am i mainstream yet

New studyblr!

Hello everyone! (^▽^)

I’ve been lurking the studyblr community for a few weeks now, and it really helped me to stay more organized & motivated, and encouraged me to learn a new language! So I have decided to create my own blog and thought it would be nice to quickly introduce myself:

  • My name is Eva
  • I live in USA
  • I am still studying all the mainstream subjects since I don’t have electives yet, but I do really enjoy english literature and ancient history.
  • My MBTI is ENTP (the debater!)
  • I am obsessed with modern musicals, BBC Sherlock, and Harry Potter book series (my hogwarts house is Slytherin).
  • My native language is Russian, and currently I am learning English and Spanish.

Blogs that really inspired me: @procrastudiin @emmastudies @elkstudies @studynapz @littlestudyblrblog @studytherin

Thank you for reading my little introduction! Don’t hesitate to message me because I would love to chat with you and make new friends! Please like/reblog this post so I can check out your studyblr, too!


I got tagged by @jishur to do the 6 selfies challenge thing. The problem is I don’t take a lot of selfies (on my own device. if you leave your phone next to me unattended you will receive photos of me), and if I do they’re with other people, and I decided to not post their face on social media, so I had to go digging through my Snapchat memories.

These are all Classic Looks from me to bless your dash.

I tag anyone who wants to do it because… I’m that guy.