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Namjoon: *speaks English*

Jungkook: That’s my father ladies and gentleman. I am his son. I am Kim Namjoon’s son. I will make him proud one day.

Seokjin: Bitch, that’s my husband. Look at him go. Look. At. My. Man. Go. When will your faves fucking ever?

Hoseok: Just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave.

Yoongi: Man, the fuck are you saying? I was the one with the tongue technology… Kumamon would never disrespect me this way.

Taehyung: H-h-human? What is this godly tongue in which you speak? How has thou not graced us with this commodity? Teach me your ways, savior. I shall forever be indebted to your kindness.

Jimin: Yeah, boi. Watch dat tongue go. Dat man so damn f9. Bitch, my panties droppin’ over here, c’mere and give me some lovin’

Just a fanart of precious monster-Dr Flug (without a paperbag on his head), shown me and designed by @demcakes .
I just could not resist his cuteness!

Maybe its only a correspond? Not a death flag. (maybe I just get it wrong

Through the ring Touka can remember her parents and Kaneki now can through the ring think of Touka. Touka said that the ring always gave her strength, and now Kaneki owns it, it may can help he to get rid of the torment or depression? ( noooo, there is no torment, I-I b-be-believe

Touka treat the ring as her treasure, and she gave it to Kaneki, it means Kaneki is the person also she treasure and important to her. This action may acquiesces their relationship as lover.

And necklace which is under our shirt and close to our heart, you can always feel it and protect it. Kaneki just put the necklace on in front of Touka, and smile like a child, obviously he is sooooooo happy. I think this bring out the message that Kaneki also treat the ring as his treasure and he is willing to accept the ring and Touka’s intention. It’s really beautiful.

In conclusion, I think those panels just want to show us how Kaneki flirt a girl.

+ RPF + Jodie Comer / Jacob Collins-Levy + pg + 751 words


Of course Jacob had heard about Jodie Comer. He knew an agent –well, his agent knew an agent– in London to ask what she was like. The reputation, the character, the whims. And he wasn’t stupid, you know? He did his research. He knew that the girl was from Liverpool, that she was one year younger but way more experienced with television than him, and that she had a smile that could turn a pit bull into a lap dog.

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characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Apostasia
pairing: ^ (rating: finger to mouth action, but pretty pg otherwise)
words: 526
summary: Apos is tired. being with Arme always fixes that.

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