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found out by accident that @tyranttortoise and i are apparently birthday twins? because the world is just really beautifully weird like that sometimes. and what with that uf sans jacket she posted herself in, i decided to indulge in my own love of this edgy skeleton for my own birthday break time i gave myself and to wish her a happy birthday at the same time.

so happy birthday, ty! what a good day to have a birthday - i say, totally unbiased. <3

(beware my tacky edition skills) 

i hit 250 followers the other day and honestly i am just overwhelmed by the love and attention this little blog of mine got, that’s why i decided to do a follow forever♡

special thanks

@sixshotsofgigglewater: honestly if it wasn’t for you not only i wouldn’t have gotten into harry potter as a fandom but i would not be here typing this right now. everyone should follow you to see how witty and hilarious you are, and so full of knowledge, you’re my personal pottermore! thank you for hyping me up in my best and my worst, and per cent anni♡  

@maud-eration: you’re one of the first people i got to talk in this site and i love to see your posts in my dash!!! i feel like we have very similar thoughts about several things and i could talk with you about credence for hours too

@potthr: i remember talking to you about tips for blogs and you suggested this username to me, and i cannot be more glad! i will always remember that♡

@nacrissablack: you were one of my first followers too and you’re always tagging me in personal posts and i am just so thankful for all the likes and interacting i get from you! so i hope we talk more

@pctter: your blog is GOALS and you’ve been so supportive to me that i cannot help to feel blessed and thankful, really! i do hope we can talk more as well

@burkesandborgin: you’re also one of the people i first talked to, you asked me about skincare and it made me so happy! making the tumblr awards was so fun too and i just feel so thankful to have you around

@ff-sunset-oasis: we started to talk so recently and to follow each other but i am just so happy to have found someone i can hype myself up about blaise and theo like djgdsg your fics are goals and i am just so glad i found your blog!

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@bayer-mund You were the first person of this fandom who talked to me and you were the one who really got me into it. It’s also partly because of you that I am now a bee so thanks for making me suffer I guess :D

@satanic-horsemen Thanks for always tagging me in relevant ship stuff. You’re my fellow Götzeus shipper No.1 and ofc Erik/literally anyone else!! :D I hope whatever you’re writing rn is coming along beautifully!

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@dancinglewy Just thank you for existing you beautiful human being from halfway around the world! I mean, you’re literally the enemy by liking Bayern AND Schalke but I’ll make an exception just for you and say I like you just the way you are :D (Also fuck Lena Dunham!!)

so, as some of you know, this blog started out as a single muse blog for stefan from the vampire diaries. then, on april 6th, i decided to switch over to a multi-muse, and it was one of the best decisions i’ve ever made on the tumblr dot com. this is just a lil post to thank all of you who’ve stuck by me through the transition and a thank you to new friends i’ve made throughout this journey! (under a readmore bc this got long)

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This is basically a very small examination of my favorite Marvel character, Tony Stark, based on this post

Tony Stark has always been a very dynamic character. He’s the confident, suave, genius, billionare, playboy, philanthropist wearing the badass metal suit. His sassiness, wise-cracking, and attitude are familiar and entertaining. To me, he can be downright lovable. I can see why he’s not a favorite to some. The narcissism, the unprofessionalism, the immaturity, the condescending remarks. But I’m not really writing this to recruit Tony Stark fans. This is more of an analysis (especially on his PTSD, like the post linked above) that I hope will deepen the already-existent appreciation of his character. Keep in mind that I STILL haven’t seen Age of Ultron or Captain America: Civil War please. Occasional ranting will occur, so I apologize in advance.


