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50 days of Eurovision - Day 1

As soon as I saw this under the Eurovision tag, I knew I had to do it. 50 days of Eurovision challenges, brought to us by Eurovision Fan Blog. Their first challenge is to share a video of our favourite act from last year’s Eurovision. I was so gutted by last year’s results that I have to share my joint favourites, none of which qualify. (Many tears - OF BLOOD - were wept!)

First of all, Jüri. I was so distraught at his result that I am even considering putting “Jüri didn’t deserve last” on my headstone.

Secondly, the pure Balkan fire brought to us by Bosnia and Herzegovina, one of my favourite countries at the contest. They’d just returned, only to crash out in the semis and then leave ESC again indefinitely. I live for this kind of song, the kind that wears tradition and origin on its sleeve.

And lastly, but never least, Queen Kaliopi who once again moved me to my core with an epic performance of equal parts sincerity and power, only for the juries to keep her out of the final. 


Reever: The present I really want is for you to do your work properly for me every day. (Not cake.)
(<– Arrow: *hasn’t slept in five days*)

Komui: Reeverrr, you say that every year—-★ (Ahahahahaa~)