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Toxic but sure as hell not basic
  • Illumi: Do you realize how toxic your personality is?
  • Hisoka: Do you know how many basic bitches would kill to have the same personality as me?

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Snape x blind 6th year student reader where snape makes fun of her in class without realising that she's blind because she's always managed well, until she makes some sassy comment and he then realises and then later on he finds her crying in a corridor because some Slytherin's decided to drag her somewhere and get her lost..

continued: Snape brings her back to his room as it’s too late to get into the gryffindor common room and she asks if she can do something odd and he accepts so she feels his face to see what he looks like. And can she also mention something about how nice his voice is? Thanks :))

Hey sunshine,

Sure, I will do my best! I hope you like it.

AND I proclaim that it happens before Potter comes along (like a year or three before that); so Snape is relatively young, but not tortured by Lily’s death.

Name: I do not want you to leave.

“Ms. Y/L/N,” you hear Snape’s voice right over your head, so you flinch, almost dropping your wand in the potion. “Do you know the difference between red and yellow? Or are all colors of the Gryffindor flag same to you?” you freeze. You were sure you did everything correctly, checked the tags on the chemicals at least four times before using each one of them. They all were correct.

“No, sir,” you answer quietly. 

“Then why on Earth would you put in the powder of rat’s bones instead of the powder of the poppy seeds? Or did you decide to improve my own recipe by exploding the whole castle?”

“I… I am sure I put in the right ingredient. Are you sure you wrote the right instructions?” Snape’s breathing gets quieter and must more hateful, so you can almost feels how much he wants to strangle you.

“Are you questioning my ability to write, miss?”

“No, only your ability to label the ingredients properly, with the correct usage of Braille,” you answer calmly. “I used the ingredients with the correct tags.”

“Braille?” you nod. “You are blind.”

“Uhm… So hard to notice the dark glasses, cane, and the weird way of walking? Professor, you may need to check your ability to see students, you are doing much worse than I am,” your classmates pulls your sleeve, hoping that you would stop before Snape decides to kill you, but he seems to not be willing to.”

“My… apologies,” he answers finally, much quieter than before. You hear him whisper something under his breath, and the potion in front of you disappears. “I will make sure the ingredients are labeled properly from now on,” you nod and hear him walk away, his robe swishing by your side.

“Hate those Slytherins,” you murmur later that evening, as you are walking around the basement, trying to find your way out. The most annoying thing ever is probably when those morons get you as a group and abandon you in the middle on the basements, so you spend there whole night, trying to find a way back to the Gryffindor tower.

“Miss Y/L/N?” you hear Snape’s voice coming from somewhere, so you turn around.

“Oh, Professor Snape? What a lucky meeting, I’ve been looking for you all over the place,” you smile at him. “How are you doing, sir?”

“You have been looking for me just to ask how I am doing?” you nod. “I am doing well despite having a student walking around the castle in the middle of the night.”

“Then I shall return to my room, professor,” you answer calmly, turning around, then stopping and turning back to him. “Uhm… Professor?”

“Yes?” you can almost feel how he is sarcastically lifting an eyebrow - your classmates told you that’s what he keeps doing to show sarcasm.

“Could you… Could you point me in the direction of the Gryffindor tower, sir?” Snape walks up to you and gently grabs your shoulder. “Sir?”

“Let me walk you, miss. You don’t have your wand or your cane, I suppose it’s only adequate that I make sure you make it to your room before morning.”

“Thank you, sir,” you murmur, and Snape simply keeps pushing you forward, one hand almost wrapped around your shoulders.

“I do need you to tell me who did that,” he notices at some point, when you are walking upstairs. “Who was it?”

“Just a Slytherin kid,” you shrug your shoulders. “It’s always them, but you may have guessed that I am not that good at remembering faces.”

“Very funny. I will make sure they are punished. Careful,” Snape quickly pulls you closer, as the staircase, which you almost stepped on, starts rapidly moving.

“Thanks,” he nods, not hurrying to let go of you.

“You really should be more careful,” Snape slowly releases you and leads you in the tower, then to your room. “You have your own because of the vision impairment?”