  • Just to start, both of Tony’s parents were murdered.
  • Fast forward a couple decades, Tony gets kidnapped by FREAKIN TERRORISTS! During the kidnapping, he witnesses the violent death of young American soldiers and gets hit by shrapnel. Then he’s taken back to the terrorist base, has an incredibly painful crack surgery done on his chest with no anesthesia, until he’s not knocked out with what looks like chloroform. Then he wakes up with a chunk of metal surgically attached to his chest and is obviously freaking out before that scene ends (I mean I would too, I would think I’d been fuckin cyborged!). AND he can’t take it out or he’ll die. He’s kept in captivity with those terrorists for 3 WHOLE MONTHS, and is even subjected to water torture on one occasion.
  • When Tony escapes from the terrorist compound, his only friend and ally in those 3 months of captivity is killed.
  • Tony’s mentor, business partner, and friend, who had been in his life since he was a child, reveals he’s been using Tony as a “golden goose”, and had arranged for him to be kidnapped and killed by the terrorists. I mean, THAT BETRAYAL. Then the guy tries to kill Tony again, multiple times.
  • THEN, Tony is literally dying. I mean he’s actually dying. He’s slowly being poisoned from the inside-out by the electromagnet in his chest, which he can’t remove or he’ll die. So he’s basically got a terminal illness (of which he luckily cures HIMSELF later).
  • While being a part of the Avengers, Tony flies a nuke into a wormhole to space to save millions of lives, while under the belief that he won’t make it back before the wormhole closes. He loses consciousness believing that he will die alone, in the empty nothingness of space.
  • Fast forward again, and Tony has PTSD. Like full-on flashbacks and crippling panic attacks. And just to top it off, he gets ABSOLUTELY NO FUCKING SYMPATHY FROM ANYONE, not even from his best friend or girlfriend. Even Bruce fucking Banner falls asleep while Tony is telling him his story. FOR REAL?
  • Aaaaand his home is destroyed and falls into the ocean, with him underwater trying to hold it up. I’m sure that does wonders for his PTSD.

Every superhero has been through their fair share of tragedy, I’m not denying that in the slightest. But I think people (even his own fans) forget just how much trauma Stark has experienced. It’s easy to; Tony Stark covers up so much with narcissism, wise-cracks, and attitude. Frankly the only times Stark really shows that he has some strictly mental issues to work through are during Iron Man 3. If you had first met Tony Stark right before The Avengers, you would never guess he’d been held captive by terrorists for three months (something for which I am shocked he doesn’t have PTSD) and had suffered through and survived a terminal illness. His personality wouldn’t allow you to even consider that. He effectively covers it up will rebellious antics and jokes and immaturity. 

But we know what’s happened to him. We’ve seen it. We’ve watched the movies. We have witnessed his traumatic experiences firsthand.

So when it comes to Iron Man 3, it’s always a surprise when I see some of his fans, y’know, hating on him for being…


Iron Man 3 comes along and so many of his fans are so confused and annoyed with his obvious emotional and mental issuesand I’m just sitting here like, “Honestly, I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner.” For real, this guy has been through SO much, and some people in the audience and even in the movie itself don’t give half of a fuck about his mental state. He has PTSD and people are sitting there being disappointed that he didn’t wear the suit enough. WHICH WAS KIND THE THEME OF THE MOVIE. Sorry, ranting, ranting…

With all the trauma in his life, it’s honestly a miracle that it’s taken him four movies to finally experience any sort of mental struggle, and he gets very little understanding from the characters alongside him and the audience (even when it’s full of his fans). It’s more than a little disappointing and sad that such a large number of people are so unreceptive to his problems, especially when it seems very obvious why he possesses them. 

Iron Man is a superhero, but Tony Stark said it himself: “I am Iron Man.” You can’t separate the two. Without Stark, Iron Man won’t exist. Stark is the one who willingly put his life on the line to fly a nuke into a wormhole to save the lives of millions. Tony Stark is a human being, with human problems, a human brain, and human emotions. He’s not perfect. He’s human, and I think the very least his fans can do is judge him as such.

OK, it took me like a month to complete this, I am not sure if it’s going to work here, I hope it does, I’m trying to post this through the phone. SO! The reason I’ve been away for some time is cause I was creating this gif! I’m really excited about it, I think my friends posted it on sasunarubr before, but apparently they deleted when I commented that I’d rather have posted on my personal blog first and… No, guys, you didn’t have to delete it, I was just going to reblog AHAEAHAH ok, too late. So since they deleted from SNbr, I’m reposting here. It’s made on photoshop, I’m case anyone wonders.

hello! as of the 27th of june 2016, it will be officially 1 year since i’ve made this tumblr. i am so so happy for the amount of friends i have made in the past year. i didnt expect to gain so much support and followers during this period of time. i have truly enjoyed every moment i’ve spent on tumblr! i want to thank everyone who have supported and followed me since day 1. 

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“Kookie!~” You giggled as the maknae tickled you on the floor of the dance studio. “This isn’t fair!”

“How is it not? Didn’t you start the tickle fight first?” He raised his eyebrow playfully, challenging your statement.

“But you’re stronger-”

“I’m stronger than him.” Jimin smirked, playing with his bottom lip watching you squirming underneath Jungkook’s finger tips.

