am i making a big deal over nothing

Imagine being the headmaster of house Hufflepuff and the shock your students have when they find out you're actually married to Professor Snape

(Lol xD with so much time in my car driving to Florida I managed to type this up!!! I was too inspired by this after I woke up from one of my many naps xD Hope you all like it and it is as requested! :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

A gasp and a loud thud could be heard from across the hall, as you kissed your husband, Serverus, goodbye for the day.

Instantly, you both looked towards where the sound came from. You chuckled seeing your best performing student, Hermione, so shocked with her books on the floor. You waved hello to her and instantly he caught your arm back, stepping in front of you.

Shaking your head, you tried to grab him back to you, giggling to see how worried he seemed.

“Babe! It’s fine!”

He scowled seeing the young girl so appalled and shook his head as he glared at her. In his usual somber tone, he said, “No…She’s late…and she saw us…”

You scoffed at it and patted him, saying “So what! We weren’t trying to hide it! And plus, don’t act like you’ve never been late to any of our dates!”

He growled looking back at you, only to notice how you couldn’t stop smiling about the situation. You shoved him lightly, trying your best to dissuade the situation and make him smile, only to get exactly what you wanted for a moment.

The instant he looked back at her, he cleared his throat and nodded her over.

“Hurry, pick up your things and get in the classroom!”

Nervous, she did just as asked, only for you to feel bad for her. You knew your husband had always been a little harsh with the kids and just felt the need to make it up to them.

There was no wonder any of them preferred your company over his and thinking about it, you sighed at him and quickly let go of his hand.

“Y/N…”, he said trying to hold you back. Not listening to him, you walked over to her and bent down to pick her things.

“Here, let me help you…”

She picked up as much as she could in a panic, making you get even more worried for her. Casually, you managed to put a hand over hers and softly held it for a moment.

As she looked up at you, you smiled and shook your head, whispering, “Hey…Don’t worry about it…It’s not a big deal…”

You winked at her as you gave her the last of her stuff and added, “Besides he’s always grumpy for nothing, am I right?”

She finally smiled listening to how reassuring you were to her and even more as you gave her a hand to get back up and brushed away at her robes, ridding her of some dust. She nodded and made a quick run towards his class completely ignoring his growl.

Shaking your head, you met his gaze and blew him a kiss before walking back to your class, to which he finally smiled again and nodded.

During her whole class, Hermione couldn’t stop thinking about what she had just witnessed and as to what it might mean. Her obvious thoughts made Snape glare at her the entire class while trying his best to subtly hint at her to not say a word about it.

However, as soon as she walked out of his class, she couldn’t stop herself and just had to get it off her chest.


“I saw Professor L/N kissing Professor Snape!”, Hermione said to the others around her at the dining hall.

They all made a face at the news and instantly Ron, shook his head and refuted her.

“Impossible! Professor L/N would never! She’s too kind and caring to ever be interested in someone like him!”

“But it’s true!”

Hearing her, Sheamus, looked towards her and stated, “Isn’t she a little too young for him?! I could swear she graduated a few years ago!”

To which they all nodded and only made Ron, add “Yeah! And she’s too pretty! She’s totally out of his league!”

Feeling bad for her but he himself not believing it, Harry shrugged, whispering to everyone.

“Hermione, maybe you saw it wrong…”

At that she frowned at him but before she could even add to her argument, Ron was already backing up Harry even more.

“Yeah, Hermione…She’s headmaster of house Hufflepuff why would she ever be with Professor Snape of all people…Think about it…The kindest professor with the worse of all, sounds pretty ridiculous to me!”

At that Hermione rolled her eyes and sighed. Everyone knew of his obvious crush on you and how he’d get easily embarrassed talking about you, it was no surprise how fast he was to defend you.

The twins chuckled at their younger brother, but George added, “But thinking about it, I don’t really believe it either! Last class she ran out after me to hand me my book back! And she didn’t mistook me for Freddie!”

Fred chuckled at that and holding onto his twin, he said, “As a matter of fact she’s never mixed us up since she got here! The more we talk about her, the weirder the idea of her being with him gets!”

Everyone roared in laughter at that and it truly angered her. Pressing her palm onto the table, she firmly tried to prove her point.

“It isn’t! I really saw them! I came in late for class and saw them both kissing each other by the door! And not a simple peck! It’s certain they’re an item, no one kisses like that if they weren’t! She even called him “Babe”!“

As she stated about herself being late for class, they all let out a groan before quieting each other and started to remember how he had walked out for a moment, waiting for the last few students to come in.


Seeing how silent they had gotten, Hermione sighed and added, “Now do you believe me…”

Still defensive, Ron stuttered out, “Still doesn’t mean anything, maybe you’re lying!”

“Why would I lie?! I really did see professor Snape and professor L/N kissing each other!!”

Not saying a word, they simply stared at her wide eyed and looked behind her. She stayed still feeling a cold gaze staring down upon her.

Slowly, she decided to turn around to see as to who it was and speaking of the devil, it was exactly who she thought it would be.


After his class, Serverus had already made his way towards the dining hall in hopes to stop the young girl from spreading anything towards the others. Quietly, he walked over to house Gryffindor’s table but quickly realized how it was too late.

Irritated, he scowled looking down at her and muttered quite loudly as she turned to see as to who was standing behind her.

“You really are an insufferable know-it-all…I swear i’ll-”

As you walked in, you noticed him practically terrorizing the students again and knew you just had to barge in and say something.