“Yes, sir,” you drop on the bed and smile. “God, I missed this place.”

“Well, now, that you are safe…”

“Professor, may I ask to do something… odd?” you ask quietly, and he agrees, sitting by your side. You do wonder why he seems to care for you. “Sir, permission to… see your face?” he doesn’t answer, so you lean forward and slightly touch his face, brushing your fingers against his eyelids and lips. “Wow.”

“I suppose you understand that this act should remain between us and not be discussed with other students, miss?” you smile and nod quickly, your hand sliding down his jaw and neck, when Snape catches your fingers. “Miss?” you smile apologetically, and Snape lets go of your hand.

“I am sorry, sir.”

“That’s alright. Miss Y/L/N, you really should go to sleep. It’s past midnight,” Snape slowly pulls away, as you smile sadly.

“You do have an amazing voice, sir… It fits you,” you murmur, as you lean back and crawl in a ball under a blanket. Snape giggles, or makes somehow similar sound, not going anywhere for some reason - just sitting there next to you.

“What career are you going to pursue after you leave Hogwarts?” he asks finally. “I never ask that, but your case seems rather…”

“Unusual?” you grin. “Yeah, people tend to believe that I am not complete without the vision… I was thinking of doing potions, but that seems quite impossible without a good assistant. So I will probably stick to the ministry work… And kill myself because of it,” you grin again.

“You may want to stay in Hogwarts.”

“As a librarian? I don’t think so.”

“As my assistant. I am looking for one, and you are doing quite well for your disability. Incredibly well, actually, you could become a good potions master,” you sit up, not understanding what the hell was happening.

“Professor, what is wrong?”

“Only that Dumbledore requires for me to hire an assistant from the current students, and I dread the thought of hiring any one from the Slytherin… our dear director is a Gryffindor, there is no way he will let me get one more Slytherin. Also, you are very good.”

“Sounds… too flattering. Professor, I am blind, but I am not dumb. Why are you offering me this job? It’s Hogwarts, a great place, officially the highest salary in the educational institutions in magical Britain… Professor, why?” he sighs, raising his hand and slowly stroking your cheek, brushing his finger against your lips. Snape breathes in, terribly slowly.

“Because I do not want you to leave,” he answers quietly, and you freeze, really wishing you could see his face right now. And, as if knowing it, Snape gently takes your hand and allows you to touch his face, your fingers running by the his stressed forehead and the tensed muscles, as if he is about to erase your memory and run away if anything happens.

“I don’t want to leave,” you answer just as quietly, your fingers stroking his jaw, as Snape carefully puts his hand on your waist and pulls you closer, pressing his lips against yours.

aesthetics for pairings : draco x hermione (power!couple)

“Yes, you would,” he admitted. “But not with me as Minister. I am devious, calculating, cunning, crafty, Machiavellian, sly, and tricky enough for both of us. If I remember correctly, I said you were a moral compass and therefore unfit for the job. Except I need a moral compass.” (x)

The Eight Pre-T Passing Tips

It’s fascinating how our brains are made to recognize someone’s gender. Although this whole gender-identifying aspect can be a complete hurdle for trans and non-binary people in general.
I’ve always tried to put myself into a cis person’s shoes first. When you interact with someone, they look at you and they will tag your gender based on your appearance, so it’s important to take care of every single aspect in order to be correctly tagged as a male. Otherwise they will either tag you incorrectly or be extremely confused.
That’s what I experienced in my very early phases of transition where I did not really know much about how to pass properly. I did plenty of researches on the Internet and did a lot of experiments that I am going to share with you in this post, hoping that they are going to be useful for someone who is experiencing the same situation.

1. Get a short haircut

We all know that there are indeed a lot of hot dudes with long hair who look extremely handsome, but let’s not forget that they have those secondary sex characteristics that pre-T guys currently lack. And anyway, shorter hair is better and easier to take care of. But that’s just my personal preference. 
Also, don’t forget that not all short haircuts are meant to be masculine. That’s why your hair stylist should be aware of it and not try to emphasize certain characteristics that we are actually trying to hide. DON’T shave your whole head. I highly recommend haircuts with shaved sides. They are trending, attractive and most importantly, they give you a more masculine appearance. This is my current haircut:

This type of haircut requires some daily styling though, but I consider it to be worth it. I personally pass a lot easier ever since I got it.

