am i my brothers keeper

Note to the suicidal black men..

It will get better.

It’s doesn’t feel like it will and it’s hard to imagine how. It’s hard to see past right now but I promise it gets better. If I had my way a few months ago I wouldn’t be here now.

It’s hard to keep the pressure and negativity from getting to you…damn near impossible so disconnect if you must but don’t slide into seclusion..don’t trick yourself into thinking that nobody else cares…there’s at least one. And if you really can’t find that one I’m here.
I don’t care what the issue is…what your orientation is. You are my brother.
“I am my brothers keeper-a fortress to protect you”
With Love,
Your Brother.

Love Woo - Remus Lupin Oneshot

Character: Remus Lupin.
Era: Marauders Era.
Gender: Female.
Warnings: Talk of scars.
Info: No house or blood status is mentioned. Just some short fluff.
Summary: When you and Remus decided to miss out on the Quiddich celebrations, you find it hard to debate whether to go and retrieve your friends or not when you’re so comfortable.
A/N: You should read this because it had drunk Sirius and James near the end, and that part is actually one of the favourite things I’ve ever come up with.

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Despite it being 2 in the morning, you could still here the whoops and mull of the Gryffindor house in celebration, despite them celebrating the quidditch success since 5:30 the previous evening.

Remus came out of the bathroom and admired you for a short moment. The dull flicker of the lights made the dimly lit room cosy as you sat with your legs crossed on his bed, his Gryffindor jumper wrapped warmly around you, joggers and fuzzy socks as you turned your head and smiled at him.

He walked over and jumped onto the bed, leaning over to kiss your cheek before slumping back to lean on one of his arms.
“We should try and drag Sirius and James up to bed.”
“What about Peter?”
“If he’s been trying to keep up with those two, he’ll be passed out already. And if we don’t do something soon, then so will Sirius.” You explained as he groaned, giving you a cheeky smile.
“Can we not leave them?” He suggested as he shifted closer to you.
“No, we can’t.” You said, giving him a pointed look but not being able to hide your smile.

“Just for a minute? Or ten?” He suggested, placing his forehead on yours, pushing his lips to yours as you giggled, wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you back with him, his head hitting his pillow as you squealed and his grip on your waist tightened.
“Oh no, looks like we can’t go get them now, what a shame.” He said with mock disappointment, moving his foot to try and move the covers further up the bed.

“And I thought you’d be the one to help your friends.” You teased back as he finally managed to stretch his free arm to drag up the duvet to encase you both.
“I am not my brothers keeper.”
“Wow. Quoting the Bible. I didn’t know you read anything other than DADA textbooks.”
“Well, it might as well be fiction.”
“Says the magical werewolf who won’t go get his friends from a party where they were celebrating chasing an enchanted ball on flying broomsticks.” You retorted, sliding off his body to lay your ear on his pillow and your body to the side, inviting the warmth from the duvet.
“Touché.” He replied with a chuckle as you kissed his collarbone before laying your hands on his bare chest before quickly retreating them backwards.

“Merlin Remus, you’re freezing.”
“Noooo, your hands are warm.” He complained like a child before gently taking your wrists and placing the warm palms on his cheeks as he closed his eyes and kept them there whilst he soaked up the warmth.

“Maybe if you didn’t walk around shirtless so much you wouldn’t be so cold.”
“It’s hard when you’ve taken my jumper, isn’t it?” He said, raising his eyebrows cheekily.
“This isn’t the only piece of clothing you own!” You exclaimed as he laughed and pulled you closer, his nose against yours.

“You’re beautiful, you know that?” He whispered as you smiled up into his eyes.
“So are you.” You mused.
“Yeah. The scars are real beautiful.” He said sarcastically as your hands trailed their way down to the dips in the skin by his ribs.
“They are. They’re a mark of how strong you are. Of how you’ve survived. It lets me know that you can be hurt and safe when you’re out there.”
“You shouldn’t be worrying your pretty little head about anything when I’m out there.” He said, placing his lips on your forehead for several seconds.
“I like worrying. I’m very good at it.” You informed him as he laughed, looking down before he put his lips against your, your heart thumping as his lips moved slowly against yours, his bare chest pressed up against you and his arms pulling you in by the small of your back.
It was beautiful. It was loving and sensual in the most innocent way.

