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Hiya! You're such a positive person in the JB fandom and I'm kinda disillusioned right now after this week's episode... I think I was caught up in Nik and Gwen's interviews and the hype and started to believe JB is happening this season but maybe not? I haven't kept up with the leaks but I'm starting to think that Nik and Gwen knew the JB fandom was bound to be disappointed and were trying to give us something to smile about... :/ how are you feeling about the whole thing??

Hi there, anon!

To start out with your last question first – I think you are implying two things with your question, right? On the one hand, what I think of the Gwen/Nik interviews in connection to the episode and an overall assessment of L’Episode du Blegh. I hope I got that correctly.

So, to turn to the first part of the question that I now interpret to be a part of it… I tend to read too much into things, so you have to excuse me in that regard, LOL. Anyway, do I think that Gwen and Nik have been riding the JB Hype Train only just to please us JB shippers?



For a number of reasons.

First of all, as much influential as the JB Media™ may be (we control the internet, guys!), we do not wield that much power that our most precious, dorky Dane, who is still finding out how social media work, and our magical unicorn of wonder will mean to appeal to *us* in that way. So, the assumption that they were trying to brace us for Le Blegh presumes that they’d feel a personal need to keep us JB shippers tuned, prepare us for the inevitable Le Blegh. And I don’t think that is the case.

Hand in hand goes that Gwen’s also been going on about that Wildling Fellow with the Beard™ in connection to Brienne (now, whether that was her personal choice or something communicated to her by HBO/managers/producers/what not is up to debate and not the topic just now). She wouldn’t have done that if her agenda was to somehow reassure JB shippers – or to prep them up for yet another scene. She would have chosen another language during that point of time to reflect on that matter, which she did not. So that, to me, already works against the hypothesis that she’d have interest or feel a need to brace JB shippers for something inevitable such as a short-lived, comical relief TB scene or Le Blegh.

Another reason – Nik is an epic, good-looking (epically good-looking) troll when it comes to spoilers. He is really good at saying a lot while saying nothing at all, so not to reveal anything spoilery. That is his kind of style, but it’s not really his style (as far as I have seen in the retrospective of his interviews on previous seasons) that he’d push one thing as a reassurance for fans to stay tuned.

Nik’s usual turn is to talk about Jaime at the point of time where we left off the past season before the new season airs. Which is a smart thing, because it makes him less vulnerable to reveal big spoilers – he only ever speaks of Jaime based on what is *common knowledge* and is canonically true.

So, I just don’t believe our two precious celebs would do that. On the contrary, I believe that they have been as JB-friendly as they were because a) both enjoy playing that relationship, b) Nik ships it, let’s be real…, c) Nik is happy to talk about anything but his character’s incestuous relationship with his twin sister for the umpteenth time – and who can blame the man, really??? and d) judging by another interview Gwen gave (when yet again asked about the Wildling Fellow who Shall Not Be Named and responded in a way that came across to me as her being rather annoyed on her character’s behalf that it should be about Brienne’s feelings and not that of said character not to be named), I also think that she is rather happy to talk about her character’s *deep* relationship with another character instead of that throw-away scene that got way more hype than likely anyone ever anticipated.

The point thus is that I just don’t feel like Gwen and Nik would do that. Nik loves trolling, but that is not trolling, really. It’s just not their style, as far as I can judge.

But anyway, the big point I didn’t yet speak of is that there comes another assumption with this assessment – that JB shippers will be disappointed this season, which they meant to brace us against by flooding us with some JB goodness in the interviews.

And I don’t think they will be in the longrun of the season.

I think we are going to get JB candy, even if we had to swallow some Blegh.

A lot of Blegh.

That is what makes most sense to me *at this point* - though, mind you, that is just my personal observation, I am no psychologist, behaviorist, or what not, I am not inside Gwendoline Christie’s or Nikolaj Coster-Waldau’s heads. I am just basing this on my reading of their past interviews in connection to the seasons that aired following their ipromos.

Anyway, moving on to the second part of the question.

