am i the only one who ever read these books

we get it, you’re gay.
my sexuality is not a shirt that I take off at the end of each day, it is not dirty. I do not dress myself in lesbianism just for the fashion perks; homophobia is not in style. i am not a living light switch, I do not turn myself off to solve all your problems, my light will not go out because it’s too bright for you.
we get it, you’re gay.
if I stop talking about it, it will not go away. I would say I am sorry to disappoint but I am not sorry, I am gay, I am very gay and I am not sorry for who I am, I am only sorry that you have a problem with self-liberation and confidence.
we get it, you’re gay.
I can tell when someone is uncomfortable and my sexuality is making you uncomfortable, you are upset that I am comfortable in my own skin, you are upset that I am comfortable with the fact that I love girls and you are uncomfortable about the fact that I won’t shut up. you can’t silence my sexuality, actions speak louder than words.
we get it, you’re gay.
you don’t mind that I’m gay you just don’t want me to be too gay, because being too gay is distracting. you want me to be quiet gay, nice gay, understanding gay, your-gay-friend gay, let-you-get-away-with-everything gay. I can like girls but I’m supposed to whisper that kind of thing, not shout it. the neighbors aren’t supposed to hear.
we get it, you’re gay.
you say you understand, but you’d rather just push it under the rug. it’s okay if I’m gay, but I shouldn’t rub it in your face. you don’t mind, you say, but you can’t help but notice how many people are gay these days and you assume it must be some kind of practical joke. I am not a joke, my life is not some riddle, do you see me laughing? this is not funny.
we get it, you’re gay.
oh, I’m just rebellious, I’ve been told. a rebellious teen confused by the media, so tell me, where is my army? where are my hundreds of thousands of lgbt soldiers, ready to fight this war on love? we stand united but we are not armed, because if we bring the weapons we have guaranteed ourselves a two-minute five o'clock news slot, tragic tragedy, one-more-gay-gone, let’s save the world, let’s save the gays.
we get it, you’re gay.
“lesbians have ruined flannels for me” because the community was supposed to ask for a style after you denied us basic human rights? I’m sorry gay girls have ruined plaid for you, but it never looked too great on you anyway. maybe you should stick to solid colors; if you put too many shades on one shirt, it might look like a rainbow and someone might accidentally think you’re gay. can’t have that.
we get it, you’re gay.
don’t annoy the straights! eyes wide open, avoiding ticking bombs of discrimination, it happens all the time but there’s no way to prepare yourself for hate speech coming from the mouth of your mother or your teacher or your best friend. I bite my tongue to keep from coming out but you’re just so sure that you can trust me, I’ll get it, no offense, no hard feelings, I will understand.
we get it, you’re gay.
I am not going to hit on you, just because I like girls does not mean that I like you, I love myself and I love being gay. do not make my sexuality about you, my life does not revolve around you. I’ve undressed in front of you my entire life but now you insist on changing in the next room. you don’t say it, but I know. I’m not a friend, I’m a predator.
we get it, you’re gay.
you can ramble all day about how that kid in your physics class is just to die for, but the second I mention that a girl in my history class is cute then all eyes are burning holes into my skin. you don’t have to bring your gay with you everywhere, leave it at home most days, it’s too embarrassing to share.
we get it, you’re gay.
I don’t look gay enough, I’ve heard. do I need to carry a sign with me everywhere to broadcast that I Am Not Straight, I am g-a-y gay, rainbows all over my body and in my back pocket, just so you can see?
we get it, you’re gay.
oh, but you tell me that I am not gay I am not gay because I am a girl that likes girls, I can only use the word lesbian. I didn’t know that I erased my name tag and handed it to you, I didn’t know that you were in charge of what I called myself, I didn’t know you were allowed to police my labels; I never asked for your opinions but that never stopped you anyway, do you understand?
we get it, you’re gay.
so, by gay, do you mean really gay or just a little gay? lipstick lesbian, three-way fantasy, am I right? what stereotype would you like to claim, or would you prefer that I choose?
we get it, you’re gay.
truth or dare has always been a death sentence for me, and anyone that says that party games aren’t lethal doesn’t know pure poison, I grew up drinking venom from vodka bottles because alcohol was nothing to a child on the run. so explain to me why I would stop now.
we get it, you’re gay.
in every wedding aisle there’s a “mr.” and a “mrs.” who’s the man in the relationship, they’ll ask us, nothing about us is traditional but they’ll insist we wear white anyway. marriage equality, what else are you fighting for?
I get it, you’re straight.
you’re the cool straight friend. you’re the best straight friend any gay person could ever have, asking for fashion advice and introducing me as your “gay friend.” you say that you have a pretty great gaydar, and you knew all along. do you also know that I want you to shut the fuck up?
I get it, you’re straight.
capital s “Straight,” straight as a telephone pole, straighter than a ruler. so straight and everyone knows without you saying a word because you people are everywhere. you’re on cereal boxes and billboards and in every television show. you’re the main character but we’re just there for a little drama, an episode or two, and then we’re gone.
I get it, you’re straight.
you have never had to come out of the closet because you were never in one to begin with, you own the entire house and didn’t even give us enough room to be. has anyone ever told you how dark and crowded a closet is? it is so hard to breathe with so little space to exist, I’m surprised my thoughts didn’t suffocate me over the years, would you have even noticed?
I get it, you’re straight.
you’re a girl and you like boys, only boys. I mean, everyone experiments in college, right? everyone loves that song, I kissed a girl, because everyone loves just to give being gay a try without the weight of what it really means. it’s not cheating if it’s with a girl, right? right?
I get it, you’re straight.
no homo, bro! holding hands, sharing drinks, making eye contact, it’s not gay, no homo. just two pals being gals, no homo, don’t worry, we’re straight!
I get it, you’re straight.
you have learned how to hate since the moment you were born. no worries, I have been too, but I unlearned heteronormativity so I could fall in love with myself. you preach it every sunday in church and every weekday at work, you learn that serving me is optional, that you can turn me away because you don’t like who I love.
I get it, you’re straight.
lets talk about me as a topic of class discussion, I am the focus of today’s debate, go. argue your stance. do you think this girl at table three should have the right to get married, the right to adopt, the right to buy milk, the right to exist? do you think this girl at table three is just trying to fit in? do you think the girl at table three should be allowed to go to prom? tell me, let’s talk about the girl at table three, no harm done.
I get it, you’re straight.
you are in every book I’ve ever read. the love stories are always about you, how can you expect me to grow up and not feel flawed? these novels teach me to hate who I am, it’s a miracle in and of itself that I’m still here.
I get it, you’re straight.
“there’s a war on straight people,” excuse me? we are just beginning to come out of the shadows because the earth is only now a little less haunted and you have the audacity to say that you are the ones under attack?
I get it, you’re straight.
every step we take is monitored and broadcast for the world to see. you are just a person allowed to make your own decisions but everything I do respresents my entire community and there is no space for me to make mistakes. I am not perfect but I am trying.
I get it, you’re straight.
you say that me being gay is not a big deal to you, it could be anyone, no big deal, not at all. but it’s a big deal to me, this wasn’t an easy thing to say. why should I silence myself, am I overreacting?
I get it, you’re straight.
there’s no rule book for being an ally and sometimes the borders become a little blurred, it’s easy to cross a line. I will help guide you but I will not hold your hand. I cannot always be there to watch the words that trickle out of your mouth, you have to remember that I am a secret.
I get it, you’re straight.
please stop talking about me like I am the latest news story, I am not a headline in big bold font, sometimes I just need a moment to breathe. I have these words printed into my skin just like a newspaper and I’ve never been more black and white.
I get it, you’re straight.
what’s it like to be gay? oh, you know what I mean, so when did you know? which girl turned you gay? why did you lie to us, how many times have you done it with a girl, what about with a guy? how can you be gay if you’ve never done anything? can you ever really know? what if it’s all a phase?
I get it, you’re straight.
the words we identify ourselves by are your insults. they lock us up for holding hands, they criminalize and sexualize our daily activities because they don’t want us corrupting the children. I’ve spent my entire life in an invisible prison with see-through shackles, this is on my permanent record.
I get it, you’re straight.
have you ever considered that my backpack is heavy because I have to carry the weight of your judgment to and from school every day, I have to carry a fire extinguisher in my lunch box because these toxic words are flammable. I might break my back but at least you don’t know.
I get it, you’re straight.
what’s it like to be “normal”? to never have to deal with the undercover I’m-sorry-for-you stares from the kids in the hallway, the I’ll-pray-for you promises spoken by nice ladies in their sunday best?
we get it, you’re gay.
when I’m telling my love story I do not want to lie. I will not censor the pronouns to protect the innocent because my happiness is not guilt-ridden. I am leaving this book open.
—  we get it.