2. Don’t forget about your eyebrows

Your eyebrows can make a HUGE difference. Thicker eyebrows can easily give you a more masculine appearance. You can use an eyebrow pencil to give them a form of your preference. But be careful to not exaggerate either, make sure you still maintain a natural look. Try to not put too much pressure on the pencil, otherwise your eyebrows will rather look fake. Having plucked them in the past can be advantageous since the hair would grow back even thicker.

3. Bind your chest unless it’s already flat

… but don’t forget about Rule #1: DON’T. EVER. USE. ACE. BANDAGES. If you do, take them off RIGHT NOW. It can seriously damage your health and I doubt you want to end up in hospital with a broken rib.
If you can’t afford a binder that was especially designed for this purpose or need a temporary binder until you get your „real” ones, I have a cheap alternative for you. But please note that this might only work for small-chested folks. It seems to work fine to me, but I can’t guarantee that you will get the exact same results since your body type might be different. Either way, you can always try to improvise and see what would fit you better or ask me if you would like to get more ideas.
All you need is:
- a body swimsuit
- 2-3 shoulder pads
- basic sewing skills
- (optionally) a smaller waistband that you could wrap around your chest (it is to flatten the nipples correctly)

The result:

… and behind the curtains:

Basically, all you need to do is to first take the swimsuit and mark the area where the shoulder pads should be tied to. Yes, the shoulder pads will go under the chest. The amount of pads you need to use depends on their thickness and on your chest size. It will give you a bit more buffed look, but it does a great job at hiding those unwanted curves. The suit is designed to flatten it a bit more, so you can have some interesting results. Personally, I can wear it all the time without a single issue. I even cycle in it and it has never been a problem. The material of the suit also allows your skin to breathe, so there’s pretty much nothing to worry about, health-wise. I cut the whole bottom part that covered the intimate body parts so that I wouldn’t have to take the whole suit off or put the bottom part by side whenever I wanted to use the toilet. Indeed, you need to „sacrifice” the suit if you want more comfort.
It isn’t perfect, but it can be a great temporary solution until you get the actual binders. Speaking of bottom parts, let’s proceed to the next step:

4. Packing

Even though my psychologist was like „why have something between your legs, it’s only getting in your way”, I still consider packing to be an important aspect in passing as a male. If you go out and start observing people, you will notice that guys do look like they have something inside their pants, while ladies don’t. Packing can vary depending on every individual’s preference or budget. Personally, I find silicone packers to be useless unless they have an STP (stand-to-pee) function. Because come on… nobody is going to check what you actually have inside your pants while walking on the streets. This part is to rather deal more with your own body dysphoria other than just passing. So just sticking a pair of socks inside your underwear is probably not very confidence-boosting and if you stick too much inside then you might rather end up with an awkward boner effect instead. So whatever you are using to pack, make sure it’s not too big and not too long.
With some more creativity you could even create your own STP device using a tub. But maybe that’s already not worth the effort anymore, as you can nowadays find some great STPs at affordable prices, that would cover both packing and peeing.

5. Dress up properly

Clothes are one of the (less important) aspects that people look at while trying to identify someone’s correct gender. However, not all male clothes will also make you look more male. I personally recommend wearing darker clothes because they can easily hide certain unwanted shapes. Avoid wearing clothes that are too tight but also the ones that are way too loose. Pay attention to short sleeves, they can give you an appealing look if they fit you like a glove.

