am i the only one who just

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Am I the only one who gets annoyed at the "friends who are well meaning but say all of your problems can be fixed by sex" trope in fiction and in reality? Like, someone is upset or depressed and the response is to just have a good round of sex and everything will be okay again. I hate this so much because even if someone isn't ace, they might just not want sex, and sex isn't a cure for depression.

Definitely not! It annoys me greatly too


Many things have occured in the last few days of my life that causes me to have to take a step back and reevaluate where I am, what I am doing, and how I am going to proceed with my future.

A man can only take so much… especially when the same thing happens over and over again. And in the last 8 months or whatever, I have been routinely betrayed to degrees beyond that of which I could have ever imagined… both by ones whom i cared most deeply about, and one who I used to. 

the latter isn’t the big concern… but the former has placed within me such a deep knife that my breath is now hard to catch… 

It isn’t just littles who encounter daddies that are married or have secret others on the side and such… and the fact that its now happened to me 4 times in the last close to a year with people I have allowed myself to get close to makes me have to place a pause on everything and walk away for an undetermined amount of time. 

This latest wound is deep and my emotional and mental blood is spilling out in buckets across the floor. I never in a million years would have figured this… such an elaborate ruse committed with such great precision.. such pain and turmoil on all sides… such darkness that now clouds my vision and my heart… 

Those who know how to contact me by alternative methods other than tumblr may do so.. but I cannot guarantee you to what degree a response will be returned. 

Those who dont know how to contact me outside of tumblr and get offended over it can kiss my ass and unfollow me. its not about you and if you are that shallow then I do not care to know you.

I’m not going away forever, but I dont know when this old warship will return. 

this shipwreck is sinking.. and my wooden heart is burning to a crisp.

i used to believe in anchors….

…. but my anchor has become broken.

- M

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do you know where we can watch the knowing bros ep? do you know if its subbed yet? c:

cries bc our boys are working so hard for us and they look exhausted and they do not deserve the shit camerawork that they’ve been getting

ugh yeah after that 24hr recording session… i hope they’re resting well until their next sched :-(

For some reasons youtube is crashing when I’m trying to watch practice video тт тт All other videos works fine except for this one.. Am I the only one who has that problem?? I’m not sure where else to ask, sorry тт тт

aah no, that’s not happening for me so i’m not sure what’s wrong ;;

Hi! I just fished reading the last update on “Find the way home” and I’m just wondering if you’ll be continuing with the story? I’m absolutely and utterly in love with it along with so many of your tics. I hope you’re well!! x.

????? i think you sent this to the wrong person…

can you let your followers know to vote for bts on AAA? we really needs votes, it would be awesome, just vote and click on the heart, everyone can vote once per day, it’s really important, thank you! asiaartistawards(.)com/vote/list


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hey! any recent smut you would recommend? thx x


Sure! I haven’t made one of these for a while, so this will probably get long… hope you don’t mind ;)


  • Peep Show by riyku
    Summary: This might be the kinkiest thing Isak’s ever done, the only kinky thing he’s ever done, but he’s committed to it by now, and screw it, he’s gonna give this guy something worth watching. 

  • I call'em as I see'em…But Sometimes I Don’t See So Well by HazyCosmicJive
    Summary: Isak just wants to study, he doesn’t want a new roommate who walks around naked all the time and constantly tests his patience.

  • Take Me As I Am by givemesumaurgravy
    Summary: Or, the one in which Isak is the coach of Even’s daughter’s football team and Even likes Isak’s bum. One day there’s a parent football game and Isak, just maybe, starts hitting on Even and, just maybe, Even gives in.

  • Double Trouble by obscurial
    Summary: Furrowing his eyebrows in utter confusion, Isak narrows his eyes, trying his very best to formulate a single articulate thought. (System failure.) “What the fuck?” he very eloquently blurts out, gesturing wildly to the two Evens sitting in his bed, one in a visible state of undress and the other wearing one of Isak’s old t-shirts. The two of them do not seem to be worried in the slightest, which only serves to fuel Isak’s panic. (An au where Isak wakes up and he finds two Evens lying in his bed.)

