am i starting to like myself is that what this is

dead chicken jokes are old and unfunny now, pls drop it. don’t send me any more asks about it. it was funny at first to joke about shoma having no fashion sense but it’s gotten to the point where there’s more focus on his costumes than his skating. i honestly don’t care what he wears at worlds, i just want him to skate well. i don’t agree with all his decisions but at least i can recognize he’s his own person and can make his own decisions.

also this twitter thread sums up my feelings about the skating fandom’s recent tendency to treat shoma like a little kid. it’s a good read and i recommend it for everyone. i have personally called myself his “mom” before and i think this has exacerbated the problem, and i will try to avoid this kind of vocabulary in the future. in my case, i feel protective of him because i have literally watched him since he was 12, and have followed his journey for the past 6 years. i am also some years older than him. it may be hard sometimes for me to believe he’s grown up, but the fact is that he is 19 now, a legal adult in most of the world, and should be treated as such. the fact that he looks young is no excuse to still talk about him like he’s 10 (and tbh, even if he WERE 10, that’s still no excuse to be creepy). basically just…stop infantilizing shoma. watch how you speak. remember skaters are actual people and not a collection of tropes to blow out of proportion.

this has been a PSA

Sonamy: Sonic Forces Story

Hey! I’m not one to write fanficiton, I’m more of a reader than writer myself, but I wanted to write out this scene before I came around to drawing it. Because every drawing I did, I didn’t like and I would start over. So I thought, why not write it out first? Which is what I did! 

I am not a great writer by any means, this is like my first official fanfiction, and it’s not even that long haha. I didn’t try to make it as good as some writers do (props to you guys) and there are definitely some mistakes in there with writing errors and proper grammar, but I simply made it so I can draw the scene. 

It’s an idea by @the-amazing-p3a for an Amy confession scene in Sonic Forces, and I’ve been thinking about it ever since I read her post! So the credit goes to her! I also wrote like a little paragraph of what I’d think they would do when they actually defeated Eggman. Of course, it’s not great or long, but whatever!

It’s going to be under ‘read more’ because I don’t want it to crowd up people’s dashboard! :)

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anonymous asked:

Hi I just read another ask that mentioned that you were bisexual and I was wondering if you could tell me how you knew because I think I might be but I don't want to say I am and then not end up being it is sorry I know this is worded weirdly but I really need someone to talk to my family isn't that accepting and open about this stuff

hi beautiful :’) well it has not been an ‘i have always known’-thing, as it has been for other people. i started to realise that i had a lot of ‘girl crushes’ on celebrities until i had to say to myself okay marlen this isn’t just being straight and finding these women aesthetically pleasing, you think they’re hot. so i was like okay maybe i’m like sexually attracted to women, but what about the emotional part. so i asked myself (and you should maybe ask yourself too) if i could see myself being together with a girl/woman. i did, in theory, but i wasn’t 100% sure yet if i could actually be together with a girl/fall in love with one. but when i developed a pretty serious crush on a girl in my grade when i was 16 it was pretty clear to me that i felt an emotional and sexual attraction to girls. but i’ve never doubted my attraction to boys, bc i had an on/off relationship with a guy when i was 15-18 and i know that i loved him so that’s why i’ve never even considered being a lesbian. i don’t know if this helped you, if not, don’t hesitate to message me about it again. have a lovely day and know that i’m always here for you <3

Stalker Situation

So I’ve had a situation going on for a while that I have kept to myself. But now that I’m fairly confident it is dealt with, I’ll post bits about it. I’ve been dealing with a stalker since before Christmas break. He was someone that I’ve known for 21 years. In all honesty he never seemed like a threat, or a thing to be worried about. He was just that kid that followed me around some in high school. We were friends and nothing more.
Turns out that to him I was the end and be all. And he never forgot me. Anyway, we ran into each other again before Christmas and I didn’t see anything wrong with it. Boy was I wrong….
He started constantly contacting me and telling me that he loved me and that he and I were going to be together. This despite my repeated telling him that I have a significant other that I am deeply committed to in a loving relationship. He even went so far as to get a vasectomy when he heard that it was a bad idea for me to have children because of my PCOS. How creepy AF is that?