6. Get some facial hair - optional

Wait, facial hair without T? How?
Well, it’s not going to be a real beard and although I mentioned that this step is optional, it can be quite important to those whose face shape could be an issue for passing as a male properly. Using make-up elements will not give your beard a natural look at all, so you should consider using your own hair for it and spirit gum. Once you go get your haircut done, you can ask your hair stylist if they could give you your hair rests. The beard can’t be a big one so you are not going to need tons of hair for it. Make sure the hair bits are cut very short though.
Then, apply spirit gum on the area where you want some facial hair, then use a (preferably make-up) brush to stick the hair bits to your face. Repeat the process until the area is covered properly. Don’t expect excellent results at your first try. It takes time and practice to build an authentic beard.
Using spirit gum is nice because it can even last days on your face (although you might have a few hairs fall off, but no big deal). Make sure you are not allergic to it though.

This is my current beard, keeping it simple:

But you can also have it only on the sides (the below picture shows how durable it can be, I was already having it for like a week - and only then it was starting to wear off):

… or a complete chin strap:

7. Work out

Make sure you are always in shape. Start doing a certain sport or go to the gym, it will definitely help you feel better and it’s very important in order to be able to pass more easily. Also, an athletic look is always more attractive to the eye. *wink*

8. Behave like a guy

This is already obvious enough. Be careful at how you walk and how you sit. Use a men’s body spray regularly and start using the men’s restroom unless you already do (also don’t forget about the men’s restroom etiquette: get in, do your job, don’t look around too much, leave). Practice your voice a little and try to speak deeper, using your diaphragm could help. DON’T START SMOKING!!! Really, smoking only has negative effects - it can increase the risks of having certain complications if you consider taking T in the future. Apart from that, you’d stink from miles away no matter how much deodorant you use. I highly discourage it.
And most importantly: Don’t be ashamed of yourself! You are a human like all of us and thus you have equal rights, nobody has the right to bully or discriminate you. Those people don’t deserve any attention.

That’s it for now! These are pretty much the most important aspects you need to consider in order to successfully pass as a male in public. I hope you enjoyed reading and eventually found some remarks to be helpful if you are in the same situation.

Wrong Partner

Summary: A trip to Disneyland with Tyler’s family in which you unintentionally spend more time with his younger brother instead of him, striking him to become jealous.

Word Count: 2,084.

A/N: Big thank you to the sweet anon who requested this gem. Sorry for being on hiatus for almost a month on posting any new fics but hopefully I’ll be back on track for things. Hope you enjoy, and as always, feedback would be greatly appreciated my frens.

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brainstorm help: what would the tag line be for this blog?

im working on making myself a shirt for reptile expos that identifies me. on one side i will have a drawing of one of my axanthics

on the other side i will have my “store” logo and i also want my blog logo WMSS on there too and im playing with the idea of putting a motto/tag line for my blog.

i want it to involve something about “the proper care based in science” but i am open to all suggestions!!!
thanks in advance you wonderful niblings

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yo man..... respectfully speaking how you gonna be a 7-8 on a drunkness scale to ten and still typing in a super aware manner, tagging stuff, using good grammar? also are you alone drink safely

my dude….. trust me, i’ve been making a significant effort here to make sure my typing is still coherent. thank god for that red squiggly line that appears under words to tell you that you’re too drunk to spell that word correctly rn

also yes I am alone, but I just finished my last drink & i am done now. thank you for the concern ❤️


Like the moon chases the sun and brights on the sky because of it. You’re my sun, please let me be with you, forever.

Happy Birthday magicisfantastic! // (4/5)

Almost done! Hope you’re ready for the last one~

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How do you suggest promoting your rp? I'm a first time mod and relatively inexperienced in tumblr rp. So any tips and tricks would be awesome :)

Well, first, you need to make a promotional blog, that is, a blog dedicated entirely to promo posts so it doesn’t clog your main page. Make it a sideblog so you can be on the main account while you queue posts. There are a few different ways to speed up the process, but the quickest, most efficient way is outlined here.

Other than that, there are several things you need to figure out, like what kind of promotional graphics you want to use. Never, ever, ever copy directly off of something you’ve seen in the tags. People will notice you’re ripping off another group. You can use other promo graphics for inspiration, sure, but be creative and come up with your own ideas. I promise that it’s much more effective that way. Here are some examples of some effective promo graphics I’ve seen before:

Generally, it’s good to keep graphics 500px wide and from 500-650px in height. Don’t go too crazy with GIFs, or the graphics can be overbearing. It’s also a good rule to have at least 3 different graphics in rotation so you don’t spam the tags. If people get sick of seeing your ads, they could block you, and that’s not working toward your goal.