  • Shower Me With… Beer? by EvensDramaticShenanigans
    Summary: “Um, what… what are you doing?” Isak finally managed to splutter out, his eyebrows furrowed, nose scrunched up in confusion.Tall Handsome Stranger paused, his hands stilled around the bunched-up fabric by Isak’s armpits, his stomach now on full display. “Taking your shirt off,” the boy responded as if it were the simplest, most casual sentence that ever left his lips, as if those four words spoken in that smooth, low voice didn’t stir up a whole swarm of butterflies in Isak’s stomach and send a rush of blood south. “It’s drenched- which is my fault, really sorry, I definitely wasn’t looking where I was going- but I’m pretty sure if it’s not already completely uncomfortable, it will be soon if you keep wearing it.”

  • ride it, cowboy by highpraises
    Summary: Isak is a talented rider and Even is pretty sure he’s in love.

  • I think you’ll find I’m the master here by evakuality
    Summary: “You’re older than me! I’m the master, and you’re still tired too, so don’t be a fucking dick.” Or… what happens after Even gets his boner at Isak’s birthday party.

  • i tried to be strong but i lost it (i knew it was wrong, i’m beyond it) by highpraises
    Summary: Even has a thing for his intern, Isak has a thing for his boss, they’re both a bit clueless and their friends just want them to get their shit together.

  • Why can’t forever start today? by skambition
    Summary: “Since when are you wearing rings?” Jonas pointed to Isak’s left ring finger. “Um,” Isak looked down at his hand, moving his thumb over the simple white gold ring, and couldn’t help but smile, “I actually have something to tell you guys.” “What, did you get married or something?” Magnus blurted out, bursting into laughter with the rest of the guys.

  • just a little bit out of my limit by theyellowcurtains
    Summary: co-workers!au; Isak is pissed about where he got placed for work experience, that is until he meets his fine ass supervisor.

  • thoughts of unruly curls and plush lips by reasoniwantyoutostay
    Summary: Isak and Even get consumed by thoughts of each other before meeting up for the Halloween pre-game. AKA What happened before 21:21.

  • I’m Always Here by nofeartina
    Summary: “Did you know that Even is working this summer? At that pool at the Plaza?” Jonas says. Isak actually sits up in excitement at this. “Fuck yeah!” Oh, a pool. Actual water they could go swimming in and cool down. And also, Even.

  • Cookies and Cream by GayaIsANerd
    Summary: Isak has a crush on the barista. He’s too scared to do anything about it, but luckily there’s a blizzard coming up.

  • live happily with sugar on by colazitron
    Summary: While Even tries to work up the courage to approach the cute boy on the tram, the cute boy approaches him. Berries are involved.

  • Working Out (with your eyes on me) by afastne
    Summary: Isak is trying to finish his workout, Even is trying to finish a movie. They both fail rather spectacularly.

  • Just what the doctor ordered by skambition
    Summary: “You just lie back and relax, and I’ll be back in an hour to check on you,” Isak promised on his way out, turning back for a second to give Even the loving smile that he had reserved for Even and Even only, who melted a little and smiled back. * One Shot for the “Doctor Patient Confidentiality” Universe.

  • I’ll Be Your Trainer by Victory4
    Summary: Isak starts going to the gym. Even discovers that he loves the fact that Isak goes to the gym.

(Find more in our Smut tag!)


Scarlet Rose 🥀

Shall I tell you a story like the legendary Queen Shahrazad in One Thousand and one nights? To lull and entertain your hearts desires?

Once upon a time…because after all that is how all great stories begin, right?  But not this story…not my story. This isn’t a fairytale, there is no happily ever after for a girl like me. There’s just sex and the men who desire to possess me even if only in a fantasy.

My mind is beautifully dark, a bit sinister at times and a little seductive, it’s crazy, chaotic and convoluted.

Some people say that I am dark and mysterious, provocative and alluring. That I’ll bewitch and charm you, captivate and enthrall you. The truth is I’ll take you to the edge, and right over it, if you’ll let me.