Well guys it’s been 20 years since the first ever Harry Potter book was published, by a queen known as J.K. Rowling. I bonded with, one of my now, very good friends over Harry Potter. I learned about fandoms and started this blog to share my love of them, Harry Potter probably being my main one. I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for these books! I learned so many things from these books, such as kindness, acceptance, the difference having really good friends can make, and so much more! These books not only made me into who I am, but also got me into reading! Rowling had a difficult life and I don’t think she expected to influence so many lives with just 7 books. I honestly can’t thank this woman enough for creating this whole world, that we can just escape into when we can’t or don’t want to deal with our world, even if it’s only for a short while. So thank you J. K. Rowling for creating this amazing world for all of us to go to, when we need a little magic in our lives.❤️💛💙💚

Sorrow | Mitch Rapp

From: American Assassin
Pairing: Mitch x reader
Word count: 3,678
Warnings: swearing (’cause, y’know, Mitch), terrorist attack (blood, bullets). 

A/N: I was listening to Today by the movie If I Stay (if you haven’t seen it, why are you still reading this?) and the thought of the reader being in a coma crossed my mind, so here I am, writing this for you guys. Also, I wanted it to be written from Mitch’s POV ‘cause I thought it would be better. Feedback is very appreciated, and hope you like it! Enjoy! x

“Here we are, in beautiful Ibiza, Spain. The sand, the waves, my favorite shorts, and my favorite girl, who is about to get… Oh, my God!” I exclaimed as the wave almost swept us away, making me nearly drop the camera in the crystalline water. 

“Mitch, give it to me! Stop recording, seriously!” (Y/N) protested as I attempted to get away from her who was trying to snatch the camera away from my wet hands.

“Honey, please, just let me record for a couple minutes, okay? This is like our honeymoon!” I whined because I wanted to catch every single moment of our vacation together.

“Oh, honeymoon? We’re not married,” she said and dove into the water like a mermaid, disappearing from my sight. Ha, she didn’t know yet

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The Other Morstan-Sherlock Holmes-

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Requested by Anon

I’m going to go back through these oneshots and add them to my tag- seen below. My masterlist is faulty and I can’t figure out how to make a new one. So, if you’re looking for it, it’s the tag with my real name. 

Prompt: You’re Marys older sister who is intrigued when she tells you about her meeting with Sherlock Holmes. Curious about the Detective, you end up at Baker Street with the plan to completely blow him out of the water. How do you blow Sherlock Holmes out of the water? By using his own game against him. 

This is set before The Sign of Three, please enjoy and do request!! 


 The big Watson wedding was a little over a week away, and Mary had been insisting for days now that you follow her to Baker Street to meet Johns best man, the infamous detective Sherlock Holmes. She’d made you her Maid of Honor and wanted the two of you to get along when the day came for the wedding. 

  “Be warned, he tends to read people off the bat.” Mary chided, wiggling her eyebrows as you ascended the stairs to the flat. Your heart pounded against your chest as the lulling sound of a violin filled your ears, and your palms began to grow sweaty. “Sherlock?” 

The man at the window whipped around, lowering the violin in his hand. “Ah, Mary! John’s in the kitchen making tea. Feel free to join him.” His cerulean blue eyes flickered between you and your sister, narrowing the longer he stared at you. It took a moment for you to comprehend he was trying to read you. 

One of the perks of your past was that no one could read you on the first try. You were a closed book to most people until they either - proved themselves or earned your trust. It wasn’t like you tried to barricade your heart, but the circumstances had made it happen. The only person you had ever trusted almost off the bat was John, who Mary hadn’t stopped talking about since she’d met him. He was sweet, compassionate, driven… dedicated. Dedicated to the man who stood in front of you. 

  “And you are?” 

  “Oh, I am going to enjoy this.” You mused, holding a hand up to your younger sister as she and John attempted to break into the conversation. “You can’t read me, can you? The narrowing, the flicker back and forth between myself and Mary, scanning my clothing and possessions, you read people through observation.” Sherlock went slightly slack jawed as you snapped your fingers. “Deduction! That’s the term.” 

  “Sherlock, this is my older sister.” Mary said slowly, pressing her lips together to try and hide her smirk. “Y/n. She’s my Maid of Honor.” 