You should also keep in mind what tags you want to use. That link above pretty much describes how you need to tag your promo posts, but here is a nearly complete list of possible tags for your posts. Also keep in mind some of the recent changes and additional tags that have been introduced, outlined in the following posts:

Here are a few more guides and articles with things that you should remember while promoting:

I hope that helps, and good luck with your game!

about eren/levi & levi/eren (fanfic)

this is a follow up… follow up of my posts about using the borrowed tags of ereri/rivaere correctly. if you have not read the original post on what tag means what or why you should be careful about tagging fanart i greatly encourage you to read those posts before reading this post, as this post will speak of some of the topics touched previously in those posts.

the topic for this post is in regards to the most common practice of the western fandom when it comes to contributing to their ship/fandom. it is the medium i am most familiar to: fanfiction

this is a guide that will assist you in choosing the correct tags to label your work

in the previous posts i stress greatly about how both the commonplace ship tag “ereri” (and the less common “rivaere”) are borrowed tags. they are tags/ship names we have taken from the japanese fandom and so have specific meanings.

japanese ship names are typically created as such: since many fanworks are R18 and there is a strong rule of courtesy when it comes to preference of “top or bottom”, in m/m works in particular it is customary that the first syllable(s) of the character who tops [is dominate] will go first in the ship name, and the first syllable(s) of the character who bottoms [is submissive] will be second

eren/levi: ereri follows this as such eren/rivai 

エレン、ヴァイ = エレリ

levi/eren: rivaere follows this as such rivai/eren

リヴァイ、エレン = リヴァエレ

*please note, in japanese levi’s name is spelt phonetically- “rivai”

but this is how japanese fandoms come up with ship names/tags. western fandoms have a different method.

though, depending on the fandom, if it’s anime/manga/video games- should there be a “western counterpart”(what the snk fandom is btw) it is not uncommon for the western counterpart to adopt the japanese tags/ship names (like we have done). however there are times a western counterpart will make its own ship names and style these names like they typically do in fandoms for ships of a western series. it’s because western fandoms have a different method that our ship tag is befuddled. people are misusing it because they have tacked onto it a western mentality though it is a japanese ship tag. this is harmful because the japanese ship tag is created by specific rules and as such has a specific meaning. trying to give it another meaning with western logic just doesn’t make sense because the tag wasn’t created to support that logic or any other meaning than the one it originally has.

when it comes to western series fandoms, they typically have (1) prevailing preference on “who tops or bottoms” and (1) ship name is decided to be unanimous. this ship name does not always adhere to the fandoms’ most popular/decided on preference. the unanimous ship name is usually decided as a combination of the character’s names: the first half of one character’s and then the second half of the other character’s. and what combination of these names that usually “sounds the best” is how it’s decided.

even in western series fandoms, a unanimous ship name does not equate a unanimous tag.

i will use a western fandom i am familiar with as an example.

the BBC show “merlin”. The most popular m/m ship is “arthur/merlin”, and the unanimous ship name follows western rules: it is “merthur” (merlin arthur). arthur topping merlin is more popular than merlin topping arthur, yet for the ship name merlin comes first. this is just what was decided in that fandom when they created their ship name.

since “merthur” is a unanimous ship name it can be used to speak of both works that are “arthur/merlin” and/or “merlin/arthur”. be as that may, should the fic have sexual content or the writer has a preference, it is still common practice and courtesy, that if merlin tops arthur in a fic- even if the fic is labeled “merthur”, the pairing tagged/presented on the work would reflect the content and thus be “merlin/arthur” and not “arthur/merlin”.

we have an extremely huge problem when it comes to fanfiction for our pairing and it is this confusion on tagging.