“Ah, hyung!” He whined, “Must you ruin the fun mood when I’m with my best friend?”

“She’s too old for you,”

“Too old?!” You pushed your friend’s hands away, sitting up quickly. “I’m not that much older—at least I don’t try to molest him!” You pointed your finger at him.

“Hey!” He stood up, “Jungkook, I don’t try to molest you—right?”

He stood quiet, playing with his shoelace as he kept his head down. “Maybe..”

“Since when?” He scoffed, putting his hands on his hips.

“When you try to touch me, man!” He finally looked up, “I try to pull away but you don’t let me~” It came out more of a cry than anything.

“Well excuse me..” He crossed his arms across his chest, “It’s all your fault, (Y/N).”

“How?” You stood up as well, walking up to him.

“Ooh!” Namjoon clapped, “Fight!”

“Fight?” Jin popped his head up, “No, you could get hurt!” He ran in between you two.

“(Y/N)-ah!~” Jungkook hugged you from behind, pulling you away. “You two don’t get along,” He pouted, “You know that. Therefor, it’s your fault Jimin.”

“Mine?” He said loudly, “How?”

“You talk to her, what else?” Yoongi sipped a water bottle nonchalantly.

“It’s just talking-”

“And she doesn’t want you to talk to her,” He cut him off.

“It’s not that she doesn’t wanna talk to you,” Jungkook held you, “It’s just you always say the wrong things, hyung.”

“Just yesterday she pushed me really hard in front of everyone at the store!” Jimin complained, “What do you call that?”

“Sexual harassment?” Hoseok shrugged as he said it slowly. “To be fair, you did brush your hand against her..”

“That was an accident!” He rolled his eyes.

“Not by the way you smiled~” Tae giggled.

“Yeah, his face was pure happiness.” Yoongi smiled devilishly, “You know (Y/N), I don’t think I’ve seen him smile so hard before.”

“You pervert!” You attempted to slap him, but Jungkook held your wrist.

“Violence isn’t the answer,”

“This needs to be settled with a good conversation between the two of you.” Jin said, letting go of Jimin’s chest. “Guys, let’s leave.” He waved them to him as he walked to the door.

“Good luck, (Y/N).” Jungkook hugged you extra tightly, “I hope you two can at least stand each other.”

“Just come out when you two are ready,” Jin said, opening the door further for Jungkook who was running out. “Think about all of us?” He said sweetly, closing the door.

You slowly turned your head to face Jimin, “Well why don’t we just start from the beginning?” He slapped his thighs.

You sat down, watching his every move as if you were in the animal kingdom: You the defenseless prey, watching the tiger prowl suspiciously—almost daring you to get a head start only to catch you anyway. “How far?”

“As far as you coming around and meeting me; didn’t like me or something?”

“I mean you did come off as this conceited, know—it—all ass.” You felt some relief on your shoulders. “How was I supposed to like you? I thought I would, but you threw me off.”

He smiled at himself, “You thought you’d like me? Just by sight..” He breathed a laugh, looking down quite satisfied while looking flattered. “What made you think that?”

“That doesn’t matter-”

“Come on, (Y/N)-ah.” He looked at you in the eyes, “We’re supposed to be honest right now—tell each other everything to patch this little misunderstanding up. I won’t judge you, and nothing that is said here will be repeated.”

“I still don’t trust you.” You shot back.

“Fine.” He sighed heavily, “To show you I’m being serious, I’ll go first.” He cleared his throat, “When I first met you, I thought: ‘Wow, she’s really beautiful. She’s even got a sense of humor, and is charming.’ Okay? Remember that,” He nodded, “So I felt I needed to show you my charming self as well—which is probably why you thought I was conceited; I thought we’d get along well, so I gained as much confidence as I could to try to show you the person I am. I have a little trouble with confidence and all of that—and I heard girls liked that, so I tried really hard. I try to impress you, I guess.” He scratched the back of his head, a pink tint showing on his cheeks.

“You liked me?”

“Liked isn’t the right term..”

“Then what is?” You already felt your face getting hot.

“I like you—not liked; still like you, that is.”

“J-Jimin, why do you act so smug then? What made you assume I was the kind of girl who likes a guy that is so full of himself in the first place?”

“I assumed, and not to mention you were kind of giving off that vibe. You were ogling those guys who think they’re the most good looking men in the world on TV that one day at the dorm.” He said lightly.

