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Somebody Special
  • Somebody Special
  • A.M. Kidd
  • Gotta Love Me

now tell me do i wish too much?
is it cause i kick it and i drink too much?
but the truth is i wanna live too much
and you’re the type of girl i’d like to give too much, till it’s enough
please tell me i’m close to your type
i’m not cute but i know what’s right
i’m not sweet but i know what’s nice
and i could make you laugh and smile all night



I Can't Stay
  • I Can't Stay
  • A.M. Kidd
  • Black & White Memoirs

I used to love you but you changed
now I see us in a different light
when I look into your eyes I can see it isn’t right
if I stayed, cause to me I feel we grew apart
We’re looking for solutions but we’re walking in the dark
in the rain, I used to be the one that took the pain away
now I’m saying all the words I thought I’d never say
we tried hard but it’s like we gotta wake up
cause I can feel it when we touch, it ain’t the same love
and I’m aware of all the history we made 
but we shouldn’t be afraid to admit it’s time to fade out
I wish I could kiss the tears on your face
but the feelings ain’t the same, I’d be wrong if I stayed around
so believe me when I say this wasn’t planned
just try to understand that I care enough to let you go
I know you left your heart in my hands 
but you could have it back now, it’s yours
I’m sorry that I can’t stay, I’m sorry but I won’t
I’m lying to myself and to you if I do
I’m sorry that I can’t be the one to keep your heart
‘cause when I hold you close I feel far apart


Somebody special- Am Kidd (Uke cover)


there are mistakes. lol.

enjoy anyway. c:


AM Kidd | Everything I Used To Know

I’m not the type to open up to everybody
maybe it’s the walls I put up so I hold a lot back
‘Cause in my past, I gave my all to everything
and never got it back. Now I feel it’s only right to go half
I know I’ve done wrong
I know I’m not a saint
I got a lot of issues that I still need to face
It’s part of growing up but I guess I rushed change
and it wasn’t fair of me to point at you to blame
I miss what we used to have then and the way we used to be
I believe we can go back
You and I run deep and we can’t forget that
so tell me where you at, tell me where you at
Usually my pride runs way too high
but I’d rather say “Hello” again than say “Bye”
Friends come and go but I’m not one of them
so here I am

Saying that I’ve missed you
out of everyone I’ve known
no one ever got this close

You know that I’ve missed you
nothing feels like home
you’re everything I used to know

You know that I’ve missed you
some things might of changed
but our friendship still remains

You know that I’ve missed you.
You were my best friend

I don’t want to hold a grudge or believe I’m in the right
'cause it doesn’t matter when you lose a friend for life
I hate it when my ego takes the place I use for love
I’m always finding reasons for the walls I’m building up
pointing fingers at each other. Trying to play victim
This is why I’m here. My pride is why you’re missing
Knew it along but I didn’t want to be the first to admit it
now I’m over here thinking why we acting different
but since you’ve been gone, nothings been the same
you’re the one that understood my ways
since back in the days
I never had a friend like you
doing what real friends do
looking out for each other when we both did dumb things
you were there when I was broke and had nothing
I just want my friend back
I just want my life back


Hey, I know it’s kind of late
Is your man around? I was hoping I could take…
A few minutes of your time, I know we needed space
But you’ve been running ‘round in my mind as of late
I gotta ask, do you ever think about us?
Before you cut me off, can you sit down and just…
Listen, I just gotta get this off my chest
Am I the only one with feelings that never left?
I know I messed up. I was so insecure
Maybe it’s the fact that you were never sure
But whatever we went through, how love turned into anger
It’s killing me inside 'cause now we’re just strangers
Tell me honestly, am I the one you’re missing?
Do you wish it was me every time that you’re with him?
Am I in a dream where I still got your heart?
And you’d come running back from the moment I would call you
And I would be different. I’d only make it better
And I never should have said that we shouldn’t be together
So, am I wrong? I hope I’m getting through to you
'Cause what we could of had, it could of been beautiful…

I tried so hard not to slip
But you became a part of me I can’t resist
And even though we went our separate ways
And you’re happy where you are but for me
You’re the one I miss

I promised myself that I wouldn’t call
'Cause I know what I’m doing ain’t good at all
And you’re good where you are but for me…
You still exist…

Give me just another minute and then I’ll let you go
Remember all them promises I said when we were gold?
Well I meant them, every single one of them
How I never gave my love like this to any other woman
You were the exception, I was your infection
I hope you think good of me every time I’m mentioned
You’re the only one that made me want to say “Forever”
I was down to put you in my life, front and centered
But look at us now… we don’t even talk
It’s like we never happened and everything was lost
I see you movin’ on and I should do the same
But have you ever wondered, love… what if you stayed?
What if you never left my house that night
What if we never ever had that fight
What if you stayed and never called it quits
I guess that’s a dream that I’ll never get to live
I’m sorry I…

I tried so hard to not to slip
But you became a part of me I can’t resist
And even though we went our separate ways
And you’re happy where you are but for me
You’re the one I miss

I promised myself that I wouldn’t call
'Cause I know what I’m doing ain’t good at all
And even though it’s been quite a while
And you’re good where you are but for me
You still exist…

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If you need me
  • If you need me
  • Am Kidd

If you need me | Am Kidd

I see you staring out the window in your scattered room
trying to find the reasons to let go of yesterday
I know you’ve been going through some things, ain’t gotta lie
I can see the truth written all over your face
Your smile isn’t the smile that I once seen, that should be the one thing
you shouldn’t think about to change
‘cause when it’s all said and done, you just need some love
that’ll give you hope that change is on the way

but if you fall down, imma pick you up
even the best of us need a hand
'cause I know how it is to be far away from home
especially when nobody understands
what it’s like to be alone with strangers the room
and things never seem to go as planned
you just gotta stay strong, keep your head up
if you’re feeling lost, you got me that’ll guide you back

You don’t ever gotta be alone again, I swear
'long as I’m here
you can count on me to hold you down
you know that I got your back
When you feel like you need somebody there
you can count on me to be around
you know that I got your back

Everybody needs somebody
and you got me
You don’t ever have to worry
if you count on me

Everybody needs somebody 
and you got me
You don’t ever have to worry
if you count on me

If only you could see the bigger that there’s things we can’t control
and understand that some things are a phase
People come and go out of our lives and it happens for a reason
not everything is caused by a mistake
I know you’ve been down and out but you should keep in mind
that you don’t always have to be the one to take the blame
so if you ever wonder why the bad things happen
just know it’s only here to make you stronger than today

but if you fall down, imma be right there
I can be the one that makes things easy
when these nights get cold and if you’re on your own
Imma stay close to you if you need me
if you feel far away from everything you know
and things that you love lose it’s meaning
just know that you got me to remind you to smile
and I’ll be right there for you

You ain’t gotta be alone again.