Quickly, you waved over at them and got their attention along with that of your husband’s. The twins chuckled to see you and were both quick to forget the whole situation.

“Hey guys!”

In unison they playfully greeted you sweetly, “Good afternoon Professor L/N~”

Instantly you noticed how your husband frowned at them, obviously getting jealous from just that. While George was kind enough to ask, Fred just insisted you sat in between them.

“Care to join us?” “There’s a place right here!”

From all their persuasiveness, you could tell your man was fuming and was ready to choke them out at any moment. You tried your best to laugh it off, to make him realize how it wasn’t a big deal at all and simply refuted their offer.


Nonetheless, it seemed to be too late as the moment they opened their mouths to compliment on your beauty, your husband slap them both across the head with his book in hand. Gritting his teeth, he muttered under his breath.

“Very inappropriate…She’s a professor…and she’s my wife…”

At the last words, everyone’s jaw dropped and in near sync they all exclaimed, “Your wife?!?!”

Apparently, their table wasn’t the only one to have heard it and everyone was chattering between each other. Strangely, for once he wasn’t fearful or nervous at the idea of everyone knowing about you both.

He crossed his arms rather proudly and just couldn’t seem to stop smirking. It made your heart pound to see him so happy about them knowing that you just had to laugh and add a little more.

Pretending to be mad at him for his behaviour, you sighed and crossed your arms as you scolded him.

“Professor Snape! You didn’t have to say it like that! Why do you always have to terrorize the kids?! There’s no wonder our own little girl is still pretty scared of you!”

At that, their eyes widened even more and once again they all exclaimed in unison.

“Your little girl?!”

Ron held onto his chest, pretending to be sick at the idea of you, his favorite teacher, having had a child with the worse of all.

Seeing all their reactions made you laugh at how innocent they could be at times but your husband’s sudden embarrassed expression was just so cute you had to reassure him.

With the sweetest voice, you said, “Yes our daughter, Y/D/N…but to be fair she just turned one recently…”

Looking over at him, you winked at him, adding, “She’ll get used to you soon babe…”

Nodding him over to go join you at the table, he made a quick move to meet you up at the end of their table, leaving them with even more questions than answers, as they were all dumbfounded as to how it all even happened between you both.

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Am I the only person who thinks that Michael and Margarita are making a big deal over nothing? Being unintentional inspiration by other designers’ works happens all of the time in Project Runway and the real world. And Claire’s final product didn’t look like Margarita’s shirt dress from the previous challenge (which I’m pretty sure I’ve seen something like it before on previous seasons).

Did Claire deserve to win? Debatable. Fashion is subjective. But at the end of the day she made both her model and Dixie Cup happy.
Does she deserve to be called a cheater? No.

Ok, Claire is a cheater. I’m just disappointed in how the other designers handled it and that they didn’t mention anything sooner.

Shifting Narratives - Part Five

It only took Spencer about twenty minutes to get to your motel room. You smiled warmly at him when he arrived but the smile he returned was strained.

“You sounded kind of upset on the phone” you said, closing the door behind him. “Did you get in trouble with your boss?”

“I guess kind of” Spencer said with a small shrug. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was doing here, he just knew that he didn’t want to be with the team but he didn’t want to be alone anymore either. Spencer had always been the introverted type, happy with his own company but since coming home solitude had felt threatening. It was like there was always something just out of sight, waiting to strike.

You’re gonna need eyes in the back of your head. 

“Hey Monte Cristo” Your voice stirred Spencer from the unpleasant memory. 


“Where did you go just then?”

Spencer shrugged again. You were looking at him with concern now and that just made it worse. He hated people pitying him, it made him feel weak.

“I’m fine. Just frustrated I guess.” 

You nodded, not believing a word of it. You offered him a drink and then the two of you sat in a slightly awkward silence, sipping cheap vodka and soda on either side of the bed. The room was laden with filming equipment, the laptop you were using for editing and boxes of papers. You had done your best to tidy up before Dr Reid arrived. 

“Dr Reid I don’t want to intrude but-”

“Spencer. Or if you prefer ‘Monte Cristo’, I’ve been called worse things.” 

You laughed.

“I was just gonna say, you seem like you need to talk to someone, get something off your chest. I’m guessing this case is a tough one for you personally?” you said. 

Spencer wanted to get annoyed, to yell that you didn’t know what you were talking about and that he was fine, everything was fine but he just didn’t have the energy. He drained the glass, wincing slightly, before speaking.

“Maybe. I just feel like I’m trying to move on and no-one’s letting me.”

You said nothing and Spencer took this as a sign to carry on.

“I’m fine. I’m over it. I was innocent and I got out and I just want to get back to normal”

“Being in prison for three months sounds like a pretty big deal” you said “I guess your team just wants to make sure you’re okay.”

“I am” Spencer protested weakly “I just feel like they’re not giving me the chance to show them that. It’s like the don’t trust me or my judgement and I feel that I’m being accused all over again. Like I’m letting them down again”

“How are you letting them down?” you shifted closer to him, setting your drink down on the bedside table.

Spencer took a deep breath and explained how his mother had been sick and how he’d brought her home and started trying an experimental treatment he could only get in Mexico and how he’s been drugged and framed for murder hence him being in prison.

You were stunned and completely unsure how to respond.

“Sorry I don’t mean to burden you with all that” said Spencer. He grabbed the bottle from earlier and refilled both your glasses before settling back down. 

