am i the only one who thinks they look alike

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Am I the only one in this fandom who hates the constant comparison between Mina and Usagi and how "they're like twins! So alike!" Like yes maybe superficially but actually unlike Usagi I feel Mina doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve and is muchhhh less honest about her emotions. She internalizes and represses and is afraid to look "weak" or be emotionally open while Usagi is just a big ball of open, honest emotions. Am I the only one who thinks this?

I both agree and disagree with you. On a surface level, Minako and Usagi ARE the incredibly similar, mischievious, nightmare, blonde, whirlwind twins and I LOVE that and I LOVE how they can play into each other like that. On the other hand, Minako and Usagi are also SO, SO DIFFERENT, and a lot of times it’s very easy to overwrite those differences BECAUSE of how similar they appear to be. Both characters suffer from that, but I feel Minako “37 Hidden Motives Behind a Barbie Mask” Aino suffers significantly more.

Like you said, Minako sure as hell doesn’t wear her heart on her sleeve, even her closest friends are usually kept away from her deeper feelings. Minako is also more self-centered, doing her best at all times to focus the spotlight on her people (and preferably herself by association) even if it comes at the expense of randos she doesn’t know. (Usagi, in contrast, looks at said rando and MAKES them one of her people). And of course, when you get right down to it, Minako just has a million more things going on in her head than Usagi does: preparing for imminent battle, considering enemy’s strengths, contemplating battle strategies, figuring how she can cut the lunch line to grab the last roast beef sandwich.

It’s because Minako is all of these things that she seems so very much like Usagi. Wanna keep your fears and doubts secret from thos dearest to you? Play dumb. Want to control everyone’s attention? Be obnoxious. Want to be three steps ahead of your enemy and have them severly underestimate you and your abilities? Be a young, dumb, obnoxious, teenage girl. The Blonde Disaster Mask is so multi-purpose and so faultless that it is the most ingenious Minako creation to exist.

But here’s the most important part: Minako so flawlessly executes the Blonde Disaster disguise because she is, in fact, a Blonde Disaster.

Minako could go with any number of mechanisms to get similar effects, but she goes with ditzy blonde because it is a) so readily at hand and b) actually who Minako is. Minako loves playing pranks, and mindlessly flipping through magazines, and storming through 80 different stores to find one specific pair of shoes, and flirting with anything that’s cute, and doing hair, and gossiping, and ALL OF IT. Minako knows she and all her friends could very well die at any moment, she brings an entirely new meaning to “carpe diem” and she is going to go mach 50 doing the things she loves and living her life because she’s so aware that she might not have much of it left to live. She doesn’t stop being the fully-competent leader of the senshi just because she likes painting her toes while singing karaoke, rather being a senshi helps her appreciate painting her toes while singing karaoke even more.

So Minako IS a sort of twin for Usagi, because day-to-day, in the moment, they are both two blonde, teenage girls living their teenage girl life. And they can do those teenage girl things they love together, and it’s so much better BECAUSE they have each other. They can bounce their energy off of each other and reach levels never possible before, and just plain, old have FUN together. If that isn’t beautiful and precious and IMPORTANT than I don’t know what is.

In summary, it’s a shame that people might write these two off as being copies of each other, because they really, really aren’t. But, those similarities are just as great and as important as their differences.


Ok I’m just gonna throw this out there cause literally anything goes at this point… am I the only one who thinks Wren and Lucas look a lot alike?! I mean they’re both shady as frick, we know Lucas is connected to Cece/Charles and we’re preeeeeetty sure Wren is too, what if Lucas and Wren are connected/related sinehow as well? I kinda would love that since they’re the top two characters I want to see as A but I don’t think either of them will be AD… idk, just a thought.