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I've noticed that there haven't been many doubleb moments for a while, and to me it seems like they have become distant, what do you think? i miss doubleb

Ok firstly I want to apology for the long wait. I just needed time to find/make the right visiuals to answer your question better. (btw gif cr:2owners if you don’t want me using your gif pls dm me and I’ll remove them.) 

Secondly you are not alone in your feelings. In fact I think it’s safe to say a majority of doubleb shippers have wondered the same thing.

So here are some fangirl theories for you via me {warning long rant ahead}

*Just a reminder I am just a fangirl who does not know doubleb personally so of course all theories are based solely on what I’ve seen and not on actual fact. So take everything with a grain of salt :)

So I first noticed some distance as maybe many of us did when MOBB started up. Now Mobb may not be the actually cause of it but it coincidentally happen to be around there that Hanbin seemed distant from Bobby.

And Bobby seemed to want Hanbin’s attention more than Hanbin wanted his.

Even during Mobb Vapp Bobby manages to bring up Hanbin

kept his distance from other girls 

and while still showing a deep friendship with Mino even create a buddy-buddy handshake in place of skinship 

( which if you watch the vapp bobby isn’t very touchy with Mino and most of the skinship is from Mino to Bobby) maybe for the the sake of his easily jealous boyfriend watching at home.

I’m not saying Mino is at fault. I don’t think he or Bobby did anything intentionally to hurt Hanbin but the members have said before how emotionally fragile Hanbin is so maybe Hanbin felt hurt anyway. Either way instead of just being like w/e he seemed to want to make things good with Hanbin again.

Which brings us to after Hanbin’s eye infection. While Hanbin was recuperating doubleb suddenly seemed to be on good terms again. Maybe Hanbin felt Bobby had suffered enough or he just really missed him because Hanbin was again being clingy as ever and they seemed to be their couply selfs again and doubleb shippers could sleep soundly again. YAY!

I’d also like to point out that while Hanbin was getting better he let the other members do most of the talking while he stepped back in interviews and even tho Bobby wasn’t sick he stayed back with him. idk it just made me happy to see…like Bobby’s priority was more Hanbin than anything else :)

So where are they now in terms of their relationship? I’d like to think they are back where they’ve always been. In a close, strong unbreakable bond since pre-debt

I know shippers get in a panic when we don’t see them stand together or interact during an interview or stage performance but these boys have been together every dayfor 6 years (as friends or whatever u want to think) of course there will be times where they don’t feel the need to be around the other but that doesn’t mean they’ve suddenly stopped caring about each other. They’ve been through too much together to break up so easily. 

Also I know we still don’t see much of their interaction but I really don’t think its due to there being not much doubleb content but rather not much iKON content. Right now all we really have are concert fancams and japanese interviews and while we can take little moments from these we really see our best doubleb moments in vapps, bts’s and unrealsed scenes

And there just hasn’t been much of those lately. They haven’t done any ikontact, showtime days, bts’s or vapps in about 3 months, But I feel like the second they do get something out we will see a lot more doubleb content without a doubt :)

I know a lot of doubleb shippers were also troubled by some of bobbys actions and words when he recently said Hanbin is too touchy in an interview and how he pulls away from Hanbin sometimes. But you have to understand Bobby has always been like this. It isn’t anything new. I even did a post about it a long time ago and that was when they were being couply af.

Thing is Bobby doesn’t always like being touched but at the same time he seems to have no problem being the ‘touchy’ one. I don’t know why. It might be a masculine thing or maybe hanbin’s touches just make him too flustered and nervous and he just can’t deal. It could be any number or reasons but I’m not too worried about it because it really doesn’t seem to bother Hanbin. Like he keeps coming back more clingy and smiley as ever so I think he must understand Bobby’s feelings better than we do. As long as Hanbin looks happy I’m ok because even tho Bobby doesn’t always show it as obviously as Hanbin does there is no doubt in my mind that he loves him just as much :)

So rest easy my fellow doubleb shipper because this ship is no where near close to sinking. :)