I cut contact and it worked for awhile, but then last night it was like the stupid hit him. He started to blow up my phone while I was out with two of my friends. I totally let them in on it and we dealt with it.

Thankfully this dude can’t drive. And thankfully he doesn’t have my number or address.
Small favors eh?


Can I have a minute to talk about the whole Kallus & Thrawn. It’s like…

“Oh, alright, I am going to fight this rebel myself. I had to shoot two of my training droids because of him and I don’t like when my things are touched. When I am done, the death troopers can tie him to the nearest battery.
And I will definitely invite him to the beautiful play I am about to start and offer him the best view in the front row.
I also hope, he will enjoy the treat. We are having frigate pancakes and corvette steak today.
What, agent Kallus? You don’t like my banquette?
I am so dissapointed in you. I will give you to Pryce. She wanted so desperately to test her new strap-on on a convenient subject.”

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k so i have questions that fall into the "just enough information" category, I am sure you've probably answered these before but here goes: 1. why did you start writing poetry 2. do you read other peoples poetry 3. what is appealing about poetry, 4. will you consider yourself tagged visa ve la devils challenge, as in writing about subject matter etc xd

hehe, for you there is never any information that is ‘too much’ to share.

1) i started writing poems to give myself daily structure in my struggle to managed with my illness.  poetry was the easiest thing i could do at that point in time in the small window of time i set aside for creativity.

2) if i follow you, i try to read your poetry.  i don’t normally read poetry though as i don’t enjoy it very much.

3) i like abstract thinking, silliness, people struggling to convey very personal information and word play and poetry often has those elements.

4) i’m afraid you’ve lost me >.<

P.S. you never answered my question.

anonymous asked:

Hi! I was just wondering if you had any radfem/feminist theory/etc. books that you would recommend reading? I'm a baby radfem and I really want to educate myself and get beyond the cesspool that is Tumblr and really have some facts to back up what I'm arguing for! Thank you for your time, I hope you have a nice day! :)

hi anon!! for some reason my asks haven’t been showing up so I’m sorry if you thought I was ignoring you. here are some books I would recommend to get your thoughts flowing. remember: these aren’t bibles but starting points for you to draw your own conclusions from. this is also not a definitive list as each author has a large catalogue to draw from, so if their writing resonates with you, definitely pick up some more of their books. has more resources for free you can read. if anyone would like to add to this list, please feel free to do so as I am sleepy and probably will miss a few. I think you’ll find them interesting. happy reading dear anon <3

Sheila Jeffreys - Gender Hurts, The industrial vagina: the political economy of the global sex trade,  Beauty and misogyny: harmful cultural practices in the West & Unpacking queer politics: a lesbian feminist perspective
Anne Koedt -  The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm
Kate Millet - Sexual Politics
Gail Dines -  Pornland: how porn has hijacked our sexuality &  Pornography: the production and consumption of inequality
Germaine Greer - The Female Eunuch & The Whole Woman
Andrea Dworkin - Right-Wing Women, Intercourse & Woman Hating
Catharine MacKinnon - Women’s Lives, Men’s Laws & Only Words
Julie Bindel -  Straight Expectations
Janice Raymond - The Transsexual EmpireThe sexual liberals and the attack on feminism Women as wombs: reproductive technologies and the battle over women’s freedom

conversationinthehallway  asked:

9, 22, and 37!

Sorry I’ve been so slow at these music asks!

