am i smitten

When the music starts, you KNOW it’s about to go down.

It’s like they’re telling you “prepare your heart” but nothing could’ve prepared me for that. Lord, I am smitten. I am Sana. I will give that man 12 children(or 2 and adopt the rest).

But seriously, when that music changed I was like “YAAAAAS, come through Yousef!” and he did. When he passed behind her, I swear that was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen and it’s funny because I’ve seen a lot of TV sex and found it quite off-putting. But that’s honestly one of the things that I love about this show. How it turns stereotypical TV tropes on their heads or shuns them altogether.

I think a lot of people have reservations about this season because of what they perceive as “limitations” due to Sana’s religion, ie., there’s going to be none of the explosive/graphic hookups like S3, but for me they’ve done such a good job of establishing the affection that these two have for each other, the longing and dare I say intimacy because that scene was definitely intimate and all without excessive physical contact, that I don’t feel like anything’s “missing” because…it’s not. That’s masterful. And with the music in the background, a character in and of itself, it was pure perfection. It’s everything I could have asked for or wanted for Sana. That and a man who loves kids, knows how to cook and looks at her like she’s the only star in his galaxy.

And Elias coming in at the end was a nice humorous moment, especially considering that he jokingly(?) scolded Yousef for flirting with his sister. I’m of two minds about that: either he really was just teasing and it was a funny coincidence or he knows/suspects how Yousef feels and is seemingly okay with it. It’d be great if it’s the latter.

This handsome party boy is Mayor. He’s a pit/staffy/who-knows-what mix that I rescued 3 years ago, 1 year after being abandoned to the vet by his family. He loves cuddles and car rides. I never imagined I would ever fall in love with a pitbull but here I am, totally smitten. @loops911

My mind is blown over the fact that YUURI was the playboy in the Eros story all along. YUURI is the one that came into Victor’s life, seduced him for a night, and left him behind, smitten and forgotten, leaving Victor with only memories and photos.

Of course Yuuri was drunk off his ass and forgot he’d even done this, but nonetheless, it’s amazing and hilarious and such a wonderful twist. All that time with Yuuri being like “I can’t play this role,” and Victor’s sitting there like “uh hell yeah you can”, and now we know for certain why he was sure of that. 

over-active-daydreamer  asked:

Do you have any headcanons on Revali, Teba, and Kass discovering that their s/o is a really good dancer? They could be traveling, but stop to see a festival and one of the dancers pulls them in and they shock the Rito when they are able to keep up? Please and thank you. I love your blog!!!

b l ess 

This is it, everyone. My ultimate weakness is these three right here

Love these bird boys-


- You were the one to suggest going to see the festival, so he decided why not, it couldn’t hurt

- Was impartial to it the entire time, but enjoyed seeing his s/o having a good time

- The last thing they see is a performance with some dancers along with it, and it interests Revali more than anything else did

- Even more when the dancers go into the audience and pick people out

- One of them being his s/o

- So he’s definitely watching them as they hit the dancefloor

- As the performance goes along, his eyes are all on his s/o, they’ve taken the spotlight

- The dancer even lets them freestyle, and Revali is absolutely smitten with them all over again

- They’re so amazing?? Where did this come from???

- And why didn’t HE know about this?!

- As it ends and they’re applauded, Revali is in cheerleader mode until they get back

- “You have to do that again sometime.”

- Boasts about them for weeks afterward, and tries to get them to teach him how to dance


- He wanted to have a good time with his s/o, so he’s the one to suggest going to the festival

- He might not look like he’s having a good time to his s/o, but everyone else will see him smiling and watching his s/o with an endearing look on his face when they’re having fun

- There’s a performance going on too, so they stop by that along the way. The music is quite enjoyable, and the dancers even seem like they’re having a good time

- They then start picking people out from the audience, and his interest peaks when his s/o willingly agrees to go

- He watches his s/o closely as they make their way to the dancefloor, and is floored when they start to dance

- He didn’t know they were this good at dancing-the thought hadn’t even crossed his mind until now

- They flash him a smile when they make eye contact, and he can’t help but return it 

- He feels like he’s going through the first time he met them all over again, a love at first sight gone right

- When his s/o returns, he pulls them close to him

- “You were amazing, my dove. I think we might have to find these more often.”

