am i liberal or conservative

For liberals to think about

Make note that I am not a conservative; I am a leftist. This is not meant as an attack but as a criticism—and a call to leftism because I feel liberalism just isn’t good enough to meaningfully help people during this stressful time.

  • Liberalism does little to fight growing fascism and in fact tends to sanction it under the guise of freedom of expression.
  • Liberals focus on helping people through minimum alteration to the status quo—they like capitalism and the class system and the law. They are reluctant to change these structures themselves and opt to edit things within these structures.
  • Liberalism focuses heavily on ideas and not material realities. For instance: protests and voting do little but demonstrate ideas, instead of helping marginalized people in a quicker and more impactful manner (i.e. volunteering, local organizing to help the community, etc).

Leftists feel free to add on or reblog.

A Poem About Trumpism by Carthagini Corpse


The people who hate me most in life

hate me principally because I’m liberal

and I care about making the world better

and that I think it’s reasonable to tell a billionaire

fuck you you’re not hoarding any more wealth or work-value.

Part of it is my literary vocabulary

with which I frequently if not persuasively articulate the worthiness

of a rigorously public government

and another part is that I have an epic wife

which offends these usual patriarchic suspects most.


It bothers conservatives that I am liberal

and that I don’t fear other people

nor do I expect the worst from them,

and my friends are internationally displaced and post-college,

and I even know—gasp—millennial muslims who aren’t fundamentalists

which really messes with the nativism clingers’ circuitry:

all my friends deserve to live in America

they’re cool with ambition and passion and youth—

why would America turn its nose at their inevitable existential contributions?

that kind of attitude is how other countries stop caring about English

and stop basing the world economy upon the US Dollar—

which would be bad for (the) US!

It also bothers conservatives that I’m generous with my house

for parties with these global friends that go late into the night

stimulating our borderless consciousnesses

and inalienable faith that humanism is the best ism.

conservatives are uncomfortable at them

and us uncomfortable with them among us.


Conservatives can smell the liberal on me

and I don’t make sense to them

or correlate accordingly with their echo chamber idea of a “libtard”

and it kills them because I am chill af—

they just don’t get how I could possibly be happy sharing what I have

or risking an occasional getting-walked-over

while practicing existential responsibility—

too many of their sentences and none of mine

begin with the phrase “As a taxpayer…”.

Kindness and courageous captain optimism, I promise, are contagious

and before long rigorously public, democratic, and multicultural government

will return.

Somehow got sucked into a Facebook feed of “conservatives” bashing “liberals” and what “liberals” stand for and everything, so I’m just going to say something.

I am not liberal. I am not conservative. I believe in one basic thing. 

We are all born equal, and the only thing that changes that are the actions we take for or against each other as human beings.

Things which do not effect your worth as a human being include:

  • Your religion
  • Your gender
  • Your skin color
  • Your sexuality
  • Your age
  • Your intelligence
  • Your job
  • Your financial status
  • Your heritage
  • Your status as trans or cisgender

Things which do effect your worth as a human being start and stop with how you treat your fellow human being. That means:

  • Respect the opinions of others as long as they do not dehumanize people based on anything mentioned above.
  • Treating each other well.
  • Affording everyone equal opportunity and working towards that.
  • Not judging anyone based on if they identify as liberal or conservative alone but instead their actions. I know people who identify as liberal and are incredible hateful and cruel. I know people who identify as conservative and are some of the most forward thinking and kind people out there.

There is nothing liberal or conservative about treating people well and with respect based on who they are, it is just being a good person.

I am like suuuuper super liberal and I live in a conservative college town, so instead of using tinder as a dating app, I’ve used it as a way to spread my liberal/feminist propaganda. And because most of these boys just wanna get in my pants, so many of them will end up listening to me rant on about it and even pretending to agree. I’ve even gotten someone who’s first picture is with him holding a gun to say that guns are bad. Honestly it’s so much fun.

ID #38356

Name: Rachel
Age: 25
Country: USA

Hello! I’m looking for new friends via email/chat AND/OR “snail mail”. I’m looking for several new friends. I’m 25, and married. My interests include: reading, Harry Potter, Rick and Morty, Thrift shopping, horror, sci-fi, strange/weird/unusual things, human anatomy, science, dogs, paranormal, nature, and Toy Story. So literally anything odd or off the wall and I’m game. I am liberal but I have many conservative friends. I am Christian but I respect all religions. I am straight but LGBTQ friendly! I am very death positive.

Preferences: Looking for any gender ages 21 - 99. No other preferences really! Open mindedness is a plus.

My Thoughts: UC Berkley Riots

I wasn’t happy to see violent protests in California. In fact I am never happy to see such violence in any part of the country. It doesn’t change anything and only fuels the anger further on both sides. Violence doesn’t solve anything.

I am not a fan of Milo Yianoppolis (sp?) or his politics. But I do think that in a country where Freedom of Speech is a sacred right,he should be able to speak without interruption. In order for peaceful discourse to occur both sides should be able speak (even complete asshats).

I’ve always said that I am neither a Conservative or a Liberal. I am Catholic. And, for what ever that means it includes listening to people and to learn from them. Christ was a listener. In certain instances he listened to his enemies and responded patiently. Shouldn’t we do the same?

Setting fires and pepper spraying people won’t bring about change. It only sets a fire to your enemies by giving them a reason to fight back harder.

anonymous asked:

hello! I got admitted into bennington class of 2021- WOOHOO! however, I have one worry. I come from a private school that is very far left liberal/social justice oriented. However, I am a conservative republican. I often feel like I can't speak my opinion, and when I do, it is often shut down without any argument/conversation and it can feel very uncomfortable :( I know that Bennington is liberal and is diverse, but is there diversity of thought/acceptance of different political viewpoints?