“No I just don’t know what to say and I’m a firm believer that platitudes don’t work”

“Thanks, I’ve kind of had enough with people telling me that it will get easier and stuff like that”.

“So your team got you out?”

“They worked out that a woman I arrested and her girlfriend worked together to frame me as revenge"

You coughed as you took a mouthful drink. It burnt your throat and you had to scramble for a bottle of water.

“Spencer that sounds like a fucking soap opera”

“Yeah felt like one too” Spencer said. You noticed him gripping his glass tighter and hesitantly you laid your hands over his.

“I know a little about what it feels like when you have no control” you said softly “and I know that after that you will do anything and everything you have to, to feel in control again”. He looked at you intensely and you could see he wanted to ask you about it but the look on your face was enough to stop him.

“I thought I was going to die in there” he said “And then when I got out and I confronted her it was like she was ten steps ahead. She had my mother, she had all this information on me. I was scrabbling around in the dark, no idea what to do. She said…she said she was pregnant.” You frowned but said nothing. “She said it was mine”. He looked so defeated.

“Hang on, you were with this woman?” you asked, confused.

“No” he swallowed before continuing “I was drugged in Mexico and she was working with a partner so she made it seem like…” his voice trailed off. Instinctively you withdrew your hands, hoping you hadn’t overstepped the mark or made him feel uncomfortable. He glanced down and then set aside his own glass before continuing “It was all a lie but I still felt…”

“Violated?” you asked gently. You had experience with that too. “Like you’re separated from your body? Like you can’t trust anyone anymore?”

“Yeah, exactly like that”

You didn’t say anything. Nothing felt like it would be enough. You could tell exactly why his team was worried about him but you knew why he felt he needed to go back out and start living again.

“I’m not sure that this is what you want to hear” you began “I know you want everything to go back to normal but it isn’t going to be that easy”

“I know” Spencer said sadly, and your heart broke a little.

“But you can find a new normal I promise” you said “It may take a little while but you’ll heal and you’ll be stronger”

“You sound like you’re speaking from experience”

“Yeah well that’s a long story for another time but pretty much” you smiled at him.

“Thank you” he said smiling back and your stomach did a little flip. Really? Now? After that conversation, what is wrong with you? You scolded yourself but you couldn’t help yourself leaning in, Spencer mirroring your actions. He was very close now and for a moment you thought… 

“I think you should get some rest” you said softly “It’s be a tough day”

No you definitely weren’t going to take advantage of this situation. It felt wrong.

“Um, do you mind if I crash on the floor here?” asked Spencer embarrassed “We have a hotel in town but I kind of need some space from the team”

“Only if you call them first. I don’t want them thinking that you’ve been abducted and you can take the bed I can sleep in the chair”

Spencer ended up calling JJ who was relived to finally get through to him. After reassuring her he was fine, he just needed to be alone, he sank back down on the bed.

“Are you feeling better?” you asked

“Yeah actually I am. Thank you.” You flashed him a goofy smile, delighted you could help him in some small way.

“We all need a little help now and then. It doesn’t make us weak. You look like you’re about to ask me something”. 

“It’s silly”

“What is it?”

“Could you sit with me a bit?” asked Spencer, feeling incredibly childish “Just while I fall asleep?” He was surprised when you answered without hesitating.

“Sure, move over”

Spencer stretched out on the bed while you sat on the edge. He reached out and lightly touched your hand so you took his, your thumb lightly rubbing the back of his hand and he feel asleep, calmed by the soothing motion.

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Complaint about some female "body positivity" things I've seen: why are there no women with a belly overhang in those photoshoots? Why are they all "normally" proportioned? The point is to accept all bodies, not just ones that are similar *enough* to what society thinks is attractive. My body weight is centered around my abdomen, and I have a big belly overhang. I see all that stuff, like that dove soap campaign and it's like??? Is that trait so offensive that you can't ever show it??? 1/2

2/2 A lot of obese women don’t have proportions like depicted in plus size media. It feels fake and awful. Why is my belly so disgusting??? It’s just fat??? It’s not a fungal growth or some mass of decaying food or something I don’t know what. It’s clean. What is the big deal??? Why does society make me hate myself against my own will. Its so trivial. Why? Why am i made to cry over nothing?

Hi, yes, welcome to my life. This is why I’m not really into the body positive movement the way I am into fat acceptance, because of shit like this. And this is when we are lucky, too. Otherwise, we get shit like this:

I mean, do I even have to say what the issue is here?

-Mod Bella

Silly Little Cut

TITLE: Silly Little Cut

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine finding out the guys had been turned into vampires while they were on tour when they start acting strange around you after you get a really bad paper cut

PAIRING: Andy Biersack/OC (if you squint)


SUMMARY: The boys have changed since they left for tour.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I clicked the random button on my blog for inspiration and this happened.

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I've tried to keep following you since you decided to identify as a guy again, but I just can't anymore. I liked and still do like many aspects of your personality, but I've been a fan of so many LGBTQA people who have later decided they were cis and/or straight. I know it isn't, but every time it happens I just feel betrayed because I've lost someone I can look up to that's like me.

