am i weirder than i thought i was

so my browser crashed on me while i was researching with 10+ tabs open 

and immediately i thought the appropriate thing to do was yell “NO MY LIFE’S WORK IS GONE” 

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How in the fuckity fuckerson (just go with it Brian, it's 10 til 6 in the morning as I type this and I am T I R E D) are you so nice to literally everyone? Like I remember when I met you at Pop Con I thought you'd be.... well, not rude, but like... less friendly than you were. But you were just SO fucking sweet and I have no idea how or why.

I’m honestly not that nice! I just act like I normally do and treat people how I think they should be treated. It’s weirder to me when people AREN’T nice to others :P

i never thought people can get weirder antic than this

can i express how i am getting on the wild side of this world for a moment? i mean–

1. this looks okay until i saw the whole page

is this for kemomimi for children with handsome animal? hmm nope

okai a handsome horse… wait what?

*in handsome senpai voice* “do you… want a carrot?”

girl: …’re handsome boi but i’m not a vegan nor horse

what kind of carrot do you mean really? im not sure…

2. even in your wildest fantasy do you ever think you will get kabedon by a horse while he propose you as his owner?

*bad boi horse dents the wall*

girl: “o m g  i’m getting kabedon by a horse kyaaah~!”


3. your horse is the smartest animal that ever known, you never know if your animal can talk in human language and play a band set right?

girl: “mai kokoro is beating so fast im in love with my horse boi he is so hot im getting on his saddle hump hump kiddie yap ahh~!”

they made clear exclamation about the game: 

weird wonder of a human-faced horse 

So please guys tell me why I’m on the weird side of the internet ever again?

Kiss Like You Mean It

Characters: Jensen Ackles, Karina (named reader - yep mine name sssshh), Logan (OMC), Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Jensen x Named!Reader (Karina/Kari)

Warnings: Bad date, horrible kiss, surprise kiss, insecurities, nothing much. Mostly just fluff.   

Wordcount: 1300ish

A/N: This is written for @iwantthedean’s YouAu Challenge. It was a little weird using my own name. A lot weirder than I thought I would find it so I tried getting around saying it too much.

It can be read as one of my reader inserts since I wrote it in the same way. Just ignore my name and think your own lol. Also this has a little of me in it, but is not completely me. It is also just a story and not some take on events that had happened in anyway…. Sadly ;)

I am danish but for the sake of this the reader or me or whatever is Canadian.

This was a challenge Nicole. Thanks for letting me try it.

Thanks to the amazing @bringmesomepie56 for sending me a screencap that conjured this idea and for betaing this mess for me.

“What are you moping about?” Jensen let himself fall down on the couch beside me, instantly stealing my blanket and pulling my spoon out of my bowl of ice cream and sticking it in his mouth.

“Hey!” I protested, only half angry. We had been roommates for almost a year now, and I was getting used to his shenanigans.

“What?” A shit-eating grin appeared on his face, “Sharing is caring, sweetheart.”

I gave him the hardest glare I could muster as I grabbed my spoon back from his hand and pulled the blanket so it was covering us both. “Well stealing is rude, Ackles!”

Jensen chuckled and held his hands up in defense, “Sorry. I was just trying to cheer you up. What is so bad that you are eating icecream and watching chick flicks at noon on New Year’s day anyway?”

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I was going to post that sphynx cat I drew the other day everywhere but I cannot be bothered posting it my facebook account. Legit, I have no idea how to explain to people I know irl the complex thought patterns I had going when I decided to draw a bunch of chubby sphynx cats with like spacey theme stuff around them. It seems strangely random outside the context of knowing I am a giant furry nerd.

I notice that there are still people who don't believe this is actually me running this blog ...

Hi! I’m Bex Taylor-Klaus. I’m a Leo, I’m not totally sure what that means, but I’m sure it’s Astrology for “awesome.”

Seriously though. This is Bex. I act a little. You might know me from things. Or you might not. I don’t know your brain. You might just follow me cause you saw the dog in my picture and thought that was me. If that’s what happened, I’m so sorry. This must have been a sad realization … Go find the puppy. You need it.