“Because they are good looking, but a person isn’t anything without a personality.” You shut your mouth after, thinking about what you had just implied: Jimin isn’t good looking.

“Ah..” He nodded slowly, looking down as he tugged at his fingers.

“Jimin, I didn’t mean-”

“No, it’s alright (Y/N)—I understand. If you don’t like me, or don’t have the same feelings, it’s totally alright.” He shrugged.

You groaned loudly, throwing your head back in frustration. “Listen Jimin,” You said loudly, grabbing his shirt in your hands. “You’re more than good looking, okay? You’re hot, cute, adorable, handsome—and so help me god—sexy.” You looked up, “Why can’t you see that? Why can’t you see you don’t need to try so hard, and I’m pretty sure I’d like you shy than a conceited version of yourself.”

“You think I’m hot?” He smirked, “I think you’re pretty sexy yourself..” He trailed off, eyes going from your lips to your eyes. He licked his plump lips, leaning in to close the gap. His plump pillowy lips pushed against yours lightly, making you feel a released you had wished for ever since he had began acting different towards you. “How about we go a little further?” He hovered above you, gently leaning you back.

“But what about the guys?” You asked as he went in between your legs.

“Make up an excuse: We had a lot to discuss.”

“You think that’ll actually work?” You breathed, feeling his tongue graze over your flesh.

“We can hope,” He smiled in the crook of your neck, quickly nipping at your skin.

“Either way, we need to make this quick so they won’t walk in or suspect.” You held the back of his head.

He lowered to your chest, giving soft kisses down the canvas of your breasts. “We don’t have time to be sweet then, do we?” He lifted your shirt up, “Straight to the point—lets go.” He chuckled slightly, pushing your bra up as well. “What’s the time you think we should limit this to?” He asked, taking a mouth full of your breast while playing with the other.

“Just hurry,” You bit your lip, contemplating whether to move on to the actual deed or keep this going. He attempted to unbutton your jeans, but failed miserably. “Need help?” You teased, doing it yourself.

“Your lucky we don’t have the time for punishment,” He said, pulling the bottom of the denim.

“We don’t have the time for anything,” You fumbled with his pants, never disconnecting your lips to see what you were doing.

“I know we don’t,” He looked down quickly, taking his pants off as well.

You saw the bulge in his boxers, begging to be freed and be put down. “Come on,” You took your panties off with one hand. He nodded, taking his boxers off as well. His member popped up, and you pressed your back against the floor again. Jimin sat on his feet, pulling you into his lap as your bottom half rose. He watched himself enter you slowly—careful not to hurt you or make a wrong move. You moaned lightly, feeling him get deeper and deeper in you. When he finally pushed himself into you entirely, he began bouncing you by your hips. He grunted, thrusting into you—wanting more. Before you knew it, he had you on your back begging for more. Your legs were wrapped around his waist, pushing him more into you as you moaned his name over. “Jimin!” You held the back of his neck as he went as fast he could.

“I’m close,” He said in a whispery tone, still having his face buried in your neck. “Say my name.” He commanded, slamming into you harder.

“Jimin!” You yelled, feeling yourself getting closer to your edge as well.

“(Y/N), does this mean we’re together?” He asked, putting your leg over his shoulder.

“If it means more of this, and you acting yourself then yes.”

“What was that?” He hit your sweet spot.

“Ah—Yes, Jimin—Yes!” You cried out as he abused it.

“One more time?” He growled, holding you insanely tight.

“Aish, yes Jimin!” You curled your toes, feeling the rush of your fluids coming out. “Jimin..” You said weakly, watching him still working for his peek. While he still did what he had to do, it made you ride out your high simultaneously.

He shut his eyes, making little sounds as you felt him spill into you. “I have a girlfriend now..” He said breathlessly, leaning forward as he dropped your leg.

i hit 500 followers recently (shoutout to all the ppl who promoed (???) me ur the real mvp) and i’m so shook!!!! i remade This Blog and Myself like three times and a lot of u have been with me from the jump and i really appreciate it and i love everyone that follows me u guys nothin but the deserve the best :’)

so, like i promised, here’s a follow forever!! this one’s gonna be waaay more organized than the first one i posted, so hopefully i shouldn’t miss anyone like i did last time. BUT IF I DO (and i just might bc i am…… awful person) i’m so sorry ily all. also my fave blogs/people that i scream at regularly are in bold. ok i’m done rambling let’s go!!!!!!!

