am i too late

a list of very attractive things to read about/see a man doing
  • smirking
  • running hands through hair
  • looking amused for any reason whatsoever
  • tensing up
  • when the other character can FEEL them tense up behind them
  • the jaw thing
  • sleeves rolled up to elbows
  • consequently, FOREARMS
  • loosening his tie
  • taking his tie off
  • raising an eyebrow
  • driving with one hand
  • the JAW THING
  • “annoyance flashed in his eyes”
  • brushing the other character’s hair behind their ear
  • putting on his watch
  • putting on cufflinks
  • wearing a suit
  • literally just wearing a suit like god damn
  • walking around without a shirt on
  • SwEaTpAnTs
  • messy hair
  • placing a protective arm around the other character’s shoulders

so after the birthright quest I had to draw this absolute kitten

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more than a few taz moments have been drawing me in to draw or animate them. for some reason i chose an early season moment i didn’t even remember happened until the second time i listened to the series.