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Am I the only one who thinks that Henry possibly created Boris instead of Bendy?. It could be why they get along in the game or it's just a silly thought of mine.

A lot of folks have theorized that, but hear me out – Henry’s audio tape is from just TWO WEEKS into the studio’s foundation. It’s very new – they were probably doing commission animation for other companies at that point, if any animation work at all aside from just generally getting the company set up. They likely didn’t have any characters yet, so Henry is probably talking about the first character the studio ever had – likely the main character for the studio, in much the same way Mickey served that purpose at Disney.

That aside, we already know Bendy eventually became a very popular character, thanks to Susie’s tape in Ch2. And Henry’s “a character I think they’re going to love” line is too specifically placed in the game – if it were real life, we might dismiss it as him thinking his character would be more popular than it was, but this is a video game, telling a story where every line of dialogue – and there isn’t much dialogue, really – MEANS something.

That, on top of the fact that Henry’s voice line is actually hidden, implies that whatever revelations come out of it are meant to be a pretty damn big deal to the story… like, game-changing level of big deal. Not to mention, we’re already halfway into the game! We’re at the point where any revelations that add to the lore are gonna be profound, and what would be more profound than the revelation that, whoa, Joey Drew didn’t come up with Bendy… it was Henry, the character you’re playing as!

If we’re talking pure logic, the kind we’d use in a real life scenario, I’d agree that Henry could be talking about any of the characters in the game. But this is a video game, a work of fiction, where no line of dialogue is placed by accident or just said offhand without much thought – everything is very deliberate. There are deeper meanings and implications to practically every audio recording we’ve come across so far, if you pick apart the dialogue. So it really makes the most sense for us to assume that whatever secret Henry has just revealed to the player is, in fact, as big of a deal as possible.

It also adds to the drama of the story if we assume he created Bendy rather than Boris. If it were Boris, then yeah, okay, guy works together with his creation to survive. It makes sense, but there’s little drama. If it’s Bendy, though, we’re seeing creator pitted against apparently-vengeful creation, which has a LOT of drama to it.

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Am... am I the only one who finds it a little creepy that Pidge has the Hunk and Lance garbage models in her room?

I’m guessing she thought they were cute though, you know?? Like drawing a portrait of your friends or something? Except they’re…trash dummies?? Let her live lmao. bUT MORE IMPORTANTLY,, SHE HAS THE LITTLE TRASH FRIENDS!! LOOK AT THEM!! THE FLUFF THINGIES!! MY BABIES!! SHE BROUGHT THEM WITH HER THATS AMAZING!!

i wanna cuddle them ;;


this is hard to write because it feels so distant from how happy i am now, but last summer i was depressed and suicidal. i felt completely alone and lost and couldn’t imagine that my life would ever get better. the only thing that stopped me from giving up was the thought of taylor - the one person i loved who i felt had never hurt me and would never leave me. i wanted to listen to her future songs, i wanted to see her smile, and, above all, i wanted to hear her perform in front of me again. that was my motivation, the thing i could imagine would make my future life worth living.
so i didn’t give up and, slowly, i got better. it was incredibly hard at times, mainly because i hadn’t told anyone in my life what i had gone through because i had convinced myself they didn’t care. but i was never alone because i had taylor. i knew she would want me to be happy, i knew she would think i deserved to live. so i did it for her.
so many amazing things have happened to me over the past year. i graduated high school. i got a job. i travelled to europe as a volunteer at a camp. i made new friends who i absolutely love. most importantly, i can no longer imagine how i ever could have wanted to give up on my life.
now taylor is releasing new music that i will soon get to hear. she is happy and smiling and showing her fans how much she loves us. last night she liked my post for the first time ever; the thought that i impacted her life, even just for a tiny second as she clicked like, makes everything worth it. and today, i bought tickets to see her perform on december 8th.

to anyone who is suffering the same way i was: it will get better. it will be worth it. someday you’ll never regret choosing to stay.

to taylor: i will never be able to thank you enough. i love you to the moon and back and i always will. i have accomplished and experienced so much because of you and i am so excited to finally see you again.
love, olivia.

I just hope Taylor knows who I am one day!!! I’d just love to be able to hang out with her and talk about life, the universe and everything. Because not only is she talented and kind, she’s so intelligent, thoughtful, genuine, funny and just such a WONDERFUL PERSON!!!! I Stan a LEGEND. Truly. I love Taylor so much skdkaksksk

My Thoughts on Season 4: Keith

I know plenty of people in this fandom think that Lance is the only person in Voltron who sees himself as expendable, but after this season and reading Friends In Space Places on AO3 I am willing to argue that Keith sees himself as the expendable one. Thoughts under the cut.