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 BAD TEMPER III + masterlist + [part one and two]

 A/N: I’m contemplating whether or not to have all the chapters keep the same gif header or to change it like I’ve been…whatever, all I know is I’ll be putting this up on AO3 once I get the chance! The more you guys want of this, the more I’m willing to write it, who knows if it’ll be the next miniseries I write…any who, thanks for enjoying the lil storyline! [gif not mine] 

Word Count: 5.6K+

Warning: profanity and mentions of blood.

For the past couple of days you heard nothing but Kylo’s voice in your head, more than your own, it was like he took over your own thoughts. At first, you were a bit irritated that you even let him in in the first place–you wanted your mind to yourself, a place of freedom when you were upset or disappointed, hell, even happy–so you’d kick Kylo out. Of course, you’d feel the annoying tugging sensation that was Kylo begging for reentrance each and everytime so you allowed him in for a reason you didn’t bother to uncover. I’m such a sucker.

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Imagine breaking up with Jared pt. 2 [Requested]

I woke up the next morning, well sort of, I hadn’t really gone to sleep. I sat up with my head still aching from crying, and was thankful for the thick heavy hotel curtains that kept the daylight out.

I checked my phone.


I didn’t really expect it. Not yet anyway. I went to the small kitchenette and made myself a cup of decidedly weak coffee. I wasn’t hungry.

My heart was in pieces, and meanwhile my now ex boyfriend got to do whatever and whomever he pleased. It wasn’t as if I’d meant much. How could I? Hidden away for “my protection”. What a joke.

I don’t know when I fell asleep again, but what woke me up was the aching of my stomach begging for food.

There was no way that I was going to dress to impress today. Tank top, jeans, and hair in a bun. Now to think of where to go. I ran through the list of restaurants and grocery stores finally settling for the cafe across the street from the hotel. It was one of the only places that didn’t remind me of him.

Taking my sandwich and bottle of water from the sweet woman at the counter, I made my way back across the street.

I made my way to the elevator when my breath hitched my throat.

Jared, who’d been standing in the lobby, made his way to me.

“Can we talk?” He asked

“How did you even find me?” I replied pressing the button for my floor.

“I have my ways.”

I rolled my eyes and stepped in to the elevator with Jared behind me. We rode the floors to the room in silence, and at the end of the journey we arrived at the door.

He sat on the bed with me in silence as I picked at my sandwich. My appetite had mysteriously disappeared.

“Are we…” He began “are we really finished?”

“What do you want me to say? That I’m ok with you acting as though you don’t have a girlfriend just to ‘keep media away from me’. I don’t give a shit what people say.”

“I do!”

“Why because you think it would hurt your career if people found out you had a girlfriend?”

“No because I think that people would come out of the woodwork and tell you what a horrible person I am.”

“I’m not an idiot Jared. You really think that you’re the first person who has ever screwed around with a girl on tour? Or I’m sure in your case multiple girls. Your past is past and if you’re honest about it, I don’t care”

“I’m… I’m sorry. I don’t want to lose you.”

“I’m sorry too Jared. I just can’t…”

“Don’t. Don’t do this.”

He took my hands in his and kissed them gently, his eyes had gone glassy.


“Baby, I can’t lose you. I’m head over heels in love with you and I can’t…”

He started to cry. Stone faced, emotionless, cold hearted Jared actually began to shed tears over the reality of us ending. And to be honest, I loved him just as much.

“Things have to change Jared.”

“I know. I know.”

We held each other as we started to pick up the broken pieces of our relationship and learned how to fit them back together.

Hi everyone! Lastly I have finally reached my another thousand followers and I am very happy that you’re all here with me, I really appreciate that! So I decided to appreciate all my lovely mutuals for this occasion :) Thanks again, I love all of you <3333333 also i know banner is shitty but i think it’s cute k

My Fandom ♡

  • Ali / @harpermcintyre; Sarah to my Helena | Ali! You were the first person I talked on tumblr and even if we changed so much and got different interests you’re still a great friend :)
  • Jo / @leiasorgana; best graphic maker | Jo! You’re a really lovely and friendly person and you’re the best fetus and I love your graphics, you’re the best :P
  • Cara / @skyesjohnson; the coolest German | Cara! I love you so much, you’re such a sarcastic but lovely person and I love talking to you, you’re fantastic!
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Harry and Draco as fuck tbh. 
Guess who’s just watched ‘Kill Your Darlings’ for the millionth time?*This gurlllll.*

(But seriously, I am so attracted to Dane Dehaan. At the same time he plays a fucked up character so well it gives me the chills in a kinda bad way. I remember the first time I watched this film I felt really uneasy in Dane’s more serious scenes. I don’t know whether I’ve been fucked over by this guy in another life *literally* or something, but I think his hotness and amazing personality gets him off the hook.
I keep getting distracted by this gif above, omfg)


All my life, my mother has been a peddler of fantasy.

