am i lovable


And I know that it’s so cliche, to tell you that every day I spend with you is a new best day of my life.


Today was pretty shitty, so I wrote myself a list of affirmations and thought I’d share them on here for those who need them! Here goes:

🌞I am a good person.🌞

🌺This world needs me.🌺

🌈I am valid.🌈

🎀I am wonderful.🎀

🙏I am intelligent and capable and this world needs me.🙏

🦋I am deserving of love and care.🦋

💙I am smart and captivating.💙

🐙I am deserving of good things.🐙

⭐️I am loving and I am loved.⭐️

😺People love and care about me.😺

⛄️I make the world a better, safer place.⛄️

💞I am brave and I will get through this.💞

🍀I am good at loving others and I make others happy.🍀

🐣I have potential in life.🐣

✨I can and do create positive change.✨

💚I am beautiful and courageous.💚

🍄I am lovely.🍄

☂️I am lovable.☂️

🌼Things will get better.🌼

🐌This world needs me.🐌

👑I am going to overcome this and go on to do great things.👑

💓I can do anything I set my mind to.💓

💐I have helped so many people.💐

🕊I am helping so many people.🕊

🎈I approve of myself.🎈


What I like about these two screenshots of his smile is that these both happen in just one moment (TFP: Orion Pax part 3). The one above is like something is cute and it just melts his spark, it is such a gentle smile.

The second one though… That smile is like he is smiling toward his lover, there is so much depth in that, this time something doesn’t melt his spark but that smile melts our hearts.

Questions; am I?

Am I a good person? 
Am I honest? 
Am I kind?
Am I thoughtful and caring?
Am I just? 
Am I fair? 
Am I too much or too little? 
Am I real? 
Am I an illusion? 
Am I a being or am I my own mind? 
Am I selfish? 
Am I smart? 
Am I talented or gifted? 
Am I lazy? 
Am I lovable? 
Am I free or just a product? 
Am I distracted? 
Am I loved?
Am I right or wrong? 
Am I opinionated? 
Am I a follower? 
Am I stubborn or just a fool? 
Am I good looking? 
Am I obsessed? 
Am I loud or quiet? 
Am I reflected? 
Am I deceitful? 
Am I alone or am I part of something?
Who am I? 

It took a lot to get here but man do I have so much love for myself. I’m talking you could bash me for any characteristic about myself or the way I live my life and it would sting but it wouldn’t leave a mark, it wouldn’t keep me down in the way it might have once. Sure, it took a fucked up childhood, some bullies, a bunch of girls who hated themselves so much they had to hate me, people who broke my heart, breaking hearts, and getting up time and time again.
But I did it.
I’m going.
I’m stronger than I’ve ever been.
I can only get stronger.
I can look in the mirror, see myself, and smile.

I am proud of who I am.
I am not perfect and in that I am perfect.
I am not perfect and in that I am lovable.
I am not perfect and in that I am worth it.
I am not perfect but in that I have so much strength to keep going.


Loved these but like

A: I can’t draw Rachel’s hair so I usually rely on her facial features ;; I’m not sure this barely looks like her
B: I DONE IT FUCKED UP WITH RAINBOW but I’m prolly gonna color her or draw her bigger. Can’t have dash without her pretty colors can you~ Also C2 is p much ghastly

Also I love Rachel as a sphinx/cat hybrid so ♡

Imagine Being Part of The Flash Family

Originally posted by teenageunknownkitty

“Oh my god, why us?” you whispered to Wally as Bart appeared, food in his mouth as he skidded to a stop.

“At least it wasn’t as bad as that time Barry got his costume caught in his ring,” he pointed out.

“Or the time you showed up for a debrief in beachwear,” you giggled.

“Or the time YOU ended up ditching your date because of ‘track practice’ and you did a whole fight while tripping over your prom dress,” he nudged you.

“SHUT UP!” you shoved him. Jay frowned between the two of you, and you quickly tried to get Wally to calm down by means of a sharp elbow to the side.

“Ow! Quit doing that!”

“Quit being a loser!”

“You’re the loser, loser!”

“You wanna race me on that, Beach Boy?”

“Any day of the week, Miss Congeniality!”

“Three, two…GO!!!”

Barry and Jay just stared as you and Wally took off across the cave.

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