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Just translated the manga sample released on ffxv’s official Japanese twitter! Originally published as a bonus to Dengeki PlayStation Vol.641. Art by Hanten Sharou.

“Final Fantasy XV Official Comic Anthology” will be on sale on July 27.

FFXVJP’s twitter post


No acting from Tarjei was actually required in the shooting of this scene

(I have not written in years I swear I RETURN WITH SOME KLANCE AND MAYBE OTHER STUFF TONIGHT OR TOMORROW YESSS but I sleep heaps…I also write about sleep heaps and Kae gave me the sea to write about naps sooo…yessss let’s do this! Also Kae doesn’t think that she’s adorable please tell her the opposite the smol bean is super cute! And so are klance so here ya’ll go have a nice whatever time zone ya in! 😊)

“Hmph” groans Lance, wrapped up in the most cuddliest fluffy blanket in the whole ship and walking into Keith’s room. He was going to have a nap and wanted someone to cuddle with, so to his boyfriend he went to search for some needed affection and warmth.

“Hey, you look tired you should go to sleep!” Said the blue paladin who was trying to convince Keith to cuddle with him. “Lance I have stuff to do sorry..I am tired though so soon, you can nap in here if you want I guess.” A pink blush dusted across the boy’s cheeks who really WANTED to snuggle up and sleep but…well he had agreed to help Coran with fixing some of the small kitchen appliances . Pidge was sick and Hunk was helping as well and had given Keith a run down of what to do, so he sat on the floor trying to fix it and hopefully not break whatever it was he was working on. His relationship with Lance was a new thing as well and Keith was well…new to the couple thing all together so baby steps were needed. Cuddling seemed tempting though…

“Ah but you see…umm…working while tired is a bad idea! You could fall asleep and stab your eye with a screwdriver!”
“What th-”
“And then you would be in pain…and gosh no one would want to hear someone so adorable as you in pain no way! And you could lose an eye and we don’t want that either!”
“Or you could even die! Damn it Keith what a shame guess you have to nap dang it!”
Keith was now giggling and Lance was fighting to keep his own eyes open, a fake worried look on his face to push the joke further. He had to convince Keith…the poor boy was cold!

“Hmmm…well I mean where are we going to nap then?” Keith gave in the temptation too much. Yes he wanted cuddles from his bf. definitely. He was tired and could finish this later he was super up for napping in Lance’s arms.
“Well conveniently your room has a comfy magical place you can go to called a ‘bed’ where we can” Cue a soft dramatic gasp “nap and cuddle together while I could sing a little bit!” The smile from those words lightened up Lance’s face and Keith felt a small smile fall over his own face as he remembered how much he loved this boy. “Of course this is all happening if you are comfortable with it and if not then that is fine we can go at a slower pace and wait all in all it’s good” Lance suddenly became extremely serious as he wanted to make sure Keith was alright with this. Their relationship had to be equal and supportive after all and he cared so much and never would want Keith to feel forced to do something or not comfortable with something. “Thankyou, I am Lance. It’s fine.” Keith replied his face now back to being covered in a blush and him looking directly in Lance’s eyes.

“Alrighty then! To nap land we go!” Yelled Lance who was already going under Keith’s covers and snuggling into the fluffier blanket he had brought in. Keith smiled fondly and hopped in, snuggling nicely into Lance’s arms. Lance did not sing but instead fell asleep straight away while Keith just breathed in and out his scent, enjoying the quietness an the feeling of Lance’s breathing lulling him to sleep himself. He joined Lance in sleep and both, warm as ever napped in each other’s arms.

Later on when they woke up let’s just say that they both felt kinda refreshed yet gross at the same time because what year was it again!? What is time?? naps are weird…

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My mum puts law and order on sometimes after work for some mindless tv, and when I'm in the same room I'm one of those people who gets drawn into the TV no matter what's on. Out of sheer curiosity I went on ao3 to check if there was a fandom for fic, I was surprised to see there was so much and what the most popular pairing was. I intended to skim a few (by chance one of yours) to see vibe, and now I'm a barisi hoe, it all happened so fast and I'm not even sure how. What have you done to me?

“Out of sheer curiosity I went on ao3 to check if there was a fandom for fic”

Famous last words.

“I intended to skim a few”

Didn’t we all?

Well, you’re trapped now :D

Barisi’s relative popularity is surprising even to us shippers/fic writers, to be honest. Especially back in S16, when their canon interactions were very different. Fortunately, the ship truly took off during S17, which gave us so much Barisi deliciousness (and sweetness). That made it possible for the ship to last through the shitteous S18. We were all already invested, and inspired, so we kept creating content. We were already in love with this ship, so we were able to persevere :)

I just love hearing that new shippers keep coming into the fold. It makes me happy. There’s a lot of fic out there, now, and a lot of blogs, so you will have so much to enjoy!

Personally, I’m delighted by the fact my fics were part of the reason why you are now a Barisi hoe like the rest of us. All I can tell you is that I’m working on another story as we speak (the infamous Wedding Fic), so I fully intend to keep you satisfied :D

Thanks so much for this message, it was so fun to read <33333333333

ok like the ONE (1) thing I wanted out of tulip/cassidy bc I knew it would never be canon was another legit kiss and it looks like we’re getting one and??? im ecstatic

the thing he does where he’s like oh wait is this really happening? can I put my hands on her waist? am I allowed to do that? just about killed me. and then he gets shot or something immediately afterwards - typical - no joy without immense amounts of pain lmao and tulip leaning up and in on her tippy toes in high-heeled boots (and cupping her hands around his face!!)? call me cliche but HEIGHT DIFFERENCE…what a kiss though like that’s a serious kiss idk what to make of it…could’ve been on the cheek instead but no

Nighty Night! <3

Ah, that smut really took it all out of me xD The descent into Gladio hell is a great one ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Tomorrow I’m gonna write something sinful for our resident children’s menu blogger- @blindbae- honestly I am so impressed that I haven’t corrupted this cupcake young woman yet into writing smut xD <3

And then Chapter 12 of Sunshowers! :D

Love you all! <3 Thank you so much for all your kindness every single day- you guys are amazing! <33333 I am so blessed!

guys i met michael finally after so many years and i’ve had the best few days with amazing people in an amazing place and i’m just so !!! right now


Day and Night

“when in distress, draw a dude in a dress” is what i always say

and man a lot of you have been mentioning me on this post and the first time i saw it i fell in love but before drawing yuuri in that dress i had to find something for viktor and lo and behold i found this on my dash

klance things i want to see in season 3

  • more thank yous
  • their teamwork improving, to the point that they start to be seen as a power duo
  • fighting back to back, protecting each other
  • soft smiles at each other
  • eye contact. glances when the other isn’t looking, staring at each other for a second longer than necessary, just…keith and lance looking at each other
  • lance admitting that the bonding moment happened
  • keith complimenting lance
  • keith telling lance that he’s an irreplaceable part of team voltron
  • lance making keith laugh/smile
  • “vol!” “…tron” “KEITH YOU DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!” it becomes their thing
  • lance cradles keith in his arms and then keith is just like “nope :// didn’t happen”
  • keith opening up to lance about his past
  • keith talking to lance about being galra
  • lance opening up about his insecurities
  • mutually supporting each other
  • “do you trust me?” “yeah”
  • being worried for each other’s safety
  • more playful bickering!!! the kind that ends in smirks and smiles
  • b l u s h i n g

give me soft and supportive klance content

“Come on, Feyre. We don’t bite. Unless you ask us to”
“The last I heard, Cassian, no one has ever taken you up on that offer.”

The colouring book is soooo good! Look at my babies! 😍😍😍