am i the only one who likes both these couples

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Am I the only one who doesn't care who tops and bottoms? I kind of enjoyed the fact that the show didn't hit us over the head with the uke/seme dynamics (which are usually portrayed in a reeaaally unhealthy way, btw) but it looks like some fans want to put it in there anyway?

I’ve never been one to care who ‘tops’ and ‘bottoms’ and in YOI I’d read it both ways and I definitely see Yuuri and Viktor as a switch couple (with a preference for Yuuri ‘bottoming’ but being on top if that makes sense but that’s just a HC). The only reason it ended up exclusively one way in umfb&mha and by extension the companion fic was for plot reasons 

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Am I the only one who likes those cringy and super cheesy couples in tv shows and movies but in real life like 'ew no, go away' ? Haha

Everything is valid in fiction, I always say. And it’s only in fiction where we can have the certainty of how pure a relationship between two people is or can be, because we see both sides. So I probably stand with you. I’ve lately discovered a more romantic side of me that I only allow to come out while indulging in a music, novel or film. Or while writing. In my day to day life, I posses a coldddd cold heartttt 🎶🖤 Ahahah.

Seeing other couples on the streets doesn’t really bother me unless they’re being disgusting and making out in the back of a shitty market because… there’s nothing romantic nor sexy about it like… ew? 🤢 you bitches are surrounded by banana peels and flies? Is that what love is? 😂 NAH DONT EVEN GIVE ME THAT “AS LONG AS YOU’RE WITH THE ONE YOU LOVE IT DOESN’T MATTER” BULLSHIT BECAUSE BITCH, THAT IS UNSANITARY. 💩 .


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Why I like them Ohh, he’s so sweet. He looks strong and tough at first but in fact he’s a softie. And he also looks a bit like a nerd XD

Favorite episode (scene if movie) I like when he jokes around with Glox.

Favorite line ooh I am not sure I am bad at remembering exact quotes. But I liked that part where they told King and Diane that they’re gonna train them

Favorite outfit Since he has only one outfit there aren’t many options. But I like his outfit without that old rag on his head (honestly who wears an old dirty rag to cover his face?? Although there were theories in the chat that it’s in fact a plastic bag)

OTP DolorXGlox!!

Brotp also Dolor and Glox I like them both as romantic couple and as brotp…. Dolor and Diane would be so cute as well

Head Canon He’s a nerd. He spends a lot time reading somewhere alone and then he discuss the book with Glox. Also I don’t know if this counts as a headcanon but I see him as homoromantic asexual.

Unpopular opinion I like Dolor with Glox as a romantic couple. I know that many people don’t ship them. I totally ship them although I have to admit that their relationship wouldn’t be a typical romantic relationship. I see them both as asexual homoromantic so they don’t really care about sex (I don’t think it would be possible for them in the first place XD) but they still do a lot of cute but still romantic things together.

A wish That he can be with his people again. And also that he can stay with Glox (probably helping Kiane to deal with fairy/giant ruler problems)

An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen That he dies.. pls Nakaba don’t do this. He’s too precious he deserve to be protected.

5 words to best describe them strong, determined, introverted, nerdy, softie on the inside

My nickname for them I don’t have a specific nickname for him although I strongly prefer Dolor over Drole. idk Drole just sounds weird and it doesn’t fit him at all in my opinion 

Am i really the only one who doesn’t ship Ryoma with Sakuno? Really? I mean, they doesn’t have that development that make me see them like a ship… they doesn’t appeal me. For nothing 😯 Only bc in 553 chapter (if you count the both series) they had a few scan in ONE chapter, this doesn’t make them a “Canon” couple 😧 RyoSaku doesn’t have development like NaruSaku, IchiHime, RenRuki, IchiRuki, TouKen, VegetaxBulma, AyatoxYui, SasuNaru, AoMomo, HyuuRiko. Those ship have that development. RyoSaku no. So don’t make it pass like a Canon ship when it’s not. Thank you.

About Harry and Kendall

Am I the only one who thinks that they’re acting a bit too friendly/touchy or whatever to be an actual couple?

Like those pics of him pulling her foot, that’s like friends being silly, nothing I would do on a date…

Kendall and Cara literally went to an OTRA show dressed as larry.
They both have articles about them being gay so I guess this is a way for Kendall to either come out or being closeted. (Also promo for her stupid crazy family)

But as we know, Harry and her are really good friends, they went to a gay bar together 😂 , and most important of all, LARRY IS REAL
Don’t worry 😊