  “I already knew that.” Sherlock stated matter-of-factly, pressing his hands against his hips. “Older by a year, used to be engaged but was broken off. That’s why there’s an imprint of a ring on your finger. The overwhelming smell of coffee beans and the small stains on the cuffs of your blouse suggest you work in a coffee shop or you had coffee on your way in this morning. No animals, otherwise you’d have hair on your trousers. I-” He paused for a moment and breathed out through his nose. “I’m having a hard time getting the rest. That’s-” 

  “Abnormal?” You chided with a slightly amused tone. Sherlocks jaw tightened as you took a seat in Johns chair and crossed your legs at the ankles. “I’m good at this game myself, Mr. Holmes. You’re exceptionally skilled at the violin and have been playing for a number of years judging from the callouses growing on your fingers that press on the strings. You pride yourself off of your deductions and prying people apart, or you used to before your supposed suicide attempt. Being away from London for so long, making the people you love believe you’re dead tends to soften one up.” 

  “Those aren’t deductions.” Sherlock snapped, taking one long stride until he was up in your face. You were only a few inches shorter then him, but equally hard headed and cunning with your words. “I can only assume Mary told you all of this.” 

  “There’s remnants of dust on the windowsills, which means this flat was unoccupied for some time. You have the mind of a scientist, but you choose to be a detective because you think murders are interesting.” You sniffed the air and wrinkled your nose. “Once addicted to cigarettes, judging from the stale air but now you’re trying to go cold turkey off of… cocaine. Should I keep going?” 

  “No. Just tell me, were my deductions correct? The ones I was able to make?” Your lips quirked upward in a smile as you sat back down in the chair, leaning your head against the cushion. “Oh, you are infuriating. Aren’t you going to humor me and answer my question?” 

  ‘’That would be playing fair,” You replied bluntly. “But I’m a fair woman. No. Your deductions were wrong. I’m an immaculate woman who lives alone with my German Shepherd, who although sheds alot, I always lint roll my pants before walking out the door. I am Mary’s older sister by a year. I don’t work in a coffee shop, I had coffee on my way in this morning.” You clucked your tongue out of disappointment. “I’m disappointed, Mr. Holmes. I expected you to read me better.” 

The impending silence was due to Mary and John sneaking out of the flat while  the two of you were bickering. You glanced around the flat and cursed when you realized the couple had indeed run off, leaving you with the Detective. “You’re a closed book.” Sherlock replied quietly, snatching his violin and standing by the window. “I’ve seen them before. Not impossible to read, may I add. I didn’t want John to know any details you weren’t willing to divulge yourself.” 

Your heart stopped as your head snapped up, y/h/c strands blocking your eyes from his view. “You went easy on me?” You said softly, your eyes widening as Sherlock nodded. “Why?” 

  “Not every closed book wants to be opened again, y/n. Besides,” He knelt down in front of you, violin still poised, and began to play a morbid requiem he’d been composing for several days. “It’s hard to act like an ass to a woman such as yourself. You are.. stunning.” 

  “Is that flirting I hear, Sherlock Holmes?” 

  “It’s not just words. It’s me proclaiming that your beauty is something to marvel at.” You felt your cheeks grow hot as you ducked your head, your hair hiding your face from Sherlocks view. His gaze softened as he parted your hair and tilted your chin upward towards him. “You were engaged, but there’s no ring. What happened to it?” 

  “You were right about that too. My fiance died over a year ago. I used to wear the ring on a chain but when Mary told me I was meeting a man who reads people off the bat, I wanted to see if it would make it harder. It did.” Your eyes flickered down to his bow shaped lips just inches from yours, and you let out the breath you didn’t know you’d been holding. “Are you going to kiss me Sherlock?” 

  ‘’I think it would be a shame if I didn’t.” He whispered, his breath warm against your skin. Your eyes fluttered shut as Sherlocks hands pressed against your thighs, lightly squeezing as he lifted the upper half of his body and pressed his lips to yours in a gentle kiss. 

From where they stood in the hall, Mary curled her fingers into a fist and silently fist bumped John who was beaming at the sight in front of him. “You seriously expected him to like her at first sight? That’s so.. not Sherlock.” 

  “What can I say? We Morstans are.. irresistible.” 

If you can ever read only one book as a sci-fi/fantasy nerd, read ‘Monstrous Regiment’ by Prattchett. If you ever feel that no author can ever present a truthful, real female, read ‘Monstrous Regiment’ by Prattchett. He wrote women as women, for women and most importantly- he wrote them for girls.

I grew up with Prattchett’s women. They taught me to know myself, to know how strong I am, to do things 'as a girl’. They showed me women of every age- eleven year olds and old witches., funny little fat witches and scary, werewolf sergeants who happen to be female. His dwarven ladies in the Discworld show us what feminism really is– in a male-normative society they dare crush thousands of years’ worth of dogma with theit steel stilletto and change society, one skirt at a time. He showed me AdoraBelle Dearheart- a chain-smoking, sarcastic young woman that falls in love with the protagonist yet never loses her objective from her eyesight. He showed me Agnes Nitt- the extremely large young witch who is thoughful and is not a waiflike, adorable heroine: she is strong and large, has a gorgeous voice, is pragmatic and gets to the bottom of things.

I wish I could tell you something about Granny Weatherwax, but I cant. The woman is an experience.

Read Prattchett, everyone. Especially young women and girls- read Pratchett. I dont know why there are not a million posts here about him and his women. He wrote women so well. Old, fat, wise and silly, queens and maids and witches and just… women. Asexual and aromantic and lesbian and transwomen (arguably..). Tiffany Aching is also one of the best things to present your daughter with.
All that aside, the man had an amazing dry, sarcastic wit and sometimes a certain grand verbosity.

I couldnt NOT write this. I just finished reading 'Monstrous Regiment’ for-what? The fifth time?- and Im teary and laughing and argh. I wish I could tell him what an influence he’s been on my life. 'Problems start when you begin treating people as objects’ , 'Sometimes you can only choose between two evils’.

If you ever learn something from me, read Pratchett. He wrote people as people. I love his works.

anonymous asked:

I love all your regency era drabbles, could you recommend some good regency books you've read?

Ooh, I have A TON of recs! Historical romance is pretty much my fave fun read genre. I dip into YA and paranormal stuff and occasionally pick up a comtemporary but historicals are my go to.

