am i the only one that sort of ships them

Day 2: Crush/Confession

I miight scribble some art to go w this later, as this is nowhere where I want it to be. Cons of doing a ship week, Not enough time to put out content I actually really like h.a.. 

Summary: They are. Gay. For each other. There is not much more to it than that.

Also: I am very tired of people writing confessions where Genji doesn’t have a severe amount of self doubt. 

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Does anyone remember Cyberchase For Real

where they either had harry

or bianca

and they showed you how the math from that episode was applied in real life. They had trouble finding jobs, and always were trying out new hobbies

and then there was that one episode where they were both working at the same job (which in my opinion was made to sort of ship them)

am I the only one who remembers this?!

Shipping is going to get complicated

Seriously, if there’s chemistry between this Eobard and Barry too… we’re really going to have to start making a distinction, no?

We obviously wouldn’t be able to call them Barrison…

I’ve been calling Barrison Eobarry too since the reveal last season. But now I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just take the shipname Barrison for Harribard/Barry only and Eobarry for Mattobard/Barry. If that ship is going to be a thing, anyway. But seeing as I already got pretty excited to see Barry slam Eobard up against the wall/fence whatever, I’m guessing yes. Maybe it’s the power of the Reverse Flash suit…

Am I the only one that cares about this sort of thing? ^^’ I’m weird, I know. I like to be able to name my shipping stuff without getting confused.

Harry/Barry I’ve always been tagging Barrison2 so there’s no problem there. But just the Barrison vs Eobarry thing is making my head spin right now.

How I became to ship Reylo
  • Me: *watching TFA in theaters opening weekend* wow the way that guy picked up Rey is sort of cute like bRIDal STyle wait he's evil stop
  • Me: am I the only one noticing this sexual tension I mean this is sexual tension right? *looks around theater* I won't say anything or else people will think I'm weird
  • Me: why is he looking at her like that they're supposed to be battling wat
  • *5 months later*
  • Me: hey remember when you watched TFA and Rey and Kylo and maybe a bunch of sad souls ship them together idk I'm curious
  • Me: *scrolls through tumblr*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: shiz