I know internet trolls and fake accounts exist all over the place, but this is not one of them. Although you should be warned – it probably gets weirder here than it would if this were a fake!

So the point is I’m real. And to the lovely followers who put up with me, I love you all. Seriously. You guys are the sweetest and I really am grateful to every one of you!

To the non-believers who unfollowed me, you’re never gonna see this so there is zero point to me continuing to type. Right. Awesome.

It is currently 3am and I have to go shoot a television show in a few hours. I feel like this whole post went off the tracks a while back … Hope you enjoyed -_-

Bex T-K
Supreme Ruler of Bexico, Batman’s number one competitor, and total freaking nutball.

Ashton Cheats Imagine

You stared at him as he slept. You knew, but he didn’t know that you knew. It was perfect; a smirk appeared on your face as you rolled out of bed and carefully walked downstairs. You didn’t believe in letting things go, you believed in getting even. Not by sleeping with someone else, because that would just be disgusting and you still sort of cared for him. Instead you were going to ruin everything that remained of you and him together. Childish, but then again you were younger than him. You put your favourite song on low as you looked around the kitchen for the first thing you could destroy. You weren’t going to make a mess, not a big one, you weren’t that childish. You grabbed a few plates and looked at them; they would make a noise and wake him up you thought so you put them back in the cabinet. You sighed and couldn’t help but think that this would have gone better if you had planned what you were going to do. He’d be up soon, he has an interview with the boys at 11am, and it was 8am. You groaned and rested on the kitchen counter,

“Babe? What are you doing?” You heard Ashton ask as feet patted against the kitchen floor, you groaned silently as he came into view,

“You okay?” He asked with a worried expression, you smiled falsely and nodded your head innocently,

“Of course I am,”

“What are you doing up at 8?”

“Oh you know, stuff,” You shrugged, he frowned slightly,


“Stuff,” You said smiling sweetly, but falsely, again.

“Come on, let’s go back to bed,” He said, you nodded your head and ran round to grab the hand he had held out for you. As you both walked up the stairs you ran your fingernails across the wall,

“That noise goes through me,” Ashton said laughing slightly,

“Sorry,” You said, but you didn’t stop,

“Y/n!” He snapped grabbing your hand away from the wall, you smirked and walked up the rest of the stairs ahead of him,

“What’s going on?” He asked as he slammed the bedroom door shut,

“Why don’t you tell me?” You asked spinning on your feet,

“You’re acting really childish,”

“I am a child; I’m younger than you remember,”

“Only by a couple of years,”

“Still younger,” You said fixing your hair,

“Y/n, what the fuck is going on with you? You’re acting weird, weirder than usual,” He said, you ran your nails against the wall as he slammed his hands to cover his ears,

“Y/n, stop! You know that goes through me!”

“Was I not good enough Ashton?” You asked finally, you rested your hand against the wall and smiled,


“That girl, in Vegas? You thought I wouldn’t find out?” You asked,

“I can explain,”

“There’s no need to, I know exactly what happened,”

“No you don’t-,”

“You were drunk, you thought she was me and the rest was history,” You said now resting your whole body against the wall and crossing your arms. He stared at you shocked about the fact that you had it bang on,


“How what? How did I find out?” You asked, he nodded his head slowly,


“The boys?” He asked through gritted teeth,

“God no, they’d protect little Ashton till the very end,” You snorted,

“Why aren’t you upset?” Ashton asked, you looked at him and narrowed his eyes,

“Why would I be upset?”

“Because we’ve been together for a while, I mean last time she cried,”

“Last time?”

“Fuck,” He whispered,

“You’ve cheated on another girl before?”

“It was an accident,”

“Oh it always is with you isn’t it?” You said rolling your eyes and putting your nail in your mouth,


“I want you gone,” You said simply,


“I want you gone; go stay with Luke, go stay with Calum, go stay with Michael I don’t care!” You shouted,

“You don’t mean that,”

“Everything I say, I mean,” You said staring him straight in the eye, he looked down at the floor and coughed awkwardly,

“How are you going to afford the house?” Ashton asked eventually,

“Oh I’m not, I’m going to sell it and move into a flat,” You answered,

“But I brought this house!”