a work that has eren topping levi might be labeled “levi/eren” or a work that has levi topping eren might be labeled “eren/levi”, because there is confusion that “ereri” is unanimous it is also confused on if the whole tag of a ship itself is also unanimous. it is not possible for a ship tag to be unanimous unless every single fan ships a pairing one certain way. as mentioned before, this is an extremely popular pairing, loved by many and interpreted differently by many so there are different preferences and as such different tags depending. that is just how it is, but it is not a difficult thing.

since our fandom is a western counterpart of a japanese fandom we are borrowing their ship names/tags. but when it comes to tagging our fanfic we are not borrowing japanese tags. we have our own tags that follow the same format as almost any other fandom. if your fic has sexual content, who tops and who bottoms is the deciding factor of whose name goes first and whose name goes second.

for examples i will be utilising AO3′s format, it is customary to include the surname(s) of the character(s) in the ship tags of this website and so the tags will reflect that. however it is up to you should you be posting on tumblr or a blog site like lj if you want to include surname (i personally rather like to, this is spoilers free below)

if levi tops and eren bottoms, it’s “levi/eren” and should be tagged as followed:

if eren tops and levi bottoms, it’s “eren/levi” and should be tagged as followed:

if at some point they both top/bottom (switch) in the work, or will in the future depending on how you see it, it is either “levi/eren/levi” or “eren/levi/eren”. you could use a tag like this

but perhaps they don’t switch in the same scene. or you don’t want them to switch until later in your work. or that tag is simply too much effort and you’re retagging old works. taking that into consideration, what would be easiest is add the other tag with whatever ship tag you originally have and it will look as such (or the other way, i don’t know what choice you thought you’d regret the least):

if your work does not have sexual content both tags can be used. people are usually only picky about preference when the work contains sexual content b/c one way might not be pleasing to them like the other. if your work does not have sexual content and you have a firm preference, of course any work can choose one tag over the other. the writer is the creator of their work so they know what their work is. 

why is this a big deal?

it’s because writers are not accurately tagging their works.

tagging for the ship is tagging for content.

tagging for preference is as important as for tagging for content like certain kinks (eg; foot fetish, breath play, somnophilia, fellatio) that your readers might share with you, and certain warnings (eg; rape, character death, extreme violence) that your readers might want to avoid.

depending on what you wrote and what you tag, determines on what sort of reader you will draw in.

you should not tag your work to be something it is not. if you do this it is a disservice to your work, yourself, and your audience.

people will choose to spend time on what they think they will enjoy. readers typically choose to read a fic because they think it will suit their tastes.

i will tell you now as a writer myself for this fandom and this pairing. my preference as i have stated on my blog is “levi/eren”. i only tag my work “levi/eren” because i only write “levi/eren”. and a comment i have received countlessly from readers has always been essentially: “i was relieved. you tagged the work as levi/eren and the work is levi/eren.”

i am making these posts on tagging partially because of such comments. why was i receiving such comments? does not every writer tag their content correctly? and then i was told this is not the case. and then i have seen it is not the case.

please remember, when it comes to your work, when you post, you the writer are the one in control of the tags on your work. the writer should know what tags they should use, because they wrote the content of the work.

do not be ashamed of what preference you have and do not be afraid to tag your work for what it is. the reader will know when they read your work what the truth is. the work is what it is. and the reader will know if you have deceived them for the sake of their potential readership.

in the case of many readers, they will definitely not trust you to read your work again if you have failed to warn them about certain content; the ship tag is that powerful. as powerful as tagging for warnings of unsavoury content (i have learnt my lessons too)

rather than ensnare a hit to your work- cultivate a company that will appreciate your work. i cannot imagine how many writers were thought of badly not because their writing was bad, but because they had mislabeled their work and left a bad taste in the reader’s mouth from the reader’s disappointment.

if a reader goes in expecting x/y but the content is y/x, the reader will be upset about that. especially when they only started to read the work because they trusted you to present the work as what it is.

and it is especially important to tag your work when your work contains sexual content. let’s be real, porn is one of the most sought for type of works to read, and the most mislabeled despite that it is the most easy to tag. 

tagging is a courtesy and it shows you care.

please care about your work, your readers, and other people in this fandom.

nobody wants to waste time reading something they know with certainty they’re not going to like.

