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Growing Love - Part 1: Spark

Characters: Y/N Y/L/N, Jensen Ackles, Sebastian Smith (OMC), Jared Padalecki

Pairing: Jensen x Reader (sorta), Sebastian x Reader (not for long)

Warnings: Smut, break up, jerk ex, hormones, pregnancy, pregnant woman having sex (is that a warning?), oral (female receiving), unsafe sex, all the pregnancy cliches, semi nsfw pic under the cut     

Wordcount: 4300ish

A/N: This is a real people fic but it is an AU Mini Series. Jensen is a photographer, Jared owns a bar and Misha is a doctor. It is my first time writing a real people fic in AU so lets hope I don’t fall on my face completely here.

I didn’t write this chronologically as I usually do. I wrote everything that the narrator tells us first and build the story around that. The narrator’s story can be read without the actual story and the actual story can be read without the narration. The narrator only actually tell us the things in cursive, the rest is Jensen’s PoV ;) Again let’s hope I land on my feet with this one.

It is written for @avasmommy224’s Birthday Challenge and Jenn is a total sweetheart who let me make a series out if this. The prompt is in part 2 and the acquired smut is in part one, I reused the prompt partially in Part 3.

Thanks to sweet, awesome @blacktithe7 for betaing this for me.



I am gonna tell you a story about love. Not all loves starts with fireworks and love at first sight. Some start in an entirely different place. With friendship and support followed by completely unforeseen events. This is a story about that kind of love. A love that blossomed over time. A love that that you know in your heart of hearts will last.

Let me start at the beginning. Y/N Y/L/N was a girl that had lost her parents at a young age, but never her dreams or will to succeed in life. She wanted to be an author, but she knew it was a risky occupation. Instead of chasing her dreams head on, she had decided to work her way through college. She became a journalist and got a steady job at the Austin Gazette. This was where she met Jensen Ackles.

Jensen came from a loving family, but wasn’t without dreams of his own. Jensen wanted to be a photographer. He wanted to tell stories just like Y/N, but unlike her, he wanted to capture people’s hearts through pictures. Building a career in photography was no less hard than becoming a successful author, so even though Jensen never put his dreams on hold, like Y/N had chosen to do, he was forced to work part time for the paper to make ends meet.

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So, the next game of my d&d campaign falls very close to one of my players birthdays. As an idea, one of the other players suggested the first player come up with some games her character’s race might celebrate on their birthday.

So, my player, who’s character is a half-orc has come up with some AMAZING games and traditions. One of them being like a traditional cheese wheel toss, but using smaller races, like gnomes or halflings.

Throughout this campaign, she has been looking for smutty books, after I said she found one like looking around a dilapidated library and she rolled rather well while seeing there was anything interesting. It was a small, silly idea that she’s run with, and I have to keep coming up with smutty books for her to find if she rolls well in locations where there are books.

As a player request, she said her character wouldn’t mind a dramatic reading of her favorite book (which is basically The Lusty Argonian Maid from Elder Scrolls, only I changed it to be the Lusty Half-Orc Maid). As a loving DM, and because it’s her birthday, I said I’d try and figure something out.

So, I’ve just written a very 90s bodice ripper-esque page of smut lead up, using the dialogue from The Lusty Argonian Maid. And, I was thinking, who can I get to read it. I could make an NPC I suppose……..

Then it hit me. One of their party loves performing, and has the Entertainer background. And he is going to hate me. I am so fuckin’ happy. It’s gonna either be fuckin’ hilarious. Or awkward af.

I am a feminist. All this means is that I am extremely hairy and hate all men, both as individuals and collectively, with no exceptions.

Feminists never have sex and hate men opening doors for them, even into other dimensions.

Christmas is banned in the “feminist community”, along with birthdays, wallpaper, nuance, giving people the benefit of the doubt and all music. Feminists only ever listen to one song, on a loop: kd lang’s Constant Craving.

All feminists are lesbians. There is not a single heterosexual woman in the world who believes that women should have equal rights. Not one. If a feminist says she is heterosexual or bisexual or asexual, she is lying. They are all lesbians.

Feminism is the sole cause of the recession, global warming, terrorism, pandemics, cancelled flights, volcanos, delayed trains and overly pedantic health and safety regulations. You can’t have hot drinks at work now because of feminism, or climb up small stepladders in libraries. You can’t eat a lobster without safety goggles now because of feminists. You can’t even open a door now because of all the feminists. You have to hurl yourself through plate-glass windows to get in and out of buildings now because of the feminists. All doors have been bricked up now because of feminists. It’s like the window tax of 1696 all over again, but with doors.

All feminists do all day is burn bras. Twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, without eating, sleeping or taking toilet breaks. A feminist would rather wet herself than leave a bra unburned. If you read the CV of a feminist, under “Occupation” it would say: “Bra-burner.” And under “Skills” it would say: “Very good at burning bras.” And under “Hobbies and interests” it would say: “Finding bras and burning them.”

