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Happy birthday space dad !
Team voltron gave him his presents on the 28th this year !

(Bonus when you won’t stop joking about your big bro being 6 yo )

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request! mccree and hanzo arm-wrestle... who wins?

it was rlly hard to pick a winner but..

i talked to @overdrivecow who figured out that theres more to arm wrestling than just pure strength; a lot of it is in the technique, which mccree certainly learned somewhere at some point!! 

the way homecoming Should Have Ended
  • the pain of jeremiah’s actions stings almost as much as the fact that kara knows this feeling well. she wants the betrayal to burn its way down her spine, but it doesn’t, not when she’s been hurt so many times before.
    • if anything, this is a different kind of pain than true betrayal. it is dull, a constant ache, not a seeking one. it’s a pain that says i’m here, i’m always here, i’m always here
  • sometimes when the anger is too much, when it presses down too hard, she flies. sometimes she screams. sometimes—she cries
    • these times, the moments where she curls up on her couch and just lets go–they are rare, born only from the most desperate of dashed hopes
  • there is a knock at the door, and kara mutters something about unlocked– come in. she does not spare much thought to the figure at the other side, too exhausted to lift her head, x-ray the door. whatever she is expecting, it is certainly not lena, carrying a small paper bag
  • “you had to miss lunch today, and well, when i miss lunch, that means i’m too busy to eat, so i wanted to stop by with some d—”
    • in any other moment, lena’s rambling would be endearing. in any other moment, kara would be blushing furiously by now, stumbling, falling
    • in this moment, her breath catches in her throat, comes out as half a sob. she wipes her eyes, a futile gesture, and tries to smile like lena hasn’t just walked in on her sitting and crying, alone on her couch
    • (of all the people, of all the times. kara almost wants to laugh at the universe for being so against her)
  • “i, uh– well, you’re right, i didn’t eat. thank you,” kara says. lena wavers for a moment before shaking her head, stepping forward once, giving kara a chance to rebuke her
    • it would be as easy as sorry, i kind of want to be alone right now. lena is expecting it–who would want a luthor as a source of comfort?–but the words never come
  • so she sits next to kara, tense and unsure, but then kara is sniffling and leaning into her, and lena wraps her arm around kara’s shoulder and pulls her close
    • it is, after all, what kara would do for her
  • they sit like that for some time, silent save for the occasional trembling breath
  • eventually, kara breaks the silence: “my father back on–” she swallows, hard, shakes her head a bit. “my father made the medusa virus. he created it, and when i found out, i was… i was so angry. i had loved him, believed in him. and he had created that? and my adoptive father here he… he betrayed us too. today. he came back, but he–”
    • lena knows kara is supergirl, has known since the moment kara danvers walked into her office for the first time, hot on the heels of clark kent. but the confirmation, uttered with so much trust, so little fanfare, makes her heart clench painfully
  • “it still hurts,” kara says. “even– even though it’s happened before. it still hurts”
  • “it’s because you care,” lena says softly. “you care so much about everyone, and you trust, and you love. that’s not a bad thing. that’s an incredible thing, kara”
    • she wants to say more. she wants to say i never believed i was a good person until you came into my office and sat on my couch and now– now you are doubting yourself, and oh, i wish i could show you the same thing you showed me
    • she wants to say i love you but she’s not sure about that yet, though she is becoming increasingly confident by the day
  • kara leans back so she can look at lena, bites her lip at the way lena is looking down at her with so much righteous affection, like she would take on the world to prove the truth of her words. it is the same look she gives lena. “do you mean that?”
  • lena does not answer. instead, she reaches for the paper bag she had placed on the table earlier. she holds it up for a moment, waits for kara to understand
    • kara brought donuts when lena needed trust, needed love. it is her turn to return the favor
  •  “i figured you could use a donut. you do eat donuts, right?” lena says. kara stares at the bag for a beat, then she looks up
  • finally, she smiles. “well, i’m not human, but—”

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Hei! first of all, thanks for being so nice and helping with the language. Aaand in my norskkurs we are studying time and it is low key driving me crazy. not because its hard, but because is so diferent then in my language (it is not english) if u could tell me the basics, it ill be nice, like when u say its 6:30 u would say its halv 7 ? kinda the same with 6:15? oh my im confused.

Heeey there, buddy!! <3

To be honest, I never really realized how complicated telling time could be in Norwegian (compared to English, that is) – at least not until I started studying other languages, got to the time-portion of said languages, and thought "ha ha….wait, that’s it?”. 

SO!!!!! !(•̀ᴗ•́)و ̑̑ Without further ado, it would be my pleasure to try to give you a quick, short, and somewhat simplified overview:

Telling Time in Norwegian 101

Hva er klokka? - What time is it? (lit. “What is the clock?”)

Klokka er… - It’s … (lit. “The clock is…”)

- To

Over - Past

Halv - Half


Time || Norwegian - (”Literal translation”)
**Norway uses the 24-hour clock/military time


16:00 || Fire - (”Four”)

16:05 || Fem over fire - (”Five past four”)

16:10 || Ti over fire - (”Ten past four”)

16:15 || Kvart over fire - (”Quarter past four”)

16:20 || Ti på halv fem - (”Ten to half five”)

16:25 || Fem på halv fem - (”Five to half five”)

16:30 || Halv fem - (”Half five”)

16:35 || Fem over halv fem - (”Five past half five”)

16:40 || Ti over halv fem - (”Ten past half five”)

16:45 || Kvart på fem - (”Quarter to five”)

16:50 || Ti på fem - (”Ten to five”)

16:55 || Fem på fem - (”Five to five”)


*I think a lot of people find it confusing that we refer to “16:30″ as half five and not half (past) four, but try to think of it as “halfway to five” instead.

*You can also say “seksten tretti” (”sixteen thirty”) instead of “halv fem”, or “seksten førtifem” (”sixteen forty-five”) instead of “kvart på fem”, though I find it’s more common to say “kvart på fem”. 


Alright, I thiiink that should cover the basics!! c: If you have any questions, feel free to send another ask!! <3