Authors that are always a solid pick:

  • Sarah MacLean - Her books just get better and better! Her original trilogy is a fun read but I’d probably reccommend starting with the Lord of Scoundrels series. It’s 4 books. Her new series is also excellent!
  • Lisa Kleypas: I started sneaking these from my mom’s shelf when I was like 8.
  • Laura Lee Guhrke: Love her Girl Bachelor series. She tends to go for heroines who are older and/or not pampered wealthy aristocrats which I enjoy.
  • Tessa Dare: Always funny, more fluffy than not, great dialogue.
  • Courtney Milan - self publishes so her books are usually a STEAL. And honestly some of my favorites ever.
  • Merdith Duran - Can just take all my money, tbh. I pre order without even reading the synopsis at this point.
  • Meljean Brook - technically steampunk but AMAZING world building and A+ smut.

Individual books by authors that are hit/miss for me OR I haven’t read much of:

  • That Scandalous Evening by Christina Dodd - features the most ridiculosly petty hero in the world. The root of the conflict is HILARIOUS.
  • Almost A Scandal by Elizabeth Essex - the ‘girl fools everyone into thinking she’s a boy’ trope done really well.
  • How To Marry A Duke by Vicky Dreiling - Duke hires a matchmaker to find him a wife so OF COURSE he can’t stop thinking about her…
  • Lord of Scoundrels by Loretta Chase - Jessica is THE BEST. Totally smarter than the hero, literally shoots him at one point, all around sass master.
  • Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt - A great read and I need to commit to more of The Maiden Lane series but it’s LONG.
  • Summer Is For Lovers by Jennifer McQuinston - Literally the only historical I’ve ever read where a woman is into swimming? It’s one of the, “We’re just fooling around, OH SHIT NO WE’RE NOT” kinda books and I am always into the warm and fuzzies sneaking up on two stubborn doofuses.
  • Not Quite A Husband by Sherry Thomas - her books lean angstier and her heroines usually have some baggage of their own and the relationship issues are usually pretty heartbreaking and complicated but the HEA are always SUPER satisfying.
  • No Proper Lady by Isabel Cooper - A historical with paranormal elements. Excellent badass heroine and a dude who appreciates that about her.
  • The Dangerous Viscount by Miranda Neville - featuring a nerdy hero who is kinda a douche to begin with but he grows on you.
  • Not Proper Enough by Carolyn Jewel - a second chance romance! He’s set on wooing her because he knows he was an idiot to let her get away and is overall pretty damn swoon-y.

…and that’s just me scrolling through like the first half of my KoBo library.

Listener email re: comics!

We recently got a great email from @redgoldsparks, reading (more or less in full):

As you may know, I have a Master’s degree in Comics from California College of the Arts, and am working towards a full time career as cartoonist. Naturally, I prick up my ears whenever comics are mentioned on your show. Before this latest episode I’d have said the show generally had a tentative enthusiasm for the form with only a mild negative view of comic fans/comic shops. It was really only in this latest episode that a more extreme negative position towards interactions with other comics people came out. It seems that this is mostly based on bad experiences that Flourish had in comic shops in the past, maybe as many as 10 years ago. That is such a shame, because there are really a huge number of very supportive and welcoming comics shops all around the county. I would know, because not only have I walked into them in the hopes of buying comics, but with the hope of selling my own comics to the shop. I’ve visited every one of the 10 shops within reasonable driving distance of where I live in the Bay Area, and a few in Los Angeles, Portland, Oregon, Bethesda, Maryland and New York City. Not once have I been made to feel uncomfortable in a shop and not only that, I have never had my work turned away. Every single shop owner I’ve spoken to wanted to monetarily support the up and coming artists in their area. How many other industries can say that? Perhaps it is relevant to say that I am a nonbinary, assigned female at birth person who uses weird pronouns. Yet I’ve fallen hard for comics because comics was what took me in as a naive illustration major in despair of ever landing book deal.

Comics are so, so much more than superheroes. The world of comics is so much wider than Marvel and DC. I read 49 comic books in 2016 and only two of them were from one of The Big Two (coincidentally, they were titles mentioned by the Desi Geek Girls- Miss Marvel and Squirrel Girl). Instead of superhero comics I read Congressman John Lewis’ heartwrenching biography of violence and bravery as a Civil Rights leader (the three volume March series, from Top Shelf); I read four volumes of John Allison’s fabulous webcomic Bad Machinary about a group of elementary school detectives in a haunted town in England (in print from Oni Press); I read Sisters and Ghosts by Raina Telgemeier, two stories of sibling love and rivalry, published by Scholastic Graphix, both of which dominated the New York Times best sellar’s list; I read three volumes of Hellboy by Mike Mignola, a series that has been running for over 20 years from Dark Horse; I tried the first volumes of Bitch Planet, Paper Girls, Monstress and Giant Days, all out from Image Comics to rave reviews; I caught up on Saga; I read By Chance or Provenance, a collection of Becky Cloonan’s originally self-published short stories; Finder: Third World by Carla Speed McNeil; a comic about the history of Tetris by Box Brown, a whole anthology of queer paranormal romance stories, a comic about people’s deepest fears, a comic on film history, a comic about being a tall ship sailor and about three years of James Kochalka’s diary comics. That doesn’t even include the roster of webcomics that I keep up with (from gay smut like Starfighter to sweet fluff like Always Raining Here) or the huge piles of mini comics and zines I bought and traded for at the six comics conventions I attended OR the political journalism comics I subscribe to on sites like The Nib and Every Feminism!

Comics is a vast, multi-faceted world. Does it have problems? Yes, absolutely. Is it still dominated by white, straight, heterosexual narratives? Yes, but less and less all the time. I read somewhere recently that if you counted all the comic books published on kickstarter as coming from a single publisher, kickstarter now puts out more comics than either of The Big Two. And a huge amount of those books are helmed by queer authors of color, or trans authors, or nonbinary authors. If you spend some time getting to know comics, it will open up around you, offering its many and varied tales. As a professor of mine in grad school said: Comics will love you back.

We don’t have a lot to respond to in this, we were just thrilled to get it and wanted to share it with our readers!

Well, actually that’s not strictly true - partly in response to this and partly in response to another recent listener comment, from @missyuka, Flourish wrote a personal essay about her experiences with comics. So go take a peek at that as well…!

Friends and readers of Star Wars Extended Universe Stories I am sorry to tell you that you have been deceived.  Timothy Zahn is not, in fact, the world’s greatest writer of Star Wars.  I know this comes as a shock, but friends, but I have embarked on a recent read of Bantam and let me tell you I have read some truly remarkable works of literature and the only book I have thus far been unable to finish is the Thrawn trilogy because it was literally the most boring thing I have ever read and friends I have read three books of Roger MacBride Allen describing approximately 878,930 ships crashing in excruciating detail but I honestly could not read one more page of the tale of Thrawn and Talon.  I am forever grateful to him for Mara Jade [Skywalker] but she is is only tolerable when written by authors who have actually spoken to other people besides Michael Stackpole.  Kevin J. Anderson may be an absolute madman but his books are a breeze and Kathy Tyers is an angel and Barbara Hambly is a gem and Dave Wolverton is surprisingly delightful but I couldn’t finish the Thrawn Trilogy and the Hand of Thrawn Duology is looming and friends I honestly don’t know that I can make it

book: octavia was the only person in the world who truly knew him. there was no one else he really cared about ever seeing again. but then he glanced over clarke […] and suddenly he wasn’t so sure.

show: you and me. screw everybody else. let’s just…go.