“Correction, we did,” You said,

“So I have half,”

“Oh don’t worry; you’ll get your half of the money. Not that you really need it Mr. Rockstar,” You said, he sighed,

“Does it have to end this way?”

“Get your shit out of my house by the time I get back,” You said grabbing a pair of shoes,

“You’re going out dressed like that?” Ashton asked, you looked at your outfit and rolled your eyes. You were in sweatpants and a tank top,

“People have been out in worse,” You answered sliding on your converse and walking out of the bedroom, he followed behind like a lost puppy so you dragged your nails across the wall again,

“Y/n! Please!” He begged, you grabbed your black coat and opened the front door to see Luke, Calum and Michael staring at you funnily,

“Be gone by the time I get back,” You snapped to him, the boys looked at Ashton and you confused,

“Oh one last thing,” You said walking into the kitchen and grabbing a plate. You threw it the floor and watched as it smashed,

“Clean that up before you go,” You said,

“What did you do that for?”

“For fun,” You said smiling and walking past the boys, who were shocked at my actions,

“I love you,” Ashton said,

“That’s nice,” You said slamming the door after you.


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My friend imjustanawkwardgoth is having a hard time and I know for a fact you're their favorite blogger. I was wondering if you could do something sweet for them. I just want them to feel a little better and thought asking you wouldn't hurt ^~^

@imjustanawkwardgoth, this one is for you! I hope it makes your day a little better, but if it doesn’t, know that I am sending you a thousand Sterek hugs and snuggles and wishing all the good things <3 I wrote this quickly, because bad days require instant fluff, but I hope you like it all the same!

Stiles stares.

He’s had to deal with a lot of weird shit in his time, but he’s pretty sure- no, scratch that, he’s absolutely sure- it’s never going to get weirder than…this.

Because Derek- Derek- sourwolf-extraordinary eyebrows- threw Stiles aboard the bisexual train- do not give me sass- Hale is currently huddled up, crying in his arms, wiping his nose on Stiles’ favourite t-shirt, because he lost the bunny plushie Scott bought him this morning.

He’s also four.

“I know, sweetheart, I know,” Stiles tries to soothe him, hoping Derek won’t remember he just called him sweetheart after all this is over, picking him up from the sofa and rubbing a gentle hand up and down his back. It quietens him a little, stopping the hiccups at least, and Stiles takes a moment to breathe.

Lydia is doing her best to figure out how to reverse whatever curse Derek was hit with, and while Stiles has complete faith her, he can’t help but wish he could help- two heads are better than one and all that - but every time he tries to leave the room, Derek immediately latches onto him and gives him such a betrayed look that Stiles has had no option but to stay with him.

They’ve already exhausted five Disney movies, a werewolf friendly retelling of Little Red Riding Hood Stiles found online and exactly eight games of hide and seek (during which time the only person Derek tried to find was Stiles. Probably for the best though, given Scott and Allison spent every single round hiding together doing things no four year old should have to see.)  

Stiles is pretty sure if Lydia doesn’t find a solution by tonight he’s going to have to take Derek to bed with him it’s gotten so bad (and while baby Derek is adorable and would probably be all kinds of cute in Stiles’ old batman pyjamas, it isn’t really how Stiles imagined sleeping in the same bed as him for the first time would go).

Not that he ever really expected to sleep in the same bed as Derek anyway. But still, Stiles would rather not have the whole thing rubbed in his face, thank you very much.  

“Stiles?” Derek whispers, looking up at him with those ridiculous multi-coloured eyes of his. Even as a baby Derek just wasn’t fair, Stiles thinks. He bets he got all the playdates.  

“Yeah, Der?” he replies, making sure not to say Derek. It’s not that Derek doesn’t respond to his own name, he just seems to be happier when Stiles calls him ‘Der’. Scott told him this morning Derek smells like Christmas- whatever that means in the world of Scott- when he says it, although why it should be the case for Stiles and no-one else in the pack, he isn’t sure.