Before I was born, she opened The Mad Daughter, a specialty store for all your superstitious needs: there are wallets and cell phone cases inlaid with the wood of local trees in case you need some for knocking; there’s a wall of rabbit’s feet (supplied by the butcher next door, of course); a stand of hand-woven, lightly used brooms for new homes; jars of salt mixed with a variety of herbs line up near the rabbit feet; we have a hat rack dripping with red shoestrings; and if you break a mirror, we’ll piece it back together (which is evidence of mom’s genius – turn your back luck into good art!).

She says that her obsession started when she was a girl. As she tells it, at the age of seven, she received precisely what she’d wished for her birthday: a game called Hungry Hungry Hippos. She was more impressed that her wish – made mere moments before the gifts were brought to the table – was granted than she was with the game itself. This lead her to conduct science on every birthday thereafter, systematically wishing for things both practical and preposterous and keeping careful track of the results.

She still has her records. I’ve seen them. At the age of thirteen, she titled her journal “The Trials of Superstition” and it wasn’t until the age of sixteen that her birthday wish didn’t come true in any discernible way. Her notes on the subject are reluctant:

January 12th

Tomorrow is my birthday and so I am forced to admit that my birthday wish from last year did not come true. As the first instance of wish un-fulfillment in a decade, I think it’s safe to assume it is the outlier and my experiment still has merit.

Lord, even as a kid she was pretentious.

But birthdays are only where she got her start. Her journals are filled with accounts of every superstition the lay person has ever heard of and dozens more. There are proofs and explanations and musings about history and religion and N’Sync. So it’s really no wonder that superstition became her bread and butter.

Our bread and butter, I should say. Because I’ve been working at The Mad Daughter for ages, or, three years, part-time, if you ask the IRS.

We’re located at the corner of Acorn and 13th and we’re the hottest ticket in town around Halloween – come get your witch kits! –  and Valentine’s Day – our bones reveal who you’ll marry!

I’ve never believed a lick of it. The minute you believe things like this, they become real, and that’s a slippery slope.

But disbelief doesn’t sell brooms, so when I’m on duty, I’m all smiles and sales pitch.

Or I was until Sam.

There are a lot of things I could say about my life pre-Sam. It wasn’t simple, but it sure wasn’t complicated; it wasn’t easy, but it sure wasn’t hard; it wasn’t fake, but it sure wasn’t the truth.

There hasn’t been a lot of life post-Sam, but I know, I believe this small thing will change so much.

You know how sometimes you meet a person and suddenly you know yourself better in that moment than you did the moment before? I don’t know if that’s really a thing. It’s only happened to me the once. Where “the once” equals “Sam.”

Not to be dramatic, but Sam came in like a beam of light. It was a Saturday afternoon in November and – hang on, it started before that afternoon. It started on Halloween when my mother invited her ladies over to engage in all her favorite superstitions. They ring bells to chase away evil spirits, peel apples to see who will come into good fortune first, and write names in lemon juice on pieces of paper and toss them into a cauldron. The last is for those of us who are unwed and I’m always forced to participate.

On my turn, I pulled a piece of paper and held it over the flame of a candle until the lemon juice slowly revealed the name of my one true love: Sam.

“Sam’s a good name,” my mother said.

“Every Sam I know is good-hearted,” said one of her ladies.

“Any Sam’s in your life already, Livi?” asked another.

I shook my head and went to get more punch.

Now, back to that Saturday afternoon. I was working the desk like I always do on Saturday afternoons. There was a man staring at the rice mom spills across the threshold every day and I was preparing my stock answer on Vampire wards when he suddenly stepped aside and there she was.

Long, chestnut hair and a navy Henley.  That’s just what I remember when I stop to think about it. In the moment, all I saw was a girl that made my insides shiver.

She saw me, too, but I have no idea how she was feeling in that moment. She moved around the man still hovering over the rice and walked right to my counter where she leaned on one elbow and asked, “So, are you the Mad Daughter?”