9. Artist/band that saved your life

Arghhh so many. I have to pick Miranda Lambert though. Post-Uni, I cut myself off from everything I used to be because it ended on such bad terms and I was so numb. I head The House That Built Me” on the radio out of nowhere (country in the UK what?) and felt so connected to the lyrics and the melancholy. I downloaded her catalogue and fell in love with the simple truth of country and it got me through a really tough time. This section especially…

You leave home, you move on and you do the best you can.
I got lost in this whole world and forgot who I am.

I thought if I could touch this place or feel it
this brokenness inside me might start healing.
Out here its like I’m someone else,
I thought that maybe I could find myself.
If I could walk around I swear I’ll leave.
Won’t take nothing but a memory
from the house that built me.

22. A song to jam out to at 4am

Hot Blooded - Foreigner or JoJo - Leave (Get Out)

37. A song that has a lot of meaning to you

Into Each Life Some Rain Must Fall - The Inkspots & Ella Fitzgerald My granddad loved the Inkspots and this is the song we buried him to. I listen to it and think of him often.

anonymous asked:

I'm an 18 year old guy and I'm very short and have a light voice. I have no confidence in myself because all my peers are tall, independent and look like grown ups. I don't even drive or look for a job because I'm afraid and feel like there is no point I wish I was taller but I know I can't change how I am. What can I do to accept/embrace myself for who I am and have the confidence to be independent?

Okay, you do NOT need the standard be yourself and accept who you are lecture. You’ve heard it before. What you need to do is to love yourself as you are. Then, look inside and see if you aren’t just using your size as an excuse not to do these things. Get up and out. Learn to drive. Start tomorrow. You need self-confidence and you get self-confidence from success and achievement. You can do it. Start tomorrow.

See: Sam’s Guide to Self-Cherishing for more on this.

hold up

the TARDIS is a phone booth
but she’s also a super intelligent sentient being

was the TARDIS the first smart phone?


This was stupid

This whole thing, it was so stupid, and it made Annabeth feel stupid, and she wasn’t stupid, she was smart, gods damn it, so why couldn’t she do this? She should have been able to do this.

She only realised she was crying when a tear splashed on to the page of her textbook, blurring the black letters printed on the white page. That tear falling felt like conceding defeat, and soon enough she was crying in earnest, sobbing hard enough that the words became even less intelligible than they’d already been.

She put her head down on the book and let herself cry, feeling terribly stupid and sorry and frustrated. Her whole face felt hot, flushed with anger and annoyance - at this essay, at herself, at the fact that she was a daughter of the goddess of wisdom and she couldn’t seem to write a simple fucking essay.

When the door to her room opened she instinctively straightened, grabbing her dagger and spinning in her seat to face the intruder. When she saw who it was she immediately collapsed back onto the desk, face first, letting her dagger fall to the floor. 

She heard Percy shut the door behind himself. There were a few soft footsteps, and then a gentle hand on her shaking shoulder and a quiet question. “Annabeth, hey, what’s up?”

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Is this Relationship Working for You?

Not every friendship is helpful and worthwhile … and sometime we need to ask ourselves the following:

1. What am I getting from the relationship? Is this person there for me when I need them most? Do they build me up, and bring out the best in me?

2. Is this friendship draining, or is it mainly negative? Do I feel I’m just being used? Are things always about them?

3. Can I be genuine and real – and just myself - with this person? Or are they likely to react if I share my honest thoughts?

4. Do they care about my feelings, my views and my opinions? Or do they treat me like an object, whose feelings never count?

5. Am I putting with things because it’s started to feel normal? Am I scared that no-one else would really want to be my friend?

Hello frindes, it me, Doctor Elly: Cat Docutor. Welcmom to my ofic, ples make yuself comfortbbable. 

Wow. It am discurouging time to be humn bein, huh?? Im sory human pal. Very scarey. Very strseful. Boy Im do Not Envy Yu!! Luckly I have brain sligtly slmaller than Shot Glass n don known anything or have any concpt of futur which is ver Nice. But like yu, I oftn find myself in situatin i don’t chuse, and, do not want neither. feel helpless 2 get out of situuantion. For expample, I am dont like Hugs. 

