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Somebody Special
  • Somebody Special
  • A.M. Kidd
  • Gotta Love Me

now tell me do i wish too much?
is it cause i kick it and i drink too much?
but the truth is i wanna live too much
and you’re the type of girl i’d like to give too much, till it’s enough
please tell me i’m close to your type
i’m not cute but i know what’s right
i’m not sweet but i know what’s nice
and i could make you laugh and smile all night

I Can't Stay
  • I Can't Stay
  • A.M. Kidd
  • Black & White Memoirs

I used to love you but you changed
now I see us in a different light
when I look into your eyes I can see it isn’t right
if I stayed, cause to me I feel we grew apart
We’re looking for solutions but we’re walking in the dark
in the rain, I used to be the one that took the pain away
now I’m saying all the words I thought I’d never say
we tried hard but it’s like we gotta wake up
cause I can feel it when we touch, it ain’t the same love
and I’m aware of all the history we made 
but we shouldn’t be afraid to admit it’s time to fade out
I wish I could kiss the tears on your face
but the feelings ain’t the same, I’d be wrong if I stayed around
so believe me when I say this wasn’t planned
just try to understand that I care enough to let you go
I know you left your heart in my hands 
but you could have it back now, it’s yours
I’m sorry that I can’t stay, I’m sorry but I won’t
I’m lying to myself and to you if I do
I’m sorry that I can’t be the one to keep your heart
‘cause when I hold you close I feel far apart

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2Am - AM Kidd 

Calvin played this song in his car and the lyrics caught my attention. 

and I always let my pride get in the way
to call for help. but is there help?
‘cause all these so-called friends I have they always say
“I’m there for you” but no you’re not
you take for granted what you got
if you ever come around, it’s only when those bottles pop
but never when I’m down, I swear I think I give too much
to people nowadays, maybe I should stop to give a fuck
but I can’t no matter how hard I try
'cause I care about your happiness more than I care for mine
and I think it finally took it’s toll
'cause I realize I’m better off alone
so I'mma let it go tonight..

I'mma let it go tonight

and I think I had enough. No, I know I had enough
I’d give you my all that you would take advantage of
and I’m sick of being used. Instead of being loved
and I miss having those friends. The ones that you can trust

I Can't Stay
  • I Can't Stay
  • A.M. Kidd
  • Black & White Memoirs

I trust ‘em when they say “Hey, don’t try to fix it if it’s broken”
Our future was so clear now it’s clearly out of focus
Out of frame, I’m looking at you different
'Cause you wrote the answers on the mirror with your lipstick
Even if I played pretend and kept goin’ on
I could never love you right 'cause inside I know it’s wrong
You deserve somebody that’ll mean it when they hold you
On a different level now, I guess I miss the old you

Have you ever felt like you were walking on a rope?

Tryin’ to balance everything, hoping you don’t choke?

And you’re smiling on the outside, but inside it’s cold

Even in your own home, it’s a battle zone

‘Cause everything you did, wasn’t good enough for them

Nothing seemed to fit, and all the things you trusted in

Fell in the end, when everything you know went bad

You knew the hard times wouldn’t last, so you kept on track

AM Kidd - Today

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If you need me
  • If you need me
  • Am Kidd

If you need me | Am Kidd

I see you staring out the window in your scattered room
trying to find the reasons to let go of yesterday
I know you’ve been going through some things, ain’t gotta lie
I can see the truth written all over your face
Your smile isn’t the smile that I once seen, that should be the one thing
you shouldn’t think about to change
‘cause when it’s all said and done, you just need some love
that’ll give you hope that change is on the way

but if you fall down, imma pick you up
even the best of us need a hand
'cause I know how it is to be far away from home
especially when nobody understands
what it’s like to be alone with strangers the room
and things never seem to go as planned
you just gotta stay strong, keep your head up
if you’re feeling lost, you got me that’ll guide you back

You don’t ever gotta be alone again, I swear
'long as I’m here
you can count on me to hold you down
you know that I got your back
When you feel like you need somebody there
you can count on me to be around
you know that I got your back

Everybody needs somebody
and you got me
You don’t ever have to worry
if you count on me

Everybody needs somebody 
and you got me
You don’t ever have to worry
if you count on me

If only you could see the bigger that there’s things we can’t control
and understand that some things are a phase
People come and go out of our lives and it happens for a reason
not everything is caused by a mistake
I know you’ve been down and out but you should keep in mind
that you don’t always have to be the one to take the blame
so if you ever wonder why the bad things happen
just know it’s only here to make you stronger than today

but if you fall down, imma be right there
I can be the one that makes things easy
when these nights get cold and if you’re on your own
Imma stay close to you if you need me
if you feel far away from everything you know
and things that you love lose it’s meaning
just know that you got me to remind you to smile
and I’ll be right there for you

You ain’t gotta be alone again.

Sharing my moment with you.

How many birthdays have we spent together?

Some of you have been friends on my profile for years. Even though we might have never spoken or met, I’m glad that somewhere in the past, you heard about me or the music and decided to be a part of it at that moment in time.

I get questions from people like, “are you still doing music?” and then on the other side of the spectrum, I get people who follow me every day, keeping up to date with everything I do.

The years pass us by so fast and sometimes the people in our lives pass us by quicker. It’s hard to keep track of what everyone is doing when we go through so many changes ourselves.

You might have already forgotten about me or will forget about me tomorrow, but right now.. I’m happy to be sharing this moment with you.

Toast to good health, good love, and good people.