am i the only one that sort of ships them

Does anyone remember Cyberchase For Real

where they either had harry

or bianca

and they showed you how the math from that episode was applied in real life. They had trouble finding jobs, and always were trying out new hobbies

and then there was that one episode where they were both working at the same job (which in my opinion was made to sort of ship them)

am I the only one who remembers this?!

Kiss the Cook

@freshmangotea said - domestic elams attempting to make dinner. I’ve got to say, I’ve never worked with the trio before and am sort of half in love with them.

Eliza’s feet were thudding faintly, her blue pumps dangling in one hand. There were days, few and far between though they were, when she regretted her promotion. Certainly, her voice traveled farther across the table with the board than on the floor of the group home, but she missed seeing the kids every day. Mostly, she regretted losing the easy kinship with them she’d so painstakingly built. Other times, she just missed her tennis shoes.

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creganstarks  asked:

1, 6, 7, and 23 for the salty asks 🖤🖤🖤

1. What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?

jon/sa. but like, i fully embrace my existence as a trashcan full of sin and i honestly don’t feel like judging anyone bc of the whole incest thing (i mean my all time otp’s robb x jon like who am i kidding) but as soon as the reunion scene happened as much as it was sweet and emotional af i was also super bitter?? cus technically i ship jon with pretty much anyone who’s kind to him, granted most of them only platonically, and then out of all the stark siblings sansa was the only one who didn’t care for jon like at all growing up, and she’s the only one he gets to reunite with (so far)?? i just sort of accepted it as one of got’s typical cruel narrative devices and got on with it, but then the way the writers handled their relationship afterwards was also..disappointing to me, which definitely didn’t help either lmao

(but tbh i think the only fair answer to this question is “pretty much every popular het ship no offence but im so gay i can’t see straight”)

6. Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?

years ago when i was still super into my anime fandoms there was this ship that paired off one character from my otp to another character that i simply didn’t care much about. hated it for the longest time, didn’t get it, witnessed a bunch of dumb fandom drama over it, got curious once wondering what the fuss was all about and read like one (1) fanfic that unfortunately turned out to be Amazing, like that writer literally opened up my emo teenage mind on what a fanfic could be instead of just silly and smutty although that’s nice too. ended up reading a shit ton of fics of that ship, it just so happened ppl who wrote for it were apparently all crazy talented, and bc it was a much less popular ship compared to my then otp, the fandom generally got a much more chill vibe like everyone was just minding their own business while writing amazing shit, and how can anyone say no to that

7. Is there anything you used to like but can’t stand now?

the only thing i can think of in the got/asoiaf fandom is probably rhaegar x used to be cool to think about before i, well basically realised what a dick rhaegar was being?? like all he really cared about was probably the prophecy and idek if the idea of lyanna possibly had feelings for him and went willingly makes it any better

outside the asoiaf fandom something that hit me real hard recently is, ugh, bell/arke. they went from “brotp that i wouldn’t mind seeing developed romantically” in s1 to “how is anything simultaneously your brotp and notp how does this even work” in s2&3 and now after the recent episodes im just..done. i know like 92% of the fandom ship them and this is probably gonna be painful for me but meh, typical me i guess

23. Unpopular character you love?

my first thought was “dude so many” but then when it comes to actually naming cersei unpopular?? i’m genuinely not sure cus most of my friends in the fandom love her as much as i do lol. murphy’s definitely not unpopular anymore after s1 and tbh i loved him even during s1, “violent nutcase secretly vulnerable and soft inside” always does it for me, plus he’s So. Pretty. 

can somebody explain to me why the most famous musicals have gay ships in their fandoms?

Like, first it was (kinda???) Lams in hamilton, then it was the two jocks (forgot their names) in heathers, then it was connor and evan in dear evan hansen, and now I’m v v v v sure that the two main guys in be more chill have some sort of ship behind them. Am i right or wrong? I only listened to the first few songs of bmc so I can’t really tell.

P.S. Is there one with a lesbian ship in them??? I’m just honestly waiting for it to happen and I want to know as soon as possible

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5, 9, 14


Has fandom ever ruined a pairing for you?

I honestly thought I would love Lagertha/Ragnar forever and I still do in a very NOSTALGIC sort of way. People in the fandom who still cling to it after how obviously one sided the love became just ruin it for me. I love AUs and I am NOT one to follow the canon by any means. In canon I do believe Ragnar loved his wives in only the basic respectful kind of way. There is a reason he never told either wife he loved them. He only loved his children and his legacy. He loved his people, and he realized that too late. The ship really just makes me sad, for all it COULD have been. 