I’m Scarlet Rose, some might call me an escort, a high end call girl, a lady of the night, some a prostitute. Whatever you call me, I’m the girl who makes men’s innermost fantasies come to life.  Like most woman in my profession I have my little black book with all my clients names, their likes and dislikes. What drives them to the point of madness with burning lust.

As for me well I miss the drive you crazy, I need you right this second or I’m gonna burst passion. The hug from behind that ends up a pile of clothes on the floor.

Being woke up having my nipples sucked in the middle of the night cause someone woke up and had to have me right then!

I long for the days of being pinned to the wall as you captured my mouth in a fiery passion filled kiss, catching my arms above my head and holding me there. Your body pressed hard into mine, cause you had to have me right this moment desire…

The let me help you with that shot baby, while we’re playing a game of pool.

The kiss on the back of my neck  that makes me melt because it sends shivers down my spine, then reach around caressing my breast, and as you’re reaching for the pool cue your hand accidently slips between my thighs…kind of have to have you moment…

Or the fingers doing all the right things making my legs draw up and my back arch as you lay me down on that pool table…

Want to know a secret? Shhhh… My make me melt I’ll do almost anything spot, is a kiss on my neck. But it’s more than just a kiss… it’s how you do it.

If you kiss the back of my neck just slightly to the left, softly, my back will arch. Your hot breath will send electrifying chills down my spine… then slip your hand between my thighs and rub gently…clothes on or off doesn’t really matter…as long as you kiss that spot… I’m pretty much putty in your hands…

It’s the feeling of being held there, tight against you, your arms wrapped around me. It’s briefly giving you complete control, and you know how much I like to be in control, everything on my terms.

The erotic sensations that kiss sends down my spine… well it’s absolutely indescribable bliss… it’s sheer unbridled, unrestrained ecstasy, it’s complete unadulterated passion.

I thought I needed the world to love me, to be in love with me. The real truth is all I ever needed was one real person to fight with me, to want me for me, no matter how messed up I am. To fight for me, to love me.  All I ever wanted was to be yours…

*disclaimer this is a pure work of fiction and picture is from the Internet ~Scarlet🥀


🖋 It is certainly a feeling that many in this world would love to have, including me @scarletxrose and you describe it so beautifully and vividly I could almost touch it.

Thank you for your unwavering support of the #ExpressYourselfSunday project and for your submission this week.

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i decided to try packing with a sock to see how it looks and im so self conscious right now it’s not even funny. like does it look too big for my height? will people notice?! i am sUFFERING. aLSO! congrats on your surgery! you looked really happy when you looked at the results on your video. this is so unreal and amazing. can’t wait until it happens to me.

UGH I REMEMBER THE SOCK PHASE!!!!!!!!!!! just know ur the only one who actually is aware of it. and thank!!!!!

Fic Update: Pragmatic Dreams (15/??)

Chapter Title: Trust (Read on Ao3!)

Pairing: Lana/Beniko/female Jedi Knight

Rating: Teen

Summary: When Darth Marr’s flagship is destroyed, the galaxy mourns the loss of a leader of the Jedi Order. And Lana Beniko mourns the loss of her lover. But when secrets are uncovered, Lana realizes that the only way to save the galaxy might just be to tear it apart, all for the woman she loves.

Notes: Again, I am so, so sorry for the delay between chapters. I’ve been in a writing slump, but I think I’ve finally broken through it. Hopefully this won’t happen again! (Thank you to everyone who’s kept with me through this!)


“Ballen,” Lana said as she sat down at the cantina table.

The message he had sent her was short. Requesting in-person meeting. The former Watcher Three was one of her most steady operatives. If he wanted to discuss something in person, Lana took the charge seriously. So they met at Vaiken Station, since she was in the system for Acina’s coronation.

“My lord,” Ballen said, staring down at a holopad, before pushing it across the table towards her. He had that general disheveled look of someone who hadn’t slept in some time, which made Lana wonder what sort of information this holopad would reveal.