- He sticks true to this and purposely finds out about future performances when his s/o isn’t around after that


- He kinda has to go in the first place, he’s the one playing for the dancers

- Of course his s/o agrees to go-they’re so excited to hear him play live

- Though they get to hear him all the time, but either way he’s so happy to know that they love and support him this much

- Halfway through the song, the dancers file off the stage and bring in the audience

- His heart soars when he sees his s/o being brought onto stage and can’t stop smiling

- His eyes are completely on them the whole time, some of the audience notices and gets super excited

- When he catches their eye, he nods his head over by him, and they know what he wants.

- They walk right up to him after the song finishes, and there’s anticipation buzzing through the crowd as they both walk to the middle of the stage

- “They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that my dear (Name) is one of the most amazing dancers I’ve ever laid my eyes on.”

- The crowd is cheering so loudly after that

- He asks his s/o later on if they would like to become one of his dancers whenever he goes to perform and is elated if they agree

- Of course, if they don’t wish to, he is alright with it, but asks to see them dance more often

imaginativeoptimist  asked:

And maybe a Iwaoi soulmate AU or something like that-?

Because of my previous iwaoi AU in which Iwa can see affection, I am thinking of soulmate AU more than I already am. Σ(-᷅_-᷄๑)

IwaOi soulmate AU (red string):

  • Iwaizumi can see red strings around people’s little fingers. 
  • Iwaizumi never knows what they are until he’s nine, when his parents get divorced. He dislikes those red strings because he can’t even help linking his mother’s abandoned one with his father’s, or cutting his father’s from linking to another woman.
  • Iwaizumi finally learns to (somehow) appreciate his ability when he’s in college after he helps Kuroo get together with his fated mate. (Kuroo also becomes the only person who knows Iwaizumi’s ability.)
  • Iwaizumi becomes the captain of their uni volleyball team (and Kuroo vice captain) in their junior years. It is that day when he and Kuroo goes to their team tryout and he’s about to open the door that he sees red string appearing around his little finger which leads inside the stadium. 
  • (Kuroo unfortunately figures it out at Iwaizumi’s stunned state and vows to learn who’s Iwa’s fated mate even though Iwa refuses to tell.)
  • Iwaizumi is more than surprised to see his red string attached, not to a might-gonna-be manager, but to a tall (irritatedly taller than him), full-blown smiley faced freshman.  
  • This freshman turns out to be the star setter that the rumours has been centered on. His name’s Oikawa Tooru.
  • Oikawa makes a speech to become the setter to the ace (while looking directly at Iwaizumi) when it’s his turn to introduce himself.
  • Iwaizumi suddenly finds Oikawa everywhere in his life. 
  • The truth is, Oikawa tries to bribe Kuroo to “share” Iwaizumi’s class schedule so he could run into Iwaizumi as often as possible. 
  • Oikawa manages to convince Kuroo by admitting that he comes to their university because he admires Iwa’s skill in volleyball and leadership on the court when he first saw Iwa playing on the court when he’s in high school. (“It’s love at first sight. But why it has to be with someone as  unromantic as Iwa-chan senpai? I can’t even boast about it!”)
  • Iwaizumi has a hard time convincing himself that Oikawa (bright, brilliant, popular Oikawa) really likes him without any influence of “the red string of fate.”
  • There’s a lot of courting (from Oikawa), a little bit more denial (from Iwaizumi), a whole lot of help and scheming (from Kuroo) and even one challenge of volleyball (“Five serves.” “What?” “If I get to land five service aces before you could receive five of mine, you have to stop whatever that’s bothering you and gives me a chance. I don’t care what you mean about I am confused by my admiration. I will show you how sure I am of my feelings about you!”)
  • (Iwaizumi may or may not go easy at his ninth receive and have Oikawa lands his fifth service aces first.)
  • (Deep down Iwaizumi knows he wants to believe, not in the red strings, but in Oikawa.)

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