  1. be patient!! take ur time learning and read from as many sources as possible (don’t just read something and take it as fact). likewise, if you read an article or two on a placement don’t assume you’re an expert and make a post about it - its how false information is spread!! and APPLY what you learn to REAL LIFE. you can’t be knowledgable on astrology if all you’ve done is theory work, get some experience.
  2. GOOGLE!! i repeat: GOOGLE!! is your friend. if you can’t afford or don’t want to buy books than just google key words, and don’t make it about you. for a simple example, don’t google ‘saturn in the 7th house trine pluto’. first google: ‘saturn in the houses’ and find your placement and then google: ‘saturn trine pluto’. i am SORRY but reading placements in isolation is often your only choice on the internet and even in books. if you want something more specific you might want to find someone who does personalised chart readings. side note: you CAN also google things like: ‘how to find my dominant planet’ :-)
  3. books i recommend for beginners: ‘astrology for dummies’, ‘the only astrology book you’ll ever need’, ‘secret language of birthdays’ and any book you find with a good rating is probably a good option too! read reviews, see how its been rated - buy one that feels right!
  4. instead of asking bloggers things like: ‘is there a retrograde now or something’, LOOK IT UP. it’s simple. just google a free natal chart calculator and fill in TODAY’s date and time and it will give you the current planetary placements. hint: planets with and ‘r’ type thing next to it means retrograde.
  5. learn to read circular charts. use preferably
  6. don’t try to learn about ‘compatibility’, what you’re actually trying to study is synastry charts and composite charts.
  7. most importantly, remember that astrology transcends us - it doesn’t matter how we feel about it. push your feelings aside and be prepared to learn things you don’t like. there’s more to the dark side of astrology the ‘bad’ traits like being stubborn or indecisive. it can, and most likely will, offend you at some point. be as objective as you can and remember that it’s not always about focusing on the ~positives~, sometimes it’s about making the best out of a bad situation (or placement).

Am I the only one who needs to bring a book with them where ever they go?
Even if I know I will not have time to read I still need to bring one with me, is that weird?

caffeiic  asked:

hi hello your blog makes me so happy, your hc’s and aesthetics just make my heart swell and your writing is phenomenal ahh💞 if you’re still doing the IT asks, mike: what’s your favorite book? bev: how would you describe your clothing style? eddie: do you have any hobbies?

ummmmm this is the sweetest thing I’ve ever read????? thank you so much oh my god i actually wanna burn every word ive ever written so this is really nice to hear :’)


Mike: what’s your favourite book?

I’m a shame child who doesn’t read much but my alllll time favourite book is called The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor and its the first in a trilogy but i only read the first one, it’s like a cool dystopian twist on Alice in Wonderland and the first big novel I ever read as a kid

Bev: how would you describe your clothing style?

Ummmm i am infamous for referring to it as Depression Chic, all very comfy but like, presentable - i be looking cute but i can also take a nap in any outfit I wear ya feel me? - a lot of sweaters and hoodies

Eddie: do you have any hobbies?

I guess technically this blog (my hc’s/aesthetics/fics) is my hobby? I don’t really do anything else and when im not on tumblr im looking for any auditions near me because im trying desperately to get an acting career started

send me a character!

Flight Patterns

~Based on this artwork~

“C’mon, Cas, it’ll be fun!”

“Dean, I told you, we don’t appear to have the same definition of fun. I am perfectly content reading my book.”

Dean, grinning, snatches the book out of Cas’ arms. Dean is the only person Cas would ever put up with doing something like that. Dean’s also the only person who can call him Cas, instead of Castiel. 

“Flight Patterns of the Honey Bee? Really? You’d rather do this than do something with me?”

Dean flashes his characteristic smile. It’s the same one he uses with all the girls, the same one that typically makes them swoon. Cas, however, is having none of it. Ignoring Dean’s comment, Cas snatches his book back, turning to unfasten his locker. Dean pretends to pout.

“You know, Cas, there are plenty of other people who’d jump at the chance to do something with me.”

This is true. Dean, handsome, athletic and confident, is definitely considered popular. Cas, on the other hand, not so much.

“Then go with one of them.”

“I don’t want to go with them, Cas. I want to do something with you.”

“I told you Dean, I don’t like—”

Dean sighs, shaking his head as he leans against the lockers nearby.

“I know, I know. You don’t like what I like. Fine. If we did something you liked, would you go out with me?”

Taken by surprise, Cas pokes his head out of his locker, staring at Dean.

“I think you’re mixing up your English phrases again, Dean. Go out tends to mean something entirely different than—”

“I know what it means, Cas.”

“And you’re asking…”



Cas pokes his head back into his locker, rifling through his various belongings for what seems to be a very long time. Dean’s heart sinks, for the first time in a while he’s feeling a twinge of doubt.

"Look, man, I was, uh…I didn’t mean…”

Cas emerges from the locker, arms laden with his various books. Swinging the door shut, he leans in to give Dean a quick kiss on the cheek.

“I’d like to. Go out with you, I mean.

Dean felt a blush erupt across his face, cheeks burning. He hadn’t expected that. Cas looks at Dean, then glances at his watch. If he doesn’t hurry, he’ll be late for class.

"Just no bowling, okay?”

With that, Cas is off to class, leaving an extremely red-faced Dean stammering in his wake. 


This was originally a request, but I really liked the idea, so obviously plan to do more with this.  The original idea was from @markiplierswhatifs. I hope you guys like this!

Chapter 1: The Discovery

“Bad day huh, Mark?” The librarian asked as he walked through the door, Mark was a regular so she knew him quite well. Mark raised his brow at the middle aged women wondering how she knew. He watched as her eyes moved from his eyes to his hair. He pulled a few strands down in front of his face and nodded upon seeing a baby blue shade before him.

“Could have been better, Nancy, thanks for asking” he made his way past the front desk and went to his favorite section in the library. As he browsed through the shelf of science-fiction books his eyes landed on a man he has never seen before. Mark visited quite often, and usually could recognize the faces of people there, but this guy, he was new.