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NAC: Am I the only one who thinks that Marc and Melissa look related? They make a cute couple but sometimes they look like brothers :p

They do look alike a lot 😁 -Ralu

Being Jungkook's twin sister would include:

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  • “Call me oppa!!”
  • “Bish you wish”
  • “B-but I’m older than you”
  • “Psh by like 2 seconds”
  • Always looking out for each other
  • Always worried for him
  • “Jungkook did you eat? Are you sleeping instead of practicing?”
  • “YAH what are you, my mother!?”
  • “No, because if I was you wouldn’t call me.! At least, try calling her once a week.!”
  • “aish okay”
  • You BOTH suck at MATH
  • Over protective Jungkook when you met the BTS boys
  • “Jin hyung stop looking at my sister!!”
  • “Yeah, Jin oppa take a picture it last longer ;)”
  • “No hyung”
  • “I wasn’t staring at her…”
  • You always miss him when he’s not home
  • But you’re ready to send him back to the dorm after 3 hours of him being home
  • When he comes home you have to hide all your posters of the other members 
  • Once you went to a fan signing wearing a shirt that had his derp face and he just glared at you
  • Helping each other pick clothes 
  • “Does this dress look good or this skirt? Like which will get me a guys attention?”
  • “Buy the light pink dress guys like cute and innocent over sexy”
  • “So do you think Yoongi oppa or Jimin oppa will notice me?”
  • “YAH.!”’
  • Never introducing him to your female friends 
  • “Hey, that noona friend that you have ;)”
  • “No.”
  • “Please”
  • “Stop”
  • “ I’ll get you Mingyu’s autograph”
  • “ no thanks I don’t want to catch a cold”
  • Always pointing out people you both like
  • “Look (Y/n) at 5 o'clock cutie”
  • “Kookie the guy at the sunglasses stand”
  • Him always trying to get you to hook him up with one of your older friends
  • “I thought you were an international playboy why can’t you ask her for her phone number”
  • “Why would I ask her when you have it already?”
  • “I’ll give it to you if you give me yoongi oppa’s phone number :D”
  • “ forget it I’ll ask your friend”
  • Once you went out with Jimin and he was like
  • “Don’t date him don’t you see why he likes you”
  • “Because he might like me too…?”
  • “No, because he’s so in love with me but he knows he can’t have me and the next best thing to me is the copy”
  • “ wow Jungkook wow”
  • “But the copy will never be as good as the original :)”
  • “I swear one of this days you’ll never wake up again :)”
  • Your dad wanted twin daughters so once he took you and Jungkook out when y'all were like 4 and he put a dress on Jungkook and took lots of pictures of his twin “daughters”
  • And then one day your dad gave you that picture of Jungkook in a dress and it’s been the best thing to keep Jungkook quite.
  • So once Jungkook threatened to tell the members about your crush on Jimin and Yoongi
  • “If you tell them I’ll show them and A.R.M.Y’s THAT picture ”
  • “Dad had extra copies :D”
  • “You wouldn’t!”
  • “Try. Me. Bitch :D”
  • “You’re evil”
  • “I’m your twin :*”
  • Only close friends and family know you’re related to Jungkook 
  • When people see you together they either think y'all are dating or they get it right
  • “I know everyone thinks I am conceited but I mean I wouldn’t date someone who looks like me :)”
  • You feel happy when people who don’t know you’re related to Jungkook think you look like him….but you would never tell jungkook that 
  • “Face…gross”
  • “Jungkook we’re twins, we look alike”
  • “It’s obvi who is the cuter one :)”
  • Using ageyo on your older brother so he gives all the chores to Jungkook
  • A lot of “well your mom”
  • “Jungkook we have the same mom dude”
  • “Ugly”
  • You know how most set of twins have their own language….well you and jungkook don’t
  • “Why don’t you and jungkook have your own language?”
  • *Dramatically looks over at jungkook* “BECAUSE my twin didn’t understand it”
  • Jungkook always being there for you when you’re going through a tough time.
  • Lots of hugs
  • then your parents walk in and they are like “Awe”
  • and y'all are like 
  • “Get away from big nose”
  • Being judgmental of who each other dates  
  • “why her?”
  • “why him?”
  • calling him oppa when you want something 
  • “Oppa~”
  • *hides wallet* yes (y/n)?
  • binge watching anime and kdramas when he comes come
  • lots of skype calls to “watch” those kdrama or anime together
  • Him bringing you back anime merch from japan
  • “I got you Levi”
  • “Have I ever told you how much I love you?”
  • “No, go ahead”
  • “Don’t push it -.-”
  • ALWAYS going out to eat together
  • You stopped trying to keep a diary because he kept trying to read it
  • Supportive Kookie
  • Play fights