am i obsessed with making collages

Hey! So I was accepted into College, not only accepted though, I got a full ride!!!!!! I am so so so happy, apparently my years of teaching sport fencing *shudders* to kids payed off. While sport fencing isn’t my favorite type of sword work it has saved me years of debt so I forgive it. Anyway, I went to visit and get a tour, it’s a nice school but it’s a bit odd. There were places that just felt weird to be in but even odder are the school traditions. Students always carry iron and salt, you can’t go by your real name (thus I am Suda Nym because it makes me feel clever) and all sorts of stuff like that. It’s all like the fairy lore I was obsessed with as a kid, maybe the founders were just superstitious? But hey, free collage so I won’t complain. I heard that a lot of students are on tumblr so here I am, also does anyone know the school’s weapons policy for dorms? I do historical stuff as well as sport fencing and would at least like to have my non-sharps for practice.  
- Nym
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Hi art friends! Here is what I have been up to lately. I was struggling having lots of different journals and sketchbooks and feeling like I wanted a place to write and collage stuff and do whatever I wanted without feeling like it “didn’t belong” in there or whatever. So I took a notebook and made an “anything goes” journal where I could write or draw or put down stickers or do whatever I wanted without feeling like it didn’t fit with the style of the book or whatever. I am obsessed with it and filled it up in 2 months and am making my second one right now.

I can write about what I used to make it if anyone is interested in that.