am i too late for the party

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Oh omg I started with Nobunaga too such a sweetheart haha I am now stuck between him, Ieyasu, and Yukimura haha anyway WELCOME!!!!! (but I'm probably late to the party... TT__TT)

I can’t wait to play the other guys but I just love Nobu and his obsession with climbing trees cracks me up hahhaa

Hours of the day

Aires: 9 AM ~ Frantic rushing out the front door // “These socks don’t even match”

Taurus: 10 AM ~ Using that time to finish homework due next period // Fully awake

Gemini: 8 PM ~ A sea of thick blankets // drowning into the sound of your clock ticking on the wall 

Cancer: 1 AM ~ Secrets told at the dead of night // “Is it too early, or too late?”

Leo: 9 PM ~ Parties only about to begin // Stupid stories told and will end up being regrettable down the road

Virgo: 12 AM ~ Cramming homework into the night // appreciating the silence 

Libra: 10 PM ~ Soft Yawns that tempt you to sleep // binge-watching netflix 

Scorpio: 5 AM ~ Feeling relief after seeing it’s only 5 // flipping your pillow to rest your head on the cool side

Sagittarius: 11 PM ~ “Wow, maybe I should start my homework now” // embarrassing, unfiltered snapchats to the most intimate of friends

Capricorn: 6 PM ~ Twilight zone // When the sun kisses goodbye and the moon greets you hello

Aquarius: 3AM ~ Existential Wormholes // Poorly-timed text messages 

Pisces: 8AM ~ Soft sunlight gently touching your face // “You matter, you’re beautiful, you can do this” 


You are a big inspiration to me, thanks for all your amazing arts, amazing characters and such kindness!
I did this comic of Fell! Afterdeath family for u! Because what’s better than angst to commemorate, right? 

Me: Fell!Goth already suffered enough, don’t you think? 
Also me: Nah

I’mma sleep now, I can’t fell my hand

Fell!Goth belongs to @nekophy

Fell!Geno belongs to @nateev

Okay I might be late to the party

 (I work for EA Games atm so I don’t have a lot of time left for Kpop so I am always behind on albums and comebacks)

 but I just listened to B.A.P’s “Noir” album.

I usually just get a handful of songs off Kpop albums because I am not interested in the rest, mostly because they’re too generic for my taste.

So I don’t have a favorite Kpop album.

Well, I didn’t use to.

Because “Noir” is by far the best Kpop album I have ever heard in all my years of navigating the ever changing waters of Korean Pop. 

Maybe it’s my age, being old as balls, that perhaps demands more serious tunes in terms of musical competence/ musical sound I don’t know, but god damn it, this album hit me in the face, helped me up just to roundhouse kick me in the face again. I loved every single track.

I don’t know who was responsible for the sound overall but if it was mostly our boys then may all the gods bless them for this gem because it stinks of musical knowledge and numerous R’n’B, late 90′s/ early 2000′s hip hop, Blues and Jazz influences I don’t normally find in Kpop.

Strictly in its genre, “Noir” is my absolute favorite album so far.

A bow to the boys. I am so proud of them.

I completely forgot that a long time ago when I was stil sobbing horribly over finishing Mass Effect series, I drew Shepard getting rescued from the rubble post Destroy. I suppose one day I should draw a Synthesis pic too, since I already have this and that Control one


victuuri week | day four: free for all. in which viktor, an honest-to-god vampire, shows up in a tacky dracula costume during a halloween party. enter this hottie in a slutty waiter costume.

some headcanons for this au: (1) they meet at a halloween party, where a totally wasted yuuri grinds into his long-time crush; (2) there is a lot of biting and blood-drinking because yuuri’s blood is fucking delicious; (3) yuuri really likes to bite viktor too. ( 6 u 6 );;

let’s face it–this ain’t a real ship if it don’t have vampire aus lmfao. someone end me i’m sorry.

Elricest Week - Day 1: How do the brothers see each other?

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When Is It Too Late To Begin Again?

The night comes in after a gray day. The cool fog refracts streetlights; I dash out, always late. My boots clack too loud in the silence of the fog’s influence

I drag myself to a party, reluctantly. Some old friends have swarmed into town. What would they know of me now? Already I’m tired of the coming conversation, what am I doing, where am I living…. I have my excuses lined up, ingenious, unquestionable ones.

But I wasn’t expecting you

I rushed into the hall, the sounds of laughter and conversations filling up all the air.
I was choking on their false happiness before I’d even entered the room. My excuses sit on my tacky, too-made-up lips, my “what a pity I have to leave” face prepped, on hold. My brain has already bolted back into the cool of the fog.

Your eyes, clear as the ocean in Maui, see through me and drag me across our past. My brain yanked out of my escape, tied to our ending that made me run away to this town. I moved on; I found a place for me like a checker on a checkerboard, just one indistinct life among many in a city that can more than absorb heartache and failure.

I’ve been staring at you, and a smile spreads across your face down your body to your legs that move to me, frozen in that time when we were everything and nothing else mattered at all.

The band in this room loops around on a tune, waiting for you to take the stage. These women invited you to sing, so they could swoon and fan themselves with fantasies that you’d be theirs.

They were our old friends, and I couldn’t keep them. They slathered me in their pity at our breakup, gloating in their jealousy. It threatened to consume me.

You’re still coming; the band gestures to you. The women I didn’t need to see, smile out their hatred of what we had once. I can’t swallow; I can’t move. Your eyes, hypnotic, are fixed on me. My heart pressed down by the ease of your walk, casual in your rocker style, a part of who you are. Every step is like a dance that’s too cool to be choreographed, and I gulp down the scars on my heart.

I’m desperate to breathe, and the music loops insanely, and I want to back away. I’ve moved on! I have! I don’t want this anymore. My hand throbs from the lack of pressure of yours.

Your fingers reach out, lightly touch my hand that must have been stupidly extended out, a handshake? Oh, I don’t even know what you think I wanted, but I’m afraid it all shows in my eyes that haven’t left yours. You don’t ask me how I’m doing. You don’t ask me how I live today. You just smile a smile that fills your head, even your blue-tinted rocker spiked hair shines with the smile in your eyes. When is it too late for new beginnings because I’m ready to abandon all I have, take your hand and run so fast we reverse time. All I want has been compressed to standing like this, fingers touching forever.



I know i am a little late to the party, @pangur-and-grim but can you have too many pussys? Never! The first is my smallest cat in his cardboard cat tree. His name is Pepep. He likes to lick things and be a princess. And the calico is miss mocha, but we call her empress, cause she is the prissiest lifeform on the face of the earth.