am i the only one who thinks i'm funny

If I had a dollar for every time I was in my wheelchair and someone continued to help me after I explicitly told them I don’t need help I’d have enough money to not be personally affected by Republicans trying to destroy healthcare.

Introducing...the Katsubowl!

You have heard of the Dekubowl (credits to sugarmagic and the amazing artists on pixiv). It’s cute, it’s hilarious, it’s over the top, it’s obnoxious sometimes! But we have to admit, Deku is just too adorable, everybody wants a piece of him. 

However, Deku ain’t the only star in the eyes of our favorite characters. It’s time to talk about another fandom sweetheart, the explosive shitlord, the non-recyclable trash baby, the boy whose mouth deserves a year worth of suds, the one everyone hates at first but then gradually falls in love with, the character with the cutest nickname ever given in a shounen manga.

You guessed it right. I’m talking about our one and only Kacchan, a.k.a. Bakugou Katsuki, a.k.a. the most problematic fave ever. We hate him, we love him, and tbh, the inverse characters probably feel the same as we do about him.

Regardless of how he acts in canon, people are drawn to him. The Katsubowl consists of people who compete against each other to be with Kacchan, romantically or bromantically (or both). Just like in the Dekubowl , there is only one Kacchan, so everybody has to learn either to fight, or to share.

The contenders for the Katsubowl are as below:

  • Midoriya Izuku - the childhood friend turns stalker-ish fanboy turns rival who thinks about how to beat Kacchan 24/7.
  • Kirishima Eijirou - the bro who wants to bro Kacchan so hard he broes him all the way until the latest chapter.
  • Iida Tenya - the concerned mother who gets cast aside every time he opens his mouth but keeps coming back.
  • Uraraka Ochaco - the one who understands Kacchan so well he gets mad about it.
  • Todoroki Shouto - the hostile rival turns sort-of friendly rival.
  • Shigaraki Tomura - the true stalker who hired a bunch of crazy people to raid a student camp only to bring Kacchan to his lair.
  • Kaminari Denki & Sero Hanta (potential candidates) - the guys who also want to bro Kacchan but get put down after an insult.
  • Kirishima Eijirou - he is so obsessed with Kacchan he has to be introduced twice.
  • Bakugou Katsuki - because he loves himself the most.

The first rule of the Katsubowl: there is no rule. The second rule of the Katsubowl: read the first rule. Everything is fair in love and war, and when it comes to Kacchan, these two things are pretty much the same.

Wren: Nevarrite? More like… Nevarrans, amirite?
Varric: It wasn’t funny the last ten times you surveyed it. It isn’t funny now.
Wren: Yeah? Well, I can think of a Nevarran you’d like to survey….
Varric: *facepalm*
Cassandra: *disgusted noise*
Dorian: *snickering in the distance*

noctowl  asked:

Hi. I just want to say that I know that I am only a fan. I find it a bit funny that people act like /I/ am the one who thinks I know Louis. In reality, stalkers (your term, not mine. I am not a stalker) are not stupid, as you all think. We just simply accept what we are told because we know it's none of our business either way. Who Louis is dating (whether it be Danielle, Harry, etc) doesn't effect me. So why question? I know I'm not his friend & I LIKE being a fan xx

I also just want to add that One Direction is not my entire life :) In fact, I’m not even in LA at the moment! I’m going to school literally all the way across the country. I go on my update account in my freetime (much like you probably go on this blog..however I go on my update account considerably less so not sure how me having it makes my life revolve around 1D?) I am a fan of lots of other things. 1D isn’t everything. Please learn this and please stop talking about me.

Oh Jordyn, hello there.  You sent these messages late last night and I was going to leave well enough alone, turn the other cheek and ignore you.  But against my better judgement I am responding because you decided to once again be gross on twitter today by saying that older Larries should go spend more time taking care of their children. So here I am breaking my own rules.

