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Fic: Happiness in Exchange

Title: Happiness in Exchange
Rating: M/NC-17
Word count: 18,567 
Summary: When Belle ascends to the throne of Avonlea after her father’s death, shocks the court when she appoints the mysterious Lord Gold, the new owner of half her lands, as her Chancellor. Alone in a realm of strangers, finding themselves united against a common enemy, an unlikely partnership is born. But with everyone waiting for the Princess to marry, Belle has a choice to make: to fight to rule alone, or to find a partner who can meet her halfway.

A/N: HAPPY RCIJ @junoinferno​!!! Hope you enjoy this (loose) Victoria/Melbourne AU!!

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“Presenting, for the first time: Her Royal Highness, Belle, Princess of Avonlea!”

The announcer’s voice rang out through the ballroom, and Belle took a confident step forward, out of the shadows and into the light. The metaphor was not lost on her, as she blinked out at a sea of strange, unfamiliar faces staring back. They were applauding, cheering, but how could they not? She was their ruler now, their young, completely unexpected ruler. For all they knew she would hold public executions for dissenters.

Belle took two more steps forward, once the applause had died down, and came to the top of the staircase. She gave a deep curtsey, and descended slowly, allowing everyone to look their fill. Her skin crawled. Belle hadn’t been the centre of attention this way since her betrothal ball, over a decade ago. Then, they had eyed her ten-year-old body seeking signs of fertility, deciding whether Lord and Lady Gaston had made the right choice for their son.

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Guys! I Found a Thing!!

((Okay, I was just going through MTMTE from the beginning to hash out the script/progression/dialogue for that game I’m trying to make when this one panel from waaay back in issue 2 jumped out at me and just blew my mind. Are you ready for it?

Probably not the panel you were thinking of but, looking back at it now, you guys probably see what I’m talking about; more of James Roberts’ epic foreshadowing in the guise of a joke. At the time we all first read this, I’m sure we all figured Swerve was just pulling random things out of his aft. Oh, how naive we were, back in the days before we knew Roberts’ trickery. Reading it again after what we know now, some of what he says starts to sound a little familiar, such as ‘moving sideways in time’, ‘defeat the agents of chaos’, and possibly the mentioning of the multiverse.

But I’m sure I’m not the first to bring this up. I am AskRung-mun, after all. Eternally late to the party, that’s me! However, I think I have a theory on what the rest of this might mean… Now, hear me out, I know this is going to sound crazy, but then again this is MTMTE we’re talking about.

What interests me here is, obviously, the bits about the 12 fragments of the Primal Key, unlocking the Infinity Gate, and possibly, again, restoring order to the multiverse. Call me crazy, but I think they’re setting up to do these things in the next ‘season’ or two.

Let’s start with the Primal Key, something I do believe I’ve seen someone else discuss in a similar manner to what I’m about to suggest. I’ve always theorized that Rung is a key of some sort. Yes, that’s right, you knew from the moment I started this spiel that I was going to theorize about Rung. It’s kind of my thing. I agree wholeheartedly with the theory that Rung is a fragment of the Primal Key. Here’s where I go a bit off the deep end; I think he’s actually all 12 fragments of the Key. Yes, you heard me right, all 12. How? Well, that’s where the multiverse comes in.

The latest…. Arc. Yeah, let’s borrow from Bleach for a moment and call it a story arc. The latest story arc in MTMTE has clearly stated that there is a vast multiverse in this incarnation of Transformers. Actually, Perceptor mentions that his actions specifically may have given rise to an infinite stream of other possible universes, which is then confirmed by the brief peek into the dystopian Functionist universe. Here’s how Rung can be all 12 fragments of the Primal Key: 12 different Rungs from 12 different universes combine and make up the Key. 

That’s why Nightbeat is so interested in what appears to be Rung’s alt mode (which could have actually been the Primal Key itself after all the Rungs combine), that’s why it’s the last great mystery of the Cybertronian race. It would never have been possible to hunt down all the fragments before Perceptor screwed up Brainstorm’s time machine. This leads me to another suggestion. Supposedly everything that the crew of the Lost Light did when they went back to stop Brainstorm was supposed to be done. They were always supposed to go back in time and do those things. Until, Perceptor claims, he messed with the time machine. That apparently screwed everything up and nearly destroyed the universe.

But what if that wasn’t a screw up? What if Perceptor was always supposed to mess with the time machine, thus spawning the infinite multiverse wherein there are 11 other Rungs that make up this Key?

Of course, that brings us to another series of questions. What is the Key for? Who made the Key? How will they get the 12 Rungs together? Does he unlock the Infinity Gate? Why don’t the Functionists want that? Why are there so many ostriches?!

Anyway, yeah, that’s my crazy theorizing for the week. Feel free to expand upon this if any of you have anymore theories pertaining to this, whether they agree with mine or not. I’d love to hear it.))