This not exact parallol to yu situatin watching apparnt rise of global fascism. But not NOT like! 

Here is what I think yu must rember. Many of yu, human bing, arm not used to constant low-level despair of feelin like yu liv in hostile worl, hostil society. but Many of yu brothers & sisters have been fleing this way longnn long lnngong and bad time. did not start in novemnmbr. will not go away if dondald Tormp not president. 

And those ppl are & have been fight. They use claws and teth and loud yelling to say LET ME OUT THIS HUG!!!!! even when it seem like nobdodyy listening.

They are not pretend it okay. They r not pretend not to be tired. they accpept this anger, sad, tired, and use for energy when they can. and when they cannt – in between claws and teth and yelling time – they also just liv. do dishes, make art, lauf at Nitflax show, eat a cheez treat. hug…….i gues. if yu like that kind of thing.

yu can fight best as person you ar. cannot fight as person pretend 2 be unscared all time, or as person who doesnt need break, or person who not tired. 

fact that yu can say “I am Tired now,” “I am hopeless now:” this is STRENGTH. does not feel like it, but is. let these things, sensntatins of hoplesns, have yu for a litle whyle. give them the time they want, & they will lose power to take ALL yu time.

also i give yu assignment if yu fel able, not if yu don’t. Assignment im suggest is go out tomorrow and engage with physiclal world. dont care how. bird watchin? dance clas? go to dog park or craft store? dont care. but take in information not thru Twit and Tumbll. Take in info not verblaly. Take in world with yu blurry eyes and ears & pointless nose & long creepy paws. And when yu get scare, remember me elly am alwyas here siting next to yu very warm and soft.

tiny purr. tiny tiny purr.

Fire me for protecting my co-workers,feel the burn in return.

Warning: this is gonna be long.

So this story is a few years old now from my first year of varsity. I had started varsity and was doing a pretty hectic course in the medical field. As a child to a single parent who had not worked since I was 15 I obviously needed a job to cover my living expenses and what little my scholarship didn’t. So I started working part time at a book store in my local mall as it suited my personality and I love books in general. (The book store is one of those large scale corporate chain types.) The pay was as close to minimum wage as humanly possible though.

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Straight White Boy Problem #987

last time I smoked weed (two years ago lol) I got really existential while listening to Childish Gambino when i was at Ryan’s house and i took a couple hits and was like what the hell am I going to do with my life? Am I going to find my soulmate some day? Do my friends actually value my feelings and do they value me for who I am or are friends just using me for their own gain? Is it okay to root for the New England Patriots even though I’m not from New England? All these questions were going through my mind and I was breaking down. I didn’t know what was going on I didn’t know I had all of these pent up emotions that were being brought out. I was scared. I wanted to talk about my dilemnas with Ryan but the last time i tried that, he made fun of me I need to start letting myself feel emotions rather than smoke my troubles away. So I quit weed. Granted, I still hang out with Ryan but it’s just not the same bc I dont smoke anymore :/

Pewdiepie Injustice Rant

I just found out Scare Pewdiepie season 2 was cancelled because Felix is apparently anti-semetic. Now, here is why this whole thing, including Felix being dropped by Maker, is complete bullshit.

Let me start with saying I myself am Jewish, and have been face to face with real anti-semitism. Real anti-semites are cruel, rude, forceful, ignorant, etc. What Felix did is known as this thing called a joke. Yes, it was a joke in poor taste, but Felix is a good guy and apologised, so there is no place for punishment here. Maker and Yotube are being too strict in dropping him and cancelling his show.

Now, let’s focus on the show. Youtube cancelling his show is shooing away all of the hard work and passion Felix put into this show like he does for everything. Scare Pewdiepie is something really important to Felix, and now all of his (and the crew’s, and Séan’s) tireless work and hours are being treated like it doesn’t matter. I’ve been having some issues with Youtube and this whole Youtube Red thing, so this is the icing on the cake.