Mark picked up a book he had read millions of times, but he could read it a million times more and still love it as much as he had the first time. He walked to his usual spot, it was in the corner of the library, it had a square table in the center with a chair on each sides. Mark usually sat alone, as most people prefered to sit in the more open sections. He placed his book on the seat and then walked back to Nancy.

“reading that book again Mark?” she smiled as she rolled her eyes jokingly

“In fact I am, but I have a question”

“Is it about the new guy?” she must have noticed his shocked expression as her eyes looked to Mark’s head again “Your hair, sweetheart” Mark grabbed a fist full of his hair to see it had changed to a vibrant green color, he had never seen this color before, has he never felt this way before? but he didn’t feel any different, he felt like he normally did when the went to read in the library. “All I know about him is that you two just keep missing each other, whether you leave minutes before he walks in or vice versa, he’s been coming in for a few weeks now” she paused for moment “I also know that you have a common reading spot” she nodded her head in the direction of where Mark had placed his book and low and behold, there sat across from his book, was the stranger. “Which is odd because, there are so many other seats open, you two seem to be the only ones who have ever actually wanted to sit in that corner” Mark was going to speak, but Nancy got her words in first “You both also never actually check out a book, you both pick a book, sit down and finish it in one sitting, except if he for some reason can’t, he will pull out a pen and write on his hand what I am assuming is the page number”

“Well, thanks Nancy, and before you ask, I don’t know what this color means either,so don’t ask” he said as he pointed to his hair “ I am going to go read now”

“No need for the sass, Mark, have fun figuring out whatever that means” Mark watched as her finger traced the area around his head. Mark slowly walked back to his seat, once he had reached his destination the stranger looked up him confused, but Mark just picked up his book and showed him it. The man seemed to have understood what he had meant because he just nodded his head and stuck his nose back into his book.

Mark wasn’t exactly paying much attention to his book, although he had loved the story, he was much more interested in the man sitting across from him. He would sneak passing glances at him, each time noticing something new about him. Mark couldn’t help but notice how attractive he was. He had bright blue eyes that contrasted Marks chocolate ones, Mark also noticed that even though his face was young, he had greying hairs, but somehow managed to pull that off. Mark decided that he should actually read his book, because he did come to the library to read in the first place, not oogle at some new guy.

Mark finished his book before the other guy, although, he could probably recite the entire thing without any sort of help, but the book still had an affect on him which you could tell by how often his hair changed color during the reading. As he lifted his body to return the book to its proper place he heard an accented voice call to him. He looked to see the stranger looking at him.

“Hey, uh- can I ask you something?” Mark slowly nodded “I am so sorry if this is rude to ask, but I couldn’t help but notice, your- uh- hair” Mark chuckled quietly, he had been getting these questions before he could even respond to them.

“It’s really not that big of a deal, I get asked that a lot, my hair changes colors with my emotions” The Irish man’s mouth dropped open upon hearing this, most people’s do.

“That’s so cool! I am Jack by the way!” Jack stuck his hand out to Mark, he gladly accepted the gesture and shook his hand gently.

“I’m Mark, it’s nice to meet you” he smiled. Mark watched as Jack smiled back, but it quickly changed to confusion.

“Are you envious of me or something?”

“Excuse me!?” Mark asked confusion and irritation laced his voice

‘Who is this guy to think I am envious of him!?’

“Well, your hair, it just changed from like a pale blonde, which I assume is like content or something, but when you grabbed my hand, it changed to a neon green” Mark huffed, there’s that color again.

‘What the hell, is that color?!?!’

“If I am going to be honest with you Jack, I don’t know what it means, I have never had it before today, and for your information, envy is dark green” Mark remarked sassily, Jack laughed to himself

“So, I am already having an effect on you?” he asked as he jokingly winked at Mark, but he was right, he did have an effect on Mark, and he did not know why or how.


Rachel’s Most Anticipated Releases of 2014

1.Silver Shadows (Bloodlines #5) by Richelle Mead.

We (Ferdy, Naomi and myself) are HUGE Bloodlines fans. Sure, we argue with Ferdy about Sydrian and yes Naomi still hasn’t picked up “The Fiery Heart” for some God awful reason, but we love it. It’s why we have the Bloodlines book club and why Naomi’s review of “The Indigo Spell” is the top rated helpful review on amazon. We love it and my God, who the hell doesn’t want to know what’s going to happen next?! I do. I can’t wait. Like, honestly can’t wait for this book as I can’t wait for all of Richelle Mead’s books.

2. Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins

I love Anna and I loved Lola and I cannot wait for Isla. Especially, because her love interest is Josh. Who was the younger boyfriend character of one of Anna’s friends. This is the story of a young man’s second love, which will be really interesting to read. It’s usually first and only love in YA and it will be interesting to see Josh fall in love again. Also, I love Stephanie Perkins heaps and I am excited that instead of rushing the book like so many authors are prone to doing these days, she has taken longer to make sure it’s just right. EXCITED!

3.Cress (Lunar Chronicles #3) Marissa Meyer

Cress! Cress! Cress! This series mixes fairy tale with sci-fi and  I love it. I can’t wait to get my hands on this book to see how the story unfolds and how Ms. Meyer links yet another classic story in the world of Lunar. :-)

4. Sea of Shadows by Kelley Armstrong

I literally have no idea what this book is about, but in Kelley Armstrong I trust, so I will be picking it up!

5. After the End by Amy Plum

Besides the gorgeous cover…no honestly, look at the cover again. Click it and see it at full size. Listen, it’s probably a mistake, because I have had my heart broken by dystopia before, but the premise of After the End is just too good to pass up!

6. Killer Frost (Mythos Academy) by Jennifer Estep.

Ok, the last Mythos Academy book wasn’t that great. I admit it! It was filler, but I have hopes that Ms. Estep will get us back to fighting form and we’ll finally get some Chamption on Loki action…wait, that’s right this Loki is not played by  Tom Hiddleston. Ok, I just really hope to see the story progress in this installment. I hope to be reaching a satisfying conclusion, very soon.

Some books I want even though I know very little:

Untitled, no synopsis, no cover art, John Green book. :-)

Mortal Heart by R.L. LaFevers
The Forever Song by Julie Kagawa (Blood of Eden 3!!!)
New cassandra clare series that I have been told about, but know nothing! :-)



Hannah Writes a Hartbig Fanfic

So after reading Yotoob’s idea of what Mamrie’s Hartbig fic would be like, I got very tempted to write one from Hannah’s point of view. With her permission, I wrote a goofy, borderline stupid thing. I’m keeping this whole ‘bet’ idea. 