I know I did something embarrassing like laugh – I inherited my mother’s signature ha-ha hahah oh-ha-ha laugh and it’s terrible – but I don’t remember it. I remember saying, “Oh, no. I mean, I’m the daughter of the owner, but no, no, not mad it’s actually a reference to an obscure Voltaire quote about superstitions being the mad daughter of a wise mother and my mom – ah, sorry. Can I help you find anything?”

Then she was laughing and I was thrust into some sort of existential crisis of self in which I questioned my understanding of the universe but mostly the part where I claimed to know who I was.

She was a girl. Still is. So was I. Still am. And it was for these reasons that I was completely unprepared to help her find a birthday present for her mom.

But I did. We picked out a mosaic mirror in the shape of a Tudor Rose – her mother was an Anglophile and a fan of Margaret Beaufort, so it really was perfect – and that was that.

Well, that wasn’t that. She paid with a credit card I barely noticed and before she left, she put out her hand and said, “I’m Sam.”

That was when the world stopped… And it hasn’t moved yet.

I don’t believe. I know I don’t believe that I’m destined to love a Sam simply because I pulled a piece of paper with that name scrawled in lemon juice. But my fingers close around the receipt with her name on it, Sam, Sam, Sam, and I wonder if that night was preparing me for this moment.

No, no, it wasn’t.

There is some part of me screaming “Let this moment pass!” because I cannot validate one of my mother’s superstitions. It’s a loud and deeply rooted part and it holds the rest of me in a vice as Sam takes her mirror and begins to walk away.

How can I begin to react in a moment when I’m suddenly not the person I thought I was? I should let her go. I should go home and have a long hot bath where I can relax with jasmine tea and slowly, carefully revisit the core tenants of Liv Davis and see how this new piece fits. I should take my time. Adjust. 

She reaches the doorway, crosses the rice ward, and rings the bell as she exits.

It wasn’t real, none of it is real because I don’t believe it. I won’t believe it. I – 


The door closes behind her. I can see the outline of her through the frosted window. I’ve never seen her before today, it’s possible I’ll never see her again and these few moments will be the only real thing about her.

Sam. I drop the receipt, round the counter, and rush onto the sidewalk. She’s half a block away, sunlight caught in her hair, the mirror caught on her hip. I run to catch her. “Sam!” I call.

She turns. She smiles.

“I’m Liv,” I say, and I hardly believe it, but I add, “I think we were supposed to meet.”

I honestly cannot believe that i’m sitting here typing this. 3K?!?!?? That’s insane!!! I want to thank all of you that have gone through my tumblr journey with me. To think I first became a fandom blog in December of 2013 is really shocking to me, and I’ve had so much support from so many amazing people since then. All the love I’ve received since I started giffing is truly astonishing, and I am so so grateful. I’m getting all sappy now so I’m going to shut up but I love you all so much! Here’s to the next K!

my crew:

louisa (@erinlindsay): oh babe, how far we’ve come. i never thought that when you replied to me when i was doing my first follow forever (back in october 2014) that it would lead to the friendship we have today. you are truly an amazing person and i am so so lucky to have you!

jackie (@karevsprincess): hi babe! i’ve followed you since i first the fandom side of tumblr, and can say i thoroughly enjoy bitching about greys and pll with you. you’re honestly such a sweet person and i’m so happy to know you.

amelie (@bxllamyblake): there’s a chance you won’t see this unless i yell at you to go on tumblr but i just have to say i’m so happy that we started talking. i love learning about your life and shipping u and the bf. we both also suck at answering our texts so we work perfectly as friends :)

ali (@bellefrench): saltmate!!! we’re literally actual twins (so much that it’s scary) and i don’t know what i would do if i didn’t have you to bitch to. love you so much babe and can’t wait to console each other through hiatus season!!

my jolex stans ( @varietyofwords and @swchika): honestly, i’m not sure i would’ve made it through the mess that was s12 without you guys; we never lost hope in our ship. also, i know i can trust you guys when i need advice because you’re older and have much more experience than lil 16 year old me. thanks for being like my older sisters in the jolex fandom <3

the blakes network whatsapp chat: honestly, if i wasn’t such a lazy piece of shit i’d take the time to thank each of you for changing my life. soph, wil, gina, alex, liz, faith, jam, eliza, mag, and riley,  i can’t remember what it was like before i had you crazy bitches in my life. you’re all so smart and strong and just amazing people. love you guys! - 12.65 <3


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                                           An Honest Review

Beginning with the name : 6/10 : It’s not very original and although I respect that she wants to reflect herself in her debut perfume- In my opinion, Sweet Like Candy would have been a better reflection of the scent even if it’s not a song title.

