am i seriously gonna tag all the ships


For all you sick, selfish, ignorant h2ovanoss shippers out there. Are you happy with yourselves? If you are, you should feel absolutely guilty for what you did. They are real people, with feelings, and you guys just keep going too far and trying to force this ship on them like their robots. You guys are so embarrassing..and you should REALLY feel ashamed of yourselves… especially if it’s true that Vanoss broke up with his girlfriend because of little pricks like you.

I hate to keep ranting but, these ignorant shippers who did this, you’re all like stupid kids in a classroom who won’t shut the fuck up, and gets on the teacher’s nerves so much that he blames the whole class. Do you want to stop shipping? Do you want them to take this privilege away from us? Sure seems like it. If we all get blamed for this I swear. I will mentally beat the shite out of every little ignorant shipper who did this. (No I’m not gonna harass anyone). But seriously though… 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congratu fucking lations you stupid fucks! YOU DID IT! You absolutely ruined the ship you guys love the most! Say goodbye to h2ovanoss, because you just fucking killed it with your stupidness! Might as well get used to all the other ships you guys shite on every damn day, cause that’s all you’re gonna see if he stops playing with delirious. GREAT JOB DUMB ASSES! 👍

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‘Am I ready?’ 'For now.’ (dedicated to mymargulies)