My (less silly) fics

Authors Note: It’s a good thing I lost because obviously, I am the only one who legitimately understands things from a lady homo perspective. Plus, I’ve definitely read the most of these things. Also, I HAVE A REAL BOOK AND IT’S ON AMAZON. And everywhere else. I’m an author, okay?

Three YouTubers are in the Los Angeles home of Grace Helbig, because, apparently, they’re never anywhere else. Mamrie, a punny booze-hound of an entertainer, has utterly disappeared for some wildly convenient reason. She has probably gotten lost in her old age. Or perhaps, time is an illusion. 

Hannah, the most beautiful, normal-sized YouTuber you will ever meet, has had a sensible glass and a half of wine. She is intelligent and completely in control, as per usual.

Keep reading

Real Talk about Vampire Diaries (Rant)

Ok honestly, Vampire Diaries is going down the drain & has been for a while now. They had a good show going, but the crew ruined everything good about it! And truthfully, they never even STARTED in the right place!!
Firstly, the story is about a love triangle between, Damon, Elena, and Stefan. Now matter how much it pains me to have Elena even remotely in the picture as far as the Salvatore’s go, that’s the way it is. Instead, the tv show has completely lost its way flip flopping Elena back and forth so much. So now, she’s settled with Damon and Stefan has absolutely no point in the story anymore so they’ve pinned him with Caroline! CAROLINE!! NO!! That’s weird to me…it just is!!
Let me tell you how the story was supposed to go and how it should have gone, as far as Elena and the Salvatore’s go, anyhow.
Sorry to break it to you Delena fans, but in the book, Elena never actually dates Damon, she is always with Stefan. Sure she and Damon have chemistry & kiss and whatnot, but she never chooses him.That’s how it should have gone in the show. Stefan would still have a purpose and Damon wouldn’t be boring!
Which brings me to my 2nd complaint.
Season 1 Damon–yeah–that was on point! But no, he had to go soft and be romantic for Elena. Has anyone of the crew members ever read the books…ever??? No matter how much Damon loves Elena, he NEVER changes for her. He is still just as bad and sometimes downright mean from the beginning of the series to its, still incomplete, end. And it makes him interesting! That’s what differs Damon from Stefan! Stefan is good, Damon is bad. That’s just how it is! And it started out that way in the show, but again, they ruined it with bad story lines and writing in general. They have Stefan and Damon so close together in morality anymore that the once decipherable line between their personalities has all but vanished! Stefan, at this point, is possibly worse than Damon with his ripper tendencies! What the heck?!?!
All that being said, the show did have its own good qualities apart from the book. One of those qualities, was the Originals. Everyone LOVES them! They were one of the most popular aspects of the show. But, like with everything else good they have going for them, they felt the need to ruin…scratch that…DESTROY it!!!
When Klaus came into the show, he was one of the most interesting characters they had ever had. He was mean, ruthless, and cruel. But then they unfolded his complex backstory & brought a touch of humanity to his character, making him relatable at least to some tiny degree. But it was just enough to make people start liking him and start rooting for him!! He was the most popular and beloved villain the show had ever had! And they did something incredibly smart–they ADDED to his storyline and incorporated it wonderfully into what the show had already set up. They brought Klaus’ siblings in, his family, and they gave him good, albeit stupid, yet still logical (for his twisted brain) reasons for doing the things he did. You could see where he was coming from, anyway. On top of it all, they made a move that put them on the path to the gold mine! They showed Klaus’ sweet side! But it wasn’t just a soft spot in general, it was for ONE person, and that’s what made it so touching and special! Caroline became the center of his affections! Of course Klaus loved his family deeply, that was a given, but he was horrid at showing it, stabbing his siblings and keeping them in coffins! Weirdo.
No, this was an actual, true love that he wasn’t sure how to handle. Caroline gave him something to work for with her strong-minded, standoffish attitude towards him. He worked to gain her trust and heart while at the same time remaining unchanged in his ways. And that was genius!! That’s how Damon should’ve been!! Should be now!!
Klaus and Caroline were the most brilliant pairing, not only on the Vampire Diaries show, but perhaps on any television show! They became so popular that they out shown the main pairing of the show, Damon and Elena.
Klaus was the dark and Caroline was his light. Through all her resisting and all his prodding, he slowly snuck his way into her heart. Unfortunately that’s where, once again, the crew ruined it all!
Slow burn couples are beautiful and perhaps the most fun, interesting, and rewarding to watch, but the show took it WAY too far!! Firstly, it became uneven. Klaus would get to her, and then the next episode it would be as if nothing had happened! She became so uptight at times that even I got fed up with her and began to think that SHE didn’t deserve HIM! The back and forth between them went on much too long, to the point it became tiring and painful to watch. Secondly, Tyler was a completely pointless wedge between Klaus and Caroline! (And he isn’t even with her now!!) He was just an excuse to keep the two apart and it was ridiculous. The crew members built a pairing up that they never intended to go through with. It became their most popular couple and, instead of hopping into the jackpot they unintentionally hit, they fumbled, not knowing what to do or how to develop the relationship, and they ruined it completely. Instead of developing Klaus and Caroline’s relationship (one that THEY put together in the first place, mind you) they played around, teased fans, and then decided to split them up and forget the whole thing ever happened. What a sad, pathetic waste!
Speaking of splitting them up, that brings me to my last point regarding Klaus.
The best, and heavily favorited aspect of the show, they staked! Yep! They began by killing off Klaus’ family members, ones that people loved! Then, after Klaus had become such a heavy part of the show, they packed him up with his equally loved brother and sister, and shipping them off to their own show. Why? Money!
The crew claims it was because there was no storyline for Klaus in Mystic Falls, guess what, there’s going to be NO storyline for Klaus soon because everything is so screwed up now that no one cares anymore!
Instead of trying to keep Klaus on the show with his amazing family and developing his relationship further with Caroline, (which had the potential to be one of the most iconic couples on tv ever!) they shut everything down and refused to give the fans, their audience, the people who keep the show on air, what they enjoyed most. I repeat…pathetic!!
Finally, I have arrived at my biggest issue with the show. This is one they screwed up TERRIBLY from the very get go! One word: Bonnie.
If anyone has ever read the books, obviously unlike the tv show crew, you would know how unique and compelling her relationship is with Damon. Yes, Damon! Damon Salvatore! Even if you hate Vampire Diaries, I urge you to read the books only to watch their relationship blossom!
Now, by no means am I hating on Kat Graham. She is an amazing actress & beautiful person. However, in the role of Bonnie McCullough (yes, McCullough, not Bennett) she simply does not fit. Now…in the tv show version of Bonnie, I’m not sure what they began with or what they were looking for, she may very well fit the criteria perfectly! Obviously she did fit their standards to some degree. But…if they had really payed attention to the books, and wanted to make the series go above and beyond expectation, they should’ve kept Bonnie exactly as she was in the books, right down to her naive little personality.
Not only with her, though, but with many characters there was no reason for changes (I.e. The last names) to be made. Elena should’ve been blonde with her stupid “lapis lazuli” eyes (it’s only mentioned 800 times through the book series), Jeremy should’ve been a younger SISTER, Aunt Jenna should’ve stayed Aunt Judith (there was no reason at all for that change), Meredith should’ve been in it, etc. There are so many crucial aspects that they just tossed out for no reason! And if you’re asking who Meredith is…exactly!! No, she was not the doctor Alaric used to love (though she and Alaric are in a relationship in the books), she was a very prominent character in the books. She basically should’ve taken Caroline’s place in tv show; she was 1 of the 3 friends. Caroline shouldn’t have even been a major friend in the show, though I will say that they nailed her character at the start.
Anyhow, on with Bonnie. No offense, but the girl should’ve been a very innocent, naive, redhead! She should’ve been small & petite (not that Kat graham isn’t, but maybe even more so than her), and Bonnie shouldn’t have been a witch. In the books, Bonnie wasn’t even a full blown witch, she was considered a Druid. I don’t think she ever even performed a spell in the book! The only magical things she did were communicate telepathically, go into trances, and foresee future events without realizing it. She was more psychic than magical. But whatever! If the show made her a witch, that’s fine. I suppose it was easier. I can forgive that.
What I cannot and will not forgive is her completely messed up relationship with Damon. Just…what a mess!! Where do I even begin?!
Well…first of all, let’s pretend that tv show Bonnie is actually modeled after book Bonnie for a moment. With all the people jumping on the Bamon train recently, just imagine how this could’ve gone if the idiot crew had done things right!
A petite redhead with big brown eyes would’ve been Elena’s sweet, naive friend. In comes masculine, bad boy Damon, and, aside from being enraptured by Elena, he is also intrigued by little Bonnie. Bonnie is afraid of him, yet attracted to him, naturally; on the other hand, Damon fights any feelings he has toward her. He pretends to be annoyed with her and is sometimes even hurtful to her, yet she still enjoys his company. Then, as the show progressed, Damon’s feelings would’ve developed into love and there would’ve been stolen kisses and tender touches and cute nicknames! (*cough* *cough* redbird) Cute, right?! It would’ve been beautiful and, I guarantee, would’ve been the show’s most popular couple! Simply because Damon fights so hard against his own feelings and slips up. On top of it all, instead of being obsessive over Elena, Damon would’ve actually grown to end up choosing between two girls, himself. It wouldn’t have been all about Elena’s choice, it would’ve been about Damon’s too! Damon would actually be questioning himself! Here’s this girl he’s always wanted, but now, for the first time, there’s a second one in the picture and he can’t shake, mostly because he doesn’t want to. Even in the books, he wants both (though he knows he can’t have both), he even refers to Elena and Bonnie as HIS girls.
Their dynamic is so different from almost anything now a days and very unique, (I encourage reading the books by L.J Smith, ONLY her). It would’ve been interesting to watch play out, unlike the beyond boring relationship with slutty Elena that’s currently occurring in the tv show.
Imagine how adorable that would’ve been! Fans would be arguing adamantly over which was the better couple, Bamon or Delena, and it would’ve been its own triangle aside from the main one.
Still, with all that I’ve said, and I’m sure I’ve missed a few points along the way, I do realize that changes must be made when transitioning from book to tv show. It’s inevitable! BUT, they didn’t have to butcher the transitioning as much as they did.
Which brings me to one last point…they started out having Damon turn into a crow and control fog. THAT WAS IN THE BOOKS! And it worked for the show! It made it different and gave it that mystical feel that it requires. They’ve should’ve left that alone.
Anymore the show feels like a witch centered mystery and you’re like, “oh yeah, there’s vampires!”
I hate it, but the show has lost itself and has no direction anymore. It needs to go off air for many reasons, but for the main one to quit while they’re semi ahead. Oh, who am I kidding…they’re miles behind! Can’t even see em anymore! They’re gone! Just…just stop crew members. It’s better this way.
Oh, what could’ve been……

