am i the only one who cries at this scene

A More Proper Review of GOTG2

Oh, man. What a movie this was.

First up, the music.
I enjoyed the music in this film, it was very fitting, with awesome songs in fight scenes, and mellow songs in calm scenes. It just fit the mood so well. While I admit it’s not as memorable as the first one, because, come on, you can’t top Hooked on a Feeling, it still does have its moments like Mr. Blue Sky, Brandy, Surrender, etc. Overall, 4.8/5.

Next, the characters. Spoilers follow, you’ve been warned.
Okay, I love, love, love Baby Groot. He’s adorable in every way and should be protected forever. And Teen Groot is even better.
Space Dads and Mom are great too. They each get their own character development, and I love that. Rocket learns he’s a bit like Yondu, Drax is teaching Mantis how to adapt to society, using things he learned from his family, Gamora lets go of her rivalry with Nebula, and Peter…
Oh, Peter. You poor guy. Your mom was killed by your blood father who is evil and your surrogate father was protecting you all along. And you lost 2 dads in not even 10 minutes. Dang. That hurts.
And as for Yondu, whoops, I mean Mary Poppins, what a badass. He stole his scenes in the movie, being a great dose of sorrow and laughter. I enjoyed his performance here, and it’s a shame we won’t see him again.
Nebula’s already cool, so not much to say about her. I’m glad she’s not fighting with her sister and out to kill Space God with a Capital G.
As for Ego, he’s an irredeemable jackass who deserved everything he got to him. End of discussion. I liked the build-up to the reveal, though.
Overall, for the characters, 10/5.

Next, my favourite scenes.
Can I not just say the whole movie? I mean, each scene is great in its own way. Action, drama, laughter, it’s just so perfectly executed. I enjoyed the credits, both opening and ending, they were just so fun. But I really enjoyed the Ravager Funeral scene. It’s just so beautiful, and heartbreaking, and UUUUGGGGHHHHH SO GOOOOOOOOOD.
Overall, 20/5.

The movie as a whole? (Ha, a-hole! :P)
James Gunn, you genius. You absolute sheer fucking genius. You’ve done it again. There are so many comic book and movie references, callbacks, continuity nods, it’s literally a perfect Marvel sequel. Stan Lee’s cameo was great, the 5 end credits scenes were great, Howard the Duck deserves a second chance at a movie, and I can’t wait for Volume 3.
Overall, 9999999999999999/5.

I cannot recommend this movie enough. It’s so good the word good can’t describe it anymore. Go watch it!

PS: Show of hands, who cried at Mary Poppins’ death? Because I know I’m not the only one who did.

(And cue Surrender.)


“That day he didn’t want you to remember him as the king. In what time you had left he wanted to be your father.”

do the 100 viewers not ship braven at all?? like are they watching the same show as i am? 

does the way he looks at raven tell you nothing?

or the way he protects her?

or at the way he snapped at murphy for shooting her?

or how he runs when he sees she’s harmed?

or how he holds her while she cries over watching the man she loved get killed?


or what i mean just look at this holy sex scene


                                           And since you’re the only one that matters
                                                          Tell me, who do I run to?

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hi! i am currently unsure who to romance with my latest lavellan and am considering solas? because i haven't romanced him before but i have been really hesitant to. please can you give me your top 10 favourite reasons on romancing him!

YES. PERFECT. Here are my top 10 reasons for romancing that man:

  1. His intelligence. You can hear it in his speech and see it through his actions. Although some people may find his constant explanations and stories a bore, I, on the other hand, find it to be very attractive.
  2. He’s passionate in what he believes in. The topic of freedom (ie. templars and mages or the Qun and slaves) gets his blood pumping.
  3. I know others may disagree but I believe that Solas, in his very core, is a good person. The Inquisitor’s conversations with him as well as his party banter backs this up.
  4. He treats spirits and people equally and is quite open-minded about blood magic and the Maker.
  5. SOLAS IS ONE SMOOTH MOTHERF**CKER. Please…just…click that flirt button.
  6. That jaw. That ass. Those eyes. Those legs. He’s a really beautiful man. It’s a slow realization but once you see it, you’d think he’s the most gorgeous man in the whole game (or the whole world, if you’re as obsessed as I am)
  7. (Spoiler Alert) He’s the freaking Dread Wolf who is practically the ‘devil’ from Dalish legend and yet here he is, a man who is not evil at all and your Dalish Inquisitor is the only one he falls SO HARD for? SIGN ME UP FOR THAT. His greatest fear is to die alone and now that we know he’s practically immortal, being in love with a mortal who is dying from his mark IS JUST TOO PAINFUL DAMMIT WEEKES.
  8. He calls you vhenan *cries*
  9. If you have a keen private eye, then you can really see the subtle things in his romance scenes that add up to his character. Also, he’s the only romance option that leaves a whole lot of ways out for the Inquisitor to go and have a happy romance somewhere else.
  10. He chooses Lavellan. He chooses to fall in love with her and is always on equal grounds with her.
Am I the only one who just cries over Rumplestiltskin?

Not just because of what he’s lost or because of all he’s going through, but because of how horribly isolated he is.

In just about every scene he’s been in this season, he’s been alone in his shop, tinkering away the hours trying to fix something (because he can’t fix himself).

He has no friends, and his only living blood relative, Henry, has shown no interest in rekindling their barely-existent relationship. Rumplestilskin sadly doesn’t even see Henry as a part of his family anymore, but rather “the pirate’s son” which really must hurt for him.

Everyone can say Emma is a relatable character, or Regina or even Hook, but I truly see Rumple as the most relatable because we’ve all been him at some point.

We’ve been at our lowest level. We’ve felt so alone, so isolated that trying to interact with other people makes us irritable and scared. We’ve all felt like the people we love most would be happier if we just weren’t there anymore. 

 Frankly, I don’t blame Rumple if he tries to seek company with the Evil Queen’s. 

Who else does he have to go to at this point?


I am seriously heartbroken now, but please bare with me.

I only hope people who never watched sports or have been a part of a team can understand the pain that these boys are going through. I myself played hockey for fourteen years, going to three championships, and unfortunately losing all three.I’ve dealt with the pain of losing. I’ve seen teammates come and go, but hardest part is not losing, it’s knowing that you as an athlete might never play again with some of your teammates, because they are moving to other teams, or moving onto higher divisions. That is what these boys realize as well. They know they will never be able to go to Nationals with there third year teammates.

Now for us, the viewers, it also hits hard because this team, this school, we’ve been with them since day one, we are Karasuno Volleyball fans! I am dedicated to my local Sports teams, when we lose, I get angry, when we win, I am happy. I am a fan of Karasuno, and to see them go down in defeat in episode twenty four…well I cried…and that’s okay. My team had just lost one hell of a game, they left everything on the fucking court only to be beaten by a team who was…well two points better then them.

The restaurant scene was beautiful, the speech made by Ukai along with the music was just fucking fantastic. I really hope they have a season two, other wise bringing Nekoma into the story is a waste of time.

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Am I the only one who cries uncontrollably when Meredith and Derek were just expecting pizza and instead they find Janet holding Zola and then Meredith says "Derek... Is that our baby?"

You are not the only one. If I rewatch that episode I make sure I have tissues on stock because I am guaranteed to lose control over my emotions because of that end scene.