussion sake.

THIS IS BLUE MOON, she is very pretty. She has a mom bat pony and a dad unicorn? My vague idea for her parents. I think she probably has a twin brother or even older sibling - undecided.

I was really just super craving one of those old school ponies that had the beautiful sleeve like cutie marks/patterns on their back legs and bodies. So I decided to try designing one myself! She came out darker than I intended but I love it too much to change her now.

I’m still not set in stone over exactly who she is. I typically do need more celebrity ponies so I’m guessing maybe I’ll have her be a model? I am tempted to make her a popstar for Poppy and Tang to fawn over though. lol Maybe she has her own private villa in Cloverly? I’m not entirely sure yet. I know I just don’t want to go the too-easy gardening route with her. I think I def want to work on her talent being gorgeous and helping bring out that inner beauty in other ponies she works with as well. Hm hm.

this is the opposite of a problem

park jimin model!au ✧

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