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In which Dean is a paladin, Sam is a hunter, and Castiel is a priest. Together they travel across Azeroth and beyond.

A sort of World of Warcraft/SPN crossover! I’d been playing this game far too much lately, and I just couldn’t help it. Armor/gear isn’t 100% accurate to the ones found in the game; rather I was inspired by certain gear and just sort of made things up as I went.

“I’ve Made a Mistake” Ch. 1

The college AU that nobody asked for but that @tokugawalady and I created and love anyway. This is and will be an Ieyasu x MC fic. 

I hope you enjoy!

“You can’t be serious.” Toramatsu hissed, picking up another pair of ruined pants. “You. Cannot. Be. Serious.” He shook his head, almost unable to process what happened.

All of his clothes, from the clean clothes he laid on the floor last night to his pile of dirty laundry, they all had holes in them. Not just holes, they had been chewed to shreds.

He looked up, finally noticing that his door was cracked just slightly. Hadn’t he closed it before he had gone to sleep? A trickle of anxiety flowed through his veins, he had a feeling he knew what had happened.

Cautiously he stepped over to the door, opening it and coming face to face with the clothes-ruining culprit. His eyes widened. No, there was no way.

No. Way.

Toramatsu groaned, slamming the door behind him, a strangled yell leaving his mouth.

“That’s it! This is the last straw Tokugawa. I’m moving out!” He started pulling out his suitcases, not even bothering to throw away his laundry.  

He didn’t even have any clothes to wear to class.

“I’m getting evicted.” MC grimaced, thrusting the letter into Inuchiyo’s face. “For real this time.”

“For real this time?” He snatched the paper from her hand, taking a moment to read over it.

“Yeah, I am.” MC collapsed into the seat next to him, massaging her temples. “What am I going to do?”

“You were late on your payments again?”

“No!” She hissed, taking the paper back. “It’s the Manager! He’s a creep. I turned him down. Now I don’t have anywhere to live.” She looked exasperated. “Are we on the same page now?”

“Well what are you going to do? I already told you I’d take care of that creep but you wouldn’t let me.”

“Jeez, I don’t know, find a new place to live? Drop out and move back home? Move in to the campus library, maybe? I’m here all day anyway.” MC dropped her head onto the desk.

“You can stay with me?” Inuchiyo offered, patting her back.

“You, Hideyoshi, Mitsunari, and Hanbei in your two-bedroom apartment? No offense but I think I like the library idea better.” MC laughed, shaking her head. “I do appreciate it though.” She glanced at her phone, eyes widening.

“We’re going to be late for class!”

“Where do you think you’re going?” The familiar cheerfully cold voice chilled Toramatsu to the bone.

“I wasn’t joking, I’m moving out.” Toramatsu glanced around, hoping to look anywhere but the eyes of his roommates.

“You forgot to water the plants.” Ieyasu continued, trailing his hand over the leaves of one of the many pieces of his ‘special’ indoor garden.

“I don’t think missing one day is going to kill your profits, Tokugawa.” Toramatsu tried to ignore his line of thought. “Seriously, I’m packed, I found another place to stay. I’m gone.”

“All over little Ichigo?” Ieyasu sounded amused, pointing at the little demon, the floppy eared rabbit that single-handedly put him in pajamas.

“The thing isn’t a rabbit, it is a demon.” Toramatsu stepped back as the bunny hopped closer, wary of its sharp teeth. That little beast was barely a pet, it was just as threatening as a fierce guard dog. Over his almost six months living here, he had seen it send three separate people to the ER.

He wasn’t going to become a statistic.

“Harsh words, I seem to remember that you were the one who said you’d ‘cook her in a stew.’”

“I wasn’t even talking to you! I was on the phone and in my room!.” Toramatsu pulled the front door open. “This is just part of the problem, the tip a very very deep iceberg.”

“Of course, if you break the lease like this, I will have to pursue legal action.” Ieyasu shrugged, noting how Toramatsu froze at his words. “But, I’m a generous person, as you know.” He was smiling again, in that way that seemed to make the room 20 degrees colder, a smirk in his voice. “So if you can find someone to take your place in the next few hours, then I won’t say anything about you being such a dismal roommate and I won’t contact my attorney”


“Hey, Toramatsu!” MC shouted, jogging up to him in the hallway outside of their lecture hall. “Are you okay?” She looked concerned, but he really didn’t have time. He had to find a replacement.

“What? No I’m fine.” He replied, a flustered tone to his voice. “Do I not look fine?”

“You’re in pajamas.” She countered. “I’ve never seen you on this campus in the entirety of the three years I’ve been taking classes with you in anything less than your Sunday best.”

“Oh…yeah. About that. I’m moving out of my apartment, so this is all…I had?” He gestured to his pajama ensemble, a blush on his face.

“You’re moving out?” MC seemed to perk up at that. “I am too! Well, I’m being evicted, so that is less exciting but-“

“Evicted?” Toramatsu turned to her, wide eyed.  Oh no, he shouldn’t do what he was about to do, but…but, he needed to. He needed to get out of there. “Do you need a place to stay?”