As if to prove a point, Derek grins at the nickname, the promise of bunny teeth already showing a little, before seeming to remember he has something to say, frowning, biting his lip in concentration. Stiles tries not to laugh at the sight, wishing he had his phone to take a picture.

Which again, weird.

“You’re gonna be mad at me,” Derek says, nervously.

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Adrien Agreste and the Cardboard Box

There’s an empty cardboard box sitting in the corner of the classroom and it’s making Adrien very anxious.

Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir/Cardboard Box

Read the rest of the story (and more Adrien being a cat antics) here!

He couldn’t stop looking at it. The way it was just sitting, pushed off to the side of his peripherals. He’d turn to look at it, but every time he’d get it directly in his sights, Nino would jolt him back into the conversation. They were talking about lunch or something—where they should go. He didn’t know.

And, actually, he really didn’t care.

It belonged to Juleka. She’d used it to bring in all her props for the presentation she’d given earlier that morning. Her posters were still taped to the board, which meant it was empty.

Boxes, especially big, cardboard boxes, were not meant to stay empty.

It was logical to assume she’d probably put all her stuff back in the box before taking it home. But, as it were, she was in the back of the room chatting, just as they all were, which meant the box was being forlornly ignored. He was uncomfortable with it. Someone needed to fill that box. All that space, bordered by tall sides. It was meant to hold things. There should be something in there.

Boxes should not be empty!

“What about Marinette’s parent’s bakery? Adrien?”

He snapped his head around to Nino. “Hm? What?”

“We were thinking about going to Marinette’s for lunch. That sound good to you?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah, whatever.” Waving off the conversation, he looked back at the box. It was starting to make him anxious.

“Okay…” Nino muttered, looking between Alya and Marinette with a questioning brow. Adrien didn’t notice. His eyes had narrowed—he was glaring at the box. If someone didn’t pack it up soon, he was going to have to do it himself. It was unacceptable, leaving a box just lying around. Doing nothing. Being empty. It went against everything inherent in why a box existed in the first place. They were made to hold things, so that was what it should be doing.

It was damn near wasteful.

He couldn’t take it anymore. Something had to be done.

Pushing himself from his seat, he didn’t bother with an explanation—clearly, everyone else should be agreeing with him. With a critical eye, he went right up to the box and stared down into it. Completely and totally empty. Good sized. Looked pretty sturdy, like it wasn’t over-used. Very good. It was a respectable box. It reached him at about knee height and looked just big enough for someone to stand in.

The posters wouldn’t fill it up, not technically. Which was inefficient. A box should be used to its fullest potential.

He should get in it. That would fill it up.

He’d later blame the impulse on Plagg, but in that moment, such wasn’t even crossing his mind. Instead, he easily lifted his leg and climbed inside—first one foot and then another. As soon as he was in, he took a short, satisfied breath, and turned some, if only to get a better feel for it. He kind of wished it was taller, because then he could slink down and hide. But it’d do.

Maybe he should sit down.

Finger tapping his chin thoughtfully, he was just about to configure how best it would be to settle himself lower—he’d certainly fill the space better if he sat down—when he noticed that everyone in the room was staring at him. He blinked, looking up. Alya and Nino were both gaping, silent, as they watched, and even Marinette was managing to stare at him without blushing.

Even Chloe was silent, and that was pretty incredible.

It was then that he realized he probably shouldn’t go around standing in other people’s boxes. Or any boxes, for that matter. Because normal people didn’t go around standing in boxes. Granted, he wasn’t exactly normal, but no one else knew that.

And maybe he would have jumped right out were it not for the irrational apprehension keeping him in place. Because he liked the box—it was closed and clean and comfortable—and he didn’t want to get out of it. He just wanted to sit down, curl up, and watch the room with his eyes just above the lip. Like a spy.

But everyone was still staring at him, and he was still staring at them, and he was pretty sure that eventually someone was going to have to say or do something. And, odds were, if it wasn’t him, he’d have to somehow answer for his actions.

