am i really me

  • ramsay: your sister is a fine woman i look forward to having her in my bed
  • jon: *beats him to near death*
  • littlefinger: i love sansa like i loved her mother
  • jon: *chokes him*
  • (when jon gets to dragonstone probably)
  • tyrion: your sister is a beautiful woman and a good wife
  • jon: ...
  • jon: FUCK can everyone stop talking about my sister i'm having very confused feelings rn and NO ONE IS FUCKING HELPING

have I said thank you lately? maybe it’s because a spider is in my tub and therefore death is tragically inescapable but I just wanted to thank you guys for reading and being v cool in general, etc, and I know I sound like I’m being sarcastic but I’m genuinely really grateful

you’ve heard of an all nighter now get ready for

all mighter

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Doc, please don't destroy your 3DS or whatever you're playing on. It's probably rather valuable. Also, what's your current team?


I won’t, I won’t. That character just gets in my joints.


I could probably repair it, anyway.


Happier topic! My team. I am actually playing on a 3DS, if anyone feels like trading – I have quite a few Eevee eggs due to hatch!

Right now, my team… Let’s see. Matthias, of course, a rash male Primarina. Puff, a quirky female Persian. Sushruta, a bashful Magneton. Poppy, my gentle female Lycanroc, midday forme. My dear Couria, a serious female Marowak – and Candyfloss, a sassy male Whimsicott I didn’t expect would be such a staple of my team, but he is!




dear pretty little liars. it’s been a long ride but it’s been an amazing one. thank you to the cast and the crew that brought this show to life. it’s become a part of me and this journey has been a beautiful one. thank you for everything. (pretty little liars, 2010 - 2017).

we all had that one friend who wasn’t allowed to read books because of their devil religion amiright


Assassin’s Creed Origins + Scenery

The most shocking thing I learned from the 2017 Tony Awards...

Apparently younger Broadway fans do not know the legend of Gavin Creel????

Gavin Creel, whose voice is literally butter, who can make you cry with one well placed riff during Corner of the Sky, who basically invented being gay on Broadway?????

The only person to ever end up dating a fan he met at the stage door (like half a decade later but still).

The OG politically active Broadway Boy. 

The man who dated JGroff before he was even out of the closet.

He closed down Hair and chartered a bus and took everyone to the Equality March! He was a singer songwriter before Matt Doyle even got his first Broadway credit. 

Gavin Creel is the reason any of us are even here. HE is EVERYTHING.