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how do we feel about valentine's day? I noticed you didn't put that in the other ask about holidays. (basically I'm starving for some Quality Klance Content kk.)

I can’t believe I forgot I’m so disappointed in myself. Okay here we go, some quality (mostly Klance) content.

  • So, in general…
    • Lance loves Valentine’s Day with every fiber of his being. He doesn’t just use it as an excuse to gift Keith his crushes however, he also loves to give gifts to his friends because everyone needs some good old fashioned caring and appreciation on Valentine’s Day.
    • Keith says he doesn’t care but he’s always wanted to have someone to share Valentine’s Day with. But he’s always been pretty lonely so he developed a sort of bitterness about the day.
    • Pidge couldn’t care less. She’s fourteen, she’s just here for the candy.
    • Hunk is an absolute sap and he also loves to give his friends candy and stuff for Valentine’s Day. He’s super thoughtful and he makes his friends their favorite treat/candy because he knows it makes them happy.
    • Shiro is just a bystander to the whole thing, until he actually has a crush that is, then he’s in deep.
    • Allura and Coran have literally no clue what they’re going on about.
      • Allura: Is this some kind of human courting ritual??? Lance: What are you- Holy quiznak it is.
  • But when they actually celebrate Valentine’s Day on the ship, Lance buys everyone gifts just like he did back on Earth and Hunk bakes everyone something with ingredients he grabbed from the local Space Mall. And it seems like that’s all that day’s gonna be because no one has a crush on anyone right?
  • Wrong.
  • So, Shallura. (I gotta work up to that amazing Klance content and I love Shallura so here we go).
    • Shiro doesn’t know what to do because Allura is an alien and what do aliens even do when they like someone? Do they even have crushes? Do they even care about romance? Like??? So he has this whole spiel written up and he bought a really sparkly bracelet that doubles as a weapon (don’t ask me how) because Allura can be stylish and kickass.
    • Allura is still pretty confused but she wanted to do something nice for Shiro so she invited him for a walk around the castle and she showed him the ballroom because, um, dancing is the universal sign for “hey i like you”.
    • So Shiro gives her the bracelet and he’s so flustered and Allura takes pity on him and just invites him to dance and they do and it’s adorable and it’s soft and they love each other so much.
  • Hunay. (That’s Hunk and Shay’s ship name right????).
    • Hunk and Pidge straight up break the rules of intergalactic communication physics to connect the castle to the Balmera but it works and he spends the rest of the day telling Shay about their journeys and how much he can’t wait to see her again.
  • Here it is….
    • Lance spends the whole day trying to figure out how to casually give Keith something he had searched multiple alien markets to find without making it seem like he cared. Which is literally impossible Lance because how.
      • (It’s a super fancy knife that Keith was talking about and it’s made of expensive metals and shit).
      • He also bought a bunch of rose-like flowers and he’s still trying to figure out why he felt the need to buy them for Keith.
    • Keith, meanwhile, is trying to figure out how to sneak Lance face wash and hygiene stuff (taken from Earth) that he stole procured from an alien dealer a few planets back.
      • He also bought a bunch of blue flowers but he knows exactly why he bought them, he just refuses to actually give them to Lance.
    • So they’re awkwardly avoiding each other the whole day and finally the just end up running into each other on accident when they’re going back to their rooms so that they can try and forget that this whole day ever happened. 
      • And Keith accidentally admits that he got something for Lance and he can’t take it back because Lance just looks so happy and all of the pining is suddenly worth it. So he goes and grabs the gift, even the flowers, and he comes back out only to be surprised that Lance had to go get his gift as well.
        • He almost cries but he’ll never admit to that.
      • So Lance opens his gift first and he’s so happy and now he’s crying because it reminds him of home but it also reminds him of the fact that people still care about him and love him up in space. And he pulls Keith into a shaky hug and doesn’t let go for at least two minutes because he’s so thankful but he finally does and he just smiles at Keith, something soft yet full of emotion.
      • Then he gives Keith his gift and Keith just immediately knows how much Lance had to go through in order to get that knife and he doesn’t even realize he’s crying until Lance asks him if he’s okay (obviously worried he made a mistake) and Keith just kisses him because there is no other way to express his unending gratitude and love for this boy.
      • Needless to say they confess to each other and fall asleep cuddling in bed with the flowers mixed together in a vase, red on blue, and things are good.