It was just a box. Why were they being so weird about it? Maybe Juleka would give it to him if he paid her for it. Then he could put it in the middle of his bedroom and sit in it without anyone there to watch him.

Maybe he should just find his own box.

That was probably the better idea. He didn’t want to leave this box—it was very comfortable and would no doubt remain empty for some time after he vacated it. Which was, again, a waste. But it wasn’t his box and maybe it was a little strange that he’d taken such a liking to it.

Yeah, he should probably get out.

Despite how he wanted to stay, he slowly lifted his feet and stepped out. Everyone watched him as he did, but he pretended to ignore them. Because it was only once he was out of the comfort of the box that he realized how strange this must really look.

Thus, without a word or a look at anyone, he walked slowly toward the door. Too fast and they’d see he was nervous. He stayed easy and casual, like there was nothing amiss. It was quiet behind him, but he didn’t acknowledge it. Rather, he strolled right out the door and turned down the hallway, only letting the deep red flush drown his face once he was safely sprinting to the bathroom.

He could hear Plagg laughing inside his bag, which only mortified him further.

Later than evening, as he was trailing Ladybug into a warehouse where there was evidence of an akuma attack, Chat spotted probably the sturdiest, emptiest, most perfect box he’d ever seen. It was a wooden crate, actually, but, really, there was no big difference to him.

With a manic smile and no second thoughts, he sprinted, jumped, and landed square in the middle of it. Sinking down until only his narrowed eyes, hair, and ears were above the edge, he watched as Ladybug turned to him, eyebrows furrowed.

He grinned wider, though she couldn’t see it.

Because she wasn’t giving him any weird looks—not any weirder than usual, anyway. Instead, she just pursed her lips and rolled her eyes before continuing on with her investigation.

Yes, this was definitely the most comfortable box he’d found yet.

My first contribution to the ML fandom–I am not ashamed. 

I came up with this idea earlier and I can’t draw, so I couldn’t do that. But I can write! So I hope you all enjoyed Adrien and his box, lol. 

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What exactly is gishwishes and how are you finding the experience?

GISHWHES is the Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen

Running between August 2nd-9th every year, GISHWHES is a competition created and run by Misha Collins (Castiel of SUPERNATURAL).

You pay a small registration fee (of varying tiers depending on what kind of registration you want… because the higher paying ones also come with gifts), which goes mostly to charity, and also a small portion to funding the Grand Prize.

You can join as an individual, form a team/partial team (of up to 15 people) or JOIN a team (of up to 15 people). Individuals will be placed on teams, and partial teams combined, when the registration period ends (about a week before the comp starts).

All teams have 15 members, who can be in the same area… or international… my team had the vast majority in different areas/states of Australia, and a few American members. It worked really well, actually…

On exactly midnight of August 2nd (american time, so for us aussies it was like 4am in the freaking morning) they release THE LIST.

The list of items to be scavenged.

Each item can be either a video (that can be up to 15.87 seconds in length, which makes things difficult *cough*like when I made a stop-motion movie or tried to show off a pop-up book*cough*) or an Image. 
These must be uploaded to Imgur and Youtube (usually you make a team account) and then the Direct links can be submitted to the GISHWHES site List.

It sounds a lot weirder when I put it that way, but trust me… it totally makes sense when you see it. Each item on the list has a submit thing, but it needs a specific kind of link to work… that’s all.

ITEMS… well…they can be anywhere from ‘small nice thing’ to 'what the actual fuck how am I gonna do that?!’… 

Each item has a Gishpoint value. Some higher than others, some less than others but still important…

If you work together, your team can do really well, ours did HEAPS… *I* did heaps. More than I thought I could.

The best thing about GISHWHES, is that it pushes down any walls you originally had, any 'I can’t do that’s residing in your mind. You just DO, you TRY, and you find… You CAN.

Did I think I could make a pop-up book at the beginning of this? NO.
Did I make a pop-up book? Yes.
Did I think I could draw Misha Collins or the Queen in a sci-fi poster prior to Gishwhes? No.
Did I? Technically… I’ve never drawn a male face so well before though.