I understand what you’re saying and I won’t judge you or be mad at you for leaving, but I would like to say:

1) I never said I was cis
2) While I understand where you’re coming from and I’m glad that you’re being open about your feelings and wanting to discuss them or at least have them be known… I really don’t think this is fair to me at all. Like… you know how badly I wish I could just continue with the way things were before and save people a lot of pain over potentially losing representation that mattered to them? This was the one thing I worried so much about ever since the beginning and it just eats at me when I think about it. Throughout this whole thing I’ve done nothing but try and reinforce and state over and over again the idea that just because I am one way, it doesn’t mean you are any less valid or deserving of respect or representation. I’ve tried so hard to not make this kind of thing a big deal cause it’s like… this is my journey yknow? I don’t speak for anyone else when I say that I felt one way and then one day felt the other. That’s no one else’s cross to bear but mine.
Why should I have to feel guilty about being true to myself, regardless of who “myself” is at any given time. I don’t want to put myself in a box like that. It’s suffocating, and it always was, both when I was a girl and when I’m a guy.
But yet when I see stuff like this all it does is just eat me up and make me feel like garbage cause of this thing I couldn’t control.
And I’m really sorry. I know that I’m kinda being shitty by turning your own pain into a way for me to vent my own shit, but this is honestly the result of weeks now of this kind of fear building and building.
If you’re only willing to follow me because I fit a mold or I fit your own expectations, that’s your decision, and like I said, I won’t judge you, and honestly I don’t blame you. Representation is important. I’m really genuinely sorry I took that away from you. I’m sorry.

Wow you guys sounds like children bickering back and forth…. From someone who’s actually been abused at a very young age by my babysitter. She had slapped me across the face to get me to stop crying. I personally have learned to just let it go. I’m not saying what she did was right, but I have grown from my past experience, and I’m fine, I’m perfect. This just seems like nothing turned into a big deal. If anything I like stupid shit all the time, but I never actually like it or stand by it. We’re HUMAN we make mistakes god dammit and we learn from them. So to whoever gives me shit for this, okay, go ahead. Besides we don’t even know what Harrison thought about it or if he is actually for abuse. He apologized didn’t he? I didn’t even get the joke of that picture. I’m pretty sure it was all a big understanding. Abuse is not a laughing matter, but we shouldn’t start attacking someone for something they didn’t think about thoroughly or thought that was wrong. Besides this fandom has a reputation for making a big deal over nothing, am I right?


Okay guys, so….

Something REALLY bad has happened lately

I am the author of this 2-D Birthday Gif, but a lot of people do not know that.

Why do you ask?

Well, it was a 50/50 mistake.

I did this gif the 23th at like 2 am (so its technically the 24th) because of 2-D’s birthday. But I was so done with making it that I just uploaded it to tumblr and facebook WITHOUT PUTTING A WATERMARK ON IT. 

I had never thought that it would get viral/famous, so I was like ‘Who cares? No one is going to repost it anyways’




The days passed, and this thing happened.

A guy reposted my work. ‘No big deal’ ,I though,, since he wasn’t big on Facebook or anything, so there’s nothing to worry about



A really famous page (that has over 600.000 likes) shared the gif and gave credits to the other guy.

I spammed the page and told others to do the same to just change the credits…

That hasn’t work.

The worst thing:

Another really famous page ALSO FREAKING GAVE CREDITS TO THE OTHER GUY. (this one has more than a million likes, so ya know why is this bad)





Just watermark your art. EVEN if you have just posted it, EVEN if you have to re-upload it and lose your current notes/likes. It’s worth it.

Please, I am suffering for my horrible mistake, so hear me out, ‘cause I care about you.

(P.S:In case you don’t believe I did it, I have the SAI archive)

All The Luck You Need! *Sebastian Stan x Reader*

Originally posted by lowkeysebastianstan

Summary: My close friend @juliagolia87 is currently stressing - despite she shouldn’t be - over a test she has to do for her work! Decided, who better than to lift her spirits than Seb Stan? 

“It went terrible, I know it did, I can feel how terrible I did.” You rant to your boyfriend over the phone, him humming in agreement whenever needed as you just ranted on and on about your test you just took, despite the fact you studied all weekend plus a week for it.

Sebastian is quiet throughout your rant, not saying a word unless needed till eventually you’re tired from your own voice; he imagines you’re now lying on the bed. Face down, completely done with everything, how you usually get when something goes wrong. He wants to chuckle because he’s most definitely right but he refrains against it.

“Y/N?” He asks making sure you’re still there, you hum is muffled but he can still hear it. “You didn’t do terribly; I know you didn’t since my own girlfriend blocked my number for an entire week so she wouldn’t be distracted when studying!” He chuckled at the truth behind his words.

It was torture not talking to you as he filmed in Atlanta, he actually to pass the time, hung out with Tom Holland for the day. Not that it was necessarily bad, it was just pretty boring when the only company he could have was with a minor, which now he thought it about it sounded a bit like he was grooming the kid.

“It’s like everything I studied for had left me, Seb!” You whined rolling onto your back, “I was blank and I didn’t know anything, I bullshitted everything, I’ve failed. I’m gonna end up jobless, no friends or family because everyone has disowned me, I’ll become homeless and have to eat at soup kitchens!” He laughed at your over-dramatic but slightly serious behaviour.

Sebastian sighed gently, “well, as if, I’d let that happen! Listen, you answered all the questions to the best of your capabilities. I believe you did really well, if you didn’t, well then you didn’t but it’s not gonna be the end of the world. It will never be like that cause you have people that care, that will look after you, if it does go to shit. Which it won’t because you’re smart, intelligent and beautiful.”

“What do my looks have to do with my test?”