Most disliked character(s)? Why?

I dislike Torvi, in that I believe her character is pointless. It was just a way to get Hirt’s other daughter a role and make it a bigger deal than it was. I hate the ship of her and Bjorn. She’s just an empty half-assed character. I also dislike Astrid for that reason as well. 

Unpopular opinion about your fandom?

I think in a lot of ways the fandom likes to ignore the canon ( and not in a fun light hearted AU sort of way ) but in a very problematic way. I could really go into detail about the issues I have with the christian/pagan relationships in the show but that might seem sort of defensive and more like a personal opinion. I just think SOME of the fandom is immature and willing to pretend things are in the show or read into things that were CLEARLY not intended that way. *shrug emoji*   

Day 2: Crush/Confession

I miight scribble some art to go w this later, as this is nowhere where I want it to be. Cons of doing a ship week, Not enough time to put out content I actually really like h.a.. 

Summary: They are. Gay. For each other. There is not much more to it than that.

Also: I am very tired of people writing confessions where Genji doesn’t have a severe amount of self doubt. 

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OK. Get Ready Because I’m About to Become Unpopular but Fuck It.

I said I was not going to tag any particular ships in this (though because Tumblr is a fucking asshat in terms of their ‘search’ options, it’ll undoubtedly show up in a tag where it shouldn’t), but I’m going to go ahead and tag and say what I have to say, for better or for worse. Even though I’m literally on the verge of a panic attack because I know I’m probably going to piss off a lot of people.

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Shipping is going to get complicated

Seriously, if there’s chemistry between this Eobard and Barry too… we’re really going to have to start making a distinction, no?

We obviously wouldn’t be able to call them Barrison…

I’ve been calling Barrison Eobarry too since the reveal last season. But now I’m wondering if we shouldn’t just take the shipname Barrison for Harribard/Barry only and Eobarry for Mattobard/Barry. If that ship is going to be a thing, anyway. But seeing as I already got pretty excited to see Barry slam Eobard up against the wall/fence whatever, I’m guessing yes. Maybe it’s the power of the Reverse Flash suit…

Am I the only one that cares about this sort of thing? ^^’ I’m weird, I know. I like to be able to name my shipping stuff without getting confused.

Harry/Barry I’ve always been tagging Barrison2 so there’s no problem there. But just the Barrison vs Eobarry thing is making my head spin right now.

How I became to ship Reylo
  • Me: *watching TFA in theaters opening weekend* wow the way that guy picked up Rey is sort of cute like bRIDal STyle wait he's evil stop
  • Me: am I the only one noticing this sexual tension I mean this is sexual tension right? *looks around theater* I won't say anything or else people will think I'm weird
  • Me: why is he looking at her like that they're supposed to be battling wat
  • *5 months later*
  • Me: hey remember when you watched TFA and Rey and Kylo and maybe a bunch of sad souls ship them together idk I'm curious
  • Me: *scrolls through tumblr*
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me:
  • Me: shiz

anonymous asked:

Since you are one of the biggest Jaime/Cersei shippers I know of, what are your opinions on incest in general, and not just limited to the ASOIAF world?

It’s entirely different, isn’t it? I mean in a fictional world you can present incest as you want, technically, hence you have Jaime and Cersei who have this entirely consensual relationship and that’s it. I’m not sure something like that (entirely consensual, initiated by both and continuously sought after by both) can exist in real life, and if it ever did or ever will, it will be the minority. Incest in real life, whether one likes it or not, is rooted in abuse. Not necessarily abuse perpetrated by one to another, but also abuse suffered by both incestuous parties. It’s very complex, and I don’t think I have the education on the subject necessary to write extensively on it, but from what little I have seen consensual incest is hardly something you see outside the fictional world. Overall I think it’s very important to draw a line somewhere, between what is fiction and can be altered and made to fit whatever fictional reality we want, and what is real and therefore just is, cannot be tweaked. I mean, I do not ship all siblings, and I do not ship the siblings I do ship because they’re siblings. I ship Jaime and Cersei because it’s Jaime and Cersei, not because of some sort of incest fetish. I am a fan of siblings dynamics in the purest sense, not necessarily because I think to sexualize them. I’m an only child, therefore one might say I like what I can’t have! BASICALLY what I am saying is, fiction is not real and therefore it needs to be judged through different paradigms, all the while keeping in mind that it is fiction, and different from reality as such, and reality should not be romanticized!!!