am kidd

Hey, I know it’s kind of late
Is your man around? I was hoping I could take…
A few minutes of your time, I know we needed space
But you’ve been running ‘round in my mind as of late
I gotta ask, do you ever think about us?
Before you cut me off, can you sit down and just…
Listen, I just gotta get this off my chest
Am I the only one with feelings that never left?
I know I messed up. I was so insecure
Maybe it’s the fact that you were never sure
But whatever we went through, how love turned into anger
It’s killing me inside 'cause now we’re just strangers
Tell me honestly, am I the one you’re missing?
Do you wish it was me every time that you’re with him?
Am I in a dream where I still got your heart?
And you’d come running back from the moment I would call you
And I would be different. I’d only make it better
And I never should have said that we shouldn’t be together
So, am I wrong? I hope I’m getting through to you
'Cause what we could of had, it could of been beautiful…

I tried so hard not to slip
But you became a part of me I can’t resist
And even though we went our separate ways
And you’re happy where you are but for me
You’re the one I miss

I promised myself that I wouldn’t call
'Cause I know what I’m doing ain’t good at all
And you’re good where you are but for me…
You still exist…

Give me just another minute and then I’ll let you go
Remember all them promises I said when we were gold?
Well I meant them, every single one of them
How I never gave my love like this to any other woman
You were the exception, I was your infection
I hope you think good of me every time I’m mentioned
You’re the only one that made me want to say “Forever”
I was down to put you in my life, front and centered
But look at us now… we don’t even talk
It’s like we never happened and everything was lost
I see you movin’ on and I should do the same
But have you ever wondered, love… what if you stayed?
What if you never left my house that night
What if we never ever had that fight
What if you stayed and never called it quits
I guess that’s a dream that I’ll never get to live
I’m sorry I…

I tried so hard to not to slip
But you became a part of me I can’t resist
And even though we went our separate ways
And you’re happy where you are but for me
You’re the one I miss

I promised myself that I wouldn’t call
'Cause I know what I’m doing ain’t good at all
And even though it’s been quite a while
And you’re good where you are but for me
You still exist…

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Somebody Special
A.M. Kidd
Somebody Special

now tell me do i wish too much?
is it cause i kick it and i drink too much?
but the truth is i wanna live too much
and you’re the type of girl i’d like to give too much, till it’s enough
please tell me i’m close to your type
i’m not cute but i know what’s right
i’m not sweet but i know what’s nice
and i could make you laugh and smile all night

When we’re lonely, we look for comfort in relationships, but they come and go. When we’re lost, we find direction in our friends, but some friends can lead us the wrong way… but when it comes to finding love, falling in love with yourself solves both of those problems.
—  AM Kidd
I Can't Stay
A.M. Kidd
I Can't Stay

I used to love you but you changed
now I see us in a different light
when I look into your eyes I can see it isn’t right
if I stayed, cause to me I feel we grew apart
We’re looking for solutions but we’re walking in the dark
in the rain, I used to be the one that took the pain away
now I’m saying all the words I thought I’d never say
we tried hard but it’s like we gotta wake up
cause I can feel it when we touch, it ain’t the same love
and I’m aware of all the history we made 
but we shouldn’t be afraid to admit it’s time to fade out
I wish I could kiss the tears on your face
but the feelings ain’t the same, I’d be wrong if I stayed around
so believe me when I say this wasn’t planned
just try to understand that I care enough to let you go
I know you left your heart in my hands 
but you could have it back now, it’s yours
I’m sorry that I can’t stay, I’m sorry but I won’t
I’m lying to myself and to you if I do
I’m sorry that I can’t be the one to keep your heart
‘cause when I hold you close I feel far apart


2Am - AM Kidd 

Calvin played this song in his car and the lyrics caught my attention. 

and I always let my pride get in the way
to call for help. but is there help?
‘cause all these so-called friends I have they always say
“I’m there for you” but no you’re not
you take for granted what you got
if you ever come around, it’s only when those bottles pop
but never when I’m down, I swear I think I give too much
to people nowadays, maybe I should stop to give a fuck
but I can’t no matter how hard I try
'cause I care about your happiness more than I care for mine
and I think it finally took it’s toll
'cause I realize I’m better off alone
so I'mma let it go tonight..

I'mma let it go tonight

and I think I had enough. No, I know I had enough
I’d give you my all that you would take advantage of
and I’m sick of being used. Instead of being loved
and I miss having those friends. The ones that you can trust

Have you ever felt like you were walking on a rope?

Tryin’ to balance everything, hoping you don’t choke?

And you’re smiling on the outside, but inside it’s cold

Even in your own home, it’s a battle zone

‘Cause everything you did, wasn’t good enough for them

Nothing seemed to fit, and all the things you trusted in

Fell in the end, when everything you know went bad

You knew the hard times wouldn’t last, so you kept on track

AM Kidd - Today

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I Can't Stay
A.M. Kidd
I Can't Stay

I trust ‘em when they say “Hey, don’t try to fix it if it’s broken”
Our future was so clear now it’s clearly out of focus
Out of frame, I’m looking at you different
'Cause you wrote the answers on the mirror with your lipstick
Even if I played pretend and kept goin’ on
I could never love you right 'cause inside I know it’s wrong
You deserve somebody that’ll mean it when they hold you
On a different level now, I guess I miss the old you