am i talking to myself


Fuck anxiety and fuck everyone who thinks I am just over dramatic. My mind just started racing and now my heart is pounding and I feel like there is a boulder on my chest preventing me from breathing deeply and my fucking asshole coworker saw me and was like “Why do you always get so randomly dramatic and act like you can’t breathe??”

BECAUSE I FEEL LIKE I CAN’T FUCKING BREATHE BECAUSE I AM HAVING A FUCKING PANIC ATTACK I AM NOT SITTING HERE TAKING DEEP BREATHS FOR YOU TO TALK BY AND NOTICE ME I AM TRYING TO CALM MYSELF DOWN. Now I feel like what if I am just dramatic and there is nothing wrong with me and I have been taking medicine for no reason and I just need attention and it’s making me panic even more because what if this is all self induced and there is nothing wrong with me and if I just tried harder I could stop it?

I feel like I’m going to pass out.

people wanna fix america’s obesity problems? i got an idea. how about we lower the price of healthy foods? 40% of people who are overweight make lower wages, therefore all they can afford is the cheaper foods. a head of lettuce costs more than a box of pasta, and people wonder why so much of our population is overweight

Things the signs say daily

Aries: I heard you were talking shit

Taurus: I am going to treat myself

Gemini: I’m SURROUNDED by idiots, holy fuck

Cancer: Why am I single

Leo: I’m fucking GREAT ok

Virgo: It’s all wrong, let me fix it for you

Libra: Why can’t we just get along

Scorpio: Leave me the fuck alone- WAIT COME BACK

Sagittarius: Let’s do something COOL, you guys

Capricorn: Everything is so stressful

Aquarius: The government is corrupt

Pisces: The sky is really pretty today

I really, really, really hate it when people make their relationships super dramatic. Relationships are suppose to be enjoyable, fun, and a breath of fresh air. Sorta like a getaway from the rest of the world. So what if your partner didn’t text you in 10 seconds!! Stfu ugh! You don’t have to make a big deal of it.

Di Gata Defender Problems

So there are a total of 2 (+ me now i guess so 3) people in the motherfucking fandom. OKAY IDEK IF THEYRE APART OF THE FANDOM SO AM I ALONE HELLO SOME ONE HELP WE NEED TO STICK TOGETHER WTF WE’RE PATHETIc

God my 1 follower is probably like

 "what the fuckk"

I… I am so worried for mikayuu after all the theories i read so far…

Ons isn’t getting a happy ending after all huh…. I cannot believe they’ll seriously do this to us wow…

Rip mikayuu, rip all the shippers and rip the rest of the fandom///

leorexx asked:

[ SO I ONLY JUST REALIZED THIS IS YOU CORINNA IM A STOOP also your bellatrix is A+ - also you know how I got tipped off? Your bunny gifs ]

took you long enough, corinna! gosh this is like talking to myself. 
i am not. i am talking to you. and yes, it’s me, in all my bunny glory, and now
thank you so so much you wonderful noble creature of the universe !!

just to clarify: Loving You Is Easy was NOT leaked. UJHQ posted a link to the boys’ soundcloud earlier today with a 40 second preview of the song. It was put out to the public by the boys’ management team. 

Beautiful Life Acoustic was NOT leaked either. Again, there’s a small preview of it, but that’s because it’s ON ITUNES. It is OUT THERE. For the public. Put out by UJ’s management, or whatever. 

“Leaked” is when some sketchball releases music or footage and it isn’t anyone associated with the boys or the boys themselves. 

Instead of blowing things outta proportion and creating rumors (intentionally or not), let’s just BREATHE IN (inhale) and BREATHE OUT (exhale) and calm it down calm it down calm. it. DOWN. 

and for the 9 billionth time, let’s stop worrying about all the bad stuff and ACTUALLY FOCUS ON THE FACT THAT THE REAL LIFE ALBUM IS GOING TO BE RELEASED IN 20 DAYS. THAT IS AMAZING STUFF RIGHT THERE PEOPLE. let’s do everything we can to spread the word about it, everyone you know may seemed hyped up about it but we’re living in a jcat bubble and we needa pop that bubble a lil bit and expand our horizons and try to get some new people in the loop and see why we all love our union j boys so much, so they can love them too and love their album and be happy just like us :3 SO YEAH. LET’S DO IT. make flyers, make facebook/twitter/tumblr posts, tell your friends, relatives, people on the street, make videos, parade down the street with a megaphone, I DUNNO… GO CRAZY. i just really wanna see union j succeed and it’d be nice if their fans could help them out with that :)

kennedy will probably eventually settle on one face again someday but for a change in character like that you have to keep in mind the fact that would mean they had overcome/were overcoming their mental illness which takes time, and fiction-wise, a lot of character development 

how long it will take all depends on the progression of their character via rping but considering how time goes by relative to an immortal character there’s a very small chance kennedy would undo the mental damage done over decades in only a few years

future threads tho

like the one with grumpy old man sean cassidy with hannah simone fc

kennedy would probably be at least a little better by then