Did I ever believe, in my wildest dreams, I could go from 'staging a photo’ to 'realising it was actually supposed to be a video submission’ and immediately making a stop-motion film thing for the first time in my life using a thousand photos…  

It pushes what you think you CAN do… it teaches you to just DO, not to question your ability. 
Sure, not everything is going to turn out brilliant… but most of the time, if you persevere… then it will go right.


Here’s a link to the list of things I personally completed this year for GISHWHES 2014… which was 17 items in total (not bad considering half of them I didn’t think I could do to start with), but because one item contains images of all my teammates, I omitted the link to that one.

I think we managed somewhere between 55 and 75 items (of the like nearly 200) in ONE WEEK, with half of us nowhere even vaguely close by. 


I enjoyed it, so fucking much… there is nothing I would rather do for the rest of forever… 

If you can do it. DO IT… it will be the best, and craziest fucked up thing… you will never, ever, ever regret doing.

ALRIGHT YES I MADE IT BEFORE THE NEW YEAR!!!! big thanks to britt for letting me steal her laptop ok let’s do this

liamasf - babeb babe babebebaeb …the bae. i’m kidding she’ll kill me anyways britt you are honestly the most important person in the world to me, i can’t believe i’m finally HERE and not fucking miles away from you. i’m the happiest i’ve ever been and thats literally all thanks to you, i’ll be forever thankful for this stupid website for introducing us. you’ve changed my life and i love you i love you i love you more than anything now hurry up and get off work :)

real life pals 

kissablelou - jenelle it finally let me tag you thank god BUT anyways we’ve literally been through hell and back with each other and i’m really glad we’re getting back into things now i’ve missed you a lot and i can’t wait until you visit so i can see my tROUT AGAIN i love youuuuu
likenovacaine - sam aka my little gay angel (i still can’t believe what is my brain) i’m so so happy i have you in my life thank you for being there for me when i felt like i had no one else, i’ll never be able to tell you how much it meant to me. i love you girl xxx
lukenialls - jenna my loVE i’m sad you’re barely on here anymore but you will be on every follow forever i ever make you were one of my first true friends i made on here and i couldn’t be more thankful you make my day so much brighter and funnier bless i love you i love you cOME BACK
howlouvely - LINA IS BACK and it makes my heart so so happy you are a lovely little ray of sunshine and never have a bad thing to say about anyone and i admire you so much for that we need to get back into talking more i have missed you lovely
stereoair - MY LITERAL ACTUAL REAL LIFE BEST FRIEND you are amazing and make me smile every day of my life you are my korean jesus i dont know where i would be without you thank you thank you thank you for always being there for me and being the best friend a girl could ask for i love you x
twomlinson - my actual little sister who never uses her blog rip she’s going to yell at me for being at the bottom of this list but oh well what are sisters for I LOVE YOU IDIOT thanks for being even weirder than i am ur my fave xxx
xrdj - lindsey lhitch you are fab little pigeon every time i get to see you it makes me smile big thanks for being awesome in every possible way ily

ALRIGHT NOW FOR THE SQUAD this is longer than i thought it would be wow i’m very lucky to have so many kickass mutuals i love each and every one of you thank you so much for making my dash a beautiful and wonderful place to be, if you’re bolded you’re a tru pal or i wish we talked more!!!!! i hope you all had an amazing 2014 and have an even better 2015, i hope it’s full of glitter and rainbows and harry styles and that all of your dreams come true xxxxx

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Scandinavia is such a weird place. I thought the term Elk was a fictional mythical creature in LOTR OMG THEY ARE REAL WE DO NOT HAVE THEM BACK HOME! I can understand why Christine could withstand 5 days of weirdo Erik because she'll be all "I've seen people weirder than you, erik"


we need to talk about the fact that “Erik” was literally the name of Satan / the ruler of the underworld in Scandinavian folklore. And he played the fiddle. I mean. Gah. 

Erik: “I am Erik!”

Christine: “…”

Christine: “….”

Christine: “I’m not even surprised at this point tbh.”

Beware of Old Erik! - vintage/ish poster.