am i satan though

I have had no internet today, Time Zones please be kind and let it still be the 29th SOMEWHERE, because hell if I didnt try god damn it.

Happy Birthday all the same Ayu sweetie!! I hope it was a good one!!

The Way I'd End Pretty Little Liars

So, at the very end- let’s say the last 2 or so minutes of 7x20… After Uber A is no more, the guilty are put away, the torture is over, the girls embrace for one last time.
They’re beaten- emotionally, mentally, physically, and yet they survived and won. As the 5 girls walk the streets of Rosewood one last time- the camera flies over the town and fades to black.
Suddenly, we hear an ever so familiar sound… The sound of 5 cellphones going off at once.

Maya: Never lie to me again.

Grace (internally): Ok Maya, I have cystic fibrosis and im dying and the only other person at this school that knows is the girl you hate and the girl you hate has a gigantic crush on me and like your now ex-boyfriend I too had sex with the girl you hate and I have a crush on your ex-boyfriend even though I am treating him like he is the spawn of Satan and the only reason your ex-boyfriend cheated on you with the girl you hate is because she is trying to get back at me for crushing on your ex-boyfriend and I may or may not have lied about having a crush on your ex-boyfriend. Yeah, no, I think lying by omission is a much better solution. Dammit, my life was so much easier when the writers gave me like two lines an episode and my sole purpose in life was to be snarky as hell, to do computer stuff, give Zig girl advice, and to be the captain of the Zaya ship.

Grace: *Hugs Maya Silently*