am i the only one that thought this

i think it needs to be said that there really aren’t as many rules to sexuality as you think or as people on here would have you believe. i get so many messages that are like “am i allowed to use this label if i feel like this” and unless you are 100% sure ur straight and only want relationships with ur opposite gender then generally the answer is yes, you don’t need to make sure everyone else is feeling what u are feeling to pick a label. labels are there for guidance for you but ultimately you are the one who defines them. like we’re all just making it up as we go along anyway and if u have a thought one day like “hm maybe i’m a gay bitch” that’s kinda all you need like u can figure out the rest later and change it if needs be because at the end of the day it’s all just words none of this is real, this shit is supposed to offer comfort and sense of identity and community not stress and isolation. it’s okay ur okay u got this

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Have you ever thought about Bucky has his metal hand in your hair during kiss, sex whatever and your hair get stuck in the gap of metals, so when he pulls his hand away, you be ‘ow-ow-OW!’ Am i the only one thinking shit like that?

And someone has to come help you guys, so poor Steve is just sitting there in silence before asking “so uh…how did this happen?”

“I was about to suck his di-“


this may seem silly but 

i am like. relieved. that there seems to be some sense of continuity from TFA in TLJ with rey seeing ahch-to in her dreams. like it shows rian was paying attention to the little details–there was literally only one line about that in the first movie but he thought it was relevant enough to have rey bring up in the next one in a discussion with luke 

Am I the only one that thought when Cas’ voice went even deeper to say “I’m your huckleberry.” ? That Dean’s reaction, the closed eyes, the obvious gulp, and the lip lick wasn’t just him thinking, “Fuck, that voice is hot. Dammit, yes you are my huckleberry and I’m yours Cas. Yeah exactly.”


Being Toni’s sister and Dating Jughead would include…

Request: Can you please do a would include with the reader as Toni’s sister and dating jughead Jones? Thank you


  • Meeting Jughead through Toni
  • “I am y/n. And I know who you are, so lets cut the chit chat and talk about how you’re gonna survive your first day of school without being beaten up by ghoulies. We can’t have that little pouty face messed up.”
  • Having faith in Jughead that he would become a serpent even when everyone else thought he was just a north sider.
  • Explaining serpent things to Jughead
  • When he answers a question write you give him a french fry
  • Everytime he gets something wrong you eat one of his
  • Your smile was the only thing keeping him from passing out during the initiation
  • “Are you sure you don’t like Jughead, Toni?”

“Yes. But his girlfriends cute.”

  • Him taking you to pops for the first time

“There is actually burgers here?”

“Yeah? Why?”

“In the Wyrm its a 50/50 chance you might get horse meat.”

“Well y/n, lets get you a burger.”

  • Guessing how north siders act based on appearance as they walk in and out of pops

“How have you got everyone’s personalities perfectly bu just looking at them?”

“North siders are like the most stereotypical movie characters ever.”

  • Stealing his Beanie and him saying it looks better on you, but giving him it back
  • Being “Just friends” but everyone knows the truth
  • Partners in crime
  • Toni constantly yelling “Get A room!”
  • Also saying “Getting a little hansy Jones!”
  • Midnight motorcycle rides and Toni alwayd waiting for you when you get home

“Hey Jones! Thanks for scaring me half to death by taking my little sister out at 3:00 am rides!”

“Toni, I am fine.”

“You won’t be if you scare me like that again!”

  • Toni being kind of protective
  • On your and Jugheads first date, Sweet Pea chaperoned by orders of Toni

Now time for some gifs that represent your relationship

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my personal theory for Infinite, based on his song and his glitchy aesthetic, was that he was supposed to be meta commentary on the Sonic games

like, I thought Eggman had created a creature capable of glitching out the game on purpose, as a nod to how incredibly messy and badly programmed some of the past games had been, it would’ve been rly funny

his whole “your world is fake and I know that” attitude in the song would’ve worked so well with him being aware that he’s in a video game and purposely messing with the game’s code in order to go against the game’s normal programming (that is, having Sonic and friends win) and do what had never been possible in a game before (win, despite being a villain)

plus it would’ve explained why he was in pain, he’d constantly be somewhere between the game’s reality and the code he’d be messing with. a permanent glitch

but nope, he’s just some guy that Shadow pissed off and then forgot about

which is arguably funnier, considering we were all like “omg he’s edgier than Shadow”, when in the game canon, he wishes he could be the alpha goth on the block


Today I am one year on testosterone. I never thought it would happen.

The first photo is pre-t and the other two are recent.

Despite the fact that it has made me into a walking acne monster, I am beyond grateful that I can now look in the mirror and see the man I know I am. This is just the beginning of me being able to live my life freely; my surgery date is in only a little over a month and I am so so so excited.

I’m so happy that the world now sees me as the man I am, 100% of the time. I’m grateful for all the friends that have supported me throughout my journey. Thank you all and happy trans awareness week !

Not going to lie, but I am extremely close to not considering myself as an ARMY anymore. It honestly hurts me and messes up my thoughts when I see LGBT ARMYs excommunicate the Straight ARMYs just because of some assholes who think they know everything. It hurts my feelings when I see fucking mutuals make jokes about BTS not knowing/caring about their straight fans. I understand that they are gay icons since I see that a lot on my dashboard, and I am not denying that they are. But I remember seeing this one meme where it says, “this is a gay event only”, when it came to BTS doing any type of concert or event.

I’m honestly close to being done. Before you attack me or something along those lines, some of my close friends are a part of the LGBT community, and I consider myself an ally/supporter.

Fic-vember Day 16

Dang how am I already more than halfway through???

Falling (les mis, courfius)

Marius stared down at his bloodied knees in shame. The party had only just begun. He’d had one drink at most. And yet here he was, wincing on Eponine’s kitchen counter as his best friend dabbed at his wreckage of scraped skin with a damp cloth.

“Tell me if I’m hurting you okay?” Courfeyrac said seriously. “Are you sure it’s only your knees?”

Marius thought he’d bruised his elbow as well when he tripped over his own feet in Ep’s driveway but he didn’t want to say so out loud. It was bad enough to be here with Courf now. Marius’s clumsiness had pulled Courf away from the beer pong tournament he’d been talking about winning all week (which Enjolras, of course, had rolled his eyes at.)

“I’m sorry,” he said instead of answering. “I just got here and I’m already screwing things up.” He usually opted out of parties. He wasn’t good at them. He wasn’t open and charismatic and funny like Courf was. He stood awkwardly on the margins until one of his friends pulled him in. Or, apparently, he tripped.

“You’re not screwing anything up,” Courf replied. He looked up at him and Marius could see the urgency in his gaze. “You know that right? You know how much I want you here?”

Marius had come because Couefeyrac asked him to. He’d do a million awkward and panic inducing things if Courf asked him.

“Yeah,” he said quietly. “Yeah, I know. I’m just sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry. I don’t care if you trip sometimes. I love you anyway.” It was an I love you to make his head spin. It was an I love you that slipped out and could be forgotten if they really wanted to. Courf was wide eyed and frozen. “I mean…”

“I love you too,” Marius said. And his knees stung and Courf smiled and he felt light headed and like he needed bandaids all over to keep him from falling apart out of feeling. Courf smiled and he was falling all over again.

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I love Peridot. First off she's my birthstone and I get her. Her smile and raspy voice makes my day. I find her limb enhanced form undeniably attractive and her shorter form super adorable. I also like Lapis. She's an excellent example of myself and her back story is almost near my own. Also GAY

Shelby’s voice work is amazing! And am I the only one who thought Peridot’s limb enhancer form was also really cute? She reminded me of Gumby (did I just show my age? lmao) Peridot’s shit-eating grin is something we should all strive for. 

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A few thoughts on last night…

I continue to love Oswald with all of my everything, and as I said before, he’s the only one of our trio of “leads” who I’m not furious with right now.

I am however scared that he’s going to do something stupid because he’s upset and angry and that often leads to bad decisions from him. Especially as the showrunners love to have him take a dive leading into midseason.

I really want to know what Pyg’s deal is, because he keeps talking about how he’s doing this because of the Pax, but that’s only been a thing for like, 6-9months, and that is a lot of crazy to go in a short period of time, especially given all the planning involved.

I like the way Pyg says GCPD incidentally. Don’t think he said it last night, but still.

A part of me I’m not super proud of is annoyed that Sofia didn’t eat any pie in the end. Was it because they didn’t want us thinking about it when she was kissing Jim later? Eat your damn person-pie Princess, you’ve lived off the misery of others as much as anyone else at that table. Also you only got stabbed in one of your hands. Wrap your napkin around the one that’s hurt and feed your damn self.

“I do deserve it.” You deserve a kick in the balls, Jim Gordon. Season one Jim maybe deserved to be Captain, but you are so far from that.

Martin is precious and I am scared for him.

Next episode has Zsasz and I’m delighted - I miss him when he’s gone…