i speak to you as a writer again. the feedback you receive from people who truly value and understand your work because they share the same preference or likes or kinks, will always be the people who will enjoy your work the most. they will be the most likely to return to you. you will have their trust. they will be the most likely to speak to you about what they enjoyed and what you might need to work on. they will invigorate you and help you.

readers are important and so are you the writer.

i have always thought, writing fanfic is for fun, it is for my own self-satisfaction and i still think that, and that the most important person to enjoy the work is the person who created it. love your work, be honest about your work; always strive to improve and berate yourself over how it can be done better. enjoy yourself and let your readers enjoy your work for what it is. and that can be done if you show your readers consideration. you will love your work more if you do and so will your readers. have pride in what you do. everyone likes what they like and tagging is a tool that helps people who likes things exactly as you do, find your work.

please tag your work correctly.

i would like to stress for what seems the nth time. nobody is better than anyone else for having a preference. whether you only like one character to top or bottom, whether you like it when they switch, whether you view them asexual, or aromantic. if you prefer them as girls. if you prefer them in a modern setting over canon. however you like it. write what you like. but tag what it is you like.

we all ship this pair because we love them and no one’s love is greater than the other’s.

do not allow at any time for someone with any preference to look down on yours. people are always willing to cause trouble when they are unwilling to change, unwilling to learn; when they are arrogant and stupid. but we all have in common that we love this ship, just like how each tag has a meaning that will not change that fact too cannot change.

i am sincerely grateful to the people who have reblogged, liked, and even shared their stressful experiences from the misuse of tags. you have been helpful and i hope your input will also encourage everyone to tag their works and the works of other’s correctly.

if you have read this far, thank you so very much for your time and consideration. i sincerely encourage you to reblog this post. i’m sorry it’s so long, writers never shut up. see you later!

my first time meeting my friends mom and she:

1. told me her home is a space safe for me to be who I am and I can sleep over whenever
2. told me she’s gonna work on using my pronouns correctly
3. offered to help me wash my binder next time I came over
4. said she’d help me with figuring out parental custody stuff if I need

I feel so??? loved???


My face.


 I never could place myself. I don’t have the almond shaped eyes. My Lips aren’t full. The shape of my face isn’t what theirs looks like. Those others with hair like mine.

 I didn’t know who I looked like. I wanted to make a post about not knowing who to identify with. My mother being East Indian and Spanish, my father an African. 

 But it doesn’t matter anymore. I used to feel that way, but I know now that I am only me. The only version on me.

 I am different to them. There is beauty in that.

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In Search of Mods

✦Mod Flicker✦ here!

I find myself in need of spirit workers and astral workers to help me run the blog and get some posts going as well as getting the blog out there more. I am hoping to get more activity as well.

Mod Duties:

Answering Asks
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Please Send an Ask if Interested in a Position as a Mod. If not, please reblog.

Information for potential mods should include:

Name, Age, Time practicing as a witch, Time practicing as an Astral Traveler, Time practicing as a Spirit Worker, Timezone, and any information you want us to know. 

Thanks for reading!
         ✦Mod Flicker✦

I read tarot cards. Do not claim kinship with me because you read tarot cards, too.

I work magic. Do not claim kinship with me because you work magic, too.

I identify as female. Do not claim kinship with me because you claim an identity as female, too.

Each subset of attributes I may share with you does not give you leave to claim kinship with me, or to claim that I am a part of whatever special worldview you may have. The skills, attributes, and/or identities I have does not obligate me to any mandate you have accepted for yourself.

Kindly knock the shit off.

There are no universal, all-encompassing, unbreakable rules for how you do the things that you do. And I’m quite tired of being held up to other people’s standards about it. This isn’t just a tarot rant, it’s a witch rant, it’s a magic rant, it’s a religion rant, and it’s a secular rant. Your gods may or may not be my gods, but how I interact with those I acknowledge has jacque shitte to do with how you interact with yours. You may treat your tarot cards as divine crystalizations of pure light, to be kept apart from any vibrations or emanations that may sully their perfection and attunement with the divine, and that’s quite alright. I throw my tarot cards in games of poker and allow anyone to touch them after gaining permission, and that’s quite alright.