“Mmm. I don’t like you anymore.” You sighed against his lips softly as his eyes dragged open as he chuckled, staring gently at you.
“Because now if I want to get the boys up here, I need to get out of here, where I’m warm and snuggly.” You complained, pushing your cheek against Remus’ chest where he now lay on his back.

“Or… We could just lay here, allow them to be teenagers and allow them to make their own mistakes.” He shrugged as you looked up and met his eyes.
“Oh God. We’re an old married couple already, aren’t we?” You joked as he tightened his grip your body and kissed the top of your head.
“It’s not the end of the world.” He said, and if on cue, the duo stumbled in.

“Hey look. Moony. And Mrs Moony.” Sirius beamed like he’d just discovered something amazing.
“See. Now you don’t have to get out of bed.” Remus whispered in your ear.
“James! James, Moony is whispering, they’re talking about us.”
“We weren’t Pads.”
“Promise?” He asked like a four year old.
“Promise.” You confirmed as he giggled and flopped into bed.

“I’m a Dementor. Oooohhhhhhh.” A figure shaped like James said, running around the room in a blanket.
“Prongs, please go to sleep.” Remus asked as Sirius went:
“Moony. Moony. Moony. Moony moony moon moons.”
“Yes?” He said unimpressed.
“Make sure Y/N doesn’t watch me getting changed.”
“I won’t Sirius.” You told him.
“I don’t trust you.” He stated simply as Remus chucked the duvet over your head.
“See. She won’t look.”
“Thanks Moony, love wooo.” He said blissfully.
“Ha. Love woo.” You mocked as Remus kicked your leg.

“Why doesn’t Lily love me?”
“Oh God. He’s that type of drunk.” Remus muttered as he pulled the covers back to let you see again.
“Omigod! Prongs, Y/N was here the entire time!” Sirius gawked, now in a different shirt and his boxers, stumbling through the room.
“Maybe it’s not that she doesn’t love you, she just doesn’t realise it yet.” You told him gently as his pout and the sad flop of messy hair with the blanket around his shoulders made him look like the sad kid who was told to stop playing superheroes.
“But will she ever?” He asked, pouting.
“I tell you what James, why don’t you go to sleep and we’ll go to the Astronomy Tower and look in the crystal balls tomorrow morning?” You said. Neither of you had the talent or ‘the gift of sight’ as it was put but Prongs usually forgot this in his drunken state and nodded thoughtfully as he got under the covers fully clothed.

Sirius, however, was still skipping around the room.

“Hogwarts, Hogwarts, Hoggy Hoggy Hogwarts, teach us something please!” He sang, jumping about the centre of the room.
“Yes dearest?”
“Will you pass me the map please?”
“It’s for Moony.” He looked at you suspiciously before waddling over and handing you the paper before you grabbed his hand and told him:
“Beddybyes now.”

“Yes Mummy Moony.” He muttered, letting your hand fall as he climbed into bed and turned your head to Remus.
“Peter okay?”
“He’s in the common room, he’s fine.” Remus said, muttering:
“Mischief Managed.” Whilst you brought the dim lights to darkness and placed your wand on the windowsill next to the bed.

“How do I get Lily to love me?” James asked, Sirius already snoring as you found a comfy position in Moony’s arms and began to drift off.
“Give good hugs.”

