am i posting gameplay


Mah Babies~💗

my writing job is paying off I just got a review code for Birthdays the Beginning, the Harvest Moon dev’s new game 😍😩👌🏻



Ok just to let you know I’m gonna be doing a time skip, the girls are gonna be teens and are going to college. Some people are gonna hate me for it but I’m starting to get bored of it and I really don’t want to give this gameplay up, because the child stage bores the life out of me, so I’m gonna try and make the teen stage kinda long so this gen isn’t too short! I want to do a storyline for when their at college but have no ideas at all if anyone can help me that’d be great! It’s also gonna take me sometime to get everything ready and its also leading up to British summer time so it’s getting so hot and I literally don’t have the energy to do anything so I don’t know when my next post will be, but I am continuing this gameplay!  

rosy-the-gay-rascal replied to your post : Aw dang, I was about to post Team Rose’s gameplay…

I am looking forward to it! Especially one about Amy, I would love to see it! 

Aw, thanks for that assurance :D Alrighty, I’m thinking I’ll post the thing tomorrow since, right now, people are in “hype” mode for Forces XD 

I sure hope you do end up loving what I’ve made for Amy ;) I’ll at least admit that I’ve added something quite “interesting” to her lol

If you're reading this I am no longer in Benny's bed

I’m probably still wearing his jacket though ~ because it’s cool 🎉

Too cool for him

Anyway, I’m probably at inpatient stay right now so it’s …. ANON QUESTION TIME!

Anonymously let me know if you guys would be ok with tasteful nsfw sim stuff

I’m used to creating sim stories so I dedicate a lot of time into making certain shots really ( sort of ) good. Obviously, none of what I’ve posted here has been good because these are all gameplay pictures.

I am going to post the occasional story edit picture of Amelie and Matteo’s romance, so you guys knows a bit more about them before they got married.

All my nsfw would be edited in the same style.

Abuse that anon ask box, darlings

I’ll be back soon 💕