am i wrong in thinking this ask is rude

Don’t take it personal, I’m not saying this for someone in specific, but I think some people need to be reminded about this, am I wrong?
Also sorry for the ‘’damn’’ part, it sounds rude ,but I didn’t mean to haha

One more thing: I don’t really mind if you don’t actually ask me to use my art, but the credit is still appreciated!

anonymous asked:

i don't mean to be rude but are you sure they were actually masturbating together in that episode? i always thought they were taking turns with the laptop cause Dennis says "i don't want to stumble across whatever you're looking at" and Mac says Dennis was taking too long and he didn't get a turn.. or am i just reading everything wrong cause people make it sound like they're doing it in the same room at the same time but i didn't see that?

Hi! I agree with you; for the most part it’s implied that Dennis picks out the material and they watch it separately. However, I do think it could also be interpreted that they’ve done it together too. For example, in the scene where Charlie confronts them at Guigino’s, he tells them “I think I should be doing it with you guys” and their initial reaction is disgust and hesitation… why would it matter if Charlie joined in on it if they did it separately?

i think what i’m most afraid of when coming out to someone is that they’ll diminish being ace

that being naive and inexperienced will be taken as “you’re just not ready for sex yet - give yourself some more time”

that being scared of sex will be taken as “are you a victim?” (no joke i was asked by someone if i was a csa victim, and i’m not)

that being ace is either wrong or impossible, and that i’m being weak or close-minded for figuring myself out

that somehow i haven’t met someone’s criteria to be ace

Psa for the able bodied

My mobility tool is not an accessory. I’m not using it to look edgy, and no you cannot try it. It is my third leg because the original two have failed me. Do not touch it without my permission. Do not take it from me because I’m sitting down. Do not assume you know what’s wrong with me. And please before asking potentially rude questions, think, why am I asking? Are you someone I see frequently who is looking to be understanding? Or are you a total stranger who should not be asking me personal questions.

Okay so I don’t want to reblog the video of the girl working at build-a-bear because I don’t want to increase the views on it. Basically what it is is someone took a vine of her working and being enthusiastic at her job to make fun of her. This is wrong in so many ways but mostly because she is just trying to do her job and she has a right to feel safe at work. I know for me that if someone were to take a video of me working, especially in customer service where it is considered rude to ask a customer to stop. I am so sick of people thinking it is okay to film retail and food service employees for a laugh when they’re literally just trying to work.

I agree with Tyler 100%
Since Joey came out I have seen tons of people saying Dan and Phil should come out. I think that’s really wrong what some of the selected few of the phandom is doing.

I honestly think that sometimes we need to lay off. Like picture how annoying it would be if all you ever saw about yourself online was people asking you about your sexual orientation and no matter what you say people think you are lying.

I ship Phan as much as the next girl but we don’t 100% know what their sexual orientations are. So we shouldn’t assume or be rude about it. All I am saying before I get any haters is that it’s rude to pressure people or make assumptions on someone’s life. Thank you.

@ blogs that think they deserve hate;

I’m so fucking sick of it.

No one deserves to be hated on.

Not even you.

So stop saying that.

I mean it.


Just because some shit of an anon wanted to ‘poke fun’ at you,

just because maybe you feel like you did something wrong,

just because of something you couldn’t control,


You may get hate.

You may get rude comments or re-blogs or tags.

You may have even done something wrong and are getting chastised for it.


I am now done ranting. Continue your day, and I hope it is lovely for you now that you have read this. But i have one small favor to ask before you keep scrolling.

 Please think before you say that you deserve hate, because you do not.