I am a feminist. This means I think that all men are rapists, without exception. Even paralysed men, who can only move one eyeball. All rapists. Even my seven-year-old son is a rapist, and that is how I introduce him to people. “Have you met my son? He’s seven. Rapist.” That’s what I think, because I am a feminist.

Even half the French language are rapists, all those masculine words, raping all the feminine ones. That’s what I think, because I am a feminist.

Feminists never laugh at anything…If a feminist is made to pull a cracker at Christmas, she quickly eats the joke so that she doesn’t have to tell it.

So that’s feminism. I hope I’ve cleared that up for you.


Bridget Christie, 

A Book for Her (and for him, if he can read).

There’s a Biore commercial for their charcoal cleanser. I see this commercial all the time on my freeform app and it drives me insane. This young pretty actress is on it talking about how she used to hate her acne and stopped eating pizza and didn’t go to her birthday party because of a breakout. But during the whole thing, even when she’s “cleansing” her face, she’s got makeup on. Lipstick, her eyes are done up. And I find it super frustrating as someone who has blemishes and is super self conscious about it that they’re using a gorgeous actress with a face full of makeup. I wanna see natural, no makeup women when doing acne commercials.

Am I the only one who feels like this? Am I just being weird?

Remember when Agents of SHIELD first started and we were all friends and there was no need for a Grant Ward Defense League or the Stand with Ward movement because the worst insults Ward ever received were that he was too “bland” of a character and people would accept that and politely disagree and then leave it at that? Remember when this was literally the nicest, sweetest fandom I had personally ever been part of because everyone would ship and let ship and we’d all laugh and have a good time and talk about fun headcanons and we didn’t have to worry about hate and ship wars? Remember when Skyeward shippers didn’t have to freak out whenever they saw a new message in their inboxes because they knew it was most likely hate, or dread going into the Skyeward tag, OUR tag, because there are almost always hate posts there? Does anyone else remember that fandom? Because I’m starting to question whether or not it ever even existed.

 I’m making this post because today I was talking to someone at school who is a big tumblr user and we got to talking about our fandoms, and when I told her I was in the AoS fandom, this is the face she made:

She told me that she had wanted to watch the show, but all the hate and negativity she saw on tumblr towards Ward and Skyeward shippers changed her mind. She asked me to explain the reasons for the hate and when I told her about Ward and why people disliked him and any potential relationship he might have with Skye she shook her head and sighed and said “Some people just don’t get. It’s fiction. I personally love reading murder mystery novels because I think they’re cool and intriguing. That doesn’t mean I’d go out and murder someone.  You can like a problematic character without approving of the things they’ve done.  You can ship a problematic character with another character and not want that kind of relationship for yourself or someone you know.  There’s nothing wrong with that and the only thing it says about you as a person is what type of fictional tropes you’re into.  There’s nothing wrong with it because it’s not real.”

I nearly stood up and applauded her.  I didn’t want to draw attention though, so instead I kinda hugged her and I asked if I could use what she said for this post, which of course she agreed and even wrote it all down for me. 

Why can’t we all think like this?  Why can’t we go back to the fandom we were before Ward was revealed as a traitor?  Why can’t I feel excited when I receive new asks or go into my favorite tags anymore?  Why do I, as well as my shipmates, have to tolerate the shit that’s constantly thrown at us for having an opinion?  I understand that everyone has and is entitled to their own opinions and there’s nothing wrong with that.  The problem lies with the disrespectful ways in which these opinions are expressed.  I don’t think it’s terribly hard to speak your mind without outright bashing a character, ship, or shippers.  And I know every fandom has its haters, but I think things have gotten a little out of hand here in the AoS fandom.  The last thing I want to be is that person who makes all those “stop the madness” posts, but I’ve seriously had enough and I’m not the only one. 

That’s all I wanted to say.  Oh, hey it’s almost midnight where I am so happy early birthday to me I guess…

kitsune-bi-22  asked:

Prompt: After the Battle of Endor, Anakin feels guilty for everything he forced Obi-Wan to go through. The Force then decided to send him to the past, a month before Obi-Wan 13th birthday. There's only one problem, Anakin still is a force ghost.

This is a super cool idea.  On the other hand, I am completely and utterly drawing a blank, despite having come back and tried to revisit this multiple times.

The best I can sort of think of is perhaps Anakin sort of trying to communicate via being the galaxy’s most deliberate (and somewhat annoying) poltergeist?  Little Obi-Wan who has no idea why his stuff keeps getting moved around or knocked over and gosh does the universe really hate him that much?  First nobody believes him when Bruck Chun is a bully and now there is some sort of invisible ghost making his life even more of a particular hell.