Well, I think it kind of depends. I think a lot of people have this idea of the intolerant SJW progressive who can’t stand opposing positions, and I think that this idea is inaccurate. Rather, we progressive types believe in constantly challenging all worldviews, including our own. I think we become frustrated when people are so set in their ways that they are unwilling to consider another perspective. We also believe that the security of historically disadvantaged and oppressed people takes priority over your comfort. The point I’m making is that I think it really comes down to you. If someone accuses you of racism (etc), do you get offended by the accusation or do you make a meaningful attempt to understand their perspective and, if possible, grow from the experience? If the former, you’re going to have a hard time here regardless of how liberal or conservative you are. If the latter, I think you’ll be alright.

Another thing I’d like to say is that I think how problematic your worldview is isn’t a function of how conservative you are. No one is going to get offended if you feel strongly about balancing the budget, for example. It’s more about whether or not your worldview conflicts with someone else’s existence. We’re going to side with them over you 10 times out of 10. So my question to you would be, does your worldview conflict with someone else’s existence? If not, then you’ll be fine. If yes, maybe you should carefully consider why you feel that way.

I’ve actually been involved with many discussions among Bennington students about whether we’re problematically intolerant of opposing worldviews. Most of the time, the conclusion we come to is that we’re only genuinely intolerant of worldviews that we feel pose a danger to members of our community. So if you’re a neo-Nazi, you won’t be welcome here. We don’t think that’s a bad thing. But I don’t think conservative is a bad word here. You might raise a few eyebrows, but you won’t be shunned unless you’re a jerk. 

-Dylan ‘18


I think I’m gonna share something with you, I guess I never really thought about it before but I was reading my posts and it’s something you may not know, so I’d like to tell you. 

I was raised Roman Catholic and I identify as Roman Catholic. I attend church (although I could be better about consistency) and I plan on becoming more active in the church, such as helping out with the social justice ministries or youth programs. I’m looking forward to reading the Pope’s encyclical on climate change. 

In many ways I am considered too “liberal” for conservative Catholics. And in many ways I’m too “conservative” for liberals. Lately, I’ve been asked (in real life) about my faith and many people will say they are spiritual but not religious and I think, if that works for you that’s great. I am Roman Catholic and I am proud of that. I do all those things that would probably make you say, “What a hypocrite!” but I don’t care what you think. 

I am not humble or pious, I am loud and at times vulgar. I drink and I curse. And I believe in God. My relationship with God is dynamic and evolving and personal, but it is also guided and influenced by Catholicism. 

I guess my point is, if you have questions about faith or God or Catholicism ask me, I’ll try to answer or I’ll get the answer or I’ll commiserate and say man, there is no answer to that and yea, maybe we can even pray together. 

Just because I am a conservative, does not mean I hate liberalism.

The two are not mutually exclusive or necessarily opposites, they are, as terms, hugely subjective. There is not only the social context or political climax of the country they are applied to, but a range of different social, economic or even national factors involved that may overlap or be imcompatible regardless of the position you assume of them.

The two are not always in neat, accessible and covieniant packages for your consumption. I believe anyone that so hastely considers the conservatism and liberalism oxymorons, is someone that maybe doesn’t quite understand or acknowledge how deep politics actually is.

I am a conservative because I believe in traditional and libertarian methods. But I am liberal because I believe these methods should lead to a progressive society.

Well. At least “In Touch” is consistent.


Yes. We should all condemn the producers of the reality show, “Teen Mom.” Because without them I’m sure these two geniuses would have ended us as highly successful hedge fund managers.

Look “Teen Mom” didn’t ruin your life. You ruined your life. “Teen Mom” just exploited you while you did it. Lowest common denominator entertainment exploiting people too stupid to understand personal responsibility and self respect.

And since you sold your story to “In Touch,” it looks like you have no trouble continuing to feed the beast.


Alberta and You: Why Do Our Governments Last So F**king Long?

But First, Some Context

So to all my non-Albertan friends, or just Albertans who aren’t familiar, here’s how our political history goes:

(You may want to click that to see the detail)

Look at Those Long Ass Bars! These Parties Really Dominated… Or Did They?

Every time Alberta has experienced a change in government (1921, 1935, 1971 and 2015), there’s been a sense that the old party was utterly annihilated and their support base destroyed. But that’s not true.

As you can see, the old party isn’t completely destroyed after the election that unseats them.

But How Do These Parties Stick Around For So Long?

The general consensus is that these parties dominated Albertan politics with such perfection that there was no opposition. You may have inferred it from the table above, but that’s not true! The opposition still had more of the popular vote (percentage of people who voted for a given party, not seats) than the governing party.

Alberta Has Had Too Many Opposition Parties, Not Too Few

So where was the other 55%+ of the vote going? Albertans nowadays argue that people were happy with the PCs, or the Social Credit, or the UFA, or the Liberals, but that was majorily untrue.

If the remaining 50%, 55%, 60% or more of the opposition vote went to just two parties, then the system would probably be more dynamic. But Alberta has always had many opposition parties, splitting the vote, letting the Conservatives get maybe 30-40% of the vote in any given riding and thus winning only a few seats because of it. 

Our Governments Last Forever Because We Like to Vote For Our Conscience or the “Least Worst” Alternative

There are two kinds of voting behaviours in Alberta, and we use one or the other quite often. Most of the time we’ll just vote for our conscience, and ergo have four tiny opposition parties.

Other times we’ll vote for the least worst alternative. Oftentimes this has been the government; this is generally why the PCs and Social Credit lasted for so long. 

But when we decide the least worst alternative isn’t the government, get ready for one hell of a change.

Enter Rachel Notley, you sly dog, you. Look at that smirk, she knows what she did!