Overall, I fail to see completely cruel intention in Felix’s actions, and really appreciate how big he is for apologising. What has this world come to where everything is treated as a worldwide attack?

Tldr; Felix does not deserve to have his hard work crushed because of a JOKE!

its almost one am and i am barely coherent but i just had a thought

what if at the end of the mcga series we get a repeat of the end of the last olympian

the norse gods are giving the heroes gifts for their bravery in the fight against loki and they call up magnus

and odin says “we rarely bestow this gift but we feel like you have earned it. magnus, we would like to offer you a second chance at being alive.”

and magnus is floored because being alive again means so many things?? he could go back into the mortal world and actually live there, fix up his uncle’s house and make it an actual home for himself, hell he could start a charity for homeless kids. and he doesn’t know what to say so he turns back to his friends and theyre all giving him forced smiles and it hits him

this offer is only for him.

obviously for hearth and blitz and sam the reward doesnt matter since theyre still alive, but his other friends will still be dead. theyll still be residents of floor 19, waiting for the actual end of the world to come.

if magnus becomes alive again, that means he couldnt come back to hotel valhalla. they could visit, but it would never be the same as actually living there. he wouldnt have any of it-the brawls, the feasts, his floormates, the rest of the hotel.

and when he died again, would he even end up back at the hotel? he could be chosen for a different afterlife, one where he never sees his friends again. he could lose them for all eternity.

and magnus looks at mallory and halfborn and t.j. who are all clapping for him with sad smiles, struggling to imagine life without them, and then he looks at alex.

alex, who chopped his head off the first time they met. alex, who had shared stories of her past with him. alex, who was snarky and talented and witty and brilliant, who was staring at him with wide eyes threatening to spill over because she knows, she knows that magnus becoming alive again means leaving the hotel.

and in that moment magnus realizes that he is in love with alex, and he doesnt know why he never realized it before, never realized that he would go to the end of the world for her, never realized that he stared all the time because he just loved every thing about her.

and he knows. he knows he cant take the god’s offer. because it means he could never see his friends or alex again, it means losing some of the people he cared about the most, and hes already lost so many that the thought of losing them makes his stomach churn.

so magnus turns back to the gods, and he tells them, “as much as i appreciate your offer, i have to say no.”

and the room gasps, because hes turning down such a valuable gift from odin himself, he could never get this chance again. but odin nods, smiling, like he knew all along that magnus would say no.

and the moment magnus goes back to his friends theyre all swarming him, asking why he turned the gods down, why didnt he take the chance to be alive again? and alex is standing outside of the group, still staring at him in shock, and magnus cant take it anymore, he breaks free of the group and wraps alex in the biggest hug he could manage.

they stay like that for what feels like ages, like theyre the only two people left in the world, holding each other in silence, until alex breaks it. “why?”

“because i dont want to ever lose you,” magnus whispers back. “i couldnt take the chance.”

and alex is just so overwhelmed with emotion, at the idea that someone would turn down the gods because of her, that she starts to cry, and magnus is crying too because he knows, he knows why alex is crying, and their friends all give them the biggest group hug with tears of their own and they all stay there, with the weight of the world finally eased off of their shoulders, and the gods are faced with a heartbreakingly beautiful display of mortal friendship and feelings, the reason why magnus turned down the chance to live again

and im tearing up over this because magnus loves people, he loves his friends and family and he will never ever let them go

I’ve spent many many years apologizing to everyone around me. Saying sorry when sorry’s didn’t need to be said. I was always “too much.” Too emotional, too sensitive. I talked too much, and I thought too much. What an obscure thing to tell someone, “you think too much.” “You feel too much.” It’s like saying “your entire being is too much.” But after years on end of apologies to others and still feeling my worth at a low, I have finally started to apologize to myself for ever thinking that who I am can be defined by another. I’d rather be too much of everything than not enough of anything.
—  I’d rather be too much of everything than not enough of anything.

lutz0660  asked:

Wondering, how do you get away from over planning? At some point I got trapped in this never ending cycle where everything is so over planned I feel like I am hitting brick walls at every turn! How do I stop? How do I fix it and keep my story line?