“Nothing, I just wanted to remind you that you’re beautiful, that’s all.” You blush at his comment, even over the phone and miles away, he still managed to make you blush and smile like some schoolgirl. “What I am saying is, Y/N. That no matter what, I’ll still love you, whatever result you get doesn’t affect my love for you; remember that!”

You sighed softly and nodded, despite the fact he can’t see you. “I know I’m just super nervous and worried, Seb this is a big deal. I can’t fail!” You sat up with an exhale, “wish you were here with me, I’d be a lot calmer with you around.” You admit, he hummed in agreement but not answering, and then you hear the door open. “Seb, someone has opened the front door!” You tell him.

“Probably, should go see who it is, may be a really nice surprise.”

You frown still holding the phone to your ear and peek around the door, you slowly walk down the hallway and see Sebastian grinning at you, he hangs up the phone and you do the same before running into his arms. He picks you up and kisses your cheek lightly, laughing as you cling to him desperately for his comfort and warmth.

You missed him. He knew how to calm you down just by being with you, he didn’t have to say or do anything but be near you for you to feel, comforted and safe.

“We’re gonna get take away, put on a cheesy rom-com and forget about your test for the rest of the evening, okay?” He mutters into your neck, you didn’t respond knowing better than to argue with Sebastian on this, you pulled away to look at him grinning from ear to ear. “I got two days off, worse come to worse; you’ll come with me to set!”

“I love you,” you tell him sincerely, trying to convey your gratitude for having him in your life, he just smiled and shrugged. “No, I mean it. I really do love you, a lot.”

“I love you too, always.” He pulls you in for a gentle and sweet kiss, still holding you off of the ground, perks of him working out for months prior for Bucky Barnes. He pulls away, resting you gently on the floor, still holding onto you.

You sighed gently, pecking his lips once before pulling him to the sofa where you cuddled into him, just sitting in silence because right now… all you needed was him. 

“Listen, you did fantastically. All that studying is bound to pay off, everyone was sending good vibes, I’d surprised if you did fail.” He tells you gently, holding you close to his chest, you sighed lightly. “Plus, you had me, Sebastian Stan believing in you… that’s like, all the luck you need.” 

(The ending I lost it but I do hope this brings a smile to Julia, know that even though, I am not Sebastian or Chris, that I do believe in you! I hope you got mine and my churches good luck prayers on Saturday, I know you can do this, I have full confidence in your capabilities to ace this. Love you, always.  And if you don’t, that doesn’t affect our friendship, I love you through all your fails and highs because that’s the service you give to me.- Ro)

This is the current official seal of Whitesboro, NY. A white man strangling an American Indian man.

Stop telling me I am being too sensitive. Stop telling me that I am making a big deal out of nothing. Stop telling me about living in post racial society.

 Stop telling me to ‘get over things’ when stuff like THIS is being actively defended and protected.

Dating Sam behind Nate’s back (Sammy Wilkinson)

Requested : Hi can I have an imagine where i’m like skate’s little sister and i’m dating Sam and Skate discovers when he sees us kiss and gets super protective and angry and the boys start a fist fight and Skate screams at me.

A.N: Thank you so much for the request cutie ! I had fun writting this. Omg I really hope this is good cuz I repeated myself, english isn’t my first language. In real life I speak french guys ! 😂

Nate and I it’s been a while we know each others. Over the years, he became more protective over me, my attendance and more than anything my boyfriends.

So when I started to date Sammy, I knew he will be mad. Between us, everyone know Sammy’s reputation is the one of a fuckboy. He is not, but that’s what rumors said about him. Except Nate doesn’t hear it like that, for him no one is enough for me even if the person who I am dating is his friend. Mostly if he is his friend.

We were chilling at Swazz’s place with the whole Ohama squad, just having good time. I was sitting on the couch on the one hand Nate and on the other hand Johnson.
Sammy texted me for say he will be here soon I was excited to see him again. But I was not quiet, we will have to be careful with Nathan in the same house.

Ten minutes later, Sammy was here saying hi to everyone. We were all laughing together, telling some funny stories but Sammy and I were exchanging discrete glances. Until he nodded towards the kitchen.

“ I am thirsty ” I said.

I stood up, making my way to the room. The kitchen were so quiet on the contrary of the living room. I grabbed a glass of water before I felt two strong arms around my waist.

“ You should had waited a little bit more before join me ” I whispered.
“ I couldn’t take any longer”
“ They will notice something”
“ Right now, I really don’t care”

He turned me around face to him, approaching his head. We were forehead against forehead, our lips skimmed when Nate started to yell.


We both startled and discarded quickly but Sammy let one of his arm around my waist, firming his grip.


“ Nate calm down please we are doing nothing wrong ” I tried.
“ Nate don’t make a scene, it isn’t a big deal man ”

The others boys do not delay to come over. There were at first surprised by Sammy’s arm position but also realized Nate will be very difficult to control.

“ Move away from her Sam !” dropped Nate clenching his jaw.
“ I said MOVE away ! ” both are sending deaths glare to each others.
“No I am not going anywhere dude. You need to understand. I am not here in the purpose to hurt her in anyway. I am in love with her ! ”
“ Shut the fucked up ! You don’t mind any single words. The only thing you want from her is sex and I am not going to let you use her only for your sexual needs !”
“ Ouch.. You are suppose to be my friend and actually you can’t trust me. What’s different now ? ”
“ I am not your friends not since you laid eyes on her, she is my sister’s heart and you keep playing with her ! Trying to seduce her !”

