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Get to know Disco Naïveté

Belgium-based music blog, Disco Naïveté, focuses on independent music, ranging from upcoming artists to established acts. A few years back it was named one of the New York Times“Tumblr Favorites” for music and it still remains one of ours, hence this post.

What is the emerging music scene like in Belgium and who are some of your favorite new acts?

Disco Naïveté: The Belgium scene is really blooming as of lately, with lots of acts thinking and sounding more internationally than a few years back, which I am of course applauding. It’s really these acts that help Belgium as a country move forward in terms of music, and open up the ears of the people in Belgium to different things from all kinds of places that do not necessarily fit within the box of sounds they already know and love. Some favorites, Oscar & the Wolf’s very otherworldly, almost transcendent take on contemporary pop music, the heartfelt and so so beautiful songs that just put you to silence from I will, I swear and finally VUURWERK, a Brussels collective that’s creating a dissonance between dance music & intimacy with their outer-space club rave thing.

Who is this year’s Artist to Watch?

Disco Naïveté: If I’d have to pick one act (which is always really hard if you listen to new music on a daily basis!), it would have to be Alessia Cara, who kind of blew me a way of few months back with her debut single “Here.” It dabbles right in between pop and hip-hop and plays on growing trends within both genres, without sounding manufactured at all - it feels very honest and true. In a way it’s a play on the ever-popular story-telling aspect of hip-hop and nostalgia that Kendrick Lamar offers, but in another way it’s a very singer-songwriter and pop-oriented way of production and lyrics. Add to that she always performs the song acoustically on guitar on every show she’s attended so far and it’s clear she’s pretty much the real deal. That stunning cover of “Bad Blood” she did in BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge confirmed all of that: how she easily flips from the Taylor Swift chorus to the Kendrick Lamar verse is impressive, and not one second of it feels like she’s trying to replicate the original energy of the song. She’s in it for big things.

One ‘Spotlight’ artist of yours you’d love to hang out with for a day?

Disco Naïveté: That would have to be Devonté Hynes. He’s always working with the most amazing (new) artists and seems to have a hand in a lot of the stuff I love: from Solange to Sky Ferreira to FKA twigs to Jessie Ware, the man has basically helped soundtrack the majority of these past few years of my life with his pop-mastermind.

How do you see Disco Naiveté evolving in the years to come?

Disco Naïveté: I’m always looking ahead but I’m never really planning things - I’m more of a “we’ll see what lies on the road” kind of guy that tries to seize the moment whenever something interesting and fun comes up. There’s always something in the works though! I’m really up for all kinds of happenings and collaborations, as long as it involves music I love. I’d however love to take the Disco Naïveté ‘brand’ a bit more offline in the years to come by setting up a little boutique label, curate/set-up (more) shows and generally support (and help) bands in whatever way I can using the knowledge and contacts I’ve built over the past couple of years.

Who’s an artist, pre-2000s, that you think would have been awesome at Tumblr and why?

Disco Naïveté: Kate Bush. She’s kind of become this mythical creature that we know very little of, even though she is heavily influenced by poetry, literature, nature, and so on. You can hear it in her music and see it in her live show (I was lucky enough to attend one of her recent London shows – yes, I cried), but it would be really interesting to have some kind of insight on all of this, a collection of influences, of things she likes and is inspired by – a Tumblr would be perfect for this. (Full disclosure: I am a huge Kate Bush fan and am basically fascinated by everything she does so probably (definitely) biased here.)

Was there ever an artist/band you featured long before they blew up?

Disco Naïveté: Lana Del Rey, Lorde, Haim, Hozier, FKA Twigs, Years & Years, Ibeyi, Rhye, Kiesza and The Neighbourhood are a few of them, to give you an idea. It’s a pretty impressive list that I’m actually quite proud of, even if I say so myself, and I’m happy to have been a part (even if it’s just a small bit) of their story.

Favorite music video right now?

Disco Naïveté: “Bitch Better Have My Money” - Rihanna


♥  37thMStyle  ♥   What am I going to do without you? ♥  

i might be posting this extra late than expected but before this day ends, i would like to thank God for Minwoo Oppa’s existence.. His whole personality as a man really makes me want to adore him more than just an ordinary Oppa.. Yes he is that M Style, that cool guy, a sweet dependable hyung to Jinnie Oppa and Andy Oppa, Oppayam’s chitchai combo, Hyesung Oppa’s Papa Bird and Eric Oppa’s special stupid co-ceo ~ no matter what name or how we put it 

– he’s that guy who endured all the pain during concerts to dance in front of us, the same person who composed heartfelt songs to cradle our emotions, the person who smiled like he can face the world as long as the Orange Ocean is with SHINHWA and the one who said the words “I LOVE YOU” so many times together with his brothers towards us..

every camera encounter with Minwoo Oppa is a mixture of sincerity of his gratitude and a warm confession of his love for us.. he deserves to be happy on his special day ~ and of course I hope for God to grant the desires of his kind heart ~ ^^ HBD :”)

Okay, I’ve got a bunch of questions like this lately but I just got these three in a row and I figured that I’d answer them at once. I don’t know if you’re all the same person or not, but I’m going to answer here. 

I don’t know when the next skin update will be, I know that before now I was able to do one update a day every day. Half of them I wrote the morning that I posted them because for some reason I was able to do so, something that I have never done before. 

I realise that this probably builds a certain expectation and I want to let you know and I am working on it. It’s half finished but I’m unsure how exactly this chapter is going to go in terms of what I need to do in this chapter and the next, where to break it, etc. I don’t want to give you something that isn’t worthy or properly done. I respect all of you and my own work too much to do that.

That said, I’ve also got plenty of things going on in my own life. I have my own mental health issues, I’ve been in and still pretty much am having financial issues (though commissions and donations have really helped and I love those people who have done that for me so much), I’m also selling my house and everything seems to be going wrong with that or taking forever. I’m going to have to spend the whole afternoon filling in forms for my house. I’m trying to find somewhere new to live over here in the Netherlands that allows pets. I’m trying to get time to do roller derby practice (something that I’ve been running out of time to do and not managed AT ALL) I’m also working on my own novel.

I do love Skin. I do love writing. I do love all of the other fics and projects that I’m working on. Commitment isn’t the problem here. 

I’m really not an actual mechanical machine that just spits out words, I’m human and I do my best. I’m sorry if I’m letting you down but I’m doing all that I can. 

it feels weird/boring posting without photos, but, i had such a big day today! 

work related things happened, which i don’t want to post about juuust yet. i wanna tell all my friends/family before i tell the internet but it’s a good thing, definitely.

i also got a full set of eyelash extensions! they’re so fluttery and beautiful, i will try to take a nice photo tomorrow.

lately i’ve been on a experiment with my sleeping and it’s been going perfect. i’ve been attempting to turn myself back into a morning person since 6.30am starts are no longer plaguing my life. i’ve actually found a lot of comfort in my lil bedtime routine. i am determined to find a cute sleeping mask to complete the experience.

goodnight friends! :)

alright, since i’m feeling better, i feel like i should make a more formal post about this.
ive gotten to know so many cool people since i remade and moved to this account, and it really has been a blessing. ive enjoyed talking and meeting so many people and it’s really sad for me to leave it behind. i haven’t felt comfortable here lately because of certain reasons, and ive decided things would be better if i remade again. i still have several posts left in my queue, so i’m going to let them post again like i normally do. i’ll leave one last post at the bottom of my queue so you’ll know when it runs out. my last post will be a post you can like if you want to know my new url to follow me on my new account. i’m also fine with you sending me an ask for it instead. thank you all so much for following me, and if you don’t plan on following my new account, i’m going to miss you!

10 People I want to know better.

      fitz-and-a-monkey tagged me like 12 days ago in a thing that I am late doing for 2 reasons. First, I was on vacation in Santa Fe thats also why posting has been a little spotty, I was expecting wifi, but it didn’t really come through. Secondly, I get really nervous tagging people in things like this. So, I hope I make no one uncomfortable and everyone enjoys.

NAME: Jamie

NICKNAME: Ja-may, Pickle Tits, James, Jame, Techni

BIRTHDAY: January 17

STAR-SIGN: Capricorn

GENDER: Female

HEIGHT: 5′1″ ( I shrank )


AVERAGE HOURS OF SLEEP: Somewhere between 15 and 3


LAST THING I GOOGLED: Pokemon platinum walkthrough




FAVORITE FAMOUS PERSON: Does Barry Kramer count?

CELEBRITY CRUSHES: Margot Channing, Scarlett Johansson, and Ellen Paige

FAVORITE ANIME: Not a huge anime fan, but I liked Soul Eater and Full Metal Alchemist

FAVORITE TV SHOWS: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, NCIS, Avatar, Suits, Doctor Who

FAVORITE MUSICIANS/ BANDS: Fall Out Boy, Lumineers, Starbomb, Queen

FAVORITE GAMES: Killing Floor, League of Legends, Harry Potter Scene it


DREAM HOLIDAY: Portland, Oregon

DREAM JOB: Theatre actor or director

WEARING RIGHT NOW: Cute af poison ivy tee shirt and yoga pants

LAST BOOK I READ: Catcher in the Rye

I’m going to tag: earthbendinggrrl62 christianborle pixie hulk jacelovesfanfiction perks-of-being-chinese instellargalaxy thefadinggreatperhaps leakycauldrcn i-dropped-the-durka-durk shadecypherus


I was tagged by the beautiful newtsbambieyes (follow her she is amazing) so here you go:

Name: Tamara

Gender: female

Height: 5"8

Where I live: Germany

Time/Date: 9.19 am / 28th July

Average amount of sleep: NOT ENOUGH (sorry for shouting) .. I stay up late

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: The Internship (it’s really good!! I watched it because of Dylan O'Brien <3)

My favorite band: too many that I can’t think of right now so… Bastille, Fall out Boy, Aurora ( Running with the wolves - ep)

One thing that ticks me off: when someone reminds me one million times that I have to do something I already knew because then I don’t want to do it even more

Favorite drink: boring but I guess water, juice, caffè latte

Meaning of my url: well I AM Bucky’s girlfriend. BACK OFF HE IS MINE (just so you know). I love him ^^

Most used phrases: omg, what the fuck,
Fuck it,..

Favorite movie soundtrack: Warm Bodies

I tag onceuponateenagewerewolf superwholock110 b3autifuldisast3rrr deancastielsamgabriellucifer nyanjazz love-buckybarnes freedomandskittles

Of course you don’t have to do it ^^ and if you aren’t tagged and want to do it feel free to use me as I was tagged by..;)

Things you should know

I know I haven’t posted much art lately and some of you are wondering if you even followed an art blog at all. I haven’t posted the weekly recaps of Carmilla the Series for a long time, I haven’t posted any new comics, nothing for any fandoms of any kind, except that Dubsmash thing. I even got worse at answering my asks as I was before and that’s saying something.


It was Comic Con time + the national French holiday is today (14th) so there’s been a lot of fireworks to go see lately and as some of you may now, I’m a firework nerd and don’t wanna miss any.

But really:

I am actually moving to Canada in September and while it’s been my dream for years and I’m thrilled to finally do it, I also am a ball of anxiety and stress.
I need to gather an outrageous amount of money to be able to pay a rent and all that comes with it (food, internet connection, bills), buy very expansive new tools for work (like a laptop, because mine is not gonna survive a trip) and a camera for new projects for you guys, and buy the tickets etc. So I’ve been working like crazy to gather a maximum of money before going and will keep doing it until I am there. Once I am there, it’ll be even worse.


I’ll explain it all properly soon, but for now I just wanted to write that quick post considering a lot of you were asking questions. Also I am late to see a firework show and can’t write a lot more than that

See you soon ♥

- Maryne

Every Other Rom-Com Ever

Female Lead: I am an uptight workaholic, and am neurotic to the point of damaging my personal relationships. [trips and tells implausible lies] But I’m also clumsy and awkward so it’s okay.

Best Friend: I am a quirky free spirit who inexplicably enjoys your company. I’m sassy, laid-back, and somehow always right.

Quirky Parents: We’re benignly embarrassing! And also somehow always right.

Female Lead: I’m lonely, but I still have The Plan. That’ll make me happy, right?

Best Friend: [rolls eyes] The Plan can’t keep you warm at night, if you know what I mean.

Quirky Parents: You can’t spend your life with The Plan. [Insert adorkable old people moment]


Male Lead: [enters, probably awkwardly] Hello, I am a charming asshole whose assholery hides a sensitive heart.


Male Lead: Fuck The Plan. Stop being so uptight. Stop caring so much about things I don’t care about.

Female Lead: But I have dreams! Aspirations that have nothing to do with you!

Male Lead: [follows her around] Me, tho.

Female Lead: [relents] Perhaps you are correct.

[They are happy for 5 minutes, in which he is overbearing and she is uncomfortable cool with it.]

[Insert The Event. Maybe she lied to him. Maybe she prioritized her career and life goals over her sort-of-boyfriend. Maybe *gasp* AN EASILY EXPLAINABLE MISUNDERSTANDING. He shames her for what she’s done and storms off.]

Female Lead: I was wrong. But it’s too late to apologize for some reason.

Best Friend OR Quirky Parents: You should apologize.

Female Lead: But it’s too late for some reason! Also The Plan! Perhaps we were never meant to be.

Best Friend OR Quirky Parents: Fuck The Plan. This guy you’ve known for like a week eclipses everything else. Go to him.

Female Lead: You’re right! [leaves friend’s wedding/important meeting/family reunion/etc. Goes to him with big gesture. Trips, because she’s still clumsy and awkward.] I’M SORRY FOR NOT MAKING YOU TOP PRIORITY IN MY LIFE, MAN I’M ONLY KIND OF DATING.

Male Lead: I’m sorry I shamed you for having a life plan that doesn’t revolve around romance/sex, but this scene still implies I was right to do so.

Female Lead: Fuck The Plan.

[They kiss]

Female Lead: [narrating] Thus I learned that romantic love is more important than any other kind of love, or financial stability, or dreams you’ve had for literally decades. And I am better for it now. The End.

In Defense of Chloe Price

You’re probably wondering why I am writing this post in the first place, but there’s been some comments running around the LiS fan community about one Miss Chloe Price that have been really grinding my gears lately so I decided to go ahead and do this.

First of all, I would like to state for the record that I actually don’t mind character hate in the tags since I understand that tags, at their core, serve to organize your posts for your blog and as long as you tag stronger content when the need arises I don’t really care if I come across a 20+ page post in a character tag about why you hate said character.

HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean that it’s ok for a person to spew hate for a character or towards people who like said character you are so intent on spewing hate for in a rather immature and offensive manner. I get it – it’s important to critique the media we consume since none of us live in a vacuum and LiS isn’t without its faults, but when the criticism itself is based on problematic and offensive points of view that doesn’t mean you get a free pass to scream your opinion from the rooftops without being called out on it, and I can’t help but notice that Chloe Price is one of the characters in the game who gets the most hate for all the wrong reasons.

LiS, at the end of the day, is not about time travel. 

It is not about becoming one with your “spirit animal”, it is not about supernatural phenomena, it is not about quirky hipsters, it is not about the art of photography. What it IS about is two teenage girls named Max and Chloe who are best friends and are trying to grow up in a world that does not treat teenage girls and their opinions and experiences as if they matter. And yes, despite what many of you think I strongly believe that this story – this story about two queer teenage girls – deserves to be told, but mostly I think that everyone should pay particularly close attention to what this game is trying to say about queer teenage girls like Chloe Price.

Chloe Price, who has had to deal with the traumatic experience of not only losing your father in a car crash, but both of your best friends in the whole world shortly afterward on top of that.

Chloe Price, who is 19-years-old and is living with a man who is verbally and physically abusive towards her.

Chloe Price, who has literally no one to depend on except another teenage girl who is dismissed by adults just as often as herself on a daily basis even in the face of threats to their very lives.

Chloe Price, who doesn’t know anything about social justice or gender equality or adulthood or how society really works, but knows without a doubt that she deserves better than the hand that life has given her.

So go ahead, hate on Chloe Price for the mistakes she’s made, hate her for forcing Max to do things she isn’t comfortable doing, hate her for starting shit unnecessarily, but don’t you dare hate her for daring to demand attention and love from someone else because the fact is that society is already telling teenage girls that they’re not worthy of affection in the first place, that feeling they are deserving of love is somehow “selfish” or “egotistical”. 

Go ahead and build shrines in dedication to Kate Marsh because depressed teenage girls only deserve to be happy if they allow their own depression to swallow them up without imposing themselves on others or getting angry or aggressive towards those who have wronged them while you throw Chloe Price under the goddamned bus, go the fuck ahead and do it for all I care.

But I will be right here, fighting for every teenage girl who has dared to think themselves worthy of affection and is not afraid to dare to make people uncomfortable in order for them to know it.

huggle snuggle kawaiiplier because I am late in the game to the whole ‘feel better mark’ stuff. I really like the pastel copic pallete ok. so I hope, mark, you are a-ok

I am still trying to reach markiplier and it is really hard and it sucks not knowing if I can ever see if I know him from before I was healthier -cries-  I guess I will put if mark sees this, I want him to see this post : mark for all that is holy click this link

I hope you enjoy your day anyone who sees this~

tried to map out my agent diogenes design and make myself a little ref. can you pinpoint the exact point i gave up


Don’t know why(but I am really proud of that)some of you have been asking me lately about the Romanian language.I have thought many times that it is such an underrated language but was unaware of that fact that there are rarely even textbooks that teach the language.

This post is going to be constantly updated with some sites/books you can find online to help you a bit with your language learning.Hope that in the future I can proudly say that there is a bigger and bigger percentage of the people interested in Romanian.

If there are any questions don’t be afraid to ask me.

Here are some of Steven Kaufman’s videos on learning Romanian (1) (2) and his impressive skills in speaking Romanian (3).







Hivebent. That’s really all there is to say on the matter.

This is super extra late and I am super extra sorry so without further ado LETS END ACT 4 ONCE AND FOR ALL not that this means I will blabber less than usual

Yikes. Why are all of my posts starting with blood and slaughter lately?? What the heck!

And WV is the last one standing. Because he didn’t fight at all smh

You know, Jack sparing him was more of a cruelty than anything. Also WV, I’m not saying you should seek refuge immediately but… yeah, you should seek refuge immediately or a meteor is going to make a pancake out of you.

YEAH!!!! Rip it to shreds!!!

I’m blaming it all on this fucking puppet because honestly????????

Think about it! There have been two puppets of which origin we know absolutely nothing. This one and Lil'Cal. Yes, Cal is a paradox clone of itself BUT that only explains the way it ended up on earth with Bro. He supposedly changed the Derse shirt with the orange one. (Yes, this means Bro plays dress up with his puppets. Yes, this shocked me too.) We thought there were two versions of Cal but there was only one all along. The question is where did the fake dream self version even come from?? It’s a mystery. Exactly like the puppet that WV is currently ripping to shreds! They just appeared one day in John’s and Dave’s towers! And you know what else the two abominations have in common???!!! They haunted the poor kids’ dreams! Okay, it wasn’t stated that clown imp/Jack Noir/whatever that thing is supposed to represent haunts John’s dreams BUT!!!! The first time John got away from it for a couple of minutes he almost FREAKING WOKE UP! And the second time he DID actually wake up! If it wasn’t for that thing John would have woken up AGES AGO and Jade wouldn’t have died!!!!!!! So the puppets’ purpose could be delaying the kids’ awakening!! The question is WHY!!!! There is something extremely suspicious going on WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE AMERICA!!!!!!

I sounded like a conspiracy theorist up there.





Okay she was falling to her death but i am pretty sure we can trust bec to take care of that i mean, cut some slack to the omnipotent dog

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A couple of weeks ago I hit 500 followers and I want to thank you all so very much!! I appreciate every single one of my followers <33 So I decided to do a follow forever. I am really sorry for the inconvenience of not doing this sooner than later. I had been kind of busy and stressed out lately with my life so I didn't have the chance to do it as soon as possible. But here it is!  (^▽^)


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One moment.

5 years ago there was a moment.  A moment that changed the lives of 5 boys forever.  And subsequently, that moment changed our lives.

We all had our moment.  That single instance that made us become the fans that we are.  I had mine this past November.

There’s a part of me that is sad to have been so late to the game when it comes to 1D, but I am so grateful to be here now.  This band came into my life at a time when I really, really needed a new source of happiness.  My personal life had become a mess of confusion and disappointment and I needed an escape.

And then I had my moment.  I had seen One Direction (coincidently the OT4) perform on the Today Show and a few days later, suddenly, out of nowhere, all I wanted to do was listen to 1D.  I became hooked.  I got all the music, watched every video, got the DVDs, and eventually made this tumblr.

I couldn’t be more thankful.  This band and this fandom mean so much to me.  I really don’t know how and why it hit me that day to immerse myself in 1D, but I’ve never regretted it for a second.

Happy 5 years, boys.  Thank you for the past, the present, and the future.  Here’s to many more moments.

originally, i was going to post this when i hit 1k, so this is a little late ?? i just reached 1.8k not too long ago, and i wanted to post my third follow forever since this is a big deal to me!! :~) i want to thank you all so much for following me and actually enjoying my blog and wow omg… im cry. when i made my blog officially a kpop blog, i didn’t expect to even reach a hundred… it’s crazy to really think that so many people follow me. i am extremely grateful. thank you!!! i’m so happy to have met so many kind people and become friends with really amazing people :~)

to those of you who have followed me since i was sehunrie/sehunoween - wow i can’t believe you still follow me now ??? thank you for staying with me for so long!! ilu!!! and to those of you who started following me when i was 92kgs/sugabyuns/aestaegi - thank you a ton!!! i’m so happy!! ilu so much!! you’re all really great ppl mwah mwah!!

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jinskookieFIRSTLY I WOULD LIKE TO THANK MY WONDERFUL SISTER WHO INTRODUCED ME TO BTS. you’re an amazing person and you’re so sweet and are honestly my hero!!! i love u a ton! stay wonderful. (and stay in ur lane)

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Lately I’ve seen a lot of posts talking about Sarah J. Maas and how she always talks about Rowan and never talks about Chaol. I agree that Chaol is down played a lot by her, and it isn’t right, but I think there is a better explanation.

Side note: I reference a lot of other posts that I’ve seen and I am sorry I don’t know who said what for theories. I promise I’m not trying to take credit for any of it, I just want to put it all together.

1) As mentioned in previous posts Rowan is a new character and she gets lots of questions about him. And a lot of fans are obsessed with him.
2) She does like Rowan, a lot, but I don’t think it’s for the reason most people think.
3) There’s a post that compared Sarah’s husband to Chaol. It talked about how it had always been him (husband or Chaol) since the beginning, before she (Sarah or Aelin) knew the importance.
4) Sarah has said on Twitter that carranam is a play on words that means basically soul mate.
5) Sarah as also mentioned multiple times that Susan Dennard is her soul mate, her carranam. She talks about her quite frequently and has mentioned that she is one of the only people she can truly be herself around. She also dedicated TWO books to her, crown of midnight and heir of fire.
6) Note that Susan is her soul mate, not her husband. We rarely get even a mention of her husband and he hasn’t had a book dedicated to him yet (maybe Queen of Shadows?).
7) Susan = Rowan and Husband = Chaol
8) Now back to the series. Lots of posts have talked about how important Rowan remaining platonic with Aelin is. Chief among these is that it is important to show that not all characters have to be in a romanic relationship and to show the importance of friendship.
9) I think that Sarah is using the hype about Rowan to build up and show the importance of having “one true friend” (HoF 474).
10) She talks about Susan all the time; she talks about Rowan all the time. Because she loves them. Because they are important in a way that society doesn’t always recognize. For friendship, for being that one person who you don’t ever have to worry about leaving you.

The truth is, nobody falls in love with every hot guy (or girl) that they meet. It’s not realistic. And the truth is you can be friends, best friends, with someone of the opposite gender. It does happen, quite often in fact.

Now this is not to say that Chaol (or her husband) aren’t important, on the contrary, they are pivotal. Chaol is a key main/supporting character who represents a lot of people in today’s world. But this series has always been…different. That’s what drew us to it in the first place. The main character is a badass woman warrior who loves to dress up, who spends an entire book recovering from the death of her friend like a normal person, who loved young and fierce, who made friends. Real friends, from different backgrounds, ethnicities, and beliefs. It’s REAL. The situations aren’t as far fetched as most fantasy books are, people react like human people - not perfect people.

The point of Rowan in this story is to show the value of true FRIENDSHIP. That not every relationship between a guy and a girl has to be romantic. That friendship is valuable and important, just like the one between her and Susan.