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This is a picture of the Mirror’s October 10, 2017 article:

Does George Michael’s heartbreaking last interview reveal a key clue to his death last Christmas?

The former Wham! singer opened up on losing his first ever love and the death of his mum in tragic scenes

George channelled his heartache into an ongoing legal battle with his record label, Sony. He had felt his 1990 album Listen Without Prejudice Vol 1 was marketed poorly and accused Sony of “professional slavery”.

Lifelong friend and former manager David Austin, who was co-director and executive producer on the 90-minute documentary, said George learned that Anselmo was dying during the court case.

He says: “All these things happened at the same time. Obviously nobody knew, he hadn’t come out at the time. He was on the stand… he hadn’t come out, his boyfriend was dying, he was holding this close to his chest, which was just devastating for him.”

George lost his High Court battle in July 1994. “The whole thing was a complete waste of time,” he says.

Bought out of his contract by Virgin, his grief inspired the 1996 album Older, including his ode to his lost love, Jesus to a Child. But as George started to cope with his grief, he was dealt another devastating blow.

“I had about a six-month period where things were OK and then I found out that my mother had cancer.”

In December 1996, Lesley was told the disease was terminal and she was allowed home from hospital to spend a final Christmas with her family.

George was at her side for her final few days at London’s Charing Cross Hospital in February 1997.

“I was so spiritually crushed after mum died,” says George. “So crushed and felt so bloody picked on by the gods. For all of my adult life she was phenomenal. Terrible, horrible loss.” He admits he “hit rock bottom” in the following years, sinking to a new low from which he never fully recovered.

“I took it very, very badly,” he reflects. “I’d never felt that kind of depression. It was something different to grief. It was on top of grief, I was grieving for my mother still, but it was something else. It was the darkest time.”

colonel has a major sweet tooth, and damien is constantly telling him “Candy’s bad for you, William.” when he catches colonel eating candy

fast forward a bit

wilford is just eating some licorice, and dark is passing by, sees it, and just naturally says “Candy’s bad for you, William.” without thinking about it.

he realizes what he said, and freezes up, wilford looks at him confused, because he doesn’t remember his name being william, it’s been so long, and just asks “Who’s William?”

and dark just stomps away grumpily, not wanting to talk about it

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Finally decided to try my hand at drawing some voltron and thought I’d get some practice in with a quick sketchy sketch of lancey lance.
From a scene that made my heart ache in one of my fave fics: Lilac Sweet by Star_Gazing_Knight 

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what if the ability to easily dislocate and relocate arms is an altean thing so imagine the team is handcuffed behind their backs and allura and coran just pop their bones out and everyone else is just screaming. they turn back around and they're confused as to why everyone is so panicked looking and why lance is passed out on the floor

i can see that oh my god 

Ok so I know many have speculated that Flug just wants to hide his face from scars/wounds, but what if he simply wears the paper bag as some kind of face shield/mask? Like a face shield to protect himself from hazards such as chemical splashes or potentially infectious fluid. ( Haha, maybe his boss is stingy with money?? Or maybe he prefers covering his face with a shopping bag instead of an actual face shield ‘cause he is such a quirky yet cool scientist. Who knows? )  Maybe this ain’t the coolest theory out there… buuut another theory won’t hurt the villainous fandom I guess??

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Ares, son, your negligence to your or your, let's say, friend's health is baffling. Who taught you to flip tables with burning candlesticks still on them and... fought... on a horse backward? ...I bear neither the idea if I should be impressed or not, but I must say I am. (i think the "ground ares" plan just backfired)






It’s official, today the most witchy thing that’s ever happened to me has occurred. This tiny (beautiful) quartz point JUST FELL OFF OF MY PERSON.. I have no fucking clue where it came from. I have never seen it before, and I’d certainly remember it?

My coworkers rightfully asked if I’m just shedding rocks now, cause apparently I am?????