I have so many points to make but I think I’m going to just go about this in the order of things you brought up.

1) “I find it a bit funny that people act like /I/ am the one thinks I know Louis.”  

Honey. Please. You go on and on about how Louis knows you and how he recognizes you and how he chooses to talk on the phone to you over taking pictures with other fans, even if you don’t think you know Louis you most certainly want people to think that.  This is all your doing.  Sadly I do think Louis knows you since you stalk him, but it is because he is probably terrified by you, definitely disgusted by you, and without a doubt using you to spread the lies he needs out there.  

2) “In reality, stalkers (your term, not mine.  I am not a stalker) are not stupid as you all think.  We just simply accept what we are told because we know it’s none of our business either way.”

See the thing is stalker isn’t a term I’ve made up, it’s a part of the English language and you fit the definition to a tee.  So lets review.  A stalker is a “person who stealthily hunts or pursues an animal or another person” or “a person who harasses or persecutes someone with unwanted and obsessive attention.”  So yes you are without a doubt by both definitions of the word 100% a stalker, and I will continue to call you as such.  

Ahh the ability to blindly accept what one is told in the face of all evidence to the contrary.  What a problem to have.  The fact that you simply accept what you are told when you have been slapped in the face over and over again with evidence to the contrary only shows me how stupid you actually are.  I would be so incredibly embarrassed if I just accepted what I was told, yet that is the thing you choose to hang your hat on.  

I find it interesting that you chose to bring up that it is none of your business.  Because that is an interesting point coming from you. Please clarify for me where exactly your business begins and where it ends.  Does your business include stealing Louis British Airways account number?  Does your business include then using that information to be able to track his flights and letting your friends and paps know when he will be arriving/departing places?  Does your business include announcing the birth of the child you think he fathered?  Does your business include stealing his friends phone? Does your business include Oliver? Does your business include updating other people on his whereabouts?  Does your business include hiding out to spy on him and following his car around? So please do tell what exactly covers your business.  I’ll wait.

4) “Who Louis is dating (whether it be Danielle, Harry, etc.) doesn’t effect me. So why question?”

If that is true does the same standard apply to Harry?  Because if it does why did you need to talk to Xander to question what his relationship with Harry was?  Was the dick pic you got in return reward enough for you? 

5) “I also just want to add that One Direction is not my entire life :) In fact, I’m not even in LA at the moment! I’m going to school literally all the way across the country. I go on my update account in my freetime (much like you probably go on this blog..however I go on my update account considerably less so not sure how me having it makes my life revolve around 1D?) I am a fan of lots of other things. 1D isn’t everything.”

Good, I am legitimately glad you have other interests.  That is healthy.  How about you don’t passive aggressively judge the amount of time you think I spend though?

6) “Please learn this and please stop talking about me.”

How about we make a deal?  You stop treating Louis, Harry, Liam and Niall like they are zoo animals to be observed. You stop misleading people. You stop stalking people or enabling other people to stalk them. You stop demeaning groups of people. When you do all of those things then I will stop talking about you.  Until then I will continue to make it clear how disgusting your behavior is and how it should in no way be condoned.

Zodiac Personality Traits

Aries: Hooker handcuffed to a nun

Taurus: Slice of cheese left out too long and now it’s gone sweaty

Gemini: Person with many unread books, but still buys more and ends up reading like two

Cancer: A very serious Joker

Leo: Non conformist, who follows all the trends about being non conformist

Virgo: Owl doing the head thing

Libra: Puppy that thinks they are a cat

Scorpio: Pigeon on a quest for a dropped chip

Sagittarius: Tone deaf opera singer 

Capricorn: Squirrel running in circles cos it can’t decide where it wants to go

Aquarius: Always busy doing nothing

Pisces: Baby in an expensive suit 

anonymous asked:

One thing that really bewilders me is people using passive!chara flavor text as a way to try and absolve them of all sins. Its so confusing to me because like... Even satan can enjoy watering his garden, y'know? just because Chara can be funny or enjoys chocolate doesn't change the fact they basically killed their entire family + the world. I'm not the only one who finds it a bit weird, am I? (btw, great blog! Chara is my fav and its so cool seeing all these theories.)

(undertale spoilers)

i’m baffled that people think chara potentially doing a few nice things means that it’s totally okay that chara wanted to murder random humans, REGARDLESS of the reason why, as murder is still murder. not to mention asriel’s comment that “chara hated humanity”, which implies it was an act of hatred for humans rather than of compassion for monsters. chara pressured asriel on multiple occasions to go through with their plan. and chara wanted to force asriel, against his will, to murder, even as asriel resisted. 

chara shows no remorse about toriel’s death – in fact, the genocide “talk” option just leads to “not worth talking to” which doesn’t strike me as especially sympathetic. the player does not have the choice to kill asgore or flowey – chara does this themself. in canon, chara chooses to slaughter their own “best friend” (for what could be a multitude of different reasons). chara is shown to have done many morally questionable things even before the player showed up.

if the narrachara theory holds true (and it very well might), then chara IS funny and chara DOES have depth to their personality. that’s the interesting thing! often, characters who have horrible intentions are painted in a completely serious and fun-hating manner, but chara is actually a three-dimensional character. chara has likes (chocolate? dogs? flowers? smells?) and dislikes (long monologues? the player pointlessly redoing a genocide route? other flavour text things?), but none of these things erase the fact that chara tried to force asriel to do something against his will that he didn’t want to do more than anything. they had no regard for asriel’s safety when they purposely provoked the human attacks by bringing their own dead body to the human village.

there is a lot of questionable flavour text even in the pacifist route. the snowdrake’s mother stuff stands out most. i haven’t seen any flavour text that seems to erase every awful thing chara has ever done.

it is never outright stated that chara was abused or that they’re mentally ill (although it is perfectly acceptable to come to either conclusion). our only hint is asriel’s very, very ambiguous comment: “i know why chara climbed the mountain. it wasn’t for a very happy reason.” 

a reason that is not “very happy” could mean a multitude of different things. it could mean that they did something bad and wanted to escape the consequences. it could mean that their family was murdered by other humans and they were left with nowhere else to go. or, like a lot of people think, it could mean that they suffered abuse from the humans they grew up with. the interesting thing about chara is that their past is up to the individual’s interpretation. it’s something that we can only presume but never truly know for sure.

even if chara was the victim of abuse or a traumatic childhood of some sort, that only explains chara’s actions – it doesn’t justify them. wanting to murder at least six (non-specific) people isn’t suddenly okay just because of the past. it’s understandable, but it’s not okay. trying to force asriel (both physically and emotionally) to kill potentially innocent people is not morally okay. these are things that occurred, in canon, before the player had any influence on chara. 

that said, i don’t think that chara was a literal demon (despite how they refer to themself) who was never capable of any positive feeling ever. it’s also possible that they genuinely enjoyed their time with the dreemurrs. they make a lot of references to hell in the genocide route (and not just with the royal guards) which leads me to believe that the “demon” thing is all part of a theme. 

their overwhelming desire to kill people took their life in a bad direction. it seems that chara lost sight of other important things in life after that. it seems they never quite appreciated the good family they eventually got. if chara did, why would they, as intelligent as they proved to be, go through with a plan that could easily end in the deaths of their monster friends even if the plan was successful? why would they risk asriel’s life? why would they force asriel, toriel, and asgore to watch chara die horrifically?

whether or not chara did good things in life or as a part of frisk, it doesn’t excuse the other things that chara did. chara did do things wrong. that doesn’t mean people shouldn’t appreciate how wonderful a character chara is. that doesn’t mean chara never had the potential to do some good. but people should acknowledge the things that chara did because it’s such an important part of their character.