I can felt Nate’s anger, he was furrowing his brows and trying to keep calm. Until he started to walk towards us, fast. He only have time, to send one punch in Sam’s face before the guys holding him back.

“Man ! Man ! Calm down !” “ Dude, I know you’re upset but chill, you will regret it ” voices are melting.

However I was only able to think about Sammy. He was bleeding nose but it didn’t seem broken. I cupped his face with my palms while he was staring at me.

“ I am sorry ” I apologized
“ This isn’t your fault ”
“ He hit you because of me ”
“ And I will let him hit me again if this is about you. I will always stand up for you   ”

I knew I shouldn’t but at this instant I can’t stop myself to smile happily.

I was in love with him too.

To my ex-lovers,

Our love was built with a passion, but like all pressures in life, we imploded.

It’s a shame on your part, you fell for my charms and wit.

I reeled you in, with the intention of dating you, knowing as soon as I had you, I would want nothing to do with you.

I obsessed over the concept of loving someone. I premeditated my actions, and knew exactly how to woo you. I however, never loved you, I wanted to, but I could not bring myself to.

I would apologize, but I am not sorry.

I ignored and avoided you, because I was done with you.

I knew you probably missed me, thought of me, wished I would message back.

Let’s not make a big deal of this now, as I whip up a half-assed apology of “it is not you, it is me,” but flip it so that it is you and not me.

You will feel foolish and betrayed for falling for a man like me, but we can still be friends right?

- If I were honest.

Seven Days of Christmas: Day 7

Summary: When the holidays don’t turn out the way you planned, seven people bring you holiday cheer and celebrate with you.

Genre: SMUT, Cute, Fluff, Fun. Comedy

Length: 3310


You opened the door to your place, and it was dark, except for your fireplace. You hadn’t used the thing since you moved in, and you didn’t even know that it worked. It made the place feel extra cozy and warm, though, so you wondered why you had never tried it before. JB stood in front of you with two mugs filled with hot chocolate. Little marshmallows floated on the top of the liquid, and it looked perfect.

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Happy belated birthday to my friend @pineapple-fangirl! (This is a little more on time than usual ngl) It’s kinda short but hopefully you enjoy it?

Title: As It Is
Summary: Whether supportive, shocked, or grossed out by the kissing, Marinette feels like her friends accept her new relationship as it is. Hopefully. (Post-reveal Ladynoir fluff, general friendship feels :3)

“Good job!”

Chat grinned at her, putting a gentle hand on her shoulder. “Shall we?”

She smiled right back. “We shall.” Making sure to keep enough distance to prevent suspicion among the public, the two superheroes ran off. In an alley between two stores, Marinette released her transformation.

“Hi, princess.”

Marinette smiled, turning around. “You haven’t detransformed yet?”

Chat smirked. “I had to keep up with you somehow, silly.” He put his hands on her waist and gently brought her closer to him to pull her in for a kiss.

Marinette smiled into the kiss, humming gently as she wrapped her hands around his neck. She felt his transformation release.

“Gross! Gross, gross, gross. Adrien we’ve talked about this!”

Marinette giggled as they pulled away, Adrien groaning in the direction of the little black kwami. “Plagg, come on.” he whined.

“No! Don’t tell me to come on. I told you that you don’t need to kiss her every time you see each other!” Plagg retorted. “I don’t want to see you kissing all the time. I have an appetite which I don’t like spoiled!”

Tikki sighed, shaking her head. “You would think he would have matured over all these years…”

“Let’s go, class starts in a few minutes.” Marinette prodded them. “Let’s get back to school.”

“Thank you, Marinette!” Plagg cried. "Thank you!”

Tikki hit him lightly with her little arm. “Stop being so childish, Plagg.”

“Come on,” Marinette persisted. Tikki returned to her purse as Plagg dove into Adrien’s jacket. They hurried down the street and through the doors of their school.

“Hey Mari,” Alya stopped the rushing girl. “Where did you go?” Then with a raised eyebrow, asked, “Is Adrien behind you?”

Adrien waved to the girls as he moved towards their classroom. Marinette shrugged. “Yeah, seems that way. Why?”

“Were you two out together?” Alya questioned, narrowing her eyes. “Is there something you’re not telling me?”

Marinette waved her hands in the air frantically. “N-No of course not!” she stammered quickly.

Alya snorted. “That’s convincing,” she commented. “I will find out eventually, you know.”

Marinette laughed nervously as they walked into class together. Nino turned to Alya as they walked in.

“Yo, Alya is Marinette being evasive?” he asked.

Alya grinned. “What, is Adrien being evasive?”

“We aren’t being evasive!” the two in question retorted simultaneously.

“You’re being evasive,” Alya and Nino responded in tandem, surprising each other. Marinette giggled.

“Alright class, take your seats.” They all rushed to their seats in preparation for class.

“Marinette,” Alya whispered. “Tell me.”

“Tell you what?” Marinette hissed in response.

“Girls I have told you time and time again that I don’t appreciate you talking during class!”

“Sorry!” they yelped. Marinette hid the sigh of relief threatening to escape her lips.

After class, Marinette yawned. “Time to go home,” she told Alya. “I’m tired.”

“Not so fast,” Alya said. She stood in front of Marinette with her arms crossed. “I’m still curious and I still want to know what’s going on.”

“I second that!” Nino announced, grabbing Adrien’s arm.

“What are you guys talking about?” Adrien said with a sigh.