Am I the only one who has like a physical incapability of telling someone what the book I’m reading is about? If I ever wrote a book I’m almost 1000% positive that the summary on the back would say something along the lines of “well.. Um you know there’s this person and something happens.. And oh ya know what I can’t tell you because I want you to read it!”
No one would buy my book.

I see the occasional post on my dash encouraging writers to write whatever they want, and I think those posts are really, really important–writers, please tell the stories that you want to tell, and don’t let anyone dictate to you about what you should and shouldn’t write, be it genres or tropes or types of characters. 

But I wanted to throw out there that readers, please please read whatever you want. Read the books and stories that you enjoy and that make you happy, or that stimulate your imagination. Read what sparks your interest, whether it’s paranormal romance or intensely researche historical fiction (or both those things at once!). Read erotica, if it’s what you want to read. Read theology. Read non-fiction. Read fashion magazines. Read fluffy mystery novels with lots of puns in them, read the traditional classics, read poetry. 

Read Twilight a hundred times, and don’t let anyone shame you into stopping because you are the only one who gets to decide what you enjoy reading. Don’t get me wrong, I am all in favor of occasionally pushing yourself to broaden your horizons and reading things to challenge yourself or improve your mind, that’s awesome! But you certainly don’t need to be doing that 100% of the time, and regardless, no one should ever make you feel ashamed for your taste in books. 

Read fanfiction–read the long chaptered fics and the one-shots and the alternate universes, read the smut and the fluff and the fics about that one random character who only has a name in fandom. Read nothing but your OTP falling in love over and over again. Read the weird fics, if they appeal to you. Read the fics that you want to read

Read a broad range of things! Or stick to one type of thing! As long as it’s what you want to read, then please, read the hell out of that thing. 

Never let anyone make you feel small, stupid, or unintellectual because you prefer genre fiction or fluff; never let anyone make you feel weird or unwanted because you prefer long, complicated stories; never let anyone make you feel broken or like a prude because you aren’t interested in stories about sex or romance; never let anyone shame you for enjoying PWP. 

Never let anyone take the stories that you love from you. 

This is your escape and your refuge, and it should be what you want and need and enjoy, not what someone else considers worthy.