am i pretty yo


Lui: Why do you have so much Evees?
Daithi: cute

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[Drawing of a stick-figure girl napping on a couch, drooling and holding a turkey leg. Above her is the word, “THANKSGIVING,” and below her, “The one day of the year spoonies can blame their need for a nap on turkey.”]

Happy Thanksgiving, my (American) POTSie peeps! I hope the holiday hasn’t been too rough on you, and I wish you many spoons for the upcoming season! 🦃


Inktober witches days 2+3! Urban witch trying her best to manage her coffee shop, and merchant witch selling magic (in the form of pellets) alongside other things…

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Friendly Kicking

Our party is fighting a boss in a narrow hallway, and the Half-Elf Cavalier (on a horse indoors) wants to charge at it. However, the Dwarven Spiritualist is in the way.

Cavalier: So should I just, try to go around her or something?

Spiritualist: Yo, I am pretty short, you could try to jump over me.

Rest of the party: Oh my god do it please.

DM: Alright, roll acrobatics on your horse to see if you make the jump. 

Cavalier: [rolls a 4] Shit.

DM: You clear the jump, but you accidentally kick the Spiritualist in the head.

Spiritualist: Do I…take damage?

Cavalier: Uh, I guess I could roll off his kick…you take 7 damage.

If Bog’s ex-girlfriend showed up in Art School AU Marianne’s reaction would be priceless.

Not because she’s jealous.

Because she’s protective.

Marianne: Is this HER?! Is this the one who hurt you? The piece of dirt that made you sad? I will FIGHT her for distressing my poor tree damsel! Meet me in the pit, lady!

And she’s either wrapped protectively around Bog or Bog is having to hold her back by the overall straps again.