Where the shit becomes not alright is when you come to my inbox taking me to task for profaning the sacred art of tarot reading. When you claim that because I work magic, I am a witch in your cosmology, and therefore bound to rules I have never heard of while being under threat of a god a/o goddess that has no substance to me. When you claim that because I am a woman, using tools of a male-dominated (sub)culture is working to harm women everywhere and that I am betraying my gender. That is when your shit stinks.

Your shit stinks when you denigrate me for not being pious, or what you consider pious, towards “the gods”. When you drop an ask in my inbox demanding that I make amends to whatever god you have a devotion to because I posted something you found insulting on that god’s behalf. How fucking dare I “work with” your favorite deity and not yield in total submission like you have. How fucking dare I not include worship of a god that I do not know, am not dedicated to, and give no devotional shits about because my work with that god is secular in practice.

Your shit stinks when you denigrate me for rejecting the title of witch or pagan. I know others reblog my posts under those tags, and that’s okay. That’s an entirely different thing and I hold no ill-will towards them for doing so. Categories and tags overlap such that the Venn diagrams look more like lazy spirals than distinct areas. But when you come to me calling me a witch, and I gently correct you because you didn’t know better, don’t drop a deuce on my screen about me “denying what [I am] and ignoring [my] obligations to [shit that isn’t mine]”.

Your shit stinks when you talk shit failing to be sly, referring to me obliquely and using identifiers that won’t be tagged while railing about how I have profaned your dash with one of my rants instead of actually talking to me about what you disagree with. Make sure you spell my name correctly in your precious Book of Bad People That Deserve to be Punished. How dare I not understand that you are better than I because you have a coven of more than one person as mandated by whatever powers you have subjected yourself to. Your authority is not respected. And your pickles have gone bad.

Your shit stinks when you drop an ask assuming that I know all about that “voodoo” stuff because I’m dark-skinned and work magic. Your shit stinks when you drop an ask questioning why I make references to Dionysus when he is a “white” god. Your shit stinks when you drop an ask questioning why I use tarot when that is a “European cultural tool” and therefore I am culturally appropriating. Your shit stinks when in that same ask you say I should use chakras because that’s not white and therefore available.

There are so many good people on Tumblr that I would love to interact and discourse with. But god fucking dammit, the tags are filled with insular in-fighting, personality cults, and pontificators high off their own anally-emitted gaseous expressions that go out of their way to make sure that the tags are nothing more than their personal mirror. OMG! Someone is different? Purge the defiler!

I identify as a woman, but I am not your sister. I work magic, but I do not identify as a witch, and even when I did, I defined my witchdom by my rules. I gave no shits what other witches did then, and give no shits now. I read tarot cards, but I am not here to restore balance to the world, and I own no one a god damn thing for this skill that I learned despite all the raging racist bullshit that is passed off as “information”. I traffic with gods, but I do not identify as a pagan, Christian or otherwise.

I know the more I expose myself and my identity on Tumblr, the more bullshit exposure I will have to suffer. Fine. Y'all are entitled to your opinions, just as I am entitled to mine. But you do not define me. You do not have the last word on what I do for myself or how I do it. You are not entitled to claim any kinship with me based on what you think we have in common. And I am quite fucking tired of being held up to other people’s standards and found wanting because I’m not allowing them to use me as their footstool. I am not your show-and-tell. I am my own. And if my mere presence offends you so damn much that you have to post public calls to your little clique to condemn me, harass me, and/or curse me off Tumblr because I am refuting your claim to Absolute Dictatorship over certain tags, well, I suggest you take up a nice quiet offline hobby, because I’m going to be around a hella long while.

And I will continue to remind folks that what they choose to do with their lives, with their tarot decks, with their beliefs, and with their personal choices are quite alright for themselves, and that they should do those things that makes them happy.

And if that goes counter to the latest tarot fad, counter to any Tumblr Celebrity, counter to any bestselling book, counter to any society’s pontification, then those things are wrong. You define yourself. I define myself. And that’s fucking that.

~hurls mic into the sun~