The Propaganda: 8/10 : I truly enjoy the pastel pink/purple aesthetic that has been chosen for the campaign. It’s like a small Yours Truly throwback with an adult twist. I’m not a huge fan of the Dalmatians or pose for the cut-out, but the pant-suit look is classy and the commercial keeps a cute Ari feel.

The Box: 7/10 : The packaging is a little different from the commercials, in that it shows Ariana in a black strapped outfit and a bun, which is not her usual look nor does it match the rest of the campaign. However, I think that the box does extend the chic look and is a lot more visually pleasing than other perfume packaging available.

The Bottle: 10/10 : I really enjoy the unique perspective on the bottle with the pom-pom and the crystal glass which makes the aesthetic sophisticated. If they modeled the whole perfume campaign around the bottle then I am a fan. I love it.

The Scent: 10/10 : Despite the description that the scent was given (which included an array of conflicting notes) I would not say that the perfume had any floral, woods, or citrus smells to it at all. The driving smell is the sweet marshmallow ‘hint’. The perfume is subdued and not strong at all so in application you need A LOT (which isn’t really shocking when we saw how much she puts on!) and once on, it smells very sweet and a little musky. It lasts a medium amount of time- a fair few hours, but because it’s such a light fragrance, it might need topped up frequently.

Overall: 9/10 : For a first perfume, she did amazingly well. It would be better a little stronger and with a few little differences throughout but on the whole I, personally, really like it and I am glad that I invested in it. Good Job Ariana it smells great, now for the album?


kara ‘I have supersenses but I’m so in love with cat grant that I blocked everything but her out’ danvers, everyone


thats was like the lamest intrudction to a follow forever ive ever seen/made but whatever I LOVE YOU 

also this has so many errors im not even sorry 

sorry for that 


pdx2; im about to get rlly clingy even with ppl that i dont really talk to but wahtevs im disgusted about it… not really

pdx3; OH AND I WISH ALL A V V V V V V V HAPPY 2016!!!

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so yeah, i just reached 500 followers and i thought it was the perfect moment to do my first follow forever ^^ first of all i am really thankful because i swear never thought i would reach more than 10 followers, but yeah it happened idk how but it makes me happy. i have been here since 2012 but is since the last year that i started to know those amazing blogs and persons that now i appreciate with all my heart.

i want to do a special shot out to my libro, pia baby, cath, queen erin, the immortal fetus, lucy and her cactus pepito pistolero, and rae because thanks to them i have such i great times, laugh so much and also share my thoughts/feelings. also i love u guys because you’re all incredible weird, fun but specially no one understand my jikook feelings like you. 

now in the other half i have those special persons that i have been following since forever and i will always fangirl about them: queen kim and queen cherry, the incredible bri, my biggest senpai xana and the precious jo <3 despite i’m not able to talk to you because i’m fucking shy i still want to say that i love u and will forever want to be your friend. 

also thanks to my art senpais because of you is that want to improve in art and maybe someday be as good as you <3 and to those that i don’t really mention here don’t worry because i still have u in mind and love u, specially if we have talked more than two times. Ah, i think that’s it. Really thanks to all, i will really follow you guys forever <333 

ugh sorry this all sounded like a speech >////< but yeah now: favoritesmutuals, art senpais*

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Hey guys! I’m back! :D

Although I won’t be on as often, and I’m still extremely busy, I’m here! 

Thank you all for sticking with me even though I was gone. The break from tumblr really helped me clear my mind and find positivity and motivation again. 

I changed my theme a bit, and while I am here, I still don’t have a lot of time to be on or answer many questions but I will do my best. 

I’m still working on my second PT certification (my exam is in March), renewing my first, and getting my Fitness Nutrition Specialist cert (exam is the beginning of February). So that’s exciting! 

I think 2015 is going to be a big year of personal growth for me and a lot of change. I may be leaving Illinois (more than likely yes because I hate Winter and I’m ready to leave lol) to return home to New Mexico or move to either Florida or North Carolina. My 200hr Yoga Teacher Training will hopefully be started soon and I want to be a certified pole teacher as well by the end of the year. 

A lot can happen in a year, so we will see where 2015 takes us! :)