It can mean something because those three have basement like photos…
And probably it means nothing but when it comes to B.A.P teasers I suspect even differently laced shoelaces 😑😂


Dana Andrews trying to keep it together and not succeeding in Laura (1944)

I’ve gotten the same anon 11 times and all it says is “Go kill yourself.” Between last night and now that equals 15. I had to turn my notifications off. I. don’t want to know who or why because this gives you power. I just want you to know that I am in a good place mentally that I value life and that won’t happen. And for when you explained I don’t belong here, yeah probably not. I don’t belong in a lot of places and I do in others. But if this is going to be a pattern I am will have to either not come back or find an alternative. You are lucky in the timing you chose to do this as my personal life has dipped, something that is not public business or to be used for pity. But I am seriously done with people belittling my life and worth.

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I just wanted to say that I love how you showed Alec and Magnus needing different things after their panic attacks in the last ALDNT, and how their partner respected and tended to those needs accordingly. It was just really nice to see. I'm curious what made you decide what makes each of them feel better?

Thank you so much! That’s a detail that really means a lot to me, and I worked really hard on getting that to come through in the story, so it’s so wonderful to hear that it worked! And it means so much to me to know that someone appreciates it!

As far as their individual reactions, it definitely started with a basic desire to make their needs as different as possible. I feel like a lot of media oversimplifies panic attacks and other breakdowns to be something where the character just needs a hug and a loving comment and that fixes everything. And while that’s absolutely true for some people, there are so many other possibilities. I wanted to show similar situations requiring completely different responses, with both responses seeming equally valid and understandable for the reader. I particularly wanted to show a panic attack where affection and contact actually make the problem worse, because I think that’s particularly underrepresented, what with the media tendency to show that a cuddle from a romantic partner can ‘fix’ any sort of mental or emotional problems.

And once I knew that, it basically came down to the differences in the cause of their individual panic attacks. Yes, both of these men have extensive histories with panic attacks, and they have a variety of triggers, but the root causes tend to follow a pattern for each of them. For Alec, panic attacks happen when he feels dangerous, like he can’t control himself. And for Magnus, panic attacks happen when he feels he’s in danger, like he can’t control the situation. 

Alec needs space and solitude to calm down, because when he’s panicking, he feels like he’s an automatic threat to everyone around him. He feels like he’s too dangerous, and that regardless of his intentions, he’ll end up hurting people. It’s why he physically couldn’t let Magnus touch him, because he felt so dangerous and so out of control of his own body that he was terrified that if Magnus had any sort of contact with him, Alec would hurt him. Also, Alec is very uncomfortable with the idea of seeming weak in front of people, so even after he calms down from the actual panic attack, he prefers to ‘put himself back together’ alone. He’s self-conscious about emotional displays, like crying, so having someone there to see it means he can’t really let go and actually feel what he needs to feel, because he’s too worried about how he looks or sounds or what the person is thinking when they see him. He needs to get through the worst of his emotions by himself, and get his thoughts together, and then he can open up to someone else. He just needs some time to himself to feel like he’s prepared for it.

Magnus needs a physical presence to calm down, whether it’s inherently affectionate or not. When he’s panicking, it’s because he feels helpless, and he’s incapable of convincing himself that he’s not in danger. So he needs someone there to assure him that he’s okay, and that there’s no actual threat, and that he’s safe. When he’s by himself, he can’t get past the feeling of danger, particularly because his panic attacks frequently include flashbacks to the times when he genuinely has been in life-threatening situations. So in the chapter, even after he’d gotten out of the shower, he still couldn’t get past the feeling that he was drowning. He needed Alec to keep repeating that he was safe until he could actually believe it, and he needed Alec’s presence for a physical sense of protection. Not only was Alec’s body pretty good proof that Magnus wasn’t being held underwater, but it was also comforting to know that there was someone else there at all, so if there were actual danger, Magnus wouldn’t have to deal with it himself. He needs to feel protected, because if he’s the only one there to protect himself, he’ll get even more paranoid about being in danger in the first place. Basically, he needs someone there to worry about him so he can stop worrying about himself for a few minutes.

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can you pls delete that chinese character off your blog? 穎芯 doesn't have a meaning there's no chinese phrase that means that., stop cultural appropriation, stop being a racist!.

  1. “穎芯” IS NOT suppose to be a PHRASE or a SENTENCE or whatever you think it might be.
  2. I am CHINESE, so how the fuck am I cultural appropriating?
  4. I was given the name cuz of the Feng Shui calculating, you can even google “Feng Shui” or “Bazi” and how Chinese Parents name their child through Feng Shui / Bazi!!!

I AM SCREAMING!!! I seriously can’t believe that I can’t use my mother language on my blog, and it’s cultural appropriating and racist to put my name on my blog. 


year 2016 & bts

I hope you all had a nice Valentine’s Day ~ <3