am i sorry

lup, taako, and krav go out shopping, and leave the ango-sitting to barry bc he is not good at shopping (”we tried for a century, krav, i swear it’s a lost cause”). they come back and angus is decked out in an all-denim ensemble. they fall to the floor in tears. in the pursuit of their own selfish goals they neglected to protect he who needed it most. shame upon their souls, and a plague upon their houses,

Hi I want everyone to know that

I also want everyone to know that

Do you know who else I love?

but wait there is more!

And please don’t forget that

you guessed it

and most importantly of all

I love every single one of you! You don’t even have to know who I am but know that I love and support you and wish for your happiness. You are going to be amazing no matter what.


Lance: …are you sure this will save him? 

more of the Sharkboy and Lavagirl AU  bc if Keith is gonna be tossed into a volcano it is gonna be Lance.

And because this lines:

“Shiro: I cant let you go, you will die too!!
Keith: he is my best friend…”

“Shiro to keith: you are not destruction you are not evil, you are LIGHT ”
(yea shiro is max for me)