“You two came back at the exact same time, and you’ve been doing that the past few days.” Alya said. “So don’t you dare tell me it’s a coincidence, I am a reporter.”

“Alya you’re making a big deal out of nothing,” Marinette waved off. “I don’t know what you mean.”

“Example B: Adrien has stopped obsessively following the Ladyblog.” Nino added. Marinette turned sharply to him, eyes widened and smirk visible. He turned to her with a slight glare and red cheeks.

“I didn’t obsessively follow the Ladyblog…” Adrien muttered. Marinette muffled her snickers and bit her lip.

“And that!” Alya cried. “That! You aren’t falling over your feet trying to talk to him anymore! You’ve stopped stuttering and-”

“Alya, stop.” Marinette whined. She didn’t have to turn to know Adrien was smirking at her.

“Agh, can you guys just tell us what’s going on?” Alya groaned. “If you’re dating I want to know. And I want to know now.”

Marinette shrugged, trying to look calm. What do I say…? What does he think…?

“I think you guys are being dramatic,” Adrien said. Marinette looked at him and could see his façade slipping, the truth of their many rendezvous becoming more evident.

But maybe that was just because she knew her partner like the back of her hand.

“Enough lying, just tell me!” Alya persisted childishly.

“Dude you are not getting away from this.”

“Guys…” Marinette sighed.

“Mari, should we just say we’re dating to get out of this?” Adrien asked, clearly resigned. Marinette laughed.

Alya and Nino stared them down. Adrien and Marinette looked at each other. Marinette could practically hear him saying Let’s just do it, my Lady.

Okay, kitty.

Adrien put his arm around her shoulders and Marinette put her her against his. “Yeah, we’re seeing each other,” Adrien admitted.

“For how long?” Nino asked.

“Since…” Marinette thought for a second. “…Saturday, I think.”

“That’s almost a week!” Alya shouted. “You should’ve told me!”

“I kind of thought you’d think it’s weird,” Marinette explained. “It was pretty sudden.”

“I’m in disbelief, I’m not gonna lie.” Nino said. “It’s so hard to believe, okay? Adrien was crushing extremely hard on Ladybug. Marinette already liked Adrien, but I’m wondering where the transition came in.”

Adrien shrugged. Marinette had no plan to tell them that they had accidentally discovered their secret identities. Or that it had been Marinette who kissed Adrien first when she admitted her feelings for him. Or that he had admitted his feelings in return between kisses.

Alya took out her phone. “I want to get this on camera. Admit you’re dating!”

“We’re dating, okay.” Marinette repeated, rolling her eyes.

She missed the smirks on Nino and Alya’s face as she said that.

“Prove it,” Nino pressed. Marinette’s eyes widened.

What?!” she cried.

Adrien laughed nervously, shaking his head. “Prove it,” Alya echoed, grinning.

“But…” Marinette started to say. She turned frantically to Adrien, who smirked at her. “Adrien, what are you-” He cut her off by planting a kiss on her lips. She made a little sound of surprise before kissing him back.

As they pulled away, they glanced towards their friends, whose jaws had dropped. Alya stared at them without turning off the camera. Marinette giggled nervously, rubbing the back of her neck sheepishly.

“How many time have you kissed?!” Alya shouted at the top of her lungs. Marinette watched the camera shake, pursing her lips.

“I stopped keeping track,” Adrien responded cheekily. Marinette stared at him, her mouth open.

“Nice going, man!” Nino high-fived him.

“You…but…” Alya stammered.

Marinette gave a sheepish giggle. “So…my house for snacks, anyone?“

…sorry, I’m not that good at this. I hope you still liked!


anonymous asked:

You and your gf are adorable! I wanted some advice from you and your amazing girlfriend if you don't mind. I'm really jealous with my bf, I m scared that he'll see other women and cheat on me. What's the key to just not worrying about it? Can a couple really stay together forever and not cheat on each other? What are some tips for a great relationship? And also, if your bf watches porn is it a big deal? Thanks so much!