“To run with the wolf was to run in the shadows, the dark ray of life, survival and instinct. A fierceness that was both proud and lonely, a tearing, a howling, a hunger and thirst. Blessed are they who hunger and thirst. A strength that would die fighting, kicking, screaming, that wouldn’t stop until the last breath had been wrung from its body. The will to take one’s place in the world. To say ‘I am here.’ To say 'I am.”  

i see a city in ruins
bricks falling from neglect
walls scarred from battles lost
from battles won
there’s no difference
pain has no favourites
i weep
i walk, slowly
run my fingers over the scar tissue
trying to read lines like braille
these birthmarks of anger, of despair
the stories they tell
go all the way back to the beginning of time
“am I my brother’s keeper?”
are we?
i weep
these buildings, they are solid
diamond hard but none of the luster
men grow cold
as girls grow old
but these rocks
they linger
refuse to give up their shape
my finger splits open on a sharp edge
i weep
i weep, i weep, i weep
the tears flooding this city of clogged drains
dirty veins, that instead of feeling like hope
feel like rope, binding
is this how God felt
in the days of Noah?
did He also cry
for bodies unmoved by his heart?
the water takes my knees
my waist, my shoulders, my head
my veins pulse with heat, expanding
searching for the city’s heart
i’m not drowning
i’m sprouting
a girl and a boy are playing in The Garden when they stumble on a rock. it looks ancient, from a time before time. its edges are sharp like the blade their mom peels oranges with and if you hold the rock against the sun, it gifts you with colours. their eyes could not look away.
the boy takes the rock in his hand, strokes it, caresses it. “we can’t split it”, he says. “It’s unbreakable.” the girl takes the rock from his hand, kneels on the soil and buries it. “don’t you know, boy? don’t you know that in The Garden even the hardest things, bloom?”

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inspired by @nosebleedclub ‘s prompt

My Brother's Keeper

If I could take away your pain
Lead the horse to water but couldn’t make him drink
I may not understand your plight
Don’t know why you chose this fight
But know this well and hold on to this truth
I am my brothers keeper I will do my part
Won’t ever abandon or look down on you
When you want to give into your fear
When anger consumes your thoughts
When the darkest nights never seem to make way for a new day
We are here
Let go of the demons
The streets aren’t made for healing
Your family cares and don’t you dare think any different
Don’t want to hear your name on channel thirteen
Don’t want you as a hashtag for another fallen teen
Them blue boys don’t act in love
Them boys don’t wanna see you rise up
Be the man I know you could be
I see so much potential
You existence is intentional
Don’t let the past way you down
You are royalty, an heir with the promise of glory
But the head that wears the crown
If it ever gets too heavy
Just call His name and cast your burdens on Him
You are in my prayers and I love you dearly
Dear brother take this message and carry it daily
Only want the best for you my heart is heavy but my intentions pure
Take heed to the lessons being taught to you
Choose the straight and narrow path
Not the beaten broken one so many have taken before you
Give yourself to the Lord and just know your sister loves you


10x23 “Brother’s Keeper”
“Take these. And one day, when you find your way back, let these be your guide. They can help you remember what it was to be good, what it was to love.”

These photographs have been an integral part of the season. They showed up when Sam was trying to cure Dean from being a demon, Dean held onto them after Sam and Cas had cured him and their importance and value was even more highlighted when the Stynes were about to birn them, destroy that last symbol for family. Before the season had started I had posted a dream scenario of mine in which ary is the only one to get through to Dean and get him to stop. And what we got in the finale came mightily close. The same way that Sam reminded Crowley of his true nature one episode prior, here he reminded Dean of who he truly is and what has always been his most beautiful asset: his heart and his immeasuarble ability to love. By showing Dean the pictures of him and Mary he reminded him not only of family,of the small boy who had to grow up way too fast, but most of all he reminded Dean of love and how it feels to be loved and to love in return and in particular how special a mother’s love is (and this was brilliantly executed and contrasted wih Crowley and Rowena and how Crowley had to grow up with no love at all). I love how in the end here, Sam provided the tools for Dean to remember love, to listen to his heart, how Mary was the one to get through to him - when without saying a word , but just by being there - and how in the end it was Dean, supported by the ones who love him, who saved himself. Even if only for a short while…

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..They gave up the world for each other.