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ID #47625

Name: Teodor
Age: 16
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Hey everyone! So I’m looking for some friends because I don’t have many lol. I really want to talk to people about anything and everything, nothing’s off topic, the deeper the better. I’m reaaally gay so if you have a problem with that you are probably not the person I would enjoy talking to. I am really into social justice, human rights and all that suff so there’s that. I’m also very open-minded. I love love love RUPAUL’S DRAG RACE and 13 REASONS WHY. I put that in capital letters so all of you can see it while scrolling and maybe get excited as much as I get excited when I see it. I speak English and Serbian really well and German a little bit. My days consist of watching YouTubers, TV shows, listening to music (Beyonce <3, cupcakke, Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Gaga and many more queens, I told you I’m super gay) and studying. There are many more things I would like to say about myself but I just can’t remember right now. So you can maybe ask them?

Preferences: I would like to talk to someone who is not closed-minded and has a lot of free time to chat.
11 Reasons You Should Binge Pitch This Summer, Even Though It's Been Cancelled
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stop sleepin on Pitch

Week 2 Summary

((Clearly I need to learn how to remember to actually do things and stop procrastinating lol ))

May 15-21

  • A.K.A - Chaotic versions of existing characters (Moana, Maui, Hemolele, etc) began sprouting up out of nowhere, attacking the Tamatoa’s in relatively every multiverse. @the-crab-who-became-a-legend caught one of the perpetrators (chaotic Hemolele), and held a council of Tamatoa’s and their allies to decide what to do with her, which Lian and Kate both attended. ( canon )
  • Kate was visited by friend of hers and Lian’s, a raccoon who goes by the name Rocco. He’s always welcome to visit. ( @lostprocyon ) ( canon )
  • While exploring the far reaches of Lalotai on his own, Lian came across two monsters who go by Toka and Kirinuku. He decided to investigate their presence secretly, only to discover they’re up to shady business. ( @tealtambourine ) ( possibly canon? )
  • While Lian was away, Kate met Ermentraude and Darzsche ( @the-crab-who-became-a-legend ) ( non-canon (I assume))
  • Kate drew sketches of Tamatoa and Jay, giving the one of Jay to her. ( @glamorous-revenge , @jays-fictional-fun ) ( canon )

Real life

  • Started the creation of a Wings of Fire/Moana AU, including a sketch of Tamatoa as a sandwing dragon. Planning to create a separate rp blog for the AU
  • Trying very hard to get the motivation to work on replies and things
  • ((Currently wondering why I’m still exhausted ))