“Care to give me the short version?” Lana asked. “Or shall I read the holopad first?”

Ballen sighed, one that went right down to his toes, and said, “I would never make this accusation without proof. Rane Kovach. He’s providing information regarding Sith Intelligence to the SIS and the former Republic Chancellor.”

Lana’s stomach sank as if it were full of stones. “Rane?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper. Rane, who she had hand-picked to be her assistant when she ran Intelligence. But perhaps she was getting ahead of herself. “How long?”

“Before you even became Minister, my lord,” Ballen said, staring down at his folded hands. “I’ve had my suspicions for a while, but no proof until now. It’s all there.”

A cursory glance at the contents of the pad told her plenty. This would need to be dealt with immediately. And then she saw a name of one of Rane’s contacts that took the breath from her.

Theron Shan.

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Am I the only one who JUST now realized Connor has his nails painted black in the ACTUAL musical?!

Took me a while to but yeah he canonically paints his nails black which is pretty cool.

You and I Bee-come One

Am I the only one thinking of a big sonamy moment in You and I Bee-come One episode?

See the summary yourselves;

Tails tests his teleporter on himself; he finds himself in the body of a Bee Bot; Sonic must figure out how to reverse the process.

Who knows, maybe it’ll Bea, or just a random bee bot. See what im getting at?

Just me? Okay then, we’ll see each other at the premiere of the episode.


Favorite People (in no particular order) : [25/?] Chester Bennington

“It’s cool to be a part of recovery. This is just who I am, this is what I write about, what I do, and most of my work has been a reflection of what I’ve been going through in one way or another.”

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why does it seem like I'm the only one who if there was a cure I'd take it in an instant. 99% of my problems are because of autism if they could just... Go away? who would say no

I think it’s because most autistics (and I am among that number) don’t see ourselves as “a person who has a personality + autism” so much as “a person for whom autism is a big part of their personality, including a lot of positive stuff”.

That and the “cure” people like A$ advocate for is essentially eugenics


(also, just a heads up. We have decided not to answer any further asks relating to curing autism. It’s a controversial and personal thing that we will not be discussing further in a public forum at the risk of inviting controversy)

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Have you seen D1? I only saw D2 so I was wondering are there any characters in the first movie who flirt and have chemistry? Only asking because in the fandom everyone seems thrown by the interactions between Uma/Harry and I was curious if it was because this movie is newer or if their flirting was on another level or something for a DCOM? Like I said never saw the first one so I don't have anything to compare it to. Thanks for answering! /Only saw D2 when babysitting lol. It was cute.

Yes, I have seen D1 but it was at like 12 am while I was getting a midnight snack and I just happened to switch on the tv while it was showing. From what I remembered Mal and Ben had chemistry cause good boy gotta fall for the bad girl, Evie and Doug had a little going on (along with Chad but he was using Evie)  Carlos had chemistry with Ben and Jay from what I remembered and I think that’s it. sorry I don’t remember much. Descendants 1 was pretty mild tbh and D2 DEFINITELY had way more flirting and chemistry as for Uma and Harry there is something about their relationship that makes them different from the rest and because of that it struck a chord in all of us and left a huge mark Thanks for the ask anon. 

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Am I the only one who noticed that girl Claire (from RoE and TF/TS) is wearing same shirt as Hayley Rose just different color, same hair as Alyssa Griffin just blonde and has same face as Theresa Holland (girl from MW that dies)????? (also all these things are from Most Wanted)

Yup, it’s been said before. 😊 Glad you spotted it too!

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SIS!!!! Am I the only one who feels CHEATED because we went on a run with Maxwell but he was still in his button up??!!! I was ready to see his hidden muscles or even his tattoo!!! But nope!

trust me sis u aren’t the only one,, wtf max like ???? can u just love me. i know u wanna be dignified and shit or bertrand will kill u or w/e but if i can be liam’s side heaux then u can 1000% sTOP FRIenDzonING my ass JFC!!!!!!! HOW DO U OWN THIS MANY BLACK BUTTON UPS I S2G