Thank you!
Let me just say jealousy has nothing good to offer to any relationship. It doesn’t make a relationship stronger by any means even though it may feel as though you are trying to protect what you have because you love it so much. I myself am an extremely jealous person. I have trust issues that run deep within me and it has been hard over time learning that a partner in a relationship as good as the one I am lucky enough to have can be trusted. In a relationship it is both partners jobs to make sure each other are comfortable with what you have together but more importantly that you are both confident in it.
I look at it this way. When I am constantly thinking of something bad happening, those things whether from coincidence or just the law of attraction tend to happen. It is pointless to spend all your time worrying about losing your partner, mostly because that means you are not going to truly enjoy the time and feelings you share together. If you go through life constantly worrying and nitpicking things because of your own insecurities it will never get better. It will continue on and on, getting worse over time and ultimately can become the reason why you lose a partner.
To help any relationship firstly I feel that each partner needs to fully understand whether or not they are happy with themselves. If you are not happy with your self you may have problems bringing happiness into your relationship and in turn will constantly wonder if you’re doing the right thing. I’m not saying it is easy but you must love yourself and be confident in what you have to offer to your partner before you will be able to truly feel their unconditional love.
When it comes to working together on your relationship the words are communication and compromise. I often talk about being engaged to Koryn with people in long lasting marriages while working and ask them what they can offer for advice. These two words are almost always the answer. Once you can build yourself back up, you should have a better understanding as I said of what you have to offer to your partner and with that will come your confidence. At the same time this is where communication and compromise come in. Communicating with one and other about anything and everything should be something that feels open, safe, understand and caring. Both partners must be willing to spill there guts to each other without worry of judgment or backlash because this is how you will solve your remaining insecurities and create something that can blossom into a lifelong relationship.
Both partners must be willing to listen to each others problems and concerns regardless of whether or not they both agree that these problems are problems, because even in the worlds best relationship you will not always see completely eye to eye and that’s okay, as long as there is equal communication and compromise.
If you feel that both you and your boyfriend would be able to pursue these aspects of a relationship, share in equal communication, be willing to compromise to recognize and fulfill each others needs, then you have the foundation of something that could be wonderful.
If you have trouble working through the jealousy and trust issues you have yourself, I can recommend a few things. First of smoke some god damn weed and relax. If you have any hobbies (drawing, painting, playing music, reading, things that occupy your time and your mind) these are the things you should gravitate towards when your starting to feel down or anxious about things. Look into stones and Chrystal’s that possess properties for grounding, mental health, strength, and healthy relationships. Fill up a bag of them and keep them in your pocket. Again when your starting to feel these negative emotions hold them in your hands and take some time to clear your mind and thing of the positive things in your life. Even if you have to say out loud to yourself “I’m being stupid and blowing this way out of the proportion” then do that. Like I said before you need to take the time to work making yourself happy. You will be surprised how much better you will feel both with yourself and with your relationship after adopting a more positive mental attitude.
As for your boyfriend watching porn I will tell you this. Every person is different in their sexuality. This is another area where equal communication and compromise play a huge role. I’m going to be blunt here. As far as I’m concerned through life experiences, discussing with other people, reading articles about it, sex is super important to a long lasting relationship. If you are worried about your boyfriend watching porn instead of having sex with you, then you need to communicate with him. You need to make it clear to one and other what your desires and needs are, because if they aren’t being met without change this part of your relationship will decline over time and your worries and trust will only go farther down the drain. I don’t care what anyone has to argue towards this, if you are in a long term relationship and you don’t know how your partner likes to be fucked or the things that get them going and drive them crazy, the sex will get boring overtime, decreasing the overall confidence, closeness and romantic bond. I hear so many people talk about how sex in their relationships or marriages steadily declined overtime and it kills me. I suppose if both partners have abnormally low sex drives and are both content with this it can work, but that means giving up on that part of you relationship and in turn your own sexuality and personally that is not something I would be able to deal with. If you’re going to give him a hard time about looking at other naked people, then make a point to start fucking him so good he won’t even think about it. If you do that and he still would rather jerk it to a screen then he is the one losing out.
This is pretty long but I have some very strong feelings on these topics. I love the relationship I have more than anything and only hope as many other deserving people can find the same in life.

anonymous asked:

Wow, people are still making a big deal out of Cole not making a public post for Lili's bday? (which he actually DID in a subtle way). I've been with my other half for 8 years and I don't think I've ever made a public post on SM for his bday. Why would I need to when I can just roll over in the AM to say HBD? People are making a big deal out of nothing. I suspect those who are making a fuss have never been in a healthy committed relationship before.

Yep, agreed….also, they weren’t together on Cole’s birthday, they WERE on Lili’s. And, again, this is THEIR relationship, not ours.

But agreed….and it all comes down to personal preferences, anyway…, honestly, I don’t really do cards usually. IDK why, but I don’t. Doesn’t mean I didn’t throw a huge thing for you, make a way bigger fuss than you would, give you better, more thoughtful gift….etc….just means I don’t do cards


day two - tradition/nostalgia

Oh my gosh this is sooo much better then the last one (and very late; ha). 

Although this is similar to day five of Klancemas, I assure it will be a different (like say, Keith shoving snow down Lance’s shirt, idk)

So here’s a fanfic, ‘cause why not?

Personally, Allura had no idea what snow was like.

She had heard of it; times spent in Lance’s presence and having him ramble on about Earth and its beauty was to blame. Usually Coran would join in and ask extensive questions and Lance, of course, would give lengthy answers.

And Coran’s favorite questions had to always do with Earth’s form of precipitation.

Sure there was rain on Altea (usually liquid or flaming rocks) but with how Lance described it, snow seemed much more peaceful.

So of course she was ecstatic to have finally found a planet with the gentle precipitation.

“So I was thinking Paladins,” Allura began. It was morning (as much as it could be morning in space) and she had everyone captured attention thanks to breakfast. “How long has it been since you’ve seen snow?”

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i love the idea of the jetlag fast and its my main strategy for dealing with the jetlag that will come from making a 7 hours difference flight

so my strategy is this:

  1. i’ll fast from about 10:30 am monday, which I think is about when I’m leaving for boston anyway
  2. i will fly from boston at 5pm which is midnight in israel, so i’ll take a melatonin then and try to nap, if I dont sleep thats not a big deal
  3. i’ll touch down in zurich at 6:15 am over there which is 12:15 am here, having eaten nothing. israel is only an hour ahead at 7:15 am
  4. and have a 3 hour layover, leaving zurich at 9:45 am which is 10:45 in israel, so I’ll get to eat during the layover and be free of my fast
  5. I’ll land in israel at about 2:35pm tuesday which is 7:35 am here, having already taken care of the jetlag fast. there will be a free day for everyone to try to adjust to the new time zone but if the fast works then I will have taken care of it already. how convenient!