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Apollo of the Sun #metoo

*Trigger Warning* Song about sexual assault with some poignant language.

Dear Tumblr Community,

I decided to do one of the most vulnerable things I have ever done and post a song I wrote about a sexual assault experience. I am empowered by the #metoo hashtag. It is clear this happens TOO OFTEN. This song is only one of my experiences, though I mixed together some thoughts and feelings from other…events. I had a lot to work with unfortunately.

Strength and love to everyone who has struggled with experiences like this. Our society needs to do better. Please share if you feel moved to do so. 

Much Love,


“We were pretty poor back in Mexico. My parents were divorced. Mom did the best she could. She was always a hustler. She’d sell jewelry, or food, or anything that she could. But a lot of nights there still wouldn’t be enough to eat. We’d survive on tortillas and salt. I was only eight when we came to America. So I was too young to understand. I think my mom thought she could make some money and bring us home. She thought she’d learn English, and maybe start a business. But it was so much harder than she expected. We moved so much looking for work. She’s fifty and she still cleans houses every day. Every year she gets more worn down. She’s been getting sick a lot lately. But she can’t afford to stop. She never will. Right now I’m in school. I always thought I had to be the best student because I’m undocumented. I thought I’d go to law school, or graduate school. But now I’m not so sure. My mom would literally destroy her body to make that happen for me. How could I allow that to happen? I’m a Dreamer. And everyone loves the Dreamers because we’re a perfect package to sell. But why am I the only one who gets the chance to feel safe? Whenever I hear ‘I stand with Dreamers,’ I always think about my mom. I’m not willing to throw her under the bus. I’m not willing to be a bargaining chip to make her seem like a criminal. Everything people admire about Dreamers is because of our parents.”

BTS 4th army zip magazine unit interview: Suga + J-Hope

Q1:what do you think of  "SOPE" as your unit name?
Suga: Yes I like it.
J-Hope: I like it too, this is like the most suitable name for Suga & J-Hope unit.
Suga: after a lot of thought and consideration I came up with this unit name.

Q2: What was your impression of each other?
J-Hope: my first impression of suga hyung? he wore only undergarments the first time I saw him I’m shocked and speechless.

Q3: Have you guys thought of promoting as an official sub-unit?
J-Hope: seriously never thought of this, like how is this going to happen?
Suga: let things happen naturally, instead of making things happen let things happen intstead.

Q4: About your strengths and weaknesses
Suga: I received a lot of energy from Hobi. you can say that I’m the one who are more laid back and not so active while Hobi is active, the sunshine you must have in your life.
J-Hope: I am like a power bank, to recharge Suga hyung when he needs more energy.

Q5: How is it like when you are with J-Hope?
Suga: it feels like I can just stand there and do nothing,  Hobi’s bright personality changed me.

Q6: Suga said J-Hope is like his personal power bank, whenever he needs more energy, he will go to J-Hope.
J-Hope: (Suga) Just…a hyung that sits next to me? *laughs* seriously tho, when I’m with Suga hyung I can clear away those negative thoughts in my mind. (Suga: that’s right I’m like a human vacuum cleaner with high suction power to clean away your negative thoughts).

Q7: Other than music, what do you want to do together?
Suga: design clothes? figurines? Never mind then we should open up an exhibition
J-Hope: exhibition? ohhhhh sounds good.

Q8: Last question. what do you mean to each other?
Suga: like I said just now, Hobi is like a Xiaomi power bank, I need him when I need strength and more energy.
J-Hope: Suga hyung is…. (Suga: yes I’m a cleaner a vacuum cleaner). No, suga hyung is my everything!!

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A family selfie, based off one of my family selfies!!! lmaoooo
fun fact, characters are posed as the family member who would pilot their respective lion. bonus points if you can guess who I am :3c

I don’t “sing in the shower” I haVE FULL ON BROADWAY PRODUCTIONS

‌I love you. When I say this, I don’t know if you even realise how deeply I mean it. Sometimes you just smile back at me and say you love me too and sometimes just kiss me. But my love is much above these words. I mean it right from my soul, I love you with everything I am and I have. I don’t know how to express in one word or gesture my love for you. But you scare me sometimes. I know you are a realistic person and talk only what is right and logical, but baby am the type of a person who believes in fairy tales, in never ending love and in happily ever after. And all this reality scares me. Please let me live in this utopia, where you exist, are still with me and will always be.
—  Nidhi Bhasin