am i really as creepy as becky

now for the second blog.

jsyk their theme hurts me its…. very hard on the eyes.

let’s get into this.

i doubt that but ok

i seriously wonder how much of that is self dx. ALSO AGE SLIDING SHIT so you’re…. 14. always. until you turn 15. then you’re 15. always. what is this creepy age sliding bullshit, chill kiddo.

it gives people anxiety to tell others why they blocked/softblocked, and thats more important than you being a little ‘uncomfy’ that they blocked you, shut up. 

“neurotypical cishet white male” “ask to follow if you’re neurotypical” wooooow becky, you really got them with that one

the longer im on this blog, the more it feels like a troll

leave gavin free alone youre NOT HIM

i am laughing wasnt glunkus a fancharacter for neko atsume, god this person’s awful