“Y-Yeah.” MC gasped, stopping in her tracks. “Do you have a place? I mean, is your old place available?”

“You can take my place.” Toramatsu was yanking out a notepad, scrawling his address and information down. “I am having to move out because of extenuating circumstances, so my roommate needs someone to move in, ASAP.” He thrust the paper at her. “Be there at 6 pm tonight and I guarantee you’ll have a place to live.”

“W-Wait a second, will he mind living with a woman? How much is the rent?”

“Cheaper than your place for sure, and no, I don’t think Ieyasu cares.”

Ieyasu, MC recognized that name, Tokugawa Ieyasu. He was a senior, pre-pharm. His reputation was…less than pleasant.

She didn’t really have a choice now did she?

“Okay. Yeah I’ll be there.”

“Thank you so much!” Toramatsu seemed so relieved.

Shit, MC thought to herself, I have made a huge mistake.

Six on the dot and MC stood outside of the apartment, a nervous sort of energy making her tense.

Everything was fine. She was good roommate material. No strange quirks, no demanding habits.

And she was sure…sure he was not a bad person. Couldn’t be! After all, Toramatsu hadn’t told her anything too awful, other than the rumors she had already heard.

And those were just rumors…right?

She knocked on the door, rocking on her heels, and when it swung open, she couldn’t help but jump back in alarm.

And there he was.

The infamous Tokugawa Ieyasu.

The words were stolen from her throat as she glanced him over, even his molten copper eyes that make her shiver from the look in them were…stunning.

No this was a bad idea.

“So you’re the unfortunate woman who agreed to take Toramatsu’s place?” His smile never faltered from his face, and never ever met his eyes. He backed away from the door, allowing MC to walk in behind him.

“Welcome to my apartment.”

MC looked around, an incredulous look growing on her face.

His house was filled with…Marijuana plants?

Oh shit.

Well, it was too late, wasn’t it?

She took a breath, steeling herself.

She was going to live here whether she liked it or not, it was too good of an opportunity to pass up.


“After so long, I think I finally understand this concept called love…”

For my beautiful and talented crush, zero-kiryu-kun! ♥
The knight and princess captured in a sweet meeting. (~ ̄▽ ̄)~

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Zack felt his body jerk as he woke up to see it was nearly three in the morning. Somehow, he couldn’t even believe it himself, he had finished the paper and both tests. The first test he did rather well and the second…well he was too tired to care. He felt his shoulders pop as he straightened up. He vaguely remembered finishing the second test, laughing hysterically, then slamming his face into the keyboard. With a low grunt he forced himself to stand feeling his knees give out as he leaned against the table. “Shit.” He mumbled jumping away from the side of the desk suddenly remembering the pressure sensor on the far right drawer.

With bleary eyes Zack unlocked his phone. “Oh Zen…” He mumbled as he threw himself on the bed throwing off his shirt feeling a bit sweaty in the hot room. Blindly he searched for the remote to turn on the fan. With a low click the silence of the room was filled with a  low hum slowly calming his senses as he relaxed in the cool blankets.

ZEN>: Well, well if it isn’t our determined newest member lol.
ZEN>: I’m glad you’re so determined to help us with the party ^^
ZEN>: But I’ll say this again
ZEN>: Please don’t stress too much. I don’t want you to feel better.

    <:thank you.

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He has asked the queen to marry her. Is that why he keeps a media hungry z list merchandising actress in the boot of his car while entering and leaving a non royal wedding? An actress that literally has taken 1000s of pictures of herself. Ok then. I am too tickled by that anon. Was that jesdica? Lol.

That’s right he has asked the HM to marry her. LOL But she can’t get mentioned in the KP announcement as Harry’s plus one and also KP don’t track her movements stating that they don’t care about her safety and well being. 

I laughed at that anon because they are late to the party. They should of sent me that ask back in February and not now when it’s clearly over. 

Have a great day anon and it may have been Jessica.



5:43 p.m.

We’ve finally put up some cute Halloween trinkets up around the house and now we could finally say it’s really starting to feel like the holidays season. The “trinkets” we put up so far are some painted pumpkins and one of our favorite classic Halloween books! Let me just take a moment to say, ISN’T FALL THE BEST?! I am in love with the gloomy weather, the falling leaves, the pumpkin spice lattes, and the numbness in my toes from it being so cold. Ahhh~. 

    On another note: we’re so excited to be hosting such a big event with our fellow friends this year. We’ve been staying up lately just to plan the party! You guys don’t know how badly I want to spill the beans on what we have in store for everyone so, I’ll end it here before I say too much, lol. Stay spoopy!



day 28: #sun
- extended mountain pose and warrior II

I saw many people do extended mountain pose with the backbend and it looks so absolutely beautiful (very much inspired by Stef. <#). I decided to do that too. I also threw in a warrior II as it is part of surya namaskar (sun salutation). I really do not like all warrior variations. I find them very difficult and I feel like I do not have enough strength for them. There’s a saying that goes along the lines of: the pose we often avoid are the poses we need. I am trying to practice my warriors lately since I don’t gravitate towards them (my instagram doesn’t have a single warrior pose…). But check out that calf muscle! lol

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