am i seductive

[In bed together]

Lauren, seductively: Am i a bad girl?

Camila, seductively: Yeah, you’ve been bad.

Lauren, pulling Camila closer: Oh yeah, how bad am I?

Camila: [Remembering how Lauren said she didn’t want dessert and then ate some of Camila’s]

Camila: You’re a fucking nightmare tbh, Lauren.


I’m like, really interested in how this seduction went down

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Hey, you come here often?
*seductively eats your friend*


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Chapter Two: A Flirtation

You played the organ that Sunday, as arranged. The night before was a tremulous mess of hope and confusion and fear, and still that nagging doubt- what if you hit the wrong notes, what if you disappoint him, what if what if what if. You tossed and turned and sighed and shivered. You thought of his dark eyes on you, the heat of his hand on your chin, his thumb soft on your lips. “I’ll see you again on Sunday, little dove,” like a promise. Like a threat.

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“He pulls your panties aside and his fingers start exploring your folds, you are embarrassingly wet and your cheeks are burning red, he wastes no time in slipping two fingers inside. “

Heh heh heh. 

a wee little taste. 

Puttin in work. 

God’s work. 

You thirsty sisters. 

I know what you want and I will give it to you.



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Many Faces

Me outside my blog: *Grumbling to self about not being able to make her character(s) look identical to the last time she drew them.* This is why I don’t do web comics. U3U;

Me inside my blog: