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Mah Babies~💗

my writing job is paying off I just got a review code for Birthdays the Beginning, the Harvest Moon dev’s new game 😍😩👌🏻


Oliver: [sweats] 

Awa: “Not too bad huh? I figured since this is our ‘’first’’ date I wanted to impress you” 

Oliver: “Wow, you really did. I’m thinking maybe we should just skip dinner and go straight to dessert ;-)” 

Awa: [laughs] “I never put out on the first date, you know that. I’m a classy gal” 

So I’m kinda addicted to the app called Jodel where everything you post is anonymous and people can upvote, downvote and comment. Anyway, last week this person made a post about a glitch in their Sims 2 game where her character’s (named Hanne) ex-husband (called Pelle) would continue to enter her house randomly to play the piano. Like, at any point of the day he would just step inside and play. Despite not being a part of the played family any longer.

And that’s where the adventure starts. This person kept putting up screenshots of her game while explaining what has happened… It’s the best freaking drama I’ve ever heard of. This thread has more than 300 followers. Every evening I am literally waiting for this person to go home and play Sims 2.

At first Pelle seemed like the jerk, breaking into the house like that. Then he was locked out of the house and things started to get… weird. He’d be standing outside the house, crying. He began to pee in the flowers (but was always polite enough to wipe away the puddles).

Then we learned Hanne was the one who cheated on Pelle to begin with! Poor Pelle is just trying to win her back because he can’t move on. But Hanne is jerk.

Hanne can’t get over Pelle so she invites him over – but he brings a friend. Just when we think they will get back together Pelle and the friend starts looking at the sky together. Broship.

Hanne starts dating a guy called Ufo – but Ufo turns out to be attracted to Pelle!

Pelle moves on and starts dating a woman named Susanne. He’s so in love he quickly proposes.

Things get crazy in the latest update: Pelle and Susanne get twins and none of them were ready for that amount of responsibility. Sadness strikes when their dog dies. And Ufo keeps knocking over the trashcan! 

…I am so deeply invested in this person’s game of Sims, and at this point I am a bit ashamed. I am just happy to know I’m not the only one. But seriously, this is the freaking highlight of my day, and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I need help. Probably.

Hello, amazing simmers.

I’ve created this simblr quite some time ago and only recently (April) I started being active on it. I used to follow a lot of simblrs but I just went on an unfollowing spree as most of the simblrs I followed were inactive. I am (clearly) a maxis match simmer who posts my gameplay(s) and also has a cc maxis match dedicated blog check it out *wink wink*. I only follow back maxis match simblrs, so please if you’re, REBLOG/LIKE/FOLLOW (whatever really) this and I’ll follow you. It doesn’t matter what you post(gameplay, cc, edits etc)  as long as it is mm related. 

I’d like to make some friends since I am an introvert at heart. 


Awa: “Hey Oliver .. you would tell me if I looked ridiculous, right?” 

Oliver: “Sure ..?” 

Awa: “Well .. do I?”

Oliver: *sweats* “Oh wow .. I get why you didn’t change before your dad left ..”

Awa: “Ha-ha very funny .. Louise made me buy this, she said since I’m turning 18 I should start looking like it … ugh just forget it, I can’t pull this off .. I’m changing” 

Oliver: “Cmon Awa, you could literally wear a garbage bag and still look beautiful” 

Awa: “You really think so? I’m so glad I have you as my friend, you always know what to say” 

Oliver: “.. yeah ..“

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so, for those who aren’t following me, I’m working on a Sonic fan game called Sonic Cosmic Eternity.

Things have been going well with it, I actually released some gameplay yesterday.

So why am I making this post?

Simple: I am in need of a composer for an OST.

The current version of the game uses mainly music from official soundtracks, and I feel one way to help it stand out among the hundreds of other fan games out there is to give it its own soundtrack.

Additionally I could use some help with designing levels.

Given it’s a fan game it is of course non profit, but if anyone is willing to help me out here, send me an IM.

anonymous asked:

do you have any tips when playing a legacy and posting it? or doing a story? i wanna post something but i want it to be good as well as thought through if you understand what i mean. not just boring gameplay pics :(

i am the wrong person to ask bcos i post boring gameplay pics hehe!!! i don’t plan anything in my game and just let it happen and i like it to be lighthearted!! @sandy-sims has a huuuuuge post on how to write a story etc that u can find here sweetheart