Overplanning Your Novel

I got stuck in a rut like that myself last year. See, my problem has always been that I didn’t plan enough, and I’d get halfway through my draft and have no idea where I was going. So I started planning, and I kept planning, and planning, terrified that if I didn’t have a solid plan before I started writing, I would wind up in the same boat I was before. But it was getting more difficult to visualize the complete story with nothing but detailed scene notes and fantasies of what crucial plot points would look like. I was lamenting my frustrations to a writing friend one day, and she offered me a wise suggestion. Why don’t you just start writing it anyway?

This can be overwhelming advice. Especially when we writers have a penchant for ignoring one of the most crucial parts of the outline - the beginning. Where does the story start? What is my character doing? Is the villain already after her, and if so, how do I show that? How much do I explain? How can I “start writing,” if I don’t even know how or where to start?

Not to mention, that first scene in some ways is supporting the entire story. Because without a good first scene, the rest doesn’t really matter. That first scene leaves an impression, and it’s often the reason some readers stop or continue a book. 

I don’t say all this to put extra pressure on anyone. I’m just saying that we’ve all been there with that first scene, and it can often stop us from ever moving forward. 

So when she told me I should just start writing anyway, I looked at my outline. And yes, it had holes, and yes the climax was kind of fuzzy, and hell yes the backstory wasn’t completely clear. But when I read through what I had, I realized I actually did have several consecutive scenes that made up a fairly big chunk of the novel. I may not have known exactly what led to this chunk of scenes, or even what came after, but I estimated that I probably had a month’s worth of writing material to keep me occupied. 

I picked a scene in the middle of my outline, and I wrote it. When that scene was finished, I continued to the next scene, and so on. If I had no idea what the next scene would be, or if I was simply frustrated with it, I’d consult my outline, find a new scene, and jump to it. 

That’s the beauty of having any kind of outline - you no longer have to write in order. The outline helps your brain understand approximately where these scenes will go in the finished product, and, when applicable, what scenes will come in between two scenes that you’re currently writing.  

And somehow it kind of worked, which surprised me. I spent the entirety of NaNoWriMo writing random scenes from my novel, completely out of order, and those written scenes acted like magical story cement, filling in many of the cracks and holes in my plot. The backstory tightened up to accommodate plot twists I hadn’t planned until I was writing them, and as I spent more time with the characters, my excitement for the climax grew, and I felt more invested in working it out. And most importantly, that opening scene started to become clearer.

In conclusion…

After that self indulgent speech, let me bring it all together for you. Planning is great. Planning helps our project grow and evolve. It helps us understand where it’s going and why we’re writing it. Without a good plan in place, our writing can be aimless and wandering, and the story might never reach a logical and cohesive conclusion. And yet..

Writing is also great. Writing helps our project grow and evolve. It helps us understand where it’s going and why we’re writing it. Without writing, our plan is just a plan, and it will never become a story. 

If you’re concerned that you’re over planning, stop yourself. Right now. Look at what you have. Count how many detailed scenes you have figured out, and then estimate how long it might take you to write them all. A week? A month? Two months? Give yourself a deadline, and then work on writing those scenes before your deadline. I promise you, you will end up with at least one scene that wasn’t in the outline. And sometimes one scene is enough to completely change your thinking and affect the way you move forward with your planning. 

And of course, once you hit that deadline, take a moment to refresh. Update your outline, tidy it up, delete scenes, add scenes, and then go from there. Hopefully the time you spent writing will leave you in a much more optimistic place than you are right now. 

Good luck!


For some more insight, I highly recommend @theticklishpear‘s post on World-Builder’s Syndrome….and really any other post you find in their series archive.