am i seriously gonna tag all the ships

Lemme have a lil bit of a rant. So here i was feeling down and mess up and find solace and happiness on my otps or ships per se… and i saw this one post just one post and dammit kid i am already feeling all kinds of negativity and you start this shit. Please why cant people or fans just stick to their own ship. like i’m gonna ship who i want, you ship who you want but don’t go parading your ship on the tag that is specifically for the ship i want. also dear look “its shipping” for fucks sake its for fun you dont go strutting and say this ship is fake, this ship is the real deal. like no you dont do that. 

of course i did a double take on your tumblr name and seriously this is why we were hated by our own. you always forced it down our throats and expect us to swallow it because its your ship. please stop. this is why i always say i am fan of the boys but not the fandom. I dont tolerate shits from people like you kid. I do what I know that will make my fave say ‘i influenced her in the right way’. He always say give love choose love. and that is what i’m doing for those years and years to come.

Ship whoever you wanted to ship but never ever go around fighting someone just because they don’t want to sail the same ship as you do. Also no saying its real or fake because it sound so childish and stupid.


ps. i’m gonna tag the ships in my two fave bands okay. because ship wars are so lame and it just breaks a bond between fans. please lets just respect each others ship okay. you sail that way, I’ll sail mine on the other aight mate?

i dont want to see any hate messages okay. i didnt mention any ship names so calm yo titties

S*nny-bees posts in the Blacksun tags rant...

I am sorry but this needs to be said, because to be honest I am tired of seeing more of that ship than ACTUAL blacksun stuff in the tags. So I am gonna go off on another rant to get this off my chest. This will be short.

Please STOP posting S*nny-bees in the Blacksun tags. Seriously, that ship has little to do with Blacksun and there should be NO reason for it to be posted on them at all. They are technically two DIFFERENT ships and technically do not have anything in common at all. Sure Blake and Sun is in it, but that doesn’t make it “half blacksun” or whatever the case may be. It’s not Blacksun at ALL. 

Like you guys have your own tags, why don’t you use those? I am not the only one who feels this way of having to see that ship be posted on them, that ship doesn’t belong in those tags at all in any way. 

I’m pretty sure the wasps would say the same too of seeing this same ship be posted on their tags as well and are just as tired of seeing it as us. STICK TO THE PROPER TAGS PLEASE.

And please stop telling people to “Why not ship both?” or “why not ship s*nny-bees so we can finally get along?” That is just another way of telling people what they should and shouldn’t ship. That’s not a way to get along, that’s just asking people to ship what you like. Just.. no. Stop it. 

S*nny-bees  ≠ Blacksun (& B*mbl*by only time I am willing to vouch for them in this case, though unfortunate.) 


For all you sick, selfish, ignorant h2ovanoss shippers out there. Are you happy with yourselves? If you are, you should feel absolutely guilty for what you did. They are real people, with feelings, and you guys just keep going too far and trying to force this ship on them like their robots. You guys are so embarrassing..and you should REALLY feel ashamed of yourselves… especially if it’s true that Vanoss broke up with his girlfriend because of little pricks like you.

I hate to keep ranting but, these ignorant shippers who did this, you’re all like stupid kids in a classroom who won’t shut the fuck up, and gets on the teacher’s nerves so much that he blames the whole class. Do you want to stop shipping? Do you want them to take this privilege away from us? Sure seems like it. If we all get blamed for this I swear. I will mentally beat the shite out of every little ignorant shipper who did this. (No I’m not gonna harass anyone). But seriously though… 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏 Congratu fucking lations you stupid fucks! YOU DID IT! You absolutely ruined the ship you guys love the most! Say goodbye to h2ovanoss, because you just fucking killed it with your stupidness! Might as well get used to all the other ships you guys shite on every damn day, cause that’s all you’re gonna see if he stops playing with delirious. GREAT JOB DUMB ASSES! 👍

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‘Am I